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Prabha Injured?

Journalist D.B.S. Jeyaraj has claimed that LTTE Supremo Velupillai Pripaharan was slightly injured in an aerial attack in Kilinochchi in November. He claims that this injury has gone below the radar of the Sri Lankan Security Forces. The situation as we know it is as follows;

Sri Lanka Air Force launched a series of attacks on identified targets in the last week of November. They destroyed a suspected safehouse of the LTTE leader (which was reported by DW) in an area called Iruthirapuram (also called Uruthirapuram), a suburb of Kilinochchi. The safehouse was completely destroyed and contrary to what Jeyaraj says, no underground concrete bunker was observed. Although it is possible for Prabha to have been injured in any of these attacks, ground intelligence sources have no credible information about Jeyaraj's claims. If the SLA sources are accurate enough to discover his safehouse, they can also be reasonably expected to obtain information regarding his injuries.

Although we dismiss Jeyaraj's claims, several things can be ascertained as truth in this matter. Firstly Prabha is trapped in the general area Kilinochchi-Mullaithivu. Secondly, it is also true that he prefers to hide in densely populated areas and avoids LTTE camps like the plague. Thirdly, Military Intelligence has LTTE spies trailing him. Fourthly, he IS susceptible to attack and assassination like any of his victims. Fifthly, it would deal a severe blow to LTTE's morale. But most importantly, the government and the Security Forces are proactively seeking his elimination before his next birthday.


NOLTTE=Peace said...

LTTE is a personal cult of Prabhakaran. Severe the head, the body will collapse.

Anonymous said...

IF (tamil people or atleast)LTTE really want an elam they need to have a plan for that even without pirabaharan. There is no reason for them to assume pirabaharan lives forever or certain number of years or until they get elam. So they need to have stratergy with out pirabaharan too. It is true we should get him. But we should not assume just by killing pirabaharan everything will be over.

TropicalStorm said...

There can be a different, and even a better outcome for the LTTE if Velu is eliminated. That would automatically place Charlie Boy in command we could be dealing with a different LTTE. Charlie could offer Pottu's head on a plate to the Indians and that would change the game entirely for us.
I'm not saying its all bad news. Just a totally new scenario where our friends could suddenly be neutralized and even sympathetic to their cause once again. The good thing is Velu will never relinquish power on his own, and SL needs to target Velu junior with as much conviction as it does Daddy monster.

Jambudipa said...

Charlie boy lacks the charisma his daddy had at the inception of LTTe. He probably has a slightly better upbringing than this crude ex-smuggler coward from Velvetiturai who totally lacks remorse or any form of human decency. Charile would not have the courage to kill a pregnant LTTE carder in cold blood or massacre an entire group of Tamils like TELO or Karuna carders for example. Therefore, father to son transition will be the end of LTTE as you know it.

The only problem I see is if Pottu takes over and maintain a ruthless grip over the organisation. As soon as Velupillai passes, his son will no longer be safe from Pottu. Pottu will take out present second tier leadership including Soosai in order to guarantee there is no threat to his authority. Although Pottu will take over leadership, he will not command the same level of respect as Velupillai among the average man on the street. Therefore prospects for LTTE even if Pottu takes over remain grim. If the LTTE manage to survive the current onslaught, they will gradually fade away as people realise LTTE is not a solution to their problems.

perein said...

DefenceWire Team;

I have posted below in Defencewire blog too. Would like to undestand your possible comments if / when get a chance.

Going back to the spy info which we get from LTTE,
*) It's a fact our forces get enough info about LTTE leadership movement and where the real time locations are.
*) Also we have often enough info about Sea Tiger movements.
*) Often get the info about up coming land attacks too.
However looks to me, we are still lack of info / spy info about LTTE air unit. Are we still under estimating the enemy?
Can we hire a spy satellite or (There must be hackers who are prepared to help too for free of charge as a good will) some team who can give us enough info about take off positions as well as landing.
Are these things been consider on normal defence meetings on Gov top level?
Apologies if this sounds silly, I'm not a defence military person, just a normal civilian who thinks in day to day passion.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

Drop leaflets in Mulative and Killinochchi in Tamil offering
"Rs 100,000,000 and safe passage to a country of choice for the whole family to live" for the right information to eliminate Prabhakaran.

Peace will soon come to Sri Lanka.

TropicalStorm said...


Do not under-estimate the loyalty some vanni tamils feel towards the tigers. Most of these folks are too young to remember living with the sinhalese, and most of the old guard are also those who had minimal contact, and if any, hostile at best. There's a US$ 50mil tab on Osama's head. No one's even attempted to claim on that yet.

Anyway, what you suggest is valid, aiming for the remote among chances.

Srilankan said...

Hey what's this i hear that the mighty TNA mps have been refused visas to Canada???...whats going on..say about bribeing some canadian immigration officers including ambassador??.Better still why dont you all take their clothes off in front of the Canadian high commission??

Srilankan said...

correction:your clothes off in place of "their clothes off"

Anonymous said...


Canadian visa embargo on Tamil MPs

The Canadian High Commission in Colombo has issued a visa embargo on several Tamil parliamentarians, including Tamil National Alliance MPs and LTTE sympathisers.
Highly placed sources told The Nation that the Canadian High Commission has made an informal announcement not to issue visas for TNA parliamentarians or any other persons identified as LTTE sympathisers.
It is learnt that a senior academic from Jaffna who recently applied for a visa from the Canadian mission in Colombo was rejected on grounds that he was a LTTE sympathiser.
Meanwhile, a TNA MP who had travelled to Canada a few months back is reported to have obtained his visa from the Canadian mission in Malaysia and had travelled to Canada.
The parliamentarian had used his diplomatic passport and had told the mission in Malaysia that he had to travel to Canada on an urgent matter and had requested them to issue him a visa. The mission was not aware of the embargo issued in Colombo and had issued the visa from there.
The Canadian High Commission in Colombo had been annoyed following this development, and has now blacklisted the TNA parliamentarian. It is also reported that the mission in Colombo has issued a circular to all its missions abroad instructing them not to issue visas to this MP in the future

Anonymous said...

BTW As I know this piraba injured news came from LTTE related sources and not from MI. This may be another trick to divert SLDF attention and plans.

Unknown said...

IMHO...If we can eliminate Praba that's gonna be a huge blow to the ltte but expecting ltte to die if such and event to happen is not very wise. Remember that the majority of ltte supporters are the ones that support ltte's ruthlessness towards all other races. If Pottu or whoever else takes the helm after praba's demise doesn't have to do a lot to gain the "respect" of these supporters. Blow up a few hundreds of civilians here and there and these ltte supporters will be cheering on...
Praba is known and respected among his "fans" for his brutality and nothing else...Don't think that's such a difficult qualification to earn for a die hard ltte'r...
Not only we must go for the leadership but also at their military machinery...
Once they feel that fighting gets them a shallow grave in Sri Lankan soil...they will fall apart.
Nobody wants to fight an obviously loosing battle

Srilankan said...

Many thanks ninja bandara for your posting.

Renegade! said...

Finally,iqbal athas came out this sunday,with a superb article!.go iqbal,go! one can beat his style of writing,flow,etc.,of course,sometimes he does make some blunders,but atleast he corrects himself,later on..

Unknown said...

i had some respect for Iqbal until he got K8's and the prop driven chinese planes... the bugger is an insult to a defence writer...
Writing ability and vivid imagination alone doesn't cut it.
I stopped reading his column so haven't read the latest :)

Defencewire said...

Many of Athas' details are accurate, but he does not mention the Special Forces unit brought from Vavuniya at all. It is also not clear how a SAM could have caused 'slight damages' to a Mi27's tailcone. Did it burst near the tailcone? if it did, the damages would not be 'slight'.

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