Saturday, February 2, 2008

Bus Bomb Kill 13 at Dambulla Bus Stand

At least 13 Civilians killed and over 30 others injured in a blast inside a public bus at Dambulla Town Bus Stand around 7.15 this morning. The bus was plying between Anuradhapura and Kandy carrying Buddhist Pilgrims when it stopped at the stand where the blast took place.


LKDOOD said...

another waste of human life :(

chamal said...

Was the bomb planted inside the bus, not a suicide bomb?

Upul said...

stability will only come when there is balance of terror. For every innocent Tamil civilian or otherwise you touch, 10 more of your kind will turn to fertilizer.

This is the new order...

Gay Government and MR apologist can come up with all the excuses they want, that there is no evidence etc for killing Tamil civilians but that does not for a second erase the crime this criminal government has committed nor the involvement of its patriotic accomplices.

Defencewire said...

From direction of fragmentation and initial blast residue pattern observations bomb seems to have been planted inside bus, which is now wrecked. More confirmation will follow.

Defencewire said...

So this bomb is to 'teach a lesson' to the government? That's seriously psychotic. Well then, next time the same happens to Tamils, you must not complain. But I cannot help but observe that its neither the politicians not Prabha's family that is paying for this teaching lessons game.

LKDOOD said...

14 dead
more than 50 were traveling in the bus
Bus no CPNA25024- lankaenews

Anonymous said...

LTTE supporters earleir used to deny such bombings or blame on SLA itself. (SLA doing those to 'discredit' the innocent terrorist outfit.) Now, however tune has been changed.

//For every innocent Tamil civilian or otherwise you touch, 10 more of your kind will turn to fertilizer.//

Anyway we should appriciate their being honest.

Anonymous said...

Satisfying tamils-Problem and solution

This is from a earlier thread in defencenet; a comment from shyam.


What u mean by the future ofter all Srilanken got killed by this war ahh....? People in the villages are starving now ...because of increasing prices ..The people who have money freedom can talk anything just think about others also....This war never gonna end..Until the GOSL Satisfy the tamils//

The last sentence says about not only the end of war but also the origin and development of whole tamil problem. For those who ask 'what is the problem tamils have, sinhalese don't have?', this is the answer. All of you know about shyam, some times he speakes truth (may be by mistake). He has given both the question and answer. The similer answer was once given by Kumar Ponnambalam saying tamils have expectation and it should be fulfiled. (demala abhilashaya sapireema)

Ofcourse all the governments did satisfy some tamils (their leaders) as possible.Even now government satisfy thondaman, devananda etc. But when consider how to satisfy every tamil and upto what extent this is impossible. Even Premadasa tried to satisfy Piraba and rest is known.

How satisfactory is the the method chosen by LTTE to satisfy tamils? How many more tamil, sinhala civilians need to die, to satisfy tamils, to fulfil tamil expectation.

LKDOOD said...

20 dead

LKDOOD said...

Bus bomb kills 20 in S.Lanka, 50 hurt: military


LKDOOD said...

14 of the dead are women

LKDOOD said... is down

Prathibha Gamage said...

This is real terrorism of LTTE.By illing innocent civillians, LTTE terrorists cannot gain anything...

perein said...

I would not go down to Upul's level by answering his questions. Would expect much better from you mate.
You are doing a greate job, do not let raists annoy you.
We all care about mother Lanka, and you are doing a much better by educating / reveling needed info to all of us.
So keep up the good work mate.

perein said...

We need some CCTV in public places. So we can get to know possible individuals who are carrying out terror in most of the areas.
Can not we get shop keepers to point an extra camera towards close by locations?
If we get few as a start surely all others will join.

CakeBoy said...

'stability will only come when there is balance of terror. For every innocent Tamil civilian or otherwise you touch, 10 more of your kind will turn to fertilizer.

This is the new order...'

No, the new order is all the LTTE scum being wiped out as we speak. Killing innocent civillian will not change this.

Once the LTTE's backbone is broken, all the stragglers, remnants, diaspora tamil supporter holiday returnees etc. should be tracked down and exterminated like the vermin that they are and buried in their unmarked 'mahaveer' graves, in their fake Peelam,6ft under.

That is the new order. Enjoy

Sanath said...

stability will only come when there is balance of terror. For every innocent Tamil civilian or otherwise you touch, 10 more of your kind will turn to fertilizer.

DW do u want this guy to continue pasting this crap here. IN DN he has claimed that they like to drink singhala blood. Is this kind of alunatic needed for this blog?

Srilankan said...

well one thing is for sure..this shows how desperate the LTTE are..any news of the LTTE cadres caught in wattala?

Unknown said...

I agree with defencewire, UPUL yes you feel the killings of tamils but in Sri Lanka the sad thing is that both sides have be teaching each other a lesson but no one is learning.

Some people mocked me when i estimated 50 000 Sri Lankan will die this year. I believe that if this kind of feelings are not eradicated from your hearts, then my numbers will not be far off.

Sandun Dasanayake said...

Dambulla Bomb Blast - ITN News

YouTube Video

Sandun Dasanayake said...

Dambulla Bomb Blast - Sirasa Breaking News

LKTube Video

Sandun Dasanayake said...

Dambulla Bomb Blast - Derana Breaking News

LKTube Video

admin said...

did u say "another waste of human life" when SLA bombed tamil school children? target innocent tamils?
of course not.

If you kill tamils, they will of course take revenge.

chamal said...

"did u say "another waste of human life" when SLA bombed tamil school children? target innocent tamils?"

This is something that really happened, not Tamilnut fiction. However, civilian killings cannot be justified under any circumstances

LKDOOD said...

@ boss

every human life is valuable

any attacks on anybody is WRONG

LKDOOD said...

Statement by President Mahinda Rajapaksa on the bomb blast at Dambulla, today


Dambulla bus blast : reuters video


Unknown said...

Stop targetting the civlians and fight on the front line, they are clearly defined. Madu or Dambullas, its the civilians paying the cost of the war.

DefenceWire, do you have a name? Can you tell me one thing? whice side are you on?

I am not asking LTTE side or Government side, both are terrorist.

Fair vs. Unfair. Please do some research of the 50 years history of the tamils and tell us if you think what has happend to tamils are fair? be honest, please search the truth within you.

Tamil's in SL have faced 3 riots, thousands were killed, even before they decided to take up arms.

If you all wanted this problem to have solved, it could have happend so long ago. LTTE is the byproduct of what your government have done to Tamils. You can only feel the pain when it happens to your own kind. Is that fair?

onecountry said...

Very difficult to watch video on sankathi.

Cameraman reached there before the ambulance and busy filming without helping civilians.

More evidence to suspect LTTE of committing the crime for political milage.

Srilankan said...

Ram..the tamils taking up arms had nothing to do with any riots even though good people..tamils i mean suffered.(If you must know.. i am very proud that my family sheltered a tamil family during the 1983 riots like lot of our sinhala friends did)..this was all decided ages 1948..the people who decided this were not sri-lankan tamils but indian tamils who immigrated to the west ages basically the indian tamils consider you to be a "disposable asset".the problem here Ram is that in say 10 yrs the concept of a Sri-lankan tamil(not indian tamil)will cease to exist.However as the situation is now.. it is too late to make amends..its too far gone..

uditha said...


What goes around comes around. This is the theory for terrorist supporters like you. You have no guts to use your tamil name.. shame on you.
We dont want you here.

Defencewire said...

Point taken, but we have nothing to hide. These gentlemen are part of this discussion, whether we like it or not. They could also become part of the solution to this problem, and also a part of the problem, if they so wish. It is what we call freedom of choice. However, let's hope we can all become part of the solution.

Yes, Tamils have been wronged. Ask a Sinhalese, he will have the same grievance. Why do we carry all that baggage?

violence was not the way to solve this problem. Believe me, war is not pretty. LTTE's violence is justifying military action because of extreme violence used by that organization. They know or understand no other language. This is hurting the SL Tamils to no end.

Many Tamils who moved abroad will become foreigners in a few generations. They will lose their identity, but in SL, Sinhalese and Muslims are there to accept their share. But the Tamils have chosen to fight from jungles.

If you want to leave a legacy behind, force the Tigers to coexist. If Tigers change, the government will have no option but to accept them and look on as they enter democratic mainstrem and take what is rightfully yours through democratic process.

If they don't change, I'm afraid SLA is going to finish them off. This is highly doable under the present status quo, unless something serious happens to SLA/Govt etc.

The Sri Lankan Tamils' best friend is the Sinhalese and vice versa. I have worked for long in the north and the east. i know. Maybe you do too, deep down.

Upul said...

DW & friends concept of coexistence is for all Tamils speakers to "go back to India where they came from" or accept 2nd class slavery status for forever. This will not cook in the modern world. The only solution for Tamils is trash sri lanka and forcefully get Eelam. Sinhalese are more than welcome to visit provided they get a proper visitors visa..

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