Monday, May 12, 2008

Pillayan-Hizbullah tussle enters crucial phase

A tussle for the post of Chief Minister Eastern Province entered a crucial phase this evening. The tussle is between government ally and former SLMC Parliamentarian M.L.A.M. Hizbullah and Sivanesathurai Chandrakanthan alias Pillayan alias Kubeiran.

While Hizbullah has obtained the support of the majority of the 18 members elected to the council (UPFA), Pillayan has obtained more preferential votes than Hizbullah, both having contested for the same seat.

Inside sources revealed that the government was holding crucial talks with Pillayan on the matter, as Tamils grow weary of again losing the Chief Minister post to a Muslim. The outcome of this meeting will be revealed tomorrow.

Sources inside the defence establishment hoped Pillayan would be appointed CM. His connections with his people is allegedly strong and the man is considered much less corrupt than his leader.


Sam Perera said...

I hope that we will not get in to racial politics and Pillaiyan will be the CM. After all he has the highest preferential votes of all candidates and he is the leader of the party.

onecountry said...

Didnt they lay out the rules upfront? I too believe the man with most preferential votes should be the CM.

sldf said...

Can we have V. Prabarkaran as the CM of Eastern province. Praba has developed the Northern Province to point of no return :)

mboi said...

pilliyan should get the cm. its ridiculous if the man chosen by the people, ie the one with the most votes, doesnt get the cm post. this could turn very ugly if he doesnt.

mboi said...

'I am the CM' says Hisbulla

hibullah is claiming he is the cm cos theres more muslim candidates who won than tamils. once again bringing the race issue into who gets to govern. also why r they making these stupid rules. whats important is what's written in the law.

Unknown said...

I like this fight! keep it up! Let' Hizbullah come to power, and then see the true face of Pilliyan/Karuna group, its your own snake that you guys are growing inhouse... it didn't take much time for these betrayers to turn back on LTTE, I am sure it won't take a sec for them to turn back againts you.

either way, its a victory for the LTTE. Now the game begins!

hemantha said...

Int. Observers take the stuffing out of allegations

Anonymous said...

The person who has more support from the group should be CM. If Hisbullah has 18 out of 30 for him he should be the CM. Pilliyan can get some 'democratic politics' experiance before being the CM. Preferential votes difference is not very high. Clearly both Pilliyan and Hisbullah are populer. MR should give CM post for most suitable peson.

Moshe Dyan said...

Another Clinton and Obama scene.

theres more to what meets the eye here.

there is a strong possibility of UPFA muslim councilors to crossover especially if pillayan becomes the CM; only 3 need to cross over. in that case although SLMC-UNP lost the election, they would win the EPC.

also if hisbullah is appointed the CM, a number of SLMC councilors will join him from the UNP. if Pillayan becomes the CM it won't happen.

so the govt. is in a soup. for the UPFA to remain in power in the EPC Hiz. should be the CM and pillayan should co-operate with him. best thing is to rotate the CM.

this is the problem with racial politics. unity is the first casualty. although UPFA didn't play racism, the others did.

Gringo said...

If they cannot find a way out of this petty matter, they both would be unfit to serve the people who put them at the top.

Their challenge is to find ways to develop the east and its people... not fight.

Just toss a coin, join hands, roll up the sleeves and show us what you can do enhance our lives.

Unknown said...

First of all since when has Islam become a race. If anything, its just who is the better person and none of them are.

The thing I propogate is that no party should be able to feild canidates from one race or religion only. This is where all the problems start.

In Singapore, no party can stand for race based politics. Several countiencies are grouped together and called group reprentative contiuncies. In each of these groups, at least one minority candiate must be fielded. This forces all parties to field a multi ethnic candiates.

Such a system is apt for Sri Lanka. Particulary the eastern province and colombo. The more Sri Lanka moves away from racial and religious politics, the more it will develop into a country like Singapore.

In another issue. When the Taliban destroyed the statues of Buddha, they were destroyed. In China 10000have died and this occuring just after the Tibetian crackdown. Well there is always God.

Moshe Dyan said...


100% agree with you that

1. race based politics MUST END.

race based poitics = racism.


2. racism of anyform (including race-based demands) must be banned

3. race should be allowed to be considered ONLY when it comes to religion and culture.

but i don't agree with your last para. the happenings in afghanistan, china-tibet DOES NOT prove the presence of God. those only prove the presence of Satan.

God doesn't punish the innocents just because they are citizens of a country where some sinners commit crimes!!! Instead God identifies the culprits and punishes them APPROPRIATELY.

well, God doesn't practice collective punishment! Its a shame that humans do it. In doing so they are not playing God; instead they play Satan.

Sam Perera said...


For once I agree that race based politics shall end now. However, for the sake of our national security, Pillaiyan shall be the CM of the East. I firmly believe that our national security trumps any other interest.

Guns&Roses said...

this is not so called "Defence related news"
Defence Wire going off the track here

please refrain posting political shitt in this blog

Unknown said...

Sam why must it be Pilliyan. Why can't it be somebody who loves the country and not some turncoat. Pilliyan is anti LTTE because he has no choice. He is forced to be pro government like douglas or else they are finished.

Its not like Kadigamar where he could silently sit on the side or fight for the people. Those are the people required. If Pilliyan becomes CM as the Pro LTTE guys have mentioned muslims are going to get short handed. If he wants to be popular he will most probabily kick the muslims out and all things go back to square one. Mahindha will probabily turn a blind eye.

Unknown said...

Guns, politics and military mix in Sri Lanka regularly. Its a post related to an ex military men pilliyan. If you are good enough start your own blog.

Moshe I agree but that their karma and dharma.

Guns&Roses said...

its says

"The Web's Fastest And Most Accurate Defence News With An Analysis!"

my foot!!!
ex military or what ever its politics now

Sam Perera said...


Other than a few traitors like Hakeem, most of the Moors are an integral part of the main stream Sri Lanka. We are together in this war throughout as exemplified by Col Lafir and Col Muthalif. When you take a trip to SL next time, I suggest you to do a few stops at less known towns like Dambulla, Mathara, Kurunegala etc to see how well Moors are integrated with the main stream. One of the most highly respected member of SLFP is a Moor. We were very close to get LK for the PM post and LTTE got ahead of us.

Why Pillaiyan and TMVP; it is because
(other than he has highest preferential votes)
1) He gave up weapons
2) His allegance is for united Sri Lanka.
3) He is against LTTE
4) They paid with their blood and limbs to get LTTE out of the East.
5) It is our duty to help anybody who wants to give-up LTTE and join the main stream politics.
6) If we can't set a side our difference with Pillaiyan, we will never be able to do so with any future LTTE defectors.

Sam Perera said...


In case you have not noticed, it is militarily highly significant to have Pillaiyan at the CM post. Therefore, this post is defence related.

Moshe Dyan said...


respect your views mate.

also agree national security is above MANY things; but not above politics, unfortunately. Good if it is and i believe it should be.

if we prefer the less racist individual to become the CM, then it is P. because TMVP has muslims in it whereas SLMC doesn't have tamils in it.; he is also the less corrupt; he has a vision beyond racism for the East PLUS your points.

what if p. was made the CM?

UPFA muslims will cross-over and SLMC will form the ruling coalition. then what?

but then what if P. is killed (there is a VERY high chance of it as he has SO MANY enemies now)?

i think it is inevitable that muslims will take over the EPC.

from a strategic pov, that has merits. that will put to question the tamil homelands nonsense. the IC will not agree to LTTE, even moderate tamil demands of tamil homelands in north & east.

even LTTE supporters here like mboi are supporting P. now after all these years of calling him a traitor!!!!

we can destroy the tamil homelands bullshhit if a muslim becomes the CM. the "tamil speaking" bullshitt is not going to work as the IC knows muslims better than tamils!!!

Unknown said...

One Et Bailey was saying Sarath Forsenka is too catious in his blog. I disagree. He is probabily the best commander that the Sri Lankan military has had. However his differences of the navy chief can cause some problems. Mahindha is the commander in chief.

He should come with a solution and fight the war and stop wasting public money in things like minh airlines.

Moshe, the tamils are afraid that if the LTTE loses then they have no protectors. Pilliyan and Douglas to them in general are seen as lackeys. Its because of these people in the 50s that the tamils turned to ponnabalam etc. Likewise its with the sinhalese who wants to abolish all the racial and religious bias. The sinhalese see them as tamil lackeys.

Sri Lankans must change their mindset. I do not like to call the muslims Moors, thats a colonial term. All are Sri Lankans. If the goverment recruits all races in large scale to the armed forces, police and government service, things will start to change.

Corruption which brings inequality and hence hatered. This must be eradicated. Independent Singapore's first move was to eradicate corruption. Today its one fo the worlds least corrupt countries.

Unknown said...

Navindran bro
very well said sir :)
100% with you there. If only many more people can think this way...SL will be rid of this cursed war and it's horrible baggages

Moshe Dyan said...


agree with some points.

but this is untrue,
"Its because of these people in the 50s that the tamils turned to ponnabalam etc."

ponnabalam became a politicin in 1924 in the state legislative council when he demanded TAMIL EELAM at a time there were no challengers to him. actually tamils had only him the until 1952 election where he had competition from an even worse racist.

1952-1924 = 28 LOOONG YEARS!!

had he chosen inter-racial unity instead of extreme racism (he many times called himself a racist with pride!!!) the tamil political river would have flown elsewhere.

similarly national politics was preoccupied by thuggery, violence and riots from the start. the whole band was imprisoned for rioting. even the 1947 election had had A LOT of malpractices caused by a group led by a 8-grade failed politico. he became the father of the nation!!!! the first casualty of his election win was the then CJ (equavalent) Rose who was asked to resign when he refused to release THOUSANDS of party supporters arrested for violence.

aparently many at that time had said god bless ceylon.

koly said...

Nice to see a civilized discussion here after a long time.

Moshe Dyan said...

BTW LTTE supporters have DELIBERATELY avoided DW and DN. Usually more than 5 of them would be shouting here. that is why the discussions are decent.

They cannot take in the eastern election. now most of them have become Pillayan supporters because if a muslim becomes a CM, they will be in worse shitt.

they have to chose between the devil and the deep blue sea.

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