Sunday, December 21, 2008

Heavy fighting continues

The casualties to both sides has drastically increased in what is termed the "last fight". Scores of Tigers and close to 200 soldiers have been killed in about 10 days of fighting. 53 SLA bodies fell into the LTTE at fighting in Paranthan, Nilvil etc along the L-shaped bund breached by the Army in this time period.

The bund, sometimes 20 feet tall, is heavily manned by tigers armed with MPMGs and HMGs. Bunkers are constructed along the banks, behind the banks and sometimes in the basin of the banks. The rain still keeps falling hard despite a brief respite. The trenches, steep climbs of the bund and the basins have got flooded and muddied. This situation is expected to last till mid-January.

In one fight, tigers waited for the SLA to advance and attempted to cut them down with heavy fire. As several teams fell, others continued the charge along the muddy approach to the bund, which is again followed by a steep drop into another mud-pit. The approach to the bund, particularly at Paranthan and Nilvil are in open terrain. Meanwhile a second bund has been constructed 2km from the first bund at Paranthan and fighting will soon be launched to gain control of this bund.

But the Army is not letting go. Field Commanders confirmed to DefenceWire that the attacks will continue although casualties are higher than what they used to be. They are of the opinion that within 15-20 days, the Tigers would gradually lose control of the bunds, one-by-one as experienced fighters are lost and replaced by unmotivated conscripts who are inexperienced and ill-trained.

The SLA launches somewhere between 10-15 attacks on LTTE defenses along the bund on a daily basis. The strength of the SLA grew from about 130,000 to 170,000 men since the Present Army Commander assumed duties. In 2008 alone, close to 40,000 men joined the SLA.

Many more are expected to join as TF-5 is being formed. Currently, TF-5 has two Brigades or 5000 men, which is expected to grow by another one Brigade or more. All the major training centers are currently full with fresh recruits. Around 850 SLA passed-out last week from Maduru Oya alone.

The SLAF has also increased its sorties in dramatic fashion. Each day, they too launch 10-15 sorties on LTTE targets. The damages caused to the LTTE is still unclear.

Meanwhile the SLN finally discovered the source of new artillery to the LTTE. Forward advancing units had noted a sudden increase in artillery attacks by the LTTE and a search was on for the last several days to locate the source of the shells. Finally the vessel, half emptied of its cargo at the time, was discovered and subsequently destroyed several hundred nautical miles off Mullaitivu coast. Sea tigers tried to distract the SLN with several boat movements in the Kilali area last week.


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Rana said...


What is on 24th Dec?

Christmas eve?

Jay said...

I took a "long" on either UN or Asian/EU Peace Keeping Force in SL by 2012. (thats if Prabha is dead and buried by next year)
I say that cos SL will possibly be bankrupt by end 2010/11 and will require financial assistance/interference from India which will strongly rejected by SL and other interested parties.
Hey!I'm willing to take a punt.

Have a nice day now!

ReallyCold..... said...

the world is almost economically bankrupt to have another US peacekeeping mission in Sri Lanka.

The world is waiting to see elimination of Prabhakaran.

For you, Tamils in NE region are like pawns. If you don't care about your own, what makes you think world will?

Your stupid war has created fools within both Tamil and Sinhalese community.

You have created enough fools that you will never have a good life in Sri Lanka.

Jay said...

Oh Common Asisthri "stupid"? tsk! tsk! tsk!
How unkind to stupid people can you get?
Dont wish to get too involved with personal insults etc.

Why cant SL forget the past? Chelva/Banda pact, Sinhala only,1983 riots etc. The second/third generations of lankans have been fed with nothing but the past. We are delving too much in the past
Lets look to the future- move forwards.
A bit of "head banging" on all sides or else we have the same figgin arguments for the next 20 years.

Jay said...

Really Cold
For the record i'm half Sri Lankan Tamil born and educated in Colombo, (lived opposite Royal but still went to the better school by the sea-side!) happily married to a Sri Lankan Sinhalese.
I spend 4-5 winter months in Colombo. Life cannot be any better apart from the figgin war/conflict/issue
what ever you wanna call it

Lankapura said...

I think it is time to consider some alternatives when assaulting the bunds.. smoke screens, napalm, cs gas, etc.

Good point!

Jay said...

Dont you hate armchair defense experts/analyst?
Please dont give your day jobs

TropicalStorm said...

Some serious hardware entering service. A new batch of MBRLs with massive fire power will soon be inducted into service.

Task Force 5 will be yet another juggernaut entering the final fray and when the weather clears up completely, the view from Vavunia should be clear all the way thru to KKS.

Asithri said...

OK my Eastern cutie just arrived in town after a long delay due to the freaking snowstorms in much of NE US...

Got to run...she said she has some juicy stories to tell me about the dire state the LTTE is in (based on inside info from the Tamil community)...

Catch you patriots later...don't let the "eelam monkeys" litter the blog with banana skins!


OaO Asithri

Ananda-USA said...

The extremely consistent weilding of the word "Modaya," or fool, by LTTE supporters against Sinhala people at this blog has raised the question in mind: is it justified?

1. Taken literally, that Sinhala people are in some way intellectually inferior to Tamil people, it is at least ludricrous, foolish in itself, and at most racist. I have written before, that the large numbers of Sinhala intellectuals in every area of professional achievement, be it in financial institutions, university teaching, research laboratories, etc in the United States and elsewhere in the world, out of all proportion to the small population base they spring from, gives lie to this preposterous thesis.

2. However, in one way, I do think we should accept this insult as an appropriate criticism.

Which other people, except the Sinhalese, would have allowed a group of accomplished con-artists to define and defame them as demons, and isolate them wrongfully in front of the whole world; precipitate under various pretexts the intervention by a foreign country to partition their motherland; allow a rag-tag group of terrorists to exist and grow over a 30-year period into a conventional army with a worldwide support network; and use political strategies to divide, conquer and confuse the majority community into impotency?

The US Civil War (1861-1865) and World War I (1914-1918) lasted 4-years each, while World War II (1939-1945) lasted 6 years. These much larger conflicts were ended quickly by fighting with the will, determination and ferocity required to win. In contrast, we Sinhalese have confused compassion with foolishness giving the enemies of our country every opportunity to prevail, and have allowed this conflict to drag on for 30 long years.

It is in this context of "Lack of Wisdom and National Unity" that I think we Sinhalese should accept this label of "Modaya," if only as a prod to ourselves to quit being such Modayas. After all, Anagarika Dharmapala had warned and urged us not to be Modayas in 1926!

Unknown said...

Hi All after realising the Prabakaran which is a name to which all the karuvas can rally to, i have decided to become a fake sinhalese buddisht. I thought if i left my name become navaratne it will be okay with you. Looks other pro Ltte vellar supporters. If a Kuruva leader becomes incharge, years of using race and religion as a tool for expliotation will come to an end. Worst still the high caste exploting the race and standardisation will end up losing. I mean imagine worst an India caste like discrimination policy and those low caste will benifit. Quickly change like me.

Look they follow so many hindu festivals and pratices. Has anyone outlawed them. Even SWRD is burried as per christian practice.

Unknown said...

I promise not to insult Defencewire and Defencenet anymore although their target audience is people without any military knowledge. Firstly defencenet said the soldier shown on tamilnet has "child like" face.

Instead, the counter propaganda should be that it is photshopped as no SLA are dying in the feild or that its actually an LTTE child soldier.

Unknown said...

"Field Commanders confirmed to DefenceWire that the attacks will continue although casualties are higher than what they used to be."

Defencewire you should not reveal that you are the General Officer Commanding of operations. I mean look I though you were a G3.

KSF said...


Soory, I never want to write to you and apologise. When I visited this blob I am really upset than dead bodies receiving everyday to wanni. Just because so many of my diaspoora tamil ammavuka coming to this blog.

When I see how frustrated and depressed they are actully, I was really upset than what happening in wanni. Because these people are my real asset and income. Jet, Mahen, Sam, upul and many more who visit this blog are really frustrated about our losses.

In reality we lose more than what army lose. We have or I have to hide the true facts. Funds are still flowing to me from wanni. So please accept their heart felt sorrow writing their anger against Sri Lanka Army.

Please let them to write something.
Dont delete

Otherwise these ammavukas become mad.
Otherwise I will not receive money.
Otherwise these ammavuka becomes criminals.

Please accept anything they write.
Let them write.
Let them to show their sorrow.

They even anger when they see me in my real picture in this profile.

What to do This is me.

Unknown said...

Defencewire do not write like this, it sounds like those poor village lads who were misled are dying like cannon fodder so that Mahindha mama can go along boasting. Instead say that the SLA rrealises that the LTTE tactics are superior and thats why the commandos, navy and army are copying it. I guess i said this probabily a year back.

"In one fight, tigers waited for the SLA to advance and attempted to cut them down with heavy fire. As several teams fell, others continued the charge along the muddy approach to the bund, which is again followed by a steep drop into another mud-pit."

Unknown said...

Tamilnet has shown a poor village lad as a POW. Instead the army should say he is nothing more then a LTTEr. In another spin we could say that the soldier was actually RLF and a LTTE TVMPer (or is it something else now, since it split so many times). Likely of the Karuva stock who believe in their saviour the Sun God.

Unknown said...

Fernando, you right these guys did not have standard charted tours to educate them like CPC had. Many fools are there among the tamils. Not like Karuna, kill 600 sinhalese policeman and soon to become minister. Go Vellelar Go.

"Sometime back I wondered how the Tamil community let a rogue killer like VP to control them. I couldn't believe that they selected an uneducated barber to be their political head and a PC to be the police head."

Unknown said...

Defencewire as SLA countinues to face crushing and humilating defeats, the propaganda must be turned to someody else. Imaginge somebody in Sri Lanka after 60 years finally accepting responsibilty for his mistakes.

KSF said...

Navindran, Mahen, Jet, sam, Upul and many more ammavuka's sent me emails asking what's behind my profile picture.

This is my palace garden in South Africa. This is where Mathivani living and having gang bangs these days.

Jet, sorry about your misunderstanding it's not our brothers cemetory.

Mathi took this picture long ago when I slept with her last time 17 years ago. Everyon can see my young face. You all can understand why I have a big chest when in military uniform.

Unknown said...

Lat but not least. It looks like armed forces propaganda is not in sync. In one part they say thousands of soldiers are being recruited. In the other the basic neccesity of foot powder and they are beggin the exptraite community. It makes "us" sinhala goviyama look like fools to the world.

Instead the top commanders,like the major arrested for mutalif' death should be send on a Standard charted tour. I reccomend

Sri Lanka is collapsing on all fronts, we need to help each other. As those low caste boys are thrown to the front lets force their women to clean toilets in the middle east.

Unknown said...

The US amassador has responded to tamilnet. This is another sign that even he realises that things are changing and he needs to show he is innocent to his new bosses. Sri Lanka needs help. I suggest all remmitance to be sent to sri lanka. I also suggest that Mahindha set up Minh Fund to collect these reciepts. I further suggest Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC to look after the funds. I am sure he and Mahindha can work out a nice high intrest scheme for Sri Lanka expatriates. Unless Mahindha has already being doing that.

Unknown said...

Asithri are you a low caste lover. The JVP was once supplied and trained by their karuva brother and leader Prabakaran the Sun God.

"As much as I am not in sync with the JVP’s policies/platform, I cannot help but admire what they do, sporadically, to assure the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our sacred nation (yes, they have my gratitude for bringing down the LTTE partial RW GOSL in 2004!):

Unknown said...

Defencewire shocking news that a sinhalese couple ran to tamilnadu and posed as tamils. Worst still helped by their tamil friends.

ReallyCold..... said...

Is Ranil Wickramasinghe your Dad?

You sound that way, kind of like a Sinhalese with no brain.

What is the difference between a Tamil fool who is riding child soldiers back and a Sinhalese fool who is riding on the back of brave soldiers?

What politician's balls you are hanging on to and licking these days?

ReallyCold..... said...

Sinhalese woman clean toilets in Middle East and your Tamil woman clean Toilets in Colombo.

Which is worst?

Why don't you get together with Asthri and make out?

You two will make the perfect BIGOT to the world.

ReallyCold..... said...

Sun God V.Pirbaharan (Praba)

Why did you copied and pasted your mom's naked picture to Prabha's head?

That will make nice pono for your Dad.

ReallyCold..... said...

Ananda-USA said...

" 1. Taken literally, that Sinhala people are in some way intellectually inferior to Tamil people, it is at least ludricrous, foolish in itself, and at most racist. I have written before, that the large numbers of Sinhala intellectuals in every area of "

Judging by people like Asthri, you are right.

Can you make the same judgment of Tamils by looking at LTTE Idiots?

If I have a choice, I will never choose to be re-born as a Tamil since you worked hard to trash that name globally.

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

Heh Heh
Yeah it certainly will be Xmas eve bro.
I have offered peace to guys like Thiru, Nutti and Bhairavaya before. They continue to bag Mother Lanka as their principal and persevarative technique. (perseveration, I understand is a typical repetition habit demonstrated by brain damaged individuals).

I am even willing to accept that LTTErs are after all our boys and gals. They have contributed to making SL a force to be reckoned with (all under the nose of the Big Brother). All they have to do is admit that there is no winning this one, give up arms and seek the path of peace and rehabilitation.

These diasporic elements keep stirring the pot in a negative way and intend on keeping the conflict going. Well, Dec 24th is their psyops D-Day. I would like to commence psyops targeting these guys from then on.

So, ready to party. I have pro,ised the Catholics that I will start well before mass at every time zone. So I will start say, about 6PM Dunedin time. Then go around the World.

Will you be in Melbourne?

ReallyCold..... said...


I have misunderstood you as an LTTE - sorry.

ReallyCold..... said...

"It is in this context of "Lack of Wisdom and National Unity" that I think we Sinhalese should accept this label of "Modaya," if only as a prod to ourselves to quit being such Modayas. After all, Anagarika Dharmapala had warned and urged us not to be Modayas in 1926!"

We were very comfortable with ourselves and let others come in and extort our life.

Even today, we don't get it. We call Tamils our enemy yet forgetting the real enemy is in the parliament.

ReallyCold..... said...

"In contrast, we Sinhalese have confused compassion with foolishness giving the enemies of our country every opportunity to prevail, and have allowed this conflict to drag on for 30 long years."

First, the conflict was given to us by our Indian brothers and both Sinhalese and Tamils thankfully accepted it.

The opportunist have used this to stay in power. The real will to eliminate LTTE came out of the current administration.

Until during last few years, Sinhalese have been outsmarted by pro-LTTE Tamils at all fronts.

The war victories have given rise to new class of foolish Sinhalese who think the gun can solve each and every problem.

Patriot without a brain is a fool.
Patriot with a brain is the true patriot.

Upul said...

More SLA child soldiers bodies from 4th wanni debacle.

It looks as if the sla fools were filling sand bags when they got ambushed and obliterated.....

Thats the lesson for stepping uninvited into Tamil territory. If you want to come back alive get a tamil eelam visa....

Ananda-USA said...

ReallyCold said...

[The real will to eliminate LTTE came out of the current administration.]

Yes, indeed! Finally, in the brothers Rajapakse and Gen. Fonseka, we have some leaders saying ENOUGH!, let us do what is necessary to protect our country and our people. Not only are they effective in pursuing this war, they also have the diplomatic skills to manage international relationships and develop the alliances we need for the future.

May the Holy Triple Gem Bless and Protect them always!

[We were very comfortable with ourselves and let others come in and extort our life.]

Absolutely. I fondly hope that this destructive war, has indelibly imprinted in our minds the dangers of national disunity and complacency. Perhaps we have to be grateful that it has retrained our people in the military skills we need to defend Sri Lanka; ancestral skills we had forgotten as a people during 150 years of colonial servitude.

ReallyCold..... said...


I call this the destiny.

"Yes, indeed! Finally, in the brothers Rajapakse and Gen. Fonseka, we have some leaders saying ENOUGH!, let us do what is necessary to protect our country and our people."

When I saw the aliment of objectives and chemistry of these personal with SLAF and SLN top commandos, which I hadn't seen before, I realized we have a winning team.

The modern Sinhalese have matured in diplomacy and International relations. Some of our political leaders have realized surrounding themselves with skillful and loyal.

I think we always had the skills to kill the enemy, however the will of our soldiers had been manipulated.

We killed likes of Kobbakaduwa and CBK always had conflicts with out top millitary leaders, Ranil pretty betrayed the whole nation.

It is time for us to re-invent ourselves visionary than reactionary.

Unknown said...

Looks like even the Hindu is now on the Pro LTTE bandwagon. Everything is crumbling.
Article on sinhalese couple hiding in tamilnadu. I mean why wonder they go to a land where the politicians are bunch of jokers unless they come from a land of clowns.

We need to counter the propaganda

Unknown said...

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Spreads Among Soldiers Serving in Norh-East

Again a lie. I know of a sailor in England now on goverment scholarship who is having a jolly time, his name also rajapaske.

Unknown said...

Massive lies. I mean look at the happy photos used by you defencewire and all the other propaganda machinery. How can this be true.

"A lieutenant who witnessed seven soldiers explode due to an incoming enemy mortar and became schizophrenic, a sergeant who lost a leg and became violent and addicted to cannabis, and a captain who served for 20 years being "exposed to heavy combat" who felt a "misfit to civil society" and found it "uneasy to work with civilians," are the stories scattered throughout the study."

Unknown said...

Ranjith Jayasundera must be karuva as his family name is not perrera or ontajide etc. It must be portugese or dutch sounding like fonseka. All he wants to try to say is that the LTTE propaganda is correct to say that thousands of village boys are slaughtered and their lives permanetely destroyed so that great people like Mahindha mama can hold ceremonies and win elections.

Most importantly, this was before the armed forces were committed to a war of attrition over a year-long campaign in which over 1,200 of their own were slain and over 7,000 permanently maimed and scarred. At least some senior officers will recall and recant the fact that several hundred soldiers did not have to die to capture Pooneryn in 1992, and also that the capture was inconsequential as the base was recaptured by the LTTE but one year later. They will also remember that Killinochchi was captured by the army in 1996 without 1,000 soldiers dying trying, and that Madhu - and its now infamous shrine - was also captured in 1999.

Unknown said...

Madhu is ofcourse so important. I mean Mrs Mahindha who is fake buddisht true catholic needs to pray at madhu. I think this should highlight our great leader Mahindha Mama's romantic side which girls will fall over. He tells he is buddisht but visits the pope for his wife.

The great King Mahindha who scarificed thousands of serfs to build taj mahal sorry I mean get madhu back.

Unknown said...

This shameful propaganda is trying to say that the government has not bothered of the welfare of soldiers like foot powder and helping them cope with the war. '

If i go further these LIARS will say because the government does not spend on such neccesities that soldiers go on to relief the stress with having sex with children in Haiti and also slaughtering 17 aid workers.

Those are rouge soldiers of low caste background. High caste soldiers like officers will never know such misdeeds as they are tasked to take care of these useless low caste soldiers widows back in colombo.

Furthermore gainful employment like washing toilets are given to these women. It helps build sri lanka. Such moneys that have come from these women working in indignified conditions, facing sexual harrasment, their blood and sweat have been chanelled to organisations like Standard Charted which organise study trips overseas.

These trips are not enough. If more time was spent in various countries imagine how much the CPC chairman could have learnt. I wish I also could join such learning trips.

These lucky guys who get to feel, touch and many varities that these new nations offer. However they pay their ultimate scarifices in leaving the wife behind and other loved ones for such trips. Poor Chaps what they will not do for country.

Unknown said...

Here we now realise defencewire and defencenet purpose. Defencwire can the chief justice be removed or white vanned. He trying to reduce the petrol prices which fund these study tours.

"For the sake of the next thousand soldiers who are now on the front line, we can only hope that the military leadership is as competent at protecting its own as it is at marketing and fighting wars of words and propaganda"

Unknown said...

I am sure that with study tours for all other issues, example a study of how best to collect foot powder that as many of the SMART PATRIOTS here say, without an LTTE all SRI LANKANS WILL LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER. (question in sri lanka or outside sri lanka)

CASC said...

Despite the provocative title, very informative article from the Nation. In this type of attrition warfare, Army casualties are replaceble while LTTE casualties are irreplaceble. Seems like the two key elements are cutting off the terrorists supply and logistics chain, and attrition warfare (what Moshe calls harvesting). The terrorists supply and logistics chain will become tighter as the SLA goes up the Eastern coast. It will be similar to what happened on the Western coastline.

Is Killinochchi worth taking in a hurry?

This week was undoubtedly one of the bloodiest for the Security Forces, as they made some headway against impressive ditch cum bund defence line of the LTTE, on the approaches to the Killinochchi town.

Though Tiger websites like the Tamilnet crowed much about army casualties, without even a hum about their own, the artillery exchanges and air strikes that took place alone, would have ensured far more damage to enemy ranks.

The tactic was to overwhelm the enemy by launching simultaneous assaults all along this front beginning from early Monday morning. To keep the enemy extra busy, the Army also activated the Jaffna front at Muhamalai and Kilali, where earlier on November 20 it had already taken the Tigers’ First Defence Line after bitter fighting

The Killinochchi defence line is no simple one, as it stretches for miles from Jaffna lagoon in the north to as far south as Iranamadu. Unfortunately for our brave forces, while they had to launch this assault in sometimes hip deep water in an open country, due to floods resulting from heavy rains, for the enemy sitting in machine gun mounted bunkers on the high bund, they were easy picking. Tigers who managed to save their lives due to the heavy rains, were struck down by bullets or were felled by heavy artillery and mortar fire which the enemy rained on them, as they advanced.

Where the brave forces breached the Defence line after surmounting all these difficulties, they were yet at a disadvantage in holding it, especially in areas close to Killinochchi, as such locations had already been well marked by the enemy, who simply rained mortars and artillery fire on them. Close armour support too was almost non existent in most places due to the terrains being badly water logged.

Concrete bunkers
In addition to this Defence line, the LTTE has built enough concrete bunkers in Killinochchi and on the Jaffna front to hide its hardcore fighters. These bunkers can easily withstand artillery fire or even air strikes. That is why, according to military observers, they can surface waves of attackers after a heavy pounding on these positions by artillery and air strikes.

This writer can reveal that when we visited Kilinochchi just days prior to the signing of the infamous Ceasefire Agreement in February 2002 in the company of a western journalist, and were the guests of the superb hospitality accorded to visitors by the LTTE at the time, we found that even then there were concrete bunkers built into some of the buildings surrounding its so-called Peace Secretariat. Not that we were given guided tours of those bunkers; in fact we were told not to wander around beyond areas escorted by them. Our driver, who was quite fluent in Tamil however, did some wandering on his own as he was all alone, while we were meeting Tiger leaders like late Tamilselvan, or having meals fit for a king at their famed guest house, and later pointed out the bunkers to us as we were moving past those buildings. Most probably even its two-storeyed Peace Secretariat too, would have had its own reinforced concrete bunkers beneath it.

As to why we said that they provided meals fit for a king was that for example, for lunch or dinner we were provided prawns and cuttle fish cooked in three different ways each (fried, devilled and curried). So one can imagine how delicious the food was. Even our rooms were stocked with the best of international toiletries, which would put to shame any five star hotel even today. This was all part of their ‘charm offensive’, and our then leaders certainly fell for it hook, line and sinker.

They would have built many more reinforced concrete bunkers during this one sided ceasefire that lasted till January this year, when unlimited stocks of cement, steel and other building materials were allowed to be transported to areas held by them. This has been proven by several runways they have built in Wanni. Already two of them have fallen into the hands of advancing Security Forces

Probably the best Army Commander we have had so far, Lt. Gen Sarath Fonseka, who has taken the fight to the Tiger lair, will now think of a better way to skin this cat. It might now be a case of smashing the LTTE in all other areas before coming to take Killinochchi last.

The massive assault involving four fighting divisions, began with troops of the 57 Division under the command of Maj. Gen. Jagath Dias tasked to take the LTTE defence line from Iranamadu Tank to Akkarayankulam via Adampan and Brig. Shavendra Silva commanded 58 Division assigned the stretch from Adampan to Jaffna lagoon. The Brig. Prasanna de Silva led 55 Division began its advance from north of the A-9 Highway, while 53 Division advanced from the South of this Highway. For the latter two divisions the task before them was to break down the Tiger second defence line in Jaffna. All four Divisions began their silent march on Monday night, and all out fighting flared around Kilinochchi defences at 6:00 am on Tuesday lighting up the skies amidst deafening noise.

To repel the massive assault the LTTE this time called in their most battle hardened units, and even others who came to back them were fully geared in helmets and body armour. Among the senior leaders who led their counter measures were Theepan, Banu, Jerry and Muhudan.

“They knew very well that if their defence line collapsed we would be in Killinochchci. So they threw everything into the battle to thwart us”, a senior army officer in the front said.

The advancing troops also had to contend with at least 11 waves of LTTE assaults to breakthrough forces’ lines at various points. Intercepted enemy radio communications revealed that on Tuesday alone 70 LTTE cadres were killed and 150 others were injured.

The three brigades of the 58 Division had the task of assaulting the six mile stretch of Tiger defences from Jaffna lagoon to Adampan across Pooneryn – Paranthan (B-69) Road. The stretch north of Pooneryn-Paranthan Road being marshy and its southern stretch being open paddy country coupled with heavy rains experienced in the region, made movements very difficult.

Towards Jaffna lagoon the Ninth Gemunu and the Tenth Gajaba Regiments captured 1.3 kilometre stretch of the Tiger defence line The Ninth Gemunu was commanded by Lt. Col. Lal Chandrasiri, while the Tenth Gajaba was led by Maj. Janaka Udowita.

Having repelled seven waves of counter attacks on their newly captured positions by the Tigers, by the following day 400 more metres from the enemy defence line was captured by the Tenth Gajaba and 12th Gemunu commanded by Lt. Col. Nandana Dunuwila.

The six mile onslaught launched by the 58 Division also included the Second Commando Regiment led by Lt. Col Jayantha Balasuriya, the Eighth Gemunu led by Lt. Col. Vajira Welagedera, Eighth Sinha headed by Lt. Col. Priyantha Jayawardena and the Fifth Armoured Corp commanded by Lt. Col. Nihal Samarakoon.

Amidst such unfavourable weather the Fifth Armoured Corp however did all it could to support the troops, by continuously firing at LTTE targets non stop from 6:00am to 9:00pm on Tuesday. It not only blasted insurmountable Tiger bunkers, but also helped to beat back Tiger attacks into the following day.

Jaffna lagoon
As the 58 Division was successful in taking 1.3 kilometres of the Tiger northern defence line, the enemy dispatched Sea Tiger boats to engage the troops from the Jaffna lagoon, but this attempt was beaten back by Mi-24 helicopter gun ships of the air force.

Taking note of the new development, the National Security Council, which met on Wednesday (17), decided to deploy Navy’s Special Boat Squadron for the security of the Jaffna lagoon.
Seventeen soldiers of the 58 Division were killed in action on Tuesday, while ten others were listed as missing in action.

By Friday troops of the 58 Division had advanced more than a kilometer beyond the breached Tiger defenses, resulting in fresh heavy fighting. Tigers also resorted to attacking these troops from boats in the Jaffna lagoon. Troops repulsed these attacks from the lagoon with artillery fire. The Second Commando Regiment and the Ninth Gemunu advanced further while repelling attacks from the lagoon.

In this sector the LTTE is said to have lost four of its attacking groups due to intense fighting. As any further advances in this sector threatens not only Paranthan, but even their hold on Elephant Pass, Tigers are doing their best to halt the army drive.

Meanwhile the 53 and 55 Divisions which were advancing towards the Tiger Second Defence Line in the Jaffna front too, were in a difficult position as much of the area was flooded due to heavy rains. The 53 Division began its advance from about 10:00pm on Monday night, while the 55 Division descended on Tiger positions around 2:00am. These two divisions had only to advance between 600 to 800 metres to reach the LTTE second defence line. But by 4:00am heavy fighting erupted between these two divisions and the LTTE. Though initially both these Divisions made breakthroughs into the enemy second defence line at several points, the Tigers had the advantage of being in their familiar territory. In addition the enemy which was initially directing artillery fire at the advancing Divisions from four points also called in artillery from their positions at Nagarkovil to the North. Due to the unceasing and deadly accurate artillery fire in this rather narrow strip of Jaffna, both divisions had to draw back their troops by day break.

In this short lived expedition, 13 soldiers of the 53 Division were killed and 12 others were listed as missing. Eighty five others were injured, most of whom were described as sustaining minor injuries. In the 55 Division three soldiers were killed and ten others were injured.

The 57 Division under Maj.Gen. Jagath Dias which took on the Killinochchi defences proper had the most difficult task. The 57-1 Brigade under Col. G.V. Ravipriya, the 57-2 Brigade commanded by Lt. Col. Dhammika Jayasundera and the 57-4 Brigade led by Lt. Col. Senaka Wijesuriya led assaults launched by the 57 Division.

Maj. Dinesh Udugama led Third Gajaba Regiment and Lt. Col. Sisira Herath led Ninth Wijeyaba Regiment from the 57-2 Brigade successfully mounted the Tiger defence line at two points on the southern fringes of the Killinoichchi Town.

Lt. Col. Ranjith Abeyratne commanded Seventh Infantry, Lt. Col. Chandana Somaweera headed Ninth Gajaba, and Maj. Weerasinghe led 12th Sinha Regiment assaulted the Killinochchi defence line from the Adampan village. All three regiments completed the capture of Tiger bunkers in their sector of the defence line by 6:05 am. With this assault literally all hell broke loose, as the Tigers opened up with all their big guns and the Army replied in kind.

Realising that if the defence line was breached from the Adampan village, the Army would enter Kilinochchi from the West, the enemy drew all available cadres to halt the Army drive here. However in the morning hours the Ninth Gajaba and the 12th Sinha had each captured about a kilometer from the defence bund, while the Seventh Infantry took over a stretch of about 800 metres.
In this bitter fighting, Tigers were in no better position either and were struggling to evacuate its wounded and dead. By noon the Ninth Gajaba alone had killed 40 Tiger cadres. Even the Adampan area leader identified as Neelavan had been killed in this fight, according to intercepted enemy communications. Other than the Ninth Gajaba, the troops of the other two regiments having been hit hard by Tiger counter attacks, were forced to abandon the stretches of the defence line they earlier captured by the end of the day.

And in the cause of these clashes some of the finest and experienced fighting men were lost to the Army. Sgt. Namal Udawatte who became a hero in the capture of the Akkarayankulam Bund few months back, when he successfully led an eight-man team to capture three bunkers there which earlier resisted all previous attempts to overrun them, too was killed on Tuesday.
Sgt. Udawatte accomplished that task at Akkarayankulam by volunteering to lead his team as a Corporal. Because of that daring achievement he was elevated to the rank of sergeant.

Lt.Col. Senaka Wijesuriya led 57-4 Brigade’s infantry regiments managed to capture a stretch of about 2.5 kilometres of the defence line from the left bank of the Iranamadu Tank to Iranamadu Road. Maj. Samantha Wickramasena led Tenth Infantry Regiment, Lt. Col. Ipshitha Dissanayake led Eighth Infantry Regiment and Maj. Dhammika Dissanayake commanded 16th Sinha Regiment was involved in this operation.

The 57-4 Brigade’s success was a case of snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. It too went into battle on Tuesday morning amidst heave exchanges, but took the enemy in a more innovative manner. While the Tenth Infantry Regiment went for the defence bund it was ably supported by Eighth Infantry and 16th Sinha from two sides. In this fight within the first two to three hours they were able to kill 41 Tiger, according to intercepted enemy communications.

Despite day long Tiger mortar and artillery fire 57-4 Brigade managed to destroy 22 Tiger bunkers and consolidated the grounds it took. Two Tiger boats that came to attack the troops of this Brigade were sunk by them in the Iranamadu Tank. Troops even managed to recover bodies of five Tigers, including two leaders who directed the fight.

On Wednesday from 4:00pm to 6:00 pm the enemy mounted five waves of attacks in a vain attempt to dislodge 57-4 Brigade from this stretch of the bund, but all of them were beaten back killing 17 LTTE cadres. This leaves only a gap of three kilometers to Killinochchi from Iranamadu army positions.

Overall in the bloody Tuesday’s fighting in the Killinochchi sector about 80 soldiers were killed and another 250 were wounded.
In the Northeasterly front Troops of the 59Division under the Command of Brig. Nandana Udawatte consolidated their hold on the Mulliyawali Town and completed the capture of six kilometers of the A-34 Mankulam – Mulaitivu Road. In addition it has captured a ten kilometer stretch of the Mulliyawali – Nedunkerni Road to the south. At the same time it has intercepted all supply routes from Odusuddan and Nedunkerni to Mulaitivu.

Unknown said...

Navindran are you mad ?

Thiru said...


my point of view is quite simple.
LTTE is a racist element.
they r only surviving because of 2 factors.

1. racist people like Asithri
2. inefficiency of singala propaganda machine
3.poor foreign policy by lanka during last 3 decades.

i dont even agree with land and police powers going to P.C. the quality of parliamentarians r very poor, imagine the standard of P.C 's then? these foolish 3rd grade politicians wil run havoc if they have land and police powers.
I only require sustained development for north and east (in a substantial way).
And very strict anti racist laws where u can put people like asthiri to prison.

BTW i am prepared for 24th to party. and u'r just a singala migrant who was unsuccessful in lanka and ran away looking for greener pastures. so u'r threats r hilarious!

Upul said...

apparently disabled sla child soldiers are being enlisted to fight in killinochi.

sla is throwing everything it can to avoid a slaughter.

Sri Lankan said...

Go Sri Lanka... GO Rawana

Sri Lankan said...

Obviously terrorists are taking pictures of their own carders and showing he he

Cmon man.... are you so dimwitted

CASC said...

The President has appointed a new Attorney General.

Pakiasorthy Saravanaamuthhu has filed suit in the Supreme Court challenging the President's authority to appoint the person.

CriMeWatCh said...

Commando Captured Alive by Tigers

CriMeWatCh said...

worried to see these dead bodies.

Sri Lankan said...

Crime; Thats a lie it seems as the LTTE has captured a fresh from training soldier while he was trying to rescue an injured tamil tiger. And then had beaten him up and questioned him for hours.

CriMeWatCh said...

ReallyCold said...

LTTE got arrogant over Sinhalese and then Tamils. Arrogand Sinhalese will do the same, will be arrogant over Tamils and Sinhalese.

I dont accept this. tamils and sinhalese dont have any issues in this country. any way they can live to gather. its the politics made all these issues.

Sri Lankan said...

TRUE: Singhala and Tamils and Muslims and all religions should be together as one.

Political games are the once that are preventing us from wiping out the terrorists and uniting the country. If not we would have taken a stand as one and cured this virus from our nation. I see Sri Lanka being the most developed country if not for this war.

Imagine; once the war is over there wont be any reason for emergency regulation and no place for corrupt politicians as the focus will be on crimes and not any war against terror.

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...



Given what you have said, I'll accept it and consider that we are on the same side. I have no problems what so ever with development of the North and East. When presented with a group of Tamils and Sinhalas I have often being fonder of Tamils as individuals. I have no problems in accepting Tamils as brothers.

I will leave you alone in comments unless I find a comment attacking Sinhalas or Mother Lanka.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Real & Co,

An effort to shed some light in the dark patches of your delusion. I never expect it to go off with this single dose. But anyway trying my best.

Firstly, you stated that you're fighting for equal rights. WRONG. There is no right you're barred from. However you were provided some special rights such as Thesawalamai law. However some people in your race started a war with the nation of SL, and automatically you're subjected to prejudice and suspicion. It is the same thing at any place with war, that special subset of likely people will be subjected to prejudice. Stop war and it will never be.

Nevertheless you are fighting due to a delusion, misleading and anger. Delusion for a non-existent history, which lacks any archeological and scripture support. Few pundits in 1900s hallucinated what you call as your history. And the identification of myth of kingdom Kumari Kandam came about when the scientists who were unaware of continent drift tried to piece together paleontological evidence around Indian ocean. They termed it as Lemuria hypothesis and later took back as a scientific mistake. Your race reached orgasm with that idea in late 1800s and yet to open your eyes and see the truth behind it as in 2008.

Your delusion is used to mislead you by your own politicians. Of sinhala, there were true representatives of people although they had defects in them. Of Tamil, you always got represented by Colombo-resident, English speaking fully westernized individuals who knew nothing about your cultural and spiritual identity but used them like materialistic items for power. And they mislead your people during every election. And your political rights were suspended by those individuals who took them as their privilege in turn.

Finally came anger. After several attempts of provocation by manipulators in your side, [still in a very wrongful act] thugs and bandits killed few 1000s of tamils while SL govt did not take enough actions to stop it. I feel the pain of anyone loosing loved one this way. It was a fair reason to get angry. But only a maniac will be carrying on with the same anger and vengeance of 1983 in 2008, and gamble their entire race in vengeance. A psychologist will find a masterpiece in how a group of people get time-locked in desperate effort to take revenge. For 25 years you tried 100s and 1000s of crimes to take revenge. Every time you received it 10 times in return, hence you go back with further anger and further desperation for revenge. Sadly SLDF did/could not finish it. So you keep on trying. What we see this time is that completion, for which you will be grateful to MR/GR/SF one day. You may feel depressed, but you're free from 1983 burden when SLDF surgically remove your malicious elements.

Now, the delusion and misleading has become history. All I see is a campaign for vengeance. It is more than clear that Eelam is millions of light years away and you're heading towards opposite direction. But you keep on doing so, simply due to anger and vengeance.

By means of colonial boot licking and exam cheating your race gained a very high level of academic control. Also by means of genuine talent your race gained good business control as well. You had a significant population of ~20% which is a pretty good % minority anyway. If you didn't do anything, but just kept up with parliamentary politics, you'd get a huge control with proportional voting system. You would have been king makers in the system miscalculated by 1978 regime.

What did you do? It is time to ask that question fromm yourselves. You ruined it all. All for the delusion, misleading and vengeance - latter been sole remain right now. We can simply be thankful to you for the 25 years of terrorism which destroyed the 100 years of calculated plan for separation beyond any resurrection.

And looking back at the proceedings, one psychological defect remains evident. That is the feeling of superior race. You are unable to sit together with anyone else with equal privileges and rights. You always think that you're special. This is why you never like to bow down to righteousness, world order, but keep on returning savage all the time. This is why you use weapons to shut up the people who tell the truth. And feel no gratitude to anyone who supports you.

And when you started your "freedom fight" the world accepted you with open hearts and hands. Had it ever been a freedom fight the world would have been behind you and by now you'd have gained "freedom". You returned sheer terrorism. As Peter Rathnadurai accepted in one debate with me, you are not running your on own in this marathon, but you are trying to spoil the run of ours. You did damn good spoiling for sometime, but now limelight is on you and everyone knows that you will do nothing but spoiling and you're is sheer terrorists driven with vengeance. You are rated not a fraction short of AL-Qaeda, unless miles ahead of them in that line. And you think/call the whole rest of the world WRONG !!! What a superiority complex.

You proved it in many ways. Why did you kill Rajiv Gandhi, even after Indian army was leaving SL. Vengeance, wasn't it? Why did you kill many political antiques like Amirthalingam? Your anger has no control. You are sick.

When I said YOU I mean YOU. The inseparably interlinked diaspora-pussycat duality. It is simply two forms of same species, one local other abroad. Do not tell me to differentiate you from pussycats as long as your fund them. Pussycats are just you, in fact many individuals like you. And YOU are the architects of attempted tamil genocide in SL - sheer murderers and criminals. Be thankful for SLDF if the save whoever remains from extinction. Be thankful if they remove your cancer surgically even via amputation. It is painful, but it will save your psychological well being.

Sam Perera said...


"Pakiasorthy Saravanaamuthhu has filed suit in the Supreme Court challenging the President's authority to appoint the person."

Pakiasorthy Saravanaamuthhu by no means an elected official. Therefore, this is his personal opinion, i.e one out of 20 million. Further more, getting my favourite man appointed to the AG post is not a FR.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Apology for spelling and grammar mistakes in prev post. Wrote it too fast.

Sam Perera said...


The concrete bunkers in Nation caught my attention. I am not sure why we can't use Fuel-Air bombs or thermobaric weapons to get the teras out.

Ananda-USA said...

Sam Perera said...

[The concrete bunkers in Nation caught my attention. I am not sure why we can't use Fuel-Air bombs or thermobaric weapons to get the teras out.]

Sam, fuel-air/thermobaric bombs are largely wide-area blast-effect weapons. They would destroy above-ground facilities, incinerate every living plant, animal or human, kill both LTTEcadres/SLA troops/ civilians caught above ground, but will do very little against LTTE cadres in underground reinforced bunkers. Their above-ground destructive capacity approach those of small nuclear weapons detonated above ground.

To destroy LTTE hiding in concrete-reinforced underghround bunkers, even 30 feet deep, what you really need are earth-penetrating high-explosive bombs such as those deployed against Desert Storm trenches, Saddam's HQ bunkers, and against the Taliban by the US armed forces.

Earth penetrating bombs to take out the relatively thin-concrete-walled LTTE bunkers will not be very difficult to build in Sri Lanka. You just need a thick-walled nose cone welded to a thick walled steel-pipe that is filled with high-explosive. It should be delivered from a great height at high impact velocity and detonated after it has penetrated underground to the desired depth (less than its terminal depth). When detonated at the target depth, the bunkerbuster will not only destroy the entire bunker, but will lift out all the earth above it creating a large crater. The same amount of explosive delivered above the ground, will destroy above ground structures, but the blast wave will be absorbed by the soft earth, leaving not only deep bunkers, but also relatively deep trenches a short distance away intact.

The problem, of course, is delivering the bunker-buster accurately to the point above the target at the correct velocity. That is best done by a laser guidance system controlling the fins of the bomb, although just gravity dropped bombs will also work. More sophisticated bunker-busters are not gravity-dropped bombs, but are rocket engine propelled and laser guided.

In effect, what is needed is to accurately identify the targets, and to destroy them individually using air-delivered bunkerbuster bombs.

V4Victory said...

Hi all,

Ltte recently allowed us to see one of the war prisoners. He looks cheeated by budha's children. I pray for him to be released so that he could join again to liberate vanni.

DoDo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DoDo said...

Lanka`s Tamil Tigers vow to keep fighting even if they lose their political headquarters town of KilinochchiBBC

Wow man, this is coming straight from the horses mouth!

If you shift thorough all the big talk and the mumbo jumbo, this is Tamil Terrorists way of admitting they are loosing Kilinochchi

Despite all the drama played by Tamilmutt during the last few days, our boys have done serious damage to their kilinochchi defences. Not one of those valiant sacrifices were made in vain, as you can see....

Fat Pig said capturing Kili will be a day dream.

Now Fat Pig and Ultra smart followers, eat your own shitty stink:))

DoDo said...

Great article.

A must read!!!

Seeking Indian intervention

Puran Appu said...

14 Air raids carried out by SLAF since saturday.

1 Sea Tiger boat destroyed today in Mullativu beach.

Expect Iranamadu to fall soon.

Peelam Monkeys keed on dancing.

Unknown said...

At last Tamilnut has Kilified (Parroted) Puthinam.



Patriots can compare this to,


Hanas said...

Puran Appu

You are right. It is almost certain that Iranamadu fall. Nadesan himself conceded that they cannot hold Kili for more than a week. Army is closing in. They are fighting harder here more than Mula raised the suspicion that

1. Most Valuable assets of LTTE is There.

2. Pirabaharan Bunker (As Rana Said) there.

3. Tin Can also there

Hanas said...

If LTTE and Tamil Net claims are true they are winning. But why the hell still they are asking for cease fire. Sivajilingam MP begging for ceasefire in India.

What TNA achieved is disrupting the unity of tamilnadu parties. and created the violent culture and environment.

MK wake up

Hanas said...

Tamilnet and pro LTTE media try to persuade diaspora that they are still in power after the destruction of their ship.

Our forces will soon liberate the Vanni.

Hanas said...

Lakbima Defence Column Claimed Muliyawali Village Captured. Is any Confirmation from MOD

Why MOD is not giving news then and there

Puran Appu said...


"What TNA achieved is disrupting the unity of tamilnadu parties. and created the violent culture and environment."

Very true Brother. I dont know why these TamilNadu Politicos dont understand this.

Unknown said...

@Sujeeva Bro

Well said!

Afterall "vengeance in the mind does nothing more than corrupt oneself" Dhammapada Verse 3

The Sinhalese people were more than willing to forgive Pilliyalan who had a hand in the Aranthalawa Massacre and bombing of the Dalada Maligawa!

When the JVP was on a good track during the Sandana, the Sinhalese people voted for it putting aside the atrocities done by the JVP in 1987-89.

Take that as an example with respect to July 1983.

Hanas said...

So Now it is time for big Harvest. We have done alrady and LTTE is willing to die to save pirabaharan's Bunker

Hanas said...

Puran Appu,

This is all the dirty games of LTTE. They bought several TN Mps to give voice for them. It went upto PM Manmohan. But Rajapakse bowled a super yorker for asking Guarantee that LTTE wont fight again. It did the trick.

Now the quarrel started in TN

Puran Appu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Puran Appu said...


>>Why MOD is not giving news then and there>>

It proves that, MOD is not into a propaganda campaign like LTTE does with tamilnut and other pro-LTTE web sites.

What they want is to get the job done than talking big about what they did.

There are so many other major happenings that MOD didn’t even made a single comment about and Some times they delay giving information. Nadunkerni is a perfect example for this.

They have their own plans. It’s very difficult to predict.

Hanas said...

Is there fighting continues today. How to find out whether it is raining in Kili (Not Mortar)

Vajira said...

Sam Perera/ Ananda USA,
SLAF do have laser guided variants of "bunker buster bombs"
SLAF last year acquired ATLIS TV/laser designator pods from Pakistan Air Force.These pods are designed for the AS-30/30L laser guided missile, which are highly regarded as deep penetration bombs (AKA Bunker Buster).

Puran Appu said...

No rain today so far lu.

Puran Appu said...

Fighting is supposed to continue today as well. It’s very difficult to get information from the front. There had been heavy fighting yesterday.

Vajira said...

Hanas/Puran Appu,

[It went upto PM Manmohan. But Rajapakse bowled a super yorker for asking Guarantee that LTTE wont fight again.]

Yes... it indeed was a super yorker although Indian media did not give much publicity.
Soon after Dr. Manamohan Singh got off the phone with the President he conveyed the bad news to the Tamil Nadu politicos.
He quite vehemently stated that he is not in a position to give a guarantee to the Sri Lankan President about the LTTE practices in an eventual ceasefire.
That was made after evaluating the track record of LTTE on previous ceasefires.
[think i have mentiond this around 10 days ago in an earlier post]

Puran Appu said...

Mahinda Rajapakse issued an ultimatum to the LTTE to release all civilians in the Wanni by Christmas or to face a possible ban.

DoDo said...

Going through all the forums, it seems the euphoria from Peelamists have died down with Nadesan's BBC interview!

Aney, all the Peelamists have landed to Earth with a rude thud...


Thought their boys were indestructible, just because Tamilmutt didn't give their casualty figures


Adawaney Murugaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..!

Vajira said...

[Mahinda Rajapakse issued an ultimatum to the LTTE to release all civilians in the Wanni by Christmas or to face a possible ban.]

It will mean 2 things for sure!

1. No more chance of peace talks

2. TNA MP's will face possible arrest by openly sympathizing with a terror out fit!

Thanks for the great news Puran Appu. Think its about time we did that.

Hanas said...

Long awaited Ban coming soon. Now LTTE has to decide. Now it is time TNA to put pressure on LTTE. Mangala also will be screwed.

Hanas said...

If Banned No more cease fire. So more fire will come.

TNA MPs cannot speak and support LTTE. Good Luck

Hanas said...

In my opinion 59 division more than revealed. There are bits and pieces where we can stick together and get a picture. If I am correct they are in Mulliyaweli

Rana said...

Hi Guys,

A grueling long day for me, talking to real estate agents and inspecting open homes. Finally we dcided on a suitable new house for my daughter. Hopefully, we can finalise something tomorrow.

I see some good posts here today, specially, I like CASC's post on weekly progress report. Thanks CASC for that.

I see Hanse, Puran Appu, MayilRawana, Ananda and Sujeewa posting good contributions.

Keep it uo guys, after tomorrow, I will try to come here more and more.

Vigilante said...

LTTE didn't carry out many sea tiger raids than one would expect them to given the territory they lost during the last 12 months.

The reason for that is now obvious. Velu conserved the remaining seatiger boats to defend killali and Killinochchi without engaging them in attacks elsewhere.

Same is true for other LTTE assets including SAM's,artillery,ammiunition, planes and above all their fighters. I would say LTTE is now trickle down to all its elite troops. Further they would have trained another 10000 during the last 3 years. All in all I guess they lost 15000-20000 during the same period.

So expect another 10000-15000 LTTE to confront SLA in Wanni. In that regard Northern Wanni SLA FDL is vulnerable in terms of LTTE attacks. Second is the South- Western Wanni FDL's. It is true best SLA troops are stationed in this sector, however they are being attacked on daily basis,Which is a worry.

Hunter said...

Guys, Read this.. Feels like Nadesan accepted the defeat in K'nochchi..

Hanas said...

Think about Following.

It is alleged that sinhalese perusing their agendas instead of the welfare of this country. This alleged by Both Tamil and Muslim Parties.

But Thin a moment What TNA and SLMC Rauf Hakeem Doing. They are doing the same. In case of Rauf Hakeem he forgot the Muslims long time ago. He only looks after himself.

In this need of the hour we should be united and together we have to defeat LTTE.

Puran Appu said...


I am totally with you.

Expect the unexpected from the 59th division.

Puran Appu said...


Good luck and see you soon.

Unknown said...

Prabha and Pottu are not there???

Only those Pakistani sponsered terrorist there. Ofcourse as you mentioned before Pakistan wants Sri Lanka to eradicate terrorism. From now onwards please think before you write. Else we will look like fools. Long Live the Goviyama.

By the way Feild Marshal of Sri Lanka, you said Killi not important so it is or not. We should not look like fools. Long Live the Goviyama.

silentknight said...

59D should skirt around the mulla town defenses and go around/westwards of the lagoon, starve/cut that garrison off.

Hanas said...


Pakistan Not supporting LTTE. They want to finish LTTE. Pakistan suffers lot from Suicide Bombing. But Pakistan can only learn from how to eliminate this suicide bombers from Sri lanka.

Now Nadesan statement. He earlier said in (still it is there) they will not let Kili to fall and either let the forces to go back. But now he is preparing for well famed prabas strategic withdrawal.

What a Shame. Try to pocket out maximum from Diaspora to their individula secret account.

Hanas said...

Hey I think Mula is effectively lost. Thats why there is heavy fighting in Kili. All LTTE are in Kili, Iranamadu North FDL.

Boys fight and kill as much as possible. You can create the History.

Hanas said...

India is out at the moment. It cannot do anything now. LTTE lost all the support (International & Indian) Only they have mongala and Ranil.

Silent Knight. If I heard is correct59 in Muliyawali. So what they have to do next

Hunter said...

Yeah.. that is the nature of dual tongued Nadesan.. Heroic talks before.. and now when the Army is in the door-steps, "we'll capture more lands LATER" ..


Hanas said...

It seems LTTE trying desperately to attack colombo. But Thank god and vigilance of our people it has been detected and averted.

Please keep vigilant these days. LTTE is in desperate at its best

Puran Appu said...


Sorry bro, i got your name wrong.

Hanas said...

Puran Appu,

No problem. We have to contribute. You know I am Muslim and living in Colombo. Most of muslims support UNP. I am having hard time when i speak to other Muslims. Most of the people i talked they want this war to stay. they fear that Muslims will be targeted next.

But I managed to convince them government is not after anybody but LTTE.

Ananda-USA said...

Vajira said...

[Sam Perera/ Ananda USA,
SLAF do have laser guided variants of "bunker buster bombs"
SLAF last year acquired ATLIS TV/laser designator pods from Pakistan Air Force.These pods are designed for the AS-30/30L laser guided missile, which are highly regarded as deep penetration bombs (AKA Bunker Buster).]

Great; then these are what we should use. We can save funds if we develop own missile/bomb body, and mate it to a purchased laser guidance system.

Still, there is the issue of bunker target detection for subsequent destruction with bunkerbuster bombs.

To do that, we need to deploy UAV's when an artillery bombardment is initiated to detect LTTE cadre running to their bunkers for shelters. That will allow us to identify and target them for taking out with bunkerbusters.

Also, UAVs with nightvision detection systems may be able to locate the bunkers even without bombardments, because LTTE cadre are more freely visit the bunkers carrying supplies etc at night.

Rana said...


Nade Sung (nadesan) is a self appointed cangaroo police captain of a criminal confederate ZTTO. No sensible person will listen to this arse hole.

Time to time he issuing calculated statements to safeguard his job and life. If vesapille replace him with somebody else and ask him to go and fight in the front, he will not last 3 hours. That is why he is trying to avoid it and stay as long as possible alive.

CriMeWatCh said...

Hunter u are miss guiding people

This is a kind of statement that people of Sri Lanka are waiting to hear from him once the their (LTTE’s) Political Capital Killinochchi is captured. By saying this he gave a hint to all people that Sri Lanka Army have almost captured the Killinochchi and he has in anotherway accepted the defeat of Killinochchi. By saying ‘we will capture more areas in the future’ he has admitted that the terrorists were losing their grounds.

Hanas said...


It seems Nadesan is used by Pirabaharan to speak his views. remember Nadesan vehemently tried for ceasefire. He failed. so he got Prabas anger.

Now another job is given to Nadesan. Prepare diaspora for tactical withdrawal from Kili. But to where is the million Dollar question

Hunter said...

Cri Me Watch,
hey buddy, i am not mis-guiding anyone. Thts an article..jsut read it and posted here. Btw, i see nothing mis-guiding there... Nade Sung's statement reflects how low they are in mentally infornt of SLA attacks

Puran Appu said...


>>government is not after anybody but LTTE>>

Hope all are Muslim brothers will understand this soon.

Keep up the good work brother.

Hanas said...

Yep Puran appu,

Now it is evident once this rain give away it will be total domination by SLA

Good times ahead. Mula in serious trouble.

Puran Appu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Peter said...

Rain is the most psychopathic terrorist. Should send white vans to collect all the rain.

Puran Appu said...

Kilinochchi & Paranthan would have fallen by now, if it didn’t rain. So we will see the best of the SLA after rain stops, until then the Peelamists will be dancing like the crabs who are about to be boiled.

Peter said...

Malli, what are you doing?,cntnt01,detail,0&cntnt01articleid=1034&cntnt01origid=52&cntnt01detailtemplate=fullarticle&cntnt01returnid=51

Hanas said...


Rain is your only saviour. If it is not for rain coffin has been shut for Praba

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

Hey Asthiri,
Were you in NY in late 70's?
Is it your favourite place?

Isuru said...

I can do no better than repeat what one fellow Sri Lankan uttered in a previous post. “Terrorists are racist. True Patriots are not.”
We have to understand that the war waged by LTTE has three fronts.
a) The conventional fighting force that hold on to land.
b) The guerilla war front.
c) The terrorist tactics.
If we assume that Colombo economy does not crumble then we can assume that we can defeat LTTE as a conventional fighting force. But then some elements of guerilla war and the terrorism will prevail unless we make Sri Lanka a place where Tamil people can live without any discrimination. I must say that in the society that I live in Colombo we Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims live in harmony and there is no discrimination.
But if we utter chauvinists’ words like some in this forum then we are not going anywhere and LTTE will over time resurface, may be under a different leadership and we might even have to fight a Mohammed too.
If it weren’t for the short sighted Sinhalese goons of ’83 then this problem would not have come this far. We Sinhalese should apologize from the innocent Tamil victims. It is true that some extreme elements in North killed Sinhalese but that does not justify killing and robbing innocent Tamils elsewhere. What we should have done was find the guilty Tamils, try them in courts and then subject them to capital punishment. We did not handle it like we should have, the terrorist won that episode. We should learn from our mistakes in the past. Let the healing begin after and while we defeat LTTE as a conventional fighting force.
Remember my dear fellow Sri Lankans, to defeat terrorism we must be “better” than them, not “alike”.
If some LTTE sympathizer here talks filth and disgrace Sinhalese then let them show what they stand for and don’t repeat the same. I think if some independent party comes to this forum he’d say both Sinhalese and Tamils deserve to kill each other and perish given the interracial hatred expressed in comments here.

සිසිර කුමාර said...

isurujosh said...

"If it weren’t for the short sighted Sinhalese goons of ’83 then this problem would not have come this far."


- If English didn't leave SL in 1948 then this wouldn't happen

- If Prince Gemunu wasn't born this wouldn't have happened

- If King Vijaya didn't come to SL this wouldn't happen...

- If primates didn't evolve in to humans this wouldn't happen..

Ananda-USA said...

Effectiveness of Artillery Bombardment of Earthwork Defences

As I understand it, the recent attack on the Jaffna/Paranthan/Kilinochchi fronts by the SLA was preceded by artillery bombardments, which does not seem to have been very effective in preventing the LTTE defenders from manning the earthworks, because as soon as the bombardments ended, the attacking troops found the earthworks to be defended by LTTE cadre who has presumably survived the bombardment. Furthermore, even in those places where the SLA troops cleared the defenders and occupied the earthbunds, they were effectively targeted in return by LTTE artillery and mortars. How is this possible, and what can we do about it? Furthermore, after reaching the first earthbund, the SLA troops found themselves in front of a second earthbund, that was manned by the LTTE cadre who fired at them.

I think what happened here is similar in some respects to the British-French offensive against the German-held defence line at the Somme in World War I in July, 1916. The German defence consisted of three lines of trenches, about 1km apart, defended by riflemen, machine guns, and small caliber mortars backed up by heavier caliber artillery in the rear. The attackers were supposed to capture both the first and the forward trenches.

The British attack was preceded by a tremendous artillery bombardment over several days that was intended to destroy the barbed wire in front of the trenches, the machine gun nests, the bunkers and the German troops sheltering within them. Over 1.5 million shells, weighing over 21,000 tons of all calibres, were fired over several days. However, over a million of the shells were small calibre 4.5-6 inch anti-personnel shrapnel shells designed to explode in the air destroying barbed wire and killing troops, while the remainder, weighing about 12,000 tons, were large 8-9 inch high-explosive (HE) howitzer shells fused to explode at depth. Only these latter shells, containing only about 900 tons of HE when the weight of the heavy large-caliber steel casings was subtracted, could penetrate the earth to a sufficient depth to destroy bunkers and the German soldiers taking shelter within them. That is an amazingly small fraction of the total mass of HE that in the shells that were fired.

The British offensive failed miserably because the German troops who sheltered within the deep bunkers, largely survived the bombardment and rushed to man the trenches, albeit now only mounds of misshapen earth, and the machineguns. Since the attacking British force walked behind an artillery barrage that advanced 200m ahead of them and proceeded past the trenches, it boiled down to a race between the attackers and the defenders as to who would reach the trench first, in time to kill the opponents.

At the Somme, the very small amount of earth-penetrating large caliber HE shells fired by the British failed to destroy the bunkers and the German troops sheltering within them. Although the attacking British troops typically outnumbered the defenders 3 or 4 to 1, they suffered 50% casualties compared to 10% for the Germans. The offensive was a disastrous and bloody failure.

What can we learn from this for taking the LTTE earthbunds with reduced casualties?

1. First, while our troops are attacking at the front, we need to drive the defenders into the bunkers to escape small caliber shrapnel fire, so they cannot fire at the troops during that phase until the barrage lifts and is moved to the second earthbund.

2. Second, while the shrapnel shell fire is going on, we need to fire precisely targeted earth penetrating missiles/bombs at the bunkers identified beforehand, to destroy the LTTE cadre sheltering within them.

3.Third, we need to identify the locations of, and suppress return fire from, LTTE artillery and heavy mortars targeting our troops from a distance, after they have succeeded in capturing the first earthbund.

4. Fourth, we need to identify and suppress heavy caliber fire from the second earthbund against our troops who capture the first earthbund.

It seems to me, that many of these return fire suppression requirements can be met better by using several helicopter gunships to support the attacking troops with anti-personnel and bunker-busting munitions.

Heavy caliber indirect artillery shell fire may not the best way to destroy bunkers because the tremendous pressure generated within the gun dictates very heavy shell casings containing very litte HE. Instead, air-delivered bombs and missiles with a strong nose cone for earth penetration backed up by a relatively light body that contains the HE will be able to deliver much more HE per munition to the target.

Any comments?

සිසිර කුමාර said...


When Tamils come to Norway and get citizenship they learn Norwegian language. They live like Norwegians. They eat like Norwegians. They give birth to Norwegian kids not Eelam kids. If they don't they will face discrimination.

So why can't they do that in SL? Why can't they learn some Sinhalese and blend in? It is called Tamil racism.

Ananda-USA said...

SLA's Heavy Caliber Artillery

To my knowledge, SLA's heaviest artillery is 152mm (6 inch) and mortars are 120mm (5 inch).

These SLA artillery pguns are generally not of large enough caliber for use as seige guns against deep bunkers. In WW-I, at the Somme front, they fired 8 and 9 inch howitzers (about 13 tons weight each), and a few 15 inch rail-transported howtizers firing a 1400lb shell containing 200lb HE each!

Unknown said...


will it solve the problem in srilanka?

YFEAR said...

Over 16000 Tamils in Jaffna protest
against LTTE terrorism

Tamil civilians in Jaffna today (Dec 21) staged a massive protest against atrocities committed against them by the LTTE terrorists. According to the special correspondent in Jaffna, over 16000 civilians marched peacefully from Kaithadi to Chawakachcheri this morning displaying banners and placards with slogans against the LTTE.
The protestors demanded the LTTE to let them live in peace and to free the Tamils held hostage in Wanni LTTE hiding areas.
One participant to the march speaking to called the LTTE leader a coward, who is trying to save his life by hiding under shield of innocent civilians.
"All the civilians are in the view that the damaged caused to the Sri Lankan Tamils by the LTTE is irrecoverable. They say that the graveyards are the only achievement of the LTTE" said our correspondent.
"There were many elderly parents who called LTTE leader V. Prabhakaran, a curse upon Tamils that devoured generations of Tamil children" he added.
Meanwhile, the protestors took a special note of the support received by the LTTE from the Tamil Diaspora.
"There were many banners requesting the Tamils living aboard to stop funding LTTE and let the Sri Lankan Tamils to live in peace"
"'We are not pawns of your game of tribalism' was the message they wanted to convey to those who support the LTTE", said our correspondent citing the organizers of the protest.
Also, the organizers told that the true voice of Sri Lankan Tamils is barred by LTTE hired hands in the international media. They added the world should recognize that the true aspirations of Sri Lankan Tamils have nothing to do with fanatic ambitions of the LTTE leader.
"Our protest will continue until the world realizes that Sri Lankan Tamils do not want to be a property of a terrorists outfit" they added.

Unknown said...


its old news mate.

try some thing new.

Widana said...

Ananda, good post. Wonder if there is also something to learn from the 'dam busters' when attacking the bunds.

Chinthana4Lions said...


its not that hard to dress you dead under age ltte terrorists like SLA and take picture and post it HAHAHAHAHHAHA...

Peter only other eople are foolish like you are those kind of pics might have been a bit effective,, but its NOT ahhahhahaaha..

Peter have good look, looks like its one of you GAL KOLLA, you gay buddy lol :)

Chinthana4Lions said...


You are looser who is employed by the ltte media to work on this Blog full time....

Sackckili wesige putha lol :) blinded by the PEE EELAM donkey stories hahahahahahhaha

Rover said...

Arti guns have become a major problem yet again. LTTE has managed to replenish its stocks of arti-shells recently, and it is thought that the trawler that was recently sunk by our Navy was the source that periodically unloaded these shells (and other war materials).

Anyway, SLAF is trying its best to locate these big guns, without much success. One of the main reasons for this is that they operate these guns as self-sustainable units.

1. Due to the lack of fuel, they store the arti-shells close to the guns. This reduces the activity surrounding the operation of a big gun. There are no vehicles often transporting the shells ect.

2. The soldiers who operate (or assist in the operation) of these guns are locally recruited. This also prevents the trickling of information into our intelligence network. Mainly because the people in that community do not want to leak out information that could potentially harm their own hamlet (if/when our jets attack the guns). (there are also several other benefits for using local labor to operate the guns)

3. They also do have trucks carrying shells, with the arti-guns in tow (again self sustained mobile units).

As our mobility (both amour and infantry) is reduced due to the prevailing rainy weather, their arti-guns will be very important in curbing our thrust.

Since mobility is generally a problem, their self sustained mobile units also will face problems.

The cooler background (due to rain), will often give a very prominent heat signature that can be detected using the FLIR thermal imaging systems on our UAVs and the beach-craft. However, the signature will be relatively short lived, again due to the cooler ambient temp.

Considering all these, SLAF should be making a fresh bid to locate the arti-guns, especially the stationary ones.

Puran Appu said...

57th Division and TF1 captured another stretch of 2km's west of Paranthan, Adampan and Iranamadu side. 56 Tigers & 10 soldiers killed.

No_MESS said...

Aiya , did you call? ….

KSF said...

Really Cold.

Sun God V.Pirbaharan (Praba)

Why did you copied and pasted your mom's naked picture to Prabha's head?

Ha ha ammavuka really cold so you have understood clearly. Every human being is copy and past picture of mother and father. As a Velupillai Pirbaharan I was born like this. This is my real nature. This what you worship every morning or 24/7 hours. I know all of you ammavuka will deseperate when you see my real nature.

So as a uneducate tamil ammavuka you think posing nude is a porn?. I can understand the reason for that: Just because 98% of my tiger caders and you sympathizers are illigitimate childs of IPKF.

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KSF said...

Just now Karthivan in France sent me a telex asking why I am not salute any of our ammavuka dead heroes. This can make Diaspooora ladies get wet and throw their money.

But dear how can we do that our fallen ammavuka strait taking to wanni kitchen to make delicious fresh meat foods.

Sorry Karthi, we cannot do as we are short of foods.

Isuru said...

Bungu, no offence mate but please tell me...

1) Have you been to any Scandinavian country like Norway and seen what it is like there?
2) What is the percentage of Tamils living in Norway?
3) How far in history have there been any trace of a Tamil presence in Norway like in Sri Lanka?
4) How many Tamil kings have invaded all or part of Norway right throughout it's history?
5) How many official languages are there in a Scandinavian country like Finland?
6) How many Tamils have been killed in racial riots by the majority Norwegians?
7) Did King Ashoka a great buddhist sponsor, got people of other religions to blend in to a majority?
8) What does Buddhism tell about dealing with people with different religions and races?
9) How many of your immediate relations have served or serving in this war?
10) How many of your immediate relations have died in this war?
11) What country owns Greenland and how did they come to own it?

Anyone who used filthy words for racial bashing can give me the answers. But please be true to the Triple Gem and say the truth.
I can ask many more lot better questions but I have day time job and family to feed, so I won't waste too much time here.

FreedomFighter said...

why shi lanks dogs had very good betting last week over 400 dead
732 injured ? why shit lankans dogs need help from 7 wise men from
naugbouring country ? any modyas could have came with this plan to
capture killi ?

Vajira said...

SLAF Mig 27 's destroyed 4 sea tiger crafts in mullativu short while ago!

FreedomFighter said...

Why can't this sihalese live thie own
country peacefull with being greedy to capturing tamils country ?

its seem south sri lanka looks very
nice but stupid sihalese want die like dog in some one else back yard.

i guss thats why they are called stupid.. no ?

Chinthana4Lions said...


macho ela ela, thanks for the update.

FreedomFighter said...

poor sihalese will belive any bull shit coming from their diss information centers.

Did not they some time they have completly destroyed every sigle sea
tiger craft ? Ha Ha.

FreedomFighter said...

he are we go, sihala dogs only know a about cleaning job. what about you know mothers ? who are they cleaning ? or are sucking some tamil muthalali's cock to get some food on the plate ?

FreedomFighter said...

sihalist facist now send their children to fight..I think all sihala goons are dead or ran a way to forign countrys.

Sons bear the sins of the fathers,
for generations gencide on tamils
the sihalese have began to pay with
their future. Which look dimmer every minute passes.

Chinthana4Lions said...


You are another joker you looser, look at what you saying...

stop crying bitch,
Sinhalaya going to finish LTTE TERRORISTS 100% this time,,,


BlackPanther said...

I think we should think outside the box and laterally when it comes to preventing arms coming in. The coast line is much less. We need to combine air surveillance and navy patrol. In my previous comment I suggested using numerous small planes for this. I truely believe this is within our scope. In the long run we save many lives and drain the terrorists of arms. We need to finish this war soon because the economy will not be able to sustain the war for a long time. Sooner we stop arms coming in sooner we finish this menace.

Chinthana4Lions said...



I aagree with you, we need either lots of smal speed boats or planes to identify the targets ASAP, thats the only way look like it.

ReallyCold..... said...

Sun God V.Pirbaharan (Praba), you and people like Asthri and Freedom fighter shows the war is mostly between Sri Lankans with very low IQ.

So, your mother gave permission to put the picture of prabha on her naked body?

FreedomFighter said...

child soldires have been captured by LTTE who are going to be handed over UN. What will happen to its palce in the world ? 4 faild state might be
going no 1 failed state.. He he.
Shit lanka

Shi Lanka Matha, apa Srit Lanka,
Aamo Aamo Aamo Aamo Matha.

Puran Appu said...

SLAF launched 10 air sorties today (22/12/2008) in Iranamadu, Kilinochchi, Paranthan, Mullaittivu.

4 large Sea tiger boats destroyed.

YFEAR said...


Let me get it this way.. After the war ( hopefully in week time) we (Hinhalise) have new job for you (FUCKING TAMILS). We will give you a promotion from Sakkiliya to Gopalla(Farmer). That is the best job you fucking tamils can do. We are that good people even you are not deserve that job we give you that. I dont know that you people can stop cleaning toilets as it is in your blood.

YFEAR said...

Puran Appu Thanks for the update bro..

FreedomFighter said...

ReallyCold said..."bla bla IQ bla bla" , this person sounds like women.. Ha. Ha.

You stupid cow do not you know IQ is not what we need to solve shit lanka..What we need is EQ (emotional intelligence)..

I guss sihaalese facist do not have none of it.

FreedomFighter said...

yfeeer.. You looks like you had to many KFCs. You keep dreaming up of becomming cleaner one day. Keep doing the hand job. one day some
one will clean you out.

YFEAR said...

I am afraid it would be ur Mum or Sister.. Heheheheee...

FreedomFighter said...

u talk about mether and sister may be the are sucking your nipple ?
whats the fancy with cleaning job ?
do not u have job ? lost it ?

Mahen said...

Ladies, Gents, Asithri and Pukan Appu,

We will be writting supper dooper Pilatus pc 7's of our flying machines soon.
Watch out for inside info soon...

සිසිර කුමාර said...


1) Have you been to any Scandinavian country like Norway and seen what it is like there?
2) What is the percentage of Tamils living in Norway?
Check here
3) How far in history have there been any trace of a Tamil presence in Norway like in Sri Lanka?

I don't know.

4) How many Tamil kings have invaded all or part of Norway right throughout it's history?
Were there any Tamil kings?

5) How many official languages are there in a Scandinavian country like Finland?
6) How many Tamils have been killed in racial riots by the majority Norwegians?
Tamils have blended in. Any plans to start one?
7) Did King Ashoka a great buddhist sponsor, got people of other religions to blend in to a majority?
Time has changed. This question is irrelevant.
8) What does Buddhism tell about dealing with people with different religions and races?
This is like VPs speech. Finds a hook to Buddhism. This question is irrelevant.
Buddhism tells how to deal with other religious beliefs. And is not dealing about race or racism.

9) How many of your immediate relations have served or serving in this war?
Assuming immediate relatives means descendants of my parents and serving means fighting with arms: None

10) How many of your immediate relations have died in this war?
See answer to 9

11) What country owns Greenland and how did they come to own it?
Did you mean Grønland? Tamils, Somalians, etc

FreedomFighter said...

கிளிநொச்சியை நோக்கிய சிறிலங்கா படையினரின் 5 முனை முன்நகர்வுகளில் 2 முனை முறியடிப்பு: 100 படையினர் பலி; 250 பேர் படுகாயம்

This in now 100 more dead 250 injured in killi monday 23rd DEC.
Battle is in progress..

TheTruth said...

Thanks for keeping us updated and I understand that official/unofficially you cannot divulge actual casualty figures.

If you don't mind, I would like to burden you with two questions.

Firstly, I recently saw a news report (from Swarnawahini I think - 'Awasan satana') where they showed UAV footage of bulldozers actually building these so called 'earth bunds'. My question is why the SLAF has not targeted these? Surely, it is better to destroy these and slow down the construction of these so called defences (as the LTTE would have to utilise more civilians to build these obstacles). At the moment all we hear of is relentless CAS for troops charging a well-defended line...I hesitate to use the word suicidal here! If it is civilian casualties that the SLAF is worried about by targeting these bulldozers then I still think it is worthwhile because at the end of the SLAF has to look out for the lives of the soldiers.

My second question is - What is the position of the government regarding the captured SLA soldier? Are there any negotiations taking place to get this man released? The SLG HAS to show the other soldiers/civilians and indeed the people of the world that the LIFE OF A SINGLE SOLDIER COUNTS!...I think exchanging this soldier for any number of LTTE prisoners is worth it!

FreedomFighter said...

singala dogs dieing in hundress.s
looks like MR is sending its force for the slughter... Ha Ha Ha.

FreedomFighter said...

yfeer its sad that you do not have a job,I can give u one her at my place..But u know only cleaning ? may be you can start cleaning you own toilet for start.

FreedomFighter said...

yfeed did not tell yopu you need need
work on man boobs.. Are you wearing a bra ? fat sihala facist.

Mahen said...

Bro FreedomF,
Hold the fire bro, Singala modaya does not know what they are walking into. It's not worth answering those modayas at all.
This is one of the reasons, we have opened our own blog.
Let them come to our land, we will show the backyard banana trees.

Corey said...

The 'sole liberators of tamils' are getting it from their own in Jaffna:
""There were many elderly parents who called LTTE leader V Prabhakaran a curse upon Tamils that devoured generations of Tamil children", he added.

"The protesters also took a special note of the support received by the LTTE from the Tamil Diaspora. There were many banners requesting the Tamils living aboard to stop funding LTTE and let the Sri Lankan Tamils to live in peace", the Defence Ministry said.

"We are not pawns of your game of tribalism was the message they wanted to convey to those who support the LTTE", the release quoted the protesters as saying."

-Apparently, the Jaffna Tamils are much smarter than our self-proclaimed intelligent bloggers like gon peter, thiru (married to moda Sinhala), and the mad-ass jet.

Vajira said...

[We will be writting supper dooper Pilatus pc 7's of our flying machines soon.
Watch out for inside info soon...]

Pilatus PC 7??? What about those?

Mahen said...

Jaffna protest - A farce

Click Here

Jambudipa said...

Hello Mahen,

I surprised as you were first. But hey they even wave the lion flag. I think they really want to assimilate.

Puran Appu said...


Just ignore these Punde Peelamists like Mahen & FreedomFighter.

Ballo biruwata, api buranna oone na ne.

Let them bark ... these are their last days.
Poor fellows...

Peter said...

Tamils are engaged in collecting bags of fertilisers sent by Mahinda & Co.

Expect some updates with photos.

Peter said...

I don't understand a word this malli says.

Can some Sinhalese please translate?,cntnt01,detail,0&cntnt01articleid=1039&cntnt01origid=60&cntnt01returnid=51

YFEAR said...

Puran Appu good one bro..

Unknown said...

Yet another child soldier's body has been recovered by the LTTE. The first one has already been handed over to the ICRC and the ICRC, UNICEF and the Amnesty International have taken a note of this dastardly act by a so called 'legitimate' and 'democratically elected' government! This one is going to be handed over through the ICRC to the SLA too.
Poor Sinhala children. I am sure those two boys would have been sodomised by their superiors and older peers before being sent to meet their end.
Really sad to see the 'beach boys' bleeding.

Courtesey : pecko

Peter said...

That video is horrible. Despite all that these moda bandas have done to use, I feel sorry for the poor chap. Let's hope the LTTE rehabilitates him well.

TheTruth said...


Jambudipa said...

Hello Mahen,

Again, unthinkable even 10 months ago. What is going on? Is thavilar losing grip? Looks like he is gradually dying away. It feels like the experiment in fascism is finally coming to an end.

If I were you, I would be brushing up on your Sinhalese. You will need good Sinhalese in Jaffna to get anything done in a few years.

Peter said...

Why don't you vist my bolggg

I have only one job, that is deleting the comments by Modayas like clenining Toilets and giving my ass to VP.

Why don't you help me to delete Modyas' comments, Please help me Please

kuttu said...

Brothers you must visit our Great Mahen's BOG

Press this

kuttu said...

Brothers, Please help Ponna Mahen to maintain his Blog, he is having big problems there SOS Please, please

Thiru said...


"You will need good Sinhalese in Jaffna to get anything done in a few years."

another super foolish singala racist! its bcos of people like u that lanka is in trouble!

Jambudipa said...

Air force spokesperson, Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara, said that fighter jets attacked at two Sea Tigers boats detected 3 km north of Mullaittivu around 6.00 p.m. The boats had been camouflaged and they were engaged after detecting those using close observation cameras.

Resorting to hiding boats in the sea now? Colour it in blue? How dumb are these sesame seed oil farts?

Jet said...

over 400 bodies of modaya were brought to Colombo from December 18th to December 20th

according to the latest information more on the way

Jambudipa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jet said...

panhida is a dumb keyboard hero pakaya

Jambudipa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
hemantha said...

Another 2km of LTTE earth bund is captured.
Your best, so far kept in reserve is getting killed and injured in bunches. It looks like our forces are not going to give you the breathing space this time despite some own casualties (but not as high as your monkey propaganda indicates).
And the ban is on the way. Members of your political front (TNA) may end up in prison. Or they can come and fight for your final battle.

In the Eastern front you are going to loose Oddusuddan and Mulliyawalai pretty soon. The town of Mullathivu will follow suite unless you diverge lot of cadres from the northern fronts to save it, which is impossible unless you withdraw from Kilinochchi.

As you see here you have no choice. Our forces would decide where to fight. You will be always defending until the last forced recruit is dead who do not want to quit. Of course there will be minor counter attacks from you. But on the very next day you will loose the gains as happened many times before.
Few days back sixteen thousand Jaffna Tamils were picketing against your atrocities. Not bad. Not bad at all.

ReallyCold..... said...

Soon LTTE fighters will be spin off to an outsourcing corporation called

Earth Diggers of Tamil Eelam.

We can employ them to build well needed tanks in North East. The misguided labor force will be utilized to do something productive and long lasting for next few centuries.

We need to dig out ancient mastery of Tank making with modern EDTE mastery of digging in to next generation Sri Lankan marvels.

Instead of reporting battle causalities and barging about them, we can then brag about bunt making to trap waters than liberating forces.

Thiru said...

super racist panhinda

many singala people know me in this blog, u'r a disgrace to u'r race, all the land captured by young poor army boys wil be given away bcos of keyboard heroes like u!
u want to be noticed? most singala people in this blog dont want racist elements like u!
if u want to feel important join u'r army and see whether u'r man enough!
i think u'r a sissy!

YFEAR said...

That Sakkili Jet is back...

Minikura said...

Earlier they claimed to have submarines,
now peelamists claim to have PC-7...
Very Interting..
"Stargate" is on the way....

Gringo said...

[over 400 bodies of modaya were brought to Colombo from December 18th to December 20th]

ha ha ha.... LTTE coolies' well-crafted psychological 'war'... on us...

I can see the pain...

Keep hoping that the BRAVE lions of the soil would stop their march now.

The 'cause' that was started as a farce... naturally ending as a farce... and a deadly 'curse' for those who supported Tamil terrorists.

Kill more... achieve more...

ReallyCold..... said...


Isn't it ironic that you force your underprivileged civilians to dig something deep and at the end they end up die in it?

All these trenches and deep holes will be overrun by the liberating forces at one point.

Have you ever thought of making your own homeland in our backyard would be this difficult or impossible?

The second Tsunami of Sri Lankan liberating forces are on your doorstep. This time, the deep holes will not be filled with friendly salt waters.

Jet said...

Gringo keyboard hero pakaya

more pussy lions bites the dust

Jet said...

poor moda sinhala vilage boys join the moda army to get a monthly salary

YFEAR said...

heheheeee U call ur self sakkiliya???? Kari Demala Sakkili vesige Putha. hahahaaaa.aa

Isuru said...

Bungu, judging by the way you have dismissed some questions and answered wrong to some, I don't see a point as to why the two of us, both Sinhalese should argue with no end to it. So I think we can agree to disagree and still be forum friends.
I close my argument stating that situation with Tamils melting to the pot in Norway and the situtation in Sri Lanka is worlds apart. If we expect non-Sinhalese Sri Lankans to melt into the pot here as you mentioned then we can ensure that Sri Lanka will be a living hell very soon.
Pardon me for saying this but I suspect that you are a terrorist sponsored blogger. Terrorists love your kind of racial sentiments being expressed publicly, those invigorate the diaspora to send more and more money in hatred. I may be wrong but I just suspect, so you are free to defend your self, sir. But I must assure to the audience of this blog that tolerant Sinhalese are the silent majority in Sri Lanka and that in the mainstream society that I live Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims live in harmony respecting one another's identity. No one race is superior or inferior. They all are unique in their own ways.
Enough peace talks from me, I did not come to this forum to "heal" but circumstances here lead me to express the softer, truer side of Sinhalese people to the audience here.
May the triple gem bless our Sri Lankan forces to redeem the populations of terror. May the majority Sri Lankans have the wit to heal and live in harmony.
Over & Out! I shall maintain a lower profile from now on and watch it unfold.

Peter said...

All them moda Bandas here are waiting for us to post links to fresh posts of Banda and Silva on their expedition to fetch water.

I think I should update my blog....

ReallyCold..... said...

When we dig the earth, the nature says thanks:

When you dig the earth, it get washed away:

hemantha said...

Most tamils in Sri Lanka do not believe the LTTE now. So their propaganda is aimed at diaspora monkeys. This is the last leg. (Mung maru wikallen dangalanawa)

hemantha said...

Pee Jet,
"poor moda sinhala vilage boys join the moda army to get a monthly salary"

Poor Tamils do not have any choice. If they do not join monkeys will come for their family. Shame on you.

hemantha said...

"All them moda Bandas here are waiting..."

Dumb Peter was waiting for the eelam for 30 years. But now, eelam is running away from him.

Jet said...


Kari moda Sakkili vesige Putha

Hon.VP said...

Warning for my boys(gal)

don't waste your time here,
my chuti petiya Mahen has started a Bog for me.

so all of you must visit my (gal) boy Mahen's Bog and help him OK.

latest from Mahen's Bog


DoDo said...

100 SLA killed, 250 wounded, heavy fighting in Ki'linochchi - LTTEPulidevan

OH YEAH! We are killing 'em Sinhalam village boi's like flies.

Teeny Weeny problem though...we may have to "testically withdraw" from Kilinochchi soon.

But hey, Capitals are dime a dozen. Even if we loose that totally unimportant measly hamlet called kilinochchi we are gonna build a beeeeeeeeeg one soon in our Bermuda Triangle in Puthukudiyiruppu.


AND we are gonna continue fighting with our newly formed Maveerar Ghost Brigade lead by Brigadier Barber!

So there!

Peter said...


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