Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sea tiger base bombed. LTTE claims otherwise.

The SLAF's morning air strike on a large Sea Tiger base at Kiranchchi, situated 9km south of Devil's Point (Yak Thuduwa) in the west coast of Kilinochchi today, has been a success. Pilots have indicated direct hits.

Suicide craft, attack craft and logistical crafts of the LTTE Sea Tigers were believed to have been hidden inside the base. SLA sources indicate 8 tigers were killed and 13 others injured in the attack. No capacity to independently verify the exact death-toll as of now. However the LTTE has announced that old men, women and children were among those injured in the attack and are now lying in beds at Moolankail hospital, Kilinochchi.

Meanwhile the bus bomb at Mt. Lavinia seems to have been caused by a timing device. The bomb was detected under a seat by a passenger and the Conductor. The Driver took immediate steps to vacate the bus. The nature of the injuries were minor. The 18 injured persons at the Colombo South (Kalubovila) Teaching Hospital are expected to be discharged tomorrow.

In another development, the Sri Lanka Army recovered another 8 bodies of dead tiger cadres from Janakapura in Weli Oya today. The Bodies were brought to Padaviya hospital morgue. The ICRC is to take delivery of the bodies either tomorrow or Monday.


LKDOOD said...


i have heard that SLA listens to LTTE radio communications

how about the LTTE ?

do they also listen to SLA radio ?

LKDOOD said...

LTTE got new method of child recruitment


Fisherman held for smuggling diesel to Sri Lanka


hemantha said...

From "the Island"
.....Meanwhile CARE International which appeared before the committee also on Friday and acknowledged that its allegation that the army looted its offices in Vakarai was baseless. The INGO admitted that the claim was made to secure more overseas funding and that it didn’t lodge any complaint with Sri Lankan military authorities.

Army Headquarters earlier denied allegations that troops looted CARE International offices during large scale clearing operations in the Vakarai region, one of the major LTTE strongholds in the East, which fell following a relentless military assault.

hemantha said...

Many think that Kosovo's declaration of independence would be advantageous to different separatist movements of the world. But I think otherwise. It would make many countries (including us) think twice before dissolving power to regions. It would come as a backlash and federalism would be a word in the past.
Please read "The Island" political column. The writer discusses some aspects of this scenario many weren't able to think of so far. Following is a small part of it.

"The entire situation now changes with Kosovo’s declaration of independence. India will no longer be able to play Wickremesinghe with the Sri Lankan issue and wait patiently for the problem to disappear of its own accord as they had been doing from 1990 to date. With the declaration of independence made by the Kosovo parliament and its acceptance by the USA and some countries in the EU, raises the specter of subordinate legislatures in federal or quasi-federal states all over the world declaring independence unilaterally. It may of course be that such declarations of independence may not receive the kind of acceptance that the Kosovo parliament got. But still, it sets a worrying precedent. The reason why the West rushed to recognize Kosovo is obviously to have one more friendly Muslim nation in the Balkans. The same need may not manifest themselves in the case of other wannabe independent nations. Yet Kosovo has opened up a Pandora’s box internationally."

Sandun Dasanayake said...

Defencewire, Is this claim of Iqubal Athas true?

... the guerrillas have succeeded in replenishing stocks of military hardware in the first week of February...

Defencewire said...

Yes they constantly intercept our communications also.

can you share that link. dA would like a look at that.

Some items were brought in boats from India, but not in a large scale. We believe they have got some arti shells for Mannar now. We can check this more if you like.

Sandun Dasanayake said...

Defencewire, thank you very much for the reply.
So it's not a large amount as Athas claims.

hemantha said...

Following is the link.

click here.

mottapala said...

Thanks DW,
Replenishing of LTTE stocks is bieng reported in many electronic media both local and international. If you look at the way they are fighting it is mainly Arty, Snipers and Mines. They liberally use arty dont they.They difinitely must be having some sort of way to smuggle them in. What do you think DW?

Defencewire said...

They used arti expensively in duels in the northern sector, and now the Mannar area has also seen increased arti attacks. This is what makes us wonder how they got the stocks. But the likeliest scenario is that the ship that got away managed to dock somewhere. The next suspicion is the Indian smuggling ring they have. A medium size trawler could smuggle in several boxes at a time.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

My guess is the Indunisian ship that played the story of running out of fuel few weeks back was the one who brought Arti stocks and unloaded to LTTE run trawlers somewhere in the North East.

On the other hand, we have to use UAVs to spot artillery pieces and pound them with ground or air based barrages. Unfortunately we lost many UAVs owing to our stupidity in AAB.

Now we need to get more to play this role.

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