Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Doubts over Colombo bombings

Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksha today raised his doubts over the involvement of the LTTE in the two bomb attacks in Colombo early this month at the Lakehouse Roundabout and the Fort Railway station.
"It is difficult to believe the motivation behind the two attacks as LTTE is always targeting the civilians and destruction"President Rajapaksha,who is also commander in chief of the armed forces told at the luncheon meeting with selected reporters at "Temple Trees"his highly guarded residence in Colombo.
Two bomb attacks only left one injured at Fort Railway stations,were later found that they were made of only with the explosive, without consisting the pellets,a senior military officials said in the aftermath of the attacks.
The first bomb exploded soon after the Air Force Commander's vehicle convoy passed the sealed empty road at Lakehouse roundabout on 03rd January,within hours after the Claymore bomb killed 06 persons and injured 23 at Slave Island junction on the same day.
The second bomb went off inside the Fort Railway station on the 08th of January,on the same day a roadside bomb claimed the live of Non cabinet minister D.M.Dassanayake at Ja Ela.
There were doubts over these two bombings in the intelligence circle,even the public statements by the officials claimed that the LTTE was responsible for the attacks.
While expressing his views, the President added that "he suspects a group in South, other than the LTTE,might have carried out the two attacks to create a fear psychosis among the public and disrepute the government"the matter is now being investigated.


chamal said...

Has he been informed by MI about this, or is he saying this on his own belief?

Moshe Dyan said...

Sometime back when some MPs (i think 6 - the first batch) crossed over from the UNP to the govt. including MP Mahinda Samarasinghe, this type of bombs went off in many places throughout the country.

These were not done by the LTTE.

I have a nasty feeling who may have done these to drive fear into the population.

But the whole incident is still at speculation stage. Culprits must be punished. (although this sounds obvious, it is not so obvious in SL).

Moshe Dyan said...

January 24 2006: Simultaneous minor bomb blasts at Nugegoda, Borella, Mt. Lavinia, Wattala and Kiribathgoda. No casualties reported.

Sorry it was 2 the other being MP Keheliya Rambukwella.

jiffy said...

the president is right on the money.

Sun Tzu's disciple said...

Rajapakses sudden turnaround in war logic yesterday
1. LTTE NOT responsible for many bombings
2.GoSL NOT interested in a military solution
3.GoSL NOT interested in capturing territory
4.GoSL will only hit back if attacked

What could be the reason for this apparent swallowing of own words( spoken by MR, GR, BR, Fonseka, Rumbukwella, Hulugalle, Ratnasiri etc with great certainty and pomp till just a week back )???

Probable reasons of somersault(not necessarily in order):

1.MR &Co has realised they bit off more they can swallow( ie LTTE tougher than they thought);so preparing the public to lower expectations
( we can already see how sky-high and impatient the expectations of victory among GoSL supporters here:)

2.IC actions starting to hurt the GoSL, so a little propaganda dance of pacifism to lull them.

3.GoSL wants to fool LTTE into thinking the military is weak, then attack massively when LTTE lowers guard( Honestly I feel it is the other way round:)

4.MR&co had a sudden Revelation from Buddha and underwent an overnight change of heart:)

Unless it is point 3&4, it is bad news for GoSL. And I think this turnaround is a reminder of the adage: Counting chickens before egg hatched, otherwise the egg may be on your face.

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