Friday, September 14, 2007

Why K.P.'s Arrest was Denied

DefenceWire has reliably learnt that the arrest of Kumaran Pathmanathan alias 'K.P.' was denied by Thai authorities since releasing information regarding his arrest was threatening to hamper further investigations. Sources also indicate that steps are well under-way to ensure his deportation to Sri Lanka. India's Central Bureau of Investigation has also inquired about K.P.'s arrest, which Thailand had officially denied for the same reasons. Meanwhile several pro-LTTE sources claimed that K.P. was living 'safe and sound' in a village in Kilinochchi after having retired from the 'K.P. Department' several years ago and that when told about his arrest 'K.P.' had laughed aloud.


Anonymous said...

This promises to be fun, when the monkey is brought in chains.

We could make the ltte gooks squirm..

Defencewire said...

A Police Team has already left for Thailand to question KP. More news on the subject will be available on this site soon.

Defencewire said...

He will be brought to Sri Lanka within the next few days. Thails claim no Sri Lankan arrested, which is true since they consider him a Thai holding Thai citizenship. After Sri Lankans are through with him (big if?) the Indians could take charge. Or they could join together in obtaining information from KP. Interpol will also be involved, not to mention other interested intelligence Services who will study money-laundering tactics, weapons and other smuggling operations etc.

Anonymous said...

Indian news source says KP was freed upon payment of US$20Million bribe.

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