Friday, September 14, 2007

Sea Fight Off Mullaithivu

LTTE Sea Tigers have suffered heavy losses in a fight with the Navy and Air Force off the coast of Mulaithivu at around 6.30 on 13th evening. Navy FACs and Air Force Helicopter Gunships from Hingurakgoda and the #10 Fighter Squadron of the Air Force engaged the Tigers continuously for several hours. Mi-24 Gunships came to the aid of the FACs considering the large flotilla of small and medium sized LTTE boats spotted being launched by Navy. As a result of heavy FAC and MI-24 fire, some boats tried to beach in Mulaithivu, which was spotted by FACs and Aerial Reconnaissance. Mig-27 and Kafir Jets then bombed the beached LTTE boats. All Fighter Craft of the Navy and the Air Force returned unscathed from the offensive. LTTE casualties are yet unclear. More news on this offensive will be posted soon.


Watsala said...

My honor for those unrevealed heroes of our Forces!!!

Anonymous said...

This is the best way to get results from whatever you do.

Instead of having to get each order from Colombo, as it was under previous consecutive govt's, today the commanders on the spot have the authority to take decisions and direct the battle.

Way to go SL Forces..

Defencewire said...

"Instead of having to get each order from Colombo, as it was under previous consecutive govt's, today the commanders on the spot have the authority to take decisions and direct the battle."

There is now a synergy between the Armed Forces and the political hierarchy. Its due to personal understanding between the heads of the Army, Navy and Air Force with Sec Def and the President. A High morale is also contributing to performance.

"The Israeli built fighters are named 'Kfir' or Lion Cub in Hebrew."

The Kfir (pronounced as Kafir or Kafeer)has the most advanced electronic targeting system from among all the SLAF fighter craft. Only drawback is its ability to carry heavy payloads like the Mig-27 swing-wing aircraft (wings swing back at subsonic speeds and rearrange to 90 degree angle with plane's mainframe at low speeds to ensure better target acquisition). They are a multi-role fighter.

shay said...


Do you know if the SLN FAC's have now been upgraded with 30mm cannons after all the controversy?

A few months back during the sea battle where the SLN captured an LTTE Muraj class boat, I think it was publicly claimed that the SLN used rockets launched from the FAC's (it was certainly mentioned in the defence blogs). Do you know if this is correct and if so what type of rockets? It doesn't seem feasible/effective to launch unguided rockets from small platforms like the FAC's.

The Typhoon system that are used on the FAC's are capable of mounting Spike ER missiles. Any plans to upgrade to this? A Spike missile should be much more capable against large LTTE boats/ships than unguided rockets or medium calibre naval weapons such as 30mm.

Defencewire said...

30mm Canons were ordered during the time of Navy Commander Daya Sandagiri. This order was canceled following charges of corruption. Ordering upgrades to the Navy isn't an east task. This is because the 30mm canons must be custom-build for FACs along with an upgraded fire control radar. No weapons manufacturer keeps a load of 30mm canons custom-built for FACs with fire control radar to be shipped to SL at short-notice. The guns and the fire control radar unit must be properly balanced. After this order was canceled the NAVY is again making preparations to install them under the current Navy Commander. Since this is a sensitive subject, we should limit it to that. We are not aware of Rocket-launcher mounted FACs. However, it is possible for Seamen to use normal shoulder-launched RPGs against LTTE boats. How accurate such attacks on small, fast-moving LTTE boats, we cannot confirm!

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