Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Navy's New Acquisitions

The Sri Lanka Navy has received a large quantity of sophisticated weapons from two powerful western countries. The new weapons include Naval Radars from the United States and Fire-control Radar systems from the United Kingdom. The Fire-control Radars already received are being mounted on Super Dvora Mark.II FACs/FPCs. The British had previously refused to provide such sophisticated weapons systems to Sri Lanka. Instead of providing its own 30mm canon, they have provided a Belgian canon from a reputed manufacturer. The Naval Radars provided by the United States have been installed at important Naval bases like Trincomalee and Point Pedro and can scan a vast area of the shoreline. The Navy has also acquired a large number of 14.5mm guns from China's North Industries Corporation (NORINCO). These canons are now being fitted to Dvora FACs/FPCs. The upgrades are being made whilst a cautioning issues by Naval Intelligence of a possible Sea Tigers attack.


Srilankan said...

This is good news...I hope the Navy is confirming the identities of all persons both military and non military entering their bases.I hope a soft smile does not stop the navy from checking identities.

Anonymous said...

We should expct an (probably innovative) attack from sea tigers. May be combined with TAF. Too long silance is for a big attack.

Anonymous said...


The Economist puts Eelam on the global map?

By Mendaka Abeysekera in New York

Globally reputed journal The Economist has for the first time put the state of Eelam on the global map.

The Economist, in its December 6 issue, displays Eelam as a sovereign state alongside countries like India, Pakistan and China. Particulars regarding Eelam are displayed using the same font, size and colour as other sovereign states are shown on this map.

Earlier, it appeared as ‘Areas claimed by the LTTE’.

Interestingly the map supports the article on India titled “India “Don’t mention the massacre” referring to Narendra Modi’s campaign for re-election in Gujarat,(p. 47) and not in an article featuring Sri Lanka that appeared on page 48 titled “The Tigers and the government match outrage with outrage.”

Jambudipa said...

What are the likely scenarios for a possible sea bourne attack? Lets not forget the Colombo port remains the top on their list. In fact, the forces have already foiled an attack involving them entering the Port using ambulances and disguised as Police. This particular plan was quite elaborate involving aircraft and high speed boats as well.

Then again while everyone was focusing on the main airbase at Katunayake, they attacked Anuradhapura. Similarly, secondary ports that harbor naval assets at Tangalla, Mannar or even KKS should get special attention.

In fact, all military installations around the island especially the significant ones such as Panagoda, Minneria, and Diyathalawa should prepare itself for air/land bourne attacks.

Jambudipa said...
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TropicalStorm said...

Indian military manuever 'Southern Strike' targetting air borne tiger threat scenario;

Interesting development.

Unknown said...

Defencewire I once read somewhere that NORINCO was owed $200 million in back payments, and this was why the military had switched to another Chinese supplier, so does this mean this debt has now been paid off? Thanks.

Unknown said...

Seems like ltte is really into this combined forces attacks to overwhelm our defenses. Colombo port security has been super tightened especially in the surrounding seas. Even on full alert, a well planned and executed combined assault will be a hard battle... And LTTE doesn't have to be that effective in military terms if they do "perform" another sensational assault like AAB if they do it at the colombo port... Our fragile economy will take another dip and at this stage don't think we can afford it

Unknown said...

Almost forgot :)
It's great news that SLN boys wont be outgunned by the bloody tigers :)
If SLN can cripple sea tigers...we can starve ltte of munitions and to say the least...taking down the land elements will be much easier

Renegade! said...

defencewire,that's superb news!! the fire-control systems,are they supplied by marconi or thompson of UK?..& these radars,they are fixed-site surveillance radars,rite?..becoz we already operate those chinese JY-2 AD radars..

The tigers definitely seem to be cooking something up,possibly to "welcome" the new year?..Most likely case would be small-scale hit & run attacks,in YALA:infiltration into jaffna & small-attacks:probably another suicide-attack or placement pf parcel crowded locations-shopping malls,perhaps?..I dont think that even if they succeed in recruiting a force of 30000 to fight the army on the muhamalai,welioya,mannar fronts that these fighting units will be much effective-of course,human-wave style attacks,with a few suicide-cadres in between to create max damage could be possible,along the muhamalai-front..sea-tigers could launch amphibious attacks,from pooneryn,kilaly into the SLN/SLA defences along the lagoon stretch,into jaffna & possibly delft-island..

tangara said...

This sounds very exciting...

Out of topic,

LTTE terror funds, funding Clinton's campaign in the US...

Every indication is that, she is going to win..
It sounds bad..

Renegade! said...

cont..these stretches must be heavily-guarded..If the special forces could launch an operation into pooneryn area(amphibious or heli-drop,etc),in order to neutralize LTTE heavy-artllery/mortar positions,that would be fantastic!! the SLAF cannot take out these heavily-fortified,& camouflaged positions,no matter however much they bomb is the foot-soldier,who can achieve this aim,not "mighty" machines!!..

tangara said...
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tangara said...
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tangara said...

My guess is that , LTTE will attack on a very wide and large multiple fronts on Jaffna instead of comming along A9 like most of you guys are anticipating..LTTE will not comming along A9.

That will be a nightmarish scenario when the SLA need to fight almost everywhere instead of just around Muhamalee FDL, like last year.

The LTTE might be looking around 10000 strong force to do this(ok I revised my figure after the previous humiliation of 30000

Given the present strength of the LTTE, they can raise this number..

What we need to do is 24 hour surveillence of the enemy territory by employing all available resources..We need real time information over the LTTE territory..I guess , sophisticated satellites can pinpoint all the LTTE strong points if everything fails.

Otherwise, One fine day SLA will find the hardway that they are about to face mother of all wars...

It's like physics, if the SLA presure the LTTE in their Vauynia FDL'S the LTTE in return will try to overrun northern FDL's to capture Jaffna..That is the EXIT strategy of the LTTE...Nothing else.

On the other hand, we need to avoid any more AAB style attacks..
An AAB style attack on Trinco will doom the SLA in Jaffna..

May the force be with you.....

Jambudipa said...


If they use 10,000 to attack Jaffna, that will leave a large hole in their strength to protect Vanni. Having said that, they may do exactly that since doing the audacious is their favorite passtime. They will perhaps calculate attention will then be put on Jaffna and the military will not take the initiative to overwhelm the bases in Poonaryn, Kilinochi and Mullativu using the vacum there. They know the Lankan military are yet to master the art of chewing the gum while walking at the same time. They will also perhaps calculate once Jaffna is captured, the moral loss in the army would be severe enough to stop and losing operations in other fronts.

My opinion is the 40,000 strength is more than enough to defend Jaffna. That force should be left only as a defensive force while the others march northwards with overwhelming force bringing about a total collapse of the fascist regime. There should be another front opened up northwards of Trinco cutting off access to coastal areas as in the western flank. They life blood is the seas don't forget. You are essentially strangling them by block them from accessing to coast.

hemantha said...

LTTE Heavily Involved In Fund Raising For Hilary Clinton In New Jersey.

click here.

TropicalStorm said...


Foreign politics will have marginal impact on the outcome of the war. There'll be greater impact if the budget is defeated, or the pansy dons the mantle of Prez in SL. That still does not assure a return to the NE being handed over to the tigers like it was earlier, even in such a case.

Clinton is no terrorist pussy. She's a skilled manipulator and will distance herself from tainted sources quite cooly when the time comes. Still, whether the US is ready for its first woman C-In-C is a big question. The American women don't trust Hillary, except for the lesbian club and lefty lunatic fringe. The only thing in her favor right now is the unpopularity of the GOP, and not what she can offer. The major strength would be Bill, when he weighs in later into the game.

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