Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tiger Counter Offensive Thwarted

file photo showing captured Tiger bodies in Mannar in 'uniforms' similar to SLA
At least 20 tigers were killed when the Sri Lanka Army's 57 Division whacked the living daylights off a team of 150 heavily armed elite Tamil Tiger soldiers at dawn in North Uylankulam (general area Parappakandal) today. The actual figure could be as many as 55 Tigers either killed or seriously wounded. Three soldiers were also killed in the attack.

The Mannar Parappakandal area was captured on the 18th by troops from the 57 Division moving westwards from Vavuniya. The LTTE's early morning mission, which lasted over 4 hours was to regain control of the area. Troops also engaged LTTE tractors which were brought in to rescue injured cadres.

The Tigers, led by 'Col' Swarnam and at least one 122mm artillery gun and 80mm mortar, split into 9 teams and attempted to storm 57 Division units scattered across the Parappakandal SLA front, but were heavily beaten back.

They could not find a clearly demarcated SLA defence-line, which they had so masterfully stormed in Oyatha Alaikal(Ceaseless Waves) I,II,III and IV prior to 2002 . 3 out of the 9 Tiger teams were reported missing. SLA believes the survivors of these three teams were either severely wounded or lost inside the jungles, unable to regroup.

This was the second defeat suffered by Swarnam in recent times since the fall of Mutur, during which operation he suffered serious injuries and was bed-ridden for a while. Swarnam is still rated higher than Bhanu, who became a 'Colonel' after one significant attack before 2002.

In addition to Swarnam, the Tigers have deployed Bhanu and Jeyam in Mannar but this was the first occasion that a senior tiger leader had personally supervised a coordinated attack against troops in the Mannar front in almost 6 months.


SnakeVI said...

Great Article DW

Kohona said...

so what? the ltte had the time to carry ALL its dead and injured?

give me a break!

Kohona said...

these blogs are more like version II and III. wait for to break first news and then only you guys follow it up with proper grammar and spelling.......and of course added spice yum!

Wicky said...

oooohoooo....Sivarassaiah...seems like u can't digest the truth ;)

mottapala said...

At least 20 tigers were killed when the Sri Lanka Army's 57 Division whacked the living daylights off a team of 150 heavily armed elite Tamil Tiger soldiers

I like your style DW!!

Sivathambi, duka thamai, monawa karannada?

SnakeVI said...

Denial is part of the grieving process. I believe we'll see more 'sivas' ranting about the lies on the blog! makes me wonder why they read these...

Nandimithra said...

Sivar ass aiah,

Careful,you might get a stomach ulcer. Yet to see Gen Sarath Fonseka stratagy. It has not started in all fronts simultaneously. Only small groups tactics. Wait and see. You might have sleepless night.
This the bitter truth mate. Your Sun god sorry moron, call him self the sole rep of tamils has become ony a "soul rep of dead tigers"
Atleast be happy with what you are fighting Cyber Eelam war.
Do you want any more spice to make it easy to digest

SnakeVI said... is not reporting a tactical withdrawal as yet! lol... maybe they are out of ideas on how to put a good twist on this story. I bet they are still trying hard though.

Sam Perera said...


These are all lies. Don't believe a bit. As we speak, LTTE is advancing towards Dambulla from Anuradhapuram. Yes, Anuradhapuram is already taken by Black Tigers led by Maj. General Charles and Lt. General P. Tamil Selvan. I hope you can sleep well now.

Tata For Now!

GrimReaper said...

Its a crying shame Tamilnet is speechless about this encounter!!.. i wonder why??.. Doesn"t ""Mannar Command"" have anything to report!!.. :-)))

Nandimithra said...

Duka nemai machan, Pavan....Pawu

Nandimithra said...

How can Tamilnut report without their photograper. You should have some brain.

GrimReaper said...


Forget the Photographer.. what about the Script Writer??.. wheres our fastidious scribe with his "Fierce Counter Attack", "Successfully blocked" and "Thwarted" headlines!!.. :-)

Unknown said...

Did you guys read that yet again India has a major role on everything that happens in Sri Lanka. I think our number one enemy is India. Not Tamils or Singhalese.

India is benefiting from the fight here... read the latest article from Narayan Swamy.

And stop fighting, you all are yet to witness a mass photography fight. How can you digest that? Also DW can you post the pics of the Tamil Black Tigers who attacked the Airport was taken on a garbage truck naked?

I would appreciate it.

SnakeVI said...

you are right.
the real enemy is not tamils or sinhalese..

its the LTTE!
so get a life.

Kohona said...

I am a firm believer that this anuradhapuram is utter nonsense. ellalan lost it to king dutugemunu, so be it the sinhala version. dont care.

ok my logical point, if SLA made such a lot of casualties, and made the ltte run, how can they leave bodies behind? weapons? i mean every dead cadre means a downed weapon as well. think logically with you head, not with your rectum.

defenceAnalyst said...

Where does if say bodies were captured?

MathaMathica said...


Never talk about "capturing" dead bodies.

Dead bodies are "collected" (if there are no risks) to avoid sanitary problems.

Kohona said...


thats exactly the point!

if such heavy casualties were reported then where are the bodies? if on the run can it carry bodies and their weapons?

and i am sure you saw the disagreement at defencenet. at least can you say where the hell the fighting is taking place?

defencenet said uyilankulam, then next he said uyilankulam region, when defencelk says north east of uyilankulam. to be honest i doubt any of you know anything about the names of tamil areas.

prove me wrong.

TropicalStorm said...

Who gives a damn about how they died or what they left behind...the fact is the sorry ass terrorists are dying like flies.
every dead one is one less problem for the country..

I can live with that.

chamal said...

"if such heavy casualties were reported then where are the bodies? if on the run can it carry bodies and their weapons?"

This is the best joke of the day. Is it such a great achievement to run away with dead bodies after being beaten to hell by your enemy and taking a ton of casualties?

"They could not find a clearly demarcated SLA defence-line, which they had so masterfully stormed in Oyatha Alaikal(Ceaseless Waves) I,II,III and IV prior to 2002"

So the morons didn't even perform a bit of recon beforehand? Don't know how they expected to succeed like that

Jambudipa said...

Last word of terra lying in back of the double cab - "mommy" then he started sucking his thumb.

Very impressive indeed. Over 70 dead in just two days. Army made their advance along the the same path terra fags came avoiding booby traps in mines. Keep the momentum going without allowing them to dig in and plant more mines however.

Unknown said...

Great run DW,

ignore the poor retards who try to distract the blog!

Keep up the great work, the boys at must be wishing they had the fexibility that you all have when posting a news. Lol ;)

Unknown said...


you echo the minds of many...well said

Anonymous said...

A true story of LTTE Popaganda

"LTTE has invented a time machine"
(this is an email circulating now)

LTTE getting more innovative; Man died in Iraq 2006 die again in Sri Lanka 2008.

How Tamil Tigers deceiving the world - Iraq and Sri Lanka
Please check the two pictures of the following two articles. One is in Iraq and the other is in Mannar, Sri Lanka (an area still not liberated from the terrorists by the Sri Lankan government). But the catch is that "TAMIL EDITORS" (another front organization of Tamil Tigers) copied the picture in Iraq and expressed as it was in Mannar, Sri Lanka.

Check this link in IRAQ:

Now check this link "allegedly" in Mannar, Northern Province, SRI LANKA:

Same picture, but different story! This is how the Tamil Tigers (LTTE) and its propaganda machine are deceiving the world. The world MUST open its eyes.

Note: According to FBI, Tamil Tigers are among the most dangerous and deadly extremist terrorists in the world:

tangara said...

Blessings to those Valient Soldiers on the front..Your sacrifices will never be forgotton.

Thank you Defencewire for the article.

tangara said...


Well said bro...

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