Sunday, October 7, 2007

A Win in Vilattikulam

The Sri Lanka Army made several attacks inside LTTE controlled areas in Vavuniya and Mannar on the 3rd, 4th and 6th of October (this month). Independent sources claim that around 40 LTTE may have been killed in the attacks. The first strike was launched by around 400 troops, backed by Special Forces in the general area Vilattikulam.

In a move unexpected by the LTTE, the Army moved around 400 troops in a covert operation into Vilattikulam in Vavunia. The usual artillery and mortar barrages that signal the coming of such troops was avoided. Strict radio silence was also maintained. Troops engaged in the offensive on the 3rd bypassed LTTE bunker-lines and came upon 2 double cabs and 1 tractor. The three vehicles were transporting over thirty LTTE cadres which were attacked successfully killing the majority of them. On the 4th, another tractor full of LTTE cadres was ambushed. By this time, around six LTTE bunkers were also surrounded by troops. The army managed to completely neutralize the enemy manning the bunkers.

Special Forces units hiding along roads in Vilattikulam successfully attacked reinforcements. By 3rd afternoon, monitored radio communications indicated that 19 LTTE were killed. By 4th evening, the figure had risen to around twice that amount. 5 valiant soldiers sacrificed their lives in the offensive. On 6th morning, troops again infiltrated the general area Uylankulam successfully neutralizing advancing LTTE units. Exact number of LTTE casualties is still unavailable.


Unknown said...

SL Navy destroys 10th LTTE arms vessel in high seas [1st lead]

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update...Owesome news.

Anonymous said...

Great article DefenceWire.

Thanks alot for the all the work here guys. Its hard to find creidble and reliable info these days.

Also as Skywalker mentioned, looks like some Sea Monkeys found the ocean floor.

Any more news on this?


Anonymous said...

when we include our special forces did this, we could have put we LTTE - moles themselves working for army did this.

By that way, we could have given another opportunity to special forces and also psychological acheivement over LTTE

NOLTTE=Peace said...

Whenever ARMY attacks a LTTE, the terrorists send tractor loads of fighting cadres to the area.

If it happens at night, Thermal imaging can provide ideal sight for Air Attack. Even at day-time, tractor loads of cadres can be spotted from Air, and can be destroyed using Guns mounted on Aircraft or using bombs i.e. dropping 10 -20 number of 20Kg bombs on the target at once.

It looks like we do not have that strategy.

Anonymous said...

Great achievement guys.
Our Leadership is improving and become very strong now.
LTTE is becoming very week in front of him.
Our boys with excellent moral to go forward and finish LTTE Terrorist within very short period i guess.
Great Leadership is thinking one country for our next generation guys.

Look guys' Our power full forces came from lost minded to winning minded under great Leadership.

Eg : Earlier We lost Army camps with more boys on the spot some times.

But Now LTTE is loosing their all camps with many terrorist on the spot.


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