Sunday, November 4, 2007

Eye for an Eye ('the LTTE is already blind')

LTTE Leader V. Pripaharan with Norwegians and
his Right and Left-hand men- Thamilchelvan and
Vaithiyalingam Sornalinga alias 'Col' Shankar,
October 21st 2000 Kilinochchi.

LTTE Leader Veupillai Pripaharan has released a statement to the media lamenting the loss of Suppayya Paramu Thamilchelvan (43) killed in an Aerial Attack by SLAF Ground Attack crafts from Number 10 and Number 05 Fighter Squadrons, ironically the same squadron the Tigers attempted to destroy at Katunayake on 24th July 2001 and again on 26th March 2007. Both attacks were planned by Velupillai along with Pottu Amman and Balraj. The LTTE's attack plan on Katunayake was enhanced significantly by the knowledge of aircrafts by 'Col' Shankar, the Founder of the Air Tigers. Two months later, on 26th September 2006, around 10 in the morning 'Col' Shankar was killed in Oddusudan by the Army's Long Ranger Reconnaissance Patrol (LRRP). Themilchelvan had escaped Shankar's fate by a whisker around two months before the Katunayake attack at Kokavil in the general area Mankulam on 16th May 2001.

Chelvan had escaped this fate only to face the wreath of an angry SLAF, at his usual haunt in Thuruaiaru in Iranamadu Kilinochchi yesterday, in an area increasingly targeted by the SLAF. The bombardment came two weeks after the Anuradhapura attack. Velupillai Pripaharan has now lost both his left and right-hand men, with the loss of the so-called International 'Human Face' of the LTTE. In his statement released today, Pripaharan says "I taught him as my own beloved younger brother....I raised him as a great commander, an unparalleled political head, a diplomat who communicated with the entire world, and a skilled negotiator." Can Pripaharan expect to preserve lives of those beloved to him when he himself take others' lives?

Meanwhile some Pro-LTTE Tamil websites operated by Tamil Diaspora have started a poll to select the 'Rajapakse Brother' to be killed in revenge for Thamilchelvan's death. They have titled the poll 'An eye for an eye (the world is already blind)' .

We can reasonably assume that the LTTE and its funding sources have forgotten past lessons. The South cannot be convinced to giving up through violence. The more the LTTE violence, the more the Southern violence towards them. For the Sinhala South at least, losing a President or 'an eye for an eye' is a familiar situation having lost a President, numerous Ministers, Military Leaders, Political Leaders, Intellectuals, Diplomats etc to LTTE violence. Somehow, despite all these losses, there seem to be new political and military leaders emerging from the South who are hell-bent on destroying the LTTE.


tangara said...

There is no turning back unless LTTE renounce terrorism to end the war...

Please be ready..

LTTE will unleash terror....

Sam Perera said...


I add to what you say. Not only be ready, be pre-emptive also. Not reactive.

TropicalStorm said...

This is the 'Final War' the tamil thugs wanted for so long. They've been doing their best to destroy us all this time.

At least we picked the time when it all starts.

TropicalStorm said...

TC got fried in a power struggle. There are two conflicting theories being heatedly discussed among folks in the know;

1. Pottu amman was behind the info leak which led to the attack.

2. It was Castro and Nadesan duo, who are the current and emerging confidantes of porky pig. These two gooks are said to be from the same tribe as porky and hence currently the holders of his trust.

This is where it gets sticky. Pottu and TC had a fall out. So did TC and porky over porky's son Ponsy being appointed as heir apparent. In that clash, Pottu and TC were of the view that they who did so much for the terror outfit deserve the position; one couldn't disagree with that. But Ponsy wants porky's Kingdom of Eternal Dispair to be his own playground. So does porky want his offspring to be the kings and lords over all and miserable.

In order to survive, the top tamil thug needs to eliminate aspirants to his seat. This is a phenomenon seen in all criminal enterprises and among animals, where the longterm survival of the leader depends on his ability to beat down or eliminate challengers to his position before they can approach to attack him.

Either way, the second tier is again being decimated. It's been done many times before in the LTTE, and will happen again in the future as well. At least until Ponsy gets porky's seat, without any credible threats....

GoldenEagle said...


The gloves have come off now. We can't let the LTTE call the shots in this "eye for an eye" game. We are stronger, remember that. We must stay on the front foot and keep the LTTE on the back foot. Time to rain down punches on the LTTE leadership.

In other words, we must do our best to take out their leadership and fast. They are going to come full force to try to knock out MR & co through assasinations and bombings. We must do the same, survival of the most ruthless I say.

Jambudipa said...

The focus on security will mainly be on the defense chiefs, defense secretary and the president. I also think the MPs who were vocal on this issue such as JVP Weerawansa should be extra careful.

The new trend using multiple suicide bombers should not be ignored. For example after the first hit, a chain of suicide bombers converging on the target is one more tactic they could use.

Jambudipa said...

I agree with goldeneagle. The decapitation attacks on the leadership is the only way to end this thing with minimal casualties. There was some chatter while back, Velupillai is living in a bunker built under the newly built Kilinochi hospital. It was he who laid the foundation stone for the hospital. Someone really has to take him out and his son to bring an end to this menace.

Unknown said...


Man you are great,

"survival of the most ruthless I say"

couldn’t have said it any better myself! More pre emptive strikes of Tiger leadership locally and arms buyers abroad are needed.

We must guard our leadership, strategic/economical infrastructure and military hardware very well.

The coming weeks and months will be very pivotal

GoldenEagle said...


You see in the past when we scored huge kill or won a battle causing mass LTTE casaulties, everyone was like "now we have to turn up our security cause the LTTE will attack us hard". In other words we withdrew into our shell expecting a LTTE revenge attack. This mentality pisses me off, I mean what do people expect this to be?! A picnic? HELL NO, this is war.

I say, lets not shift automaticaly onto the backfoot like in the past, lets stay on the frontfoot with our guard up yet ready to punch and counter punch with vengance.

Srilankan said...

GEagle..have faith in the commanders.They understand that "attack is the best defense".I suspect what has been happening here is
1)Trying to inflict surgical strikes to mimimise tamil civilian casualties (you cannot decimate a people who you want to save).
2)Some Effing diplomat has put pressure on the govt to limit know the disaphora vote.
TRUST the president..BY killing barber he has taken a big chance.

GoldenEagle said...


Don't get me wrong, I do have faith in our current commanders, more faith in them than any other previous commanders.

I am just saying that we should not be on the backfoot when the LTTE start their eye-for-eye attacks.

Srilankan said...

In this context i agree with you.under no circumstance can we be complacent.No i think these guys will takeout an airforce base because the AForce bugs them the most...

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