Tuesday, May 27, 2008

58 overruns LTTE defences

The 58 Division overran a large section of the LTTE's Forward Defence Line at Nedunkandal North in Mannar today killing 7 LTTE cadres, reliable sources in the Mannar Command told DefenceWire. The operation resulted in the capture of 300 meters of defences including trenches, pill boxes and mounds of earth.

In fighting yesterday, MI24 helicopter gunships targeted an explosives dump at Nedunkandal West killing 10 LTTE cadres and an LTTE explosives expert (IED) from the Malathi Unit. The woman, identified by the nom de guerre 'Dhora' was inside the explosives dump at the time of the attack.

Tigers, while removing pieces of the bodies, including those of Dhora's had lamented on her death via the radio, further indicating her prominence. Mannar is one of the most heavily booby trapped frontlines in the current war.

Meanwhile three civilians undergoing emergency surgery following yesterday's train bomb succumbed to their injuries, thus increasing the number of civilian dead to 9.


Gringo said...

Dear SLDF:

Great achievement. Keep BBQing each and every LTTE pig...

You are best in business. Yankees cannot do it, Brits cannot do it or Indians cannot do it.

Personally, I am so happy about this:


... because I have been lobbying this for long time.

Patiotic, Sri Lankans... reach for your wallets... and GIVE GENEROUSLY... to our proud forces.

Bhairav said...

[All I say is lets wait and see.. You can dream of another 1983 situation, but only can DREAM]

I wish there was another black july which will prompt Tamil Separate land in a blink of eye.

How Pakistan,B'desh,Bosnia and other countries were formed?

Tens of thousands of Muslims were massacred in the Pakistan Independence from India whereas 10,000s of B'desi men and women paid their lives for their independence, and don't forget the fact it was most probably the biggest mass raping of 20th century as more than 300,000 of B'desi women were raped and impregnanted by rouge Pakistani military in the process of B'desh country.

The Shock Doctrine of Naomi KLein is a good book to start with if you are newbie to many things.

I do not mind to lose few thousands of lives for permanent peace in SL as we will see two countries emerging in this tiny island.

Bhairav said...

I see tailenders(SLA) score few boundaries before losing this battle to most deserved opponent. All this matters when who gets the last laugh here.

According to government, the military operation is going in right direction as they killed 5,000 of Tigers from beginning of the year and only few hundred left so they can close out the tigers as they promised earlier that 2008 will see end of LTTE.

CodeRed said...

{I do not mind to lose few thousands of lives for permanent peace in SL as we will see two countries emerging in this tiny island.}

Dream now and dream quickly.B cz you have to wake up quickly as SLDF captured Mulathiv n Kilinochchi.

But good point that you have made about the 5000 LTTE deads and 100s more left.But the truth is 5000 killed and more 1000s left.Why ? Simply because of forceful recruitment of cadres by LTTE. Now Grandmas in LTTE area forced to dig trenches, even 8-10 year old kids in the LTTE front lines. Almost all living being in LTTE areas are now forced to do the War.

You can wake up from your dreams after those innocent Tamils got killed by SLDF. You guys can enjoy in-front of a stupid keyboard as your poor Tamil fellows getting killed like animals. What a shame? If you are a real Tamil go to kilinochchi and fight along with urs.

There will be no separate land in this tiny island. Simply Bcz there will be no one left to rule that separate land.

CodeRed said...


It would be great if you can provide us a map about the formations in FDLs.Specially in the Mannar Front.We havent seen a map for a while.


out_sider said...

Your country has been torn by the recent decision to be voted out the United Nations Human Rights Committee. I had hoped to post this message a few days back but here it is a little late.

What I want to say is that the need to respect every aspect of civilian rights sometimes must be overlooked while conducting war. I am not a great writer nor have I experienced war so I will turn to someone who did. William Tecumseh Sherman, a general in the United States Army, fought for the northern states in that countries civil war. As his army approached the city of Atlanta, he ordered the city be evacuated and burned. The civilian administration wrote to him asking him to rescind his order and spare the city. They stated that the burning of their city would be inhumane and that it housed a great number of women, children, and elderly.

He replied as follows which I have not fully quoted but you may read it here –


“Gentleman: I have your letter of the 11th, in the nature of a petition to revoke my orders removing all the inhabitants from Atlanta. I have read it carefully, and give full credit to your statements of distress that will be occasioned, and yet shall not revoke my orders, because they were not designed to meet the humanities of the cause, but to prepare for the future struggles in which millions of good people outside of Atlanta have a deep interest. We must have peace, not only at Atlanta, but in all America. To secure this, we must stop the war that now desolates our once happy and favored country. To stop war, we must defeat the rebel armies which are arrayed against the laws and Constitution that all must respect and obey. The use of Atlanta for warlike purposes is inconsistent with its character as a home for families…

You cannot qualify war in harsher terms than I will. War is cruelty, and you cannot refine it; and those who brought war into our country deserve all the curses and maledictions a people can pour out. I know I had no hand in making this war, and I know I will make more sacrifices to-day than any of you to secure peace. But you cannot have peace and a division of our country. If the United States submits to a division now, it will not stop…

You might as well appeal against the thunder-storm as against these terrible hardships of war. They are inevitable, and the only way the people of Atlanta can hope once more to live in peace and quiet at home, is to stop the war, which can only be done by admitting that it began in error and is perpetuated in pride.

I myself have seen in Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Mississippi, hundreds and thousands of women and children fleeing from your armies and desperadoes, hungry and with bleeding feet. In Memphis, Vicksburg, and Mississippi, we fed thousands and thousands of the families of rebel soldiers left on our hands, and whom we could not see starve. Now that war comes to you, you feel very different. You deprecate its horrors, but did not feel them when you sent car-loads of soldiers and ammunition, and moulded shells and shot, to carry war into Kentucky and Tennessee, to desolate the homes of hundreds and thousands of good people who only asked to live in peace at their old homes, and under the Government of their inheritance.”

So remember that the things you now must do are done in the name of war and they must be done so that peace may once again grace your country.

Good Luck

hemantha said...

"Yesterday, addressing a meeting of editors and electronic media heads President Mahinda Rajapaksa vowed to go ahead with his military campaign at any cost until the LTTE was defeated, according to a report in this newspaper today. He must be having reasons for being so confident. His pronouncement demonstrates that Prabhakaran’s terror strikes have not had the desired impact on the State. "
-Editorial, The Island


Moshe Dyan said...

Mi-24s have ENORMOUS potential in this war. hinds should become the frontline attackers.

hope we will invest more in them than in other relatively irrelevant equipment. it also help destroy LTTE mortar/arti. piles, mortar/arti. positions, large gatherings.


"I wish there was another black july"

no surprise. this is the LTTE thinking. it shows that you are unconcerned about death and destruction of your own kind to achieve a racist enclave!!

unfortunately for you most TAMILS LIVING IN SL do not think like you.

if threre is another 1983, then casualties will be much higher. but there won't be any problems in the north-east. therefore, the solution would also not affect the north-east. that will prompt a solution to address the safety issues of TAMILS IN THE SOUTH (not the north).

a seperate nation is NOT the solution for the tamils in the south anyway. robert blake too said this.

Antidote said...

Bhairav said
"I do not mind to lose few thousands of lives for permanent peace in SL as we will see two countries emerging in this tiny island"

People are quite aware of this sentiment and strategy of the Tigers. Sacrificing or taking innocent lives is a piece of cake for them. That is exactly why we suspect the Kilinochchi bomb blast as the work of Tigers to justify the ‘retaliatory’ attacks in Colombo.

The Sinhala people must be applauded for their courage and intelligence in refraining from attacking innocent Tamils. They have come a long way, just like the rest of the civilised world, learning to respect rights of others (in the 1960s in some states of the USA, African Americans, even their pregnant women, were legally forced to offer their seats in public transport to whites. See the improvements they have made since!!). I am not sure whether the Tigers or their supporters have gone through this progress or are aware of the Sinhala people’s improvement in attitude.

Kithul said...


why is there hesitancy to use the MI24's more frequently. you hear of one attach every now and then but we have many of those birds.

Moshe Dyan said...


may be their use is timed to cause maximum damage on tigers as they are not cheap to run.

i agree that SLAF should be using these birds more regularly now that they have more trained local pilots/gunners.

Kithul said...

'they have more trained pilots/gunners' is good news.

Wouldn't the MI24's be more effective and fast to take on high prifile LTTE targets than the jets, considering the time rq'd to prep the jets. understand they cannot drop bunker busters or heavy payloads but with proper planing and good intel these may prove effective.

pardon us the non military type lesser mortals for the ignoance on matters military

Moshe Dyan said...


i'm no miliaryman either.

but i think jets are more suitable for taking VIP LTTE targets (of course they have better uses) as these targets are always hiding in bunkers so we need KAB-500/1000 or M-80 equavalant bombs.

for above ground targets Mi-24s can be used. its ATAKA ATGMs are very effective and so is its gun. if a 30mm guns can be fixed, even better. Mils have killed "operational" LTTE leaders so far and thats the way to go with it.

if there is a possibility to carry something like a bumblebee RPG-SHMEL (this is a smart bunker buster which is a shoulder mounted weapon) it will be fantastic.

i don't think it is difficult to fit a thermobaric "missile" (or an equavalent) 'cos the RPG-32 can be fitted to a CESSNA easily.

but Mils are slow & low flying making them easier targets (than jets) near big cat hide-outs.

Riyaz said...

Bhairav, first we have to thank u for showing your true colours, Now the bloggers will know what you are.

lion said...

Hey Bhairav

Be the first to sacrifice yourself please.Talk is cheap.

Malin said...

Hey Guys I just did a search in YouTube for LTTE clips for the last week and there is a majority of clips showing preparation to re-take Jaffna. What are the possibilities of an attack? Because for my non military brain I think its baseless since they would have to take the SLAF head on. So my guess they are just feeding bullshit to those idiots abroad to send them more blood money. Anyway can they lunch full-scale attack to re-take Jaffna? Your comments?

SLWATCH said...

bhairav's comment

very clearly attacks on civilians are deliberate attempts to create a backlash.

Talk of reprisals for GOSL action .... just eyewash huh?

Sandun Dasanayake said...

What the hell UNP is doing in this crucial moment ??

Ape gona - YouTube Video

tangara said...


Very good point..

Kithul said...

Thanks Moshe

that's a thorough explanation as usual, though I must admit I had to do more reading to understand jargon. This stuff is interesting - has taken a lot of my working time though.

read http://www.defence.lk/new.asp?fname=20080528_03 - the island editorial titled 'all blasts, no eelam'.

Super duper editorial, teaches us what and how we should attack the barbarian keybaord warriors.

Renegade! said...



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