Thursday, August 7, 2008

Cease-less Wave = 80 RM-70 rockets

The LTTE's Charles Anthony and Imran Pandian units launched a massive attack on the 57 Division at Kalvilan, 2km southwest of the strategic town of Tunukkai on Tuesday. Around 500 cadres attempted to breach the SLA line established by advancing small groups.

Fighting started around 10am and continued will 8pm the same day (5). As the fighting raged on, Tigers attacking in full force with all their might seemed to be gaining some ground. The small groups on the ground were outnumbered but were still capable of withholding the thrust, although about 7 soldiers were killed in the process. One soldier went missing and his body was later captured by the LTTE.

Just then ground Commanders made a bold decision. They ordered for an attack using Multi-Barrel Rocket Launchers. A hail of 80 rockets (two Tatra trucks) rained down on the LTTE. Immediately afterwards, all Tiger attacks ground to an abrupt halt.

The Army believes around 80 Tigers perished in the entire assault. Around 30 bodies and other remains of bodies were observed by SLA units at the front. The fight was the largest concentrated assault mustered by the LTTE since the start of the war, only to be dismantled in a matter of minutes by two MBRL units.

The Army is hoping the Tigers launch at least a few more of these attacks in the coming weeks in and around Tunukai and Mallavi. The concentration of the LTTE's 'elite' units is very high in this area and the Army is eager to get at them given the first available opportunity.


Mohammed Zubair said...

Thanks DW, keep up the good work.

Mohammed Zubair said...

Is there an Internet blackout today? No one is posting in DN and DW?

koombiya said...

May the brave Army Soldiers who sacrificed their lives attain nibbhana.

LTTE Terrorists will think twice before, doing this again. They have no way out, small team/ seaseless wave, SLA has the cure for all LTTE decease.



I think the was down for a bit. I tried to post some stuff, but didn't get published. I think all are back to normal now.

Mist said...

Solders life is important, because I think 80 RM no problem.

What is area can destroy using 80 RM , any ideas ?

Kithul said...

Guys ther seems to be a problem. I don't see any of yesterdays posts on DN and DW both. This thread and the comments/posts can be read but not any of yesterdays.

nonetheless they keep appearing as time goes on.

anyone knows why

4 Unity said...

Thanks for the update DW.
Tamilnet reports about a claymore blast in Batti killing 23 soldiers.
Is this a gross exaggeration or is the GoSL keeping quiet?
Any feedback here will be much appreciated.

While I agree with the need to destroy the LTTE leadership I find it very painful to see all this death and suffering be it Sinhalese or Tamils!


perein said...

Thanks DW for on going daily posting. Those are really helpful for all of us.

I think there were some issues with general blogs. (Some hick-up from google)

Kithul said...

so no more ceaseless waves, they've become cannon fodder for the MBRL's

The brave soldiers, ignited by patriotism and high morale seems to have held the imran ponnayan and the charles dick units at bay. They've given their best when it mattered.

we're all proud of you brave brothers


Sun Tzu's disciple said...

Fight went from 10am-8pm, then stopped in a matter of minutes.

Why use it after 10 hrs of assault and not earlier?
Why use it at 8pm when enemy positions are that much more difficult to localise?
But psychological impact of MBRLs would be more at night--as it is visible in all its ' glory' to friend and foe.

Mist said...

ya, seems to be a "Server cluster" related issue, my yesterday post missing ..

perein said...

Some google data clean-up process gone wrong. Due to that I think some databases got reset to earlier point. As it's get moved foward all those comments might appear again....

Kithul said...


they do keep appearing one by one as time goes, so what you say makes sense.


Mist said...

DW ,
this could be the related news acording to this.

not captured any LTTE bodies?

Sam Perera said...

"The Army is hoping the Tigers launch at least a few more of these attacks in the coming weeks in and around Tunukai and Mallavi. The concentration of the LTTE's 'elite' units is very high in this area and the Army is eager to get at them given the first available opportunity."

This is the key for attrition. Lets see how ZTTE get away from the attrition campaign. ZTTE blog terrorists, any idea of how your group of terrorists are going to counter this. we are very interested in seeing your response.

sldf said...


Majority KIA is from LTTE's Charles Anthony and Imran Pandian units?

It is very important that MBRL are made available for 57 commanders to retaliate LTTE attacks. SLAF MI-24's also should be availble on short notice to 57 commanders.

Anyway wise call from 57 commanders.

perein said...

Fight went from 10am-8pm, then stopped in a matter of minutes.

Why use it after 10 hrs of assault and not earlier?
Why use it at 8pm when enemy positions are that much more difficult to localise?
But psychological impact of MBRLs would be more at night--as it is visible in all its ' glory' to friend and foe.

You are full of Bull. If you need accurate info, try the . Why do you need to bother about wasting your time in here?

Do us all a favour, if you got nothing to discuss, open a word pad and type on that. Do n't forget to save that and read on next day.

Mohammed Zubair said...

Thanks for letting me know guys. All the posts from yesterday seem to have disappeared in DN and DW.

Vijitha: Government(MCNS) admitted to the claymore ambush long before Tamilnut. Only one soldier died according to MCNS and it was a tractor carrying food supplies. If you believe Tamilnut then eastern province is still under LTTE.

perein said...

All most only Kilinotchi to be captured, do you think those LTTE planes are in that area?
Moreover it could be matter of time before those planes can take-off. Hope we do have necessary equipment in place to get those?

Sun Tzu's disciple said...

" Why do you need to bother about wasting your time in here?

Do us all a favour, if you got nothing to discuss, "

pal, have you heard of the word OXYMORON??!
Dont spit in the air they say!!

Kithul said...


this is not your first bull, you've done this with the last three threads on DW. You've queried the accuracy and gone at a tangent and it's very clear which way.

your langage and the line of your posts belie the facde you try to hide behind. you are definitely not an 'unconnected yellow skin' as you try to make us believe.

you are a fake.

Sun Tzu's disciple said...

"You've queried the accuracy "

Is this not what a responsible blogger does??
THAT exactly is the difference between me and your bullying group.That you need to stalk a poster and gang-up to support each other, use abuse and innuendo instead of debate shows you are yellow inside, while I may be outside.Vamoose kid.

Unknown said...

Thanks DW,

Our field commanders and Div. commanders have done well & with good foresight! 80 122mm rockets would have done a great deal of target saturation in a few minuets!!

We could have also let them punch through a narrow gap and funnel the main force in to a kill zone with multiple MPMG's and .50cals covering overlapping arcs of fire!! lol we could have also pre spotted every inch of the zone for the 60's & 81mm mortars and had a few claymores connected liked by daisy chain :)...but why worry so much when the RM-80's brings the rain in...

the army brass know far better than us keyboard combatants !

Kithul said...

don't quote out of context, proved to be very clever at that many times.

what i said is 'you've queried the accuracy and gone at a tangent and i did add it's very clear which way
shows how 'irresponsible you are'.

kids have a place here and so do you. as long as you side and twist facts, deviate from the truth, be prepared to take the flak.

Mohammed Zubair said...

Perein / Shan and other patriots: Good to start talking again. Ignore STD, he is trying to distract. The fact that he chose the nickname STD shows us that he is trying convince us that he is "yellow", when in fact he in an LTTE agent. By choosing that nickname it exposes him. I have many "yellow" friends and for them being called "yellow" is a racial slur, so all the more pointing to the fact that he is a fake. Besides, his style of writing in is typically Sri Lankan.

Perein, yes we have the equipment to deal with Takaran Air Force, its the Mig 29s (on its way)which everyone in this blog (except) me has something againts. The problem is everyone goodgles Mig 29 and it come back as air superiority aircraft. What they don't do is google Mig 29SM which is specially adapted for air-to-ground as well as air superiority. In short, a multi role air craft. The new Mi-35s (on its way) are specifically for ground attacks.

Kithul said...

hello mohammed

distractions won't work, won't take us down that path.

STD doesn't have the bloody courage to stand up to what he propogates but hide behind a facade and use subtle methods. in that sense our friends with the red bird kuutu and shyam have the courage to to stand up to what they are

Kithul said...



Unknown said...

what do you have to say?

Unknown said...

Some time ago there was a news about Sri Lanka buying 10,000 missiles (probably mbrl rockets).

were they?

Unknown said...

comments keep appearing one by one in the last threads. Since morning.
Must be happening to millions of blogs.

Hope the google hard disks won't get fried

Unknown said...


It was like a re-enactment of the kalvilan battle here. Volleys of rockets and both the offender and defenders seems to have vanished however.

Kithul said...


yes they were rockets for MBRL's.

that was one hell of a deal by the team who bought them. lppe supporting ngo's tried to block the supply citing eu guidelines or whatever but our guys had outsmarted and outmanouvered them. brilliant

Kithul said...


DW had an article on the 10,000 rockets, part of which I'm copying below 'cause of the relevance to the current thread .

I also read somewhere that the second deal was for another 30,000

Story Behind the Army's new Rockets. posted by Defencewire on 10 April 08

Some international organizations have charged that the Sri Lanka Army bought 10,000 missiles from Slovakia against European Union laws. This is completely false. The procurement and storage of these weapons occurred outside of Slovakia, in a non EU country.

The weapons procured were 122mm Rockets for the Army's RM-70 (RaketoMet 1970) Multi-Barrel Rocket Launchers bought at $180 a piece. They are military surplus and are not missiles in the sense that they are unguided rockets.

The country formerly known as Czechoslovakia split into two countries in 1993. One country is now known as the Czech Republic while the other is known as Slovakia.

With the breakdown of the Warsaw Pact, armies of the former Communist Block were downsized. These countries had to conform to NATO regulations in order to join the European Union, hence they commenced what is called a 'Liquidation program'. In order to reduce their arsenals and to generate revenue, some of these countries frequently sell portions of that arsenal as surplus military hardware.

The Sri Lanka Army has purchased 10,000 rockets from a surplus of such weapons at a very reasonable price. Anticipating these bottlenecks, some very smart officers in the Army made plans to purchase them at a different location than the location of the original vendor. Hence these weapons are presently at an entirely different location awaiting transfer to Colombo.

Mohammed Zubair said...


Mi-35 is the new version of the Mi-24. The Mi-35 does not have the troop transport capability which means it is faster, more agile and in short dedicated to CAS and ground attacks. These should be formidable once they come into operation. They also have night flying, new suite of avionics and new weapons systems. In short a direct competitor to US Apache and a gauranteed LPPE killer.

Sam Perera said...


"STD doesn't have the bloody courage to stand up to what he propogates but hide behind a facade and use subtle methods. in that sense our friends with the red bird kuutu and shyam have the courage to to stand up to what they are."

STD is a smooth operator indeed. However, he may not be a part of the LTTE propaganda or psy-ops team even though they make a concerted effort to distort the history of Sri Lanka by repeating the same lie over and over. These are mere cheer leaders and financial contributors to LTTE who feel bad when their money is wasted. They come here to console themselves but nothing else. The real LTTE propaganda gets out of Tamilnet (pretending to be a moderate outlet), Puthinam, and Nitharsanam. Tamilnet serves an international audience and the other serve Tamils living out of Sri Lanka. On the surface, these sites look trivial however they all are part of LTTE’s communications network spanning all continents of the world. Some news about certain LTTE attacks get disseminated to Tamil Diaspora long before we hear from our news sources. Their operatives take photos and transmit the story instantaneously after a suicide bomb attack. Why do the publish things so quick, that is to keep the moral of Diaspora up and hence more funding for LTTE. LTTE is very good at infiltrating NGOs and INGOs. They get in and start changing the opinions of such organizations in very subtle manner. These things don’t happen overnight but it takes lot of time from cultivation to harvesting. Tracking such activities is partly upon us outside of this blog and of course our government’s also. As far as the rest of us are concerned, this blog is a place we flock to get reliable information about national security of our beloved homeland. The only thing I am personally worried about in blogs like this is LTTE’s attempts to distort our history by repeating a lie over and over, and bit of disinformation.

perein said...


Perein, yes we have the equipment to deal with Takaran Air Force, its the Mig 29s (on its way)which everyone in this blog (except) me has something againts.

Thanks for the reply mate.
It's good to talk (BT Copy rights) :) again...

Please note I'm not a defence expert or any one closer to defence at all. I use this blog as a normal civilian. Therefore I see the points from normal civilian's point.
Therefore what I think is, when our experts ordered those Mig29's, they must have done their home work.
Therefore I'm sure these Mig 29's will get used well. (As you also aggreed !!)
However as you mentioned those are still on it's way!!!. If those Takaran Airways planes start to fly today or tomorrow, what would be our solution? Because they may taking off for the last time with some crash landing destination in their mind.


hemantha said...

Two years on: LTTE ON the brink of losing Wanni

click here

Mohammed Zubair said...


No worries. The Takaran Airforce Zlins fly at low altitudes and at low speeds. They are mainly used to spray pesticides, as recreational aircrafts and as trainers. They can easily be taken down by Bel 212s fitted with machine guns or more effectively by our Mi-24s. However, both attempts to shoot them down failed, first our Bell 212 crashed while giving chase after the Anuradhapura air force base attack, and when they attacked Colombo the jets that were scrambled were too late in getting to them. You might ask why we need Mig-29s if these can be taken out by our existing inventory. There is a very logical explanation in place and I know the reason from a highly credible source but I cannot go into details here for national security reasons. All I can say is that the Mig-29s are the right choice.

perein said...

Thanks mate.
Time to catch some sleep :)

Night Night...

hemantha said...

"The Last Episode"-Divaina

click here

Lankapura said...

Watchout.. Redbird 3 must be on the way :-)

GoldenEagle said...

I agree with you guys. STD is not a "yellow man" as he claims.

He uses this mask online to avoid the well deserved critism he would get that other LTTE morons get on a daily basis here.

He is yellow alright... but what he forgets to tell is, he also had black stripes running across his yellow hide. Its pretty clear what that makes him eh?

TropicalStorm said...

More Mig-27s will follow the Mig-29s.

First to arrive will be the new Mi-35 helicopters.

Moshe Dyan said...

thanks DW, Shan & TS for the info.

this is the start of what lies ahead. a BIG harvest! well done SLDFs.

guys, i agree with you on STD, but UNFORTUNATELY he got a point that must be discussed.

1. why did it take almost a day's fighting for SLA to use MBRLs?

PLUS another point.

2. why no LARGE SCALE SLAF raids were used, especially MILs?

these two questions will worry us again and again UNLESS SLDFs find ways to handle the delay. we know we are venturing into HIGHER terrorist density areas and there is no excuse for delays.

the issue that was discussed in DN about higher aerial firepower is also relevant. i recon we need a LARGE number of SMALLER less expensive gravity bombs.

Moshe Dyan said...

gota's timely and responsible work is impressive. he has again visited battlefields and personally satisfied himself of new security measures in place.

he has many avenues to improve, but still he is the best we had.

TN has recognised his fantastic performance by carrying a BS report on US rights' violators (an allegation LTTE terrorists make against few SL topguns who it claims are US citizens).

onecountry said...


Is there any truth to the earlier report on tamilnet about a claymore attack in batti which claimed 23 soldiers? Pls let us know the real story.

Shyam said...

Any details about the MANALARU clashes ... The LTTE says they have captured 4 bodies of SLA....

Ruslan said...

Guys, Don't forget that we do have F7Gs to tackle down TAF as well. these are capable of look down shoot down capability as well.

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...


I think ur not Yellow but ur SHALLOW ! If ur yellow then u should have enough rubbish in ur back yard u have to worry about. If ur yellow and living in another country then u have rubbish of the country ur living + yellow rubbish to worry about.

May be ur yellow country don't let u to do ur own blog or even contribute to some one else. So, if ur in this blog which is about defence matters of Sri Lanka then u should be either read and bugger-off or make a worthy contribution (which u did in some of ur early posts).

Recently, it seems like for some reason ur showing ur true colours or ur showing that ur shallow! Or ur trying to show that ur smarter than the rest!

I hate to say this, but at the moment ur only trying to make some seens out of few things and acting like a drama queen (or drag queen if it fits u : ))

I know Kuttu don't do any informative contribution to this blog, but he has a "born right" to come and satire this blog because he is a Sri Lankan ( Kuttu may disagree with me saying he is a Tamil and even Danuska may disagree with me too! – Danushka, pls don't call me kalu sudda because I am not and I am not having a go at u )
So mate, cut the crap come out of ur shelf and be ur self!

I respect ur point of "why MBRL's took so long to get in to action?" but the way u put it to DW gives up ur intention!

I also wondered and had the same question, why it took so long? And some one gave a bit of an explanation later and may be SL don't have MBRL's in spare to send to all directions when needed (unlike Russia did when they attacked Chechnya).

I am not an expert in defence stuff and that's why I come here to read and do my own analysis. Last thing I want is drama queens, resists, uninformative and imbeciles to clog up the blog. I think ur in the wrong place in the wrong time with a wrong attitude! To me attitude is the most important thing (may not be ur plate of rice) but I highly respect people with correct attitude. Do u like some examples? Mosh, Mohammed , Wijayapala, Ranil ect…I am not saying others are not but I don't want to put all names here. Shyam and Danushka got their own demons to fight and I love Kuttu! Ha ha ur a bloody ripper! RIP Kuttu!

wijayapala said...

I don't see why everyone is picking on STD. He just asked a question about the use of the MBRLs and now people are treating him worse than an LTTE supporter!

I've met dozens of LTTE supporters on the internet and none of them are smart enough to pretend to be someone like STD. It's largely a Modaya myth that the LTTE supporters are such masterminds to pull off sophisticated infiltration of anti-LTTE sites.

STD just strikes me as someone who doesn't really know that much about the war in SL (as demonstrated by his "observation" that Makkal Padai is comparable to our Home Guards). I vote that we give him a chance to learn more.

Bhairav said...

Some of the folks are showing their typical Srilankan mentality when they can not absorb the heat.

Can someone explain what was wrong with the STD's question about why SLA waited 10 hours for their MBRL when they were severely beaten in early stages?

Moshe Dyan said...

is anyone following the war in georgia, in DETAIL, i mean the weapons used, etc.? any clips?

i bet the weapons used there and their RELATIVE performance (against eachother and against expectations) will be VERY relevant to our war. if it rages BIG, we may witness some GENEROUS displays of RELEVANT weapons.

thambala & shan,

the simple answer is yes.

agree with mohammed with Mi-35 which is ALMOST same as the Mi-24-HIND E. but it is no REAL competitor to the APACHE YET. KARMOV series copters are also in the fray though.

hopefully our Mi-35s come with GSh-30K - 30mm gun. we should replace GSh-23 with GSh-30K that can further increase the HARVESTING RATE.

Bhairav said...

I came to conclusion that some of the bloggers are byproducts of Buddist monks and Sinhala village women as these kids failed to develop the skills in order to be a good productive citizen. How can you blame them when these monks provided only the monthly allowances of few kilos of rice and dozen coconuts for their sins?

Amma Gahai/Gahawi is one of those unfortunate kids and his last post is good evident for that.

B#1 said...

As i know MI-24 and MI-35 are same. For the export purpose they needed to change the name of MI-24 to MI-35.

I don't know how much this is correct. :)

Bhairav said...

[As i know MI-24 and MI-35 are same. For the export purpose they needed to change the name of MI-24 to MI-35.]


Is any chance that your father was a monk?

Bhairav said...

Okay folks..I'm in a foul mood and ready for any snow balling. My hour has only 22 minutes.

onceinawhile said...

For all the tiger supporters complaining about the accuracy of precision attacks of SLAF....

Here we go..

Bhairav said...

May be I should ask this question with the newcomer, Mohammed, that why Prophet married Aisha when she was only 6 years old? So it is safe to say that Prophet was born pedophile?

B#1 said...


I'm not a Buddhist. I'm a Hindu.
But i hate Hinduism because i don't believe God and i have to pay to the Aiyar for each and every Poojai.

BTW, how about your two Sisters? Are they still virgin? LOL:)

CriMeWatCh said...

'Serious security lapse' for SAARC

There was a ‘serious lapse’ in security arrangements for a senior Indian official during the SAARC summit in Colombo, Indian authorities said.
The Indian High commission in Colombo said the agreed security arrangements for India’s National Security Advisor, MK Narayanan,
were not implemented during the summit.

The High Commission was responding to media reports quoting Minister Keheliya Rambukwella regarding the security cover for Mr. Narayanan.

It added that Sri Lankan authorities have taken remedial measures and apologised to the Indian officials when the matter was raised.

It is not the practice of this High Commission to comment on security issues in detail. Sri Lankan security authorities have apologized to Mr. Narayanan. We now consider this matter closed

Indian High Commission in Colombo

“It is not the practice of this High Commission to comment on security issues in detail. Sri Lankan security authorities have apologized to Mr. Narayanan. We now consider this matter closed”, the statement said.

The fact that Mr. Narayanan could travel in a taxi in the capital meant the seriousness of the security arrangements, Minister Rambukwella has said.

It is highly unusual for a diplomatic mission to respond to comments made by a senior government minister.

Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapaksa took over as the chairman of the regional body as the 15 SAARAC summit was concluded in Colombo last week.

nikang nondiwenawa

Bhairav said...

[BTW, how about your two Sisters? Are they still virgin? LOL:)]


Whether my sisters are virgin or not is irrelevant as they will make a pass on you in blink of eye.

bhairav said...

But, then again one of my sister is going out with a singala muniya..!!

GoldenEagle said...

The thing with STD was not only about this MBRL issue. But of you look at his previous comments he is not happy that the LTTE is losing, but he won't say it out loud. He is an LTTE supporter, but he will deny this.

The tone of his messages reveals more than he thinks.

GoldenEagle said...

sinhala muniya??? Are you Eelamya from LNP by any chance?

Bhairav said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bhairav said... id is over taken by some idiot.

I will make a report with Google.

bhairav said...

Some stupid Shingala muniya is using my id and now hes accusing me of using my id? im gonna complain it to vezapillay soon!! watchout! ;)

Bhairav said...

Is it healthy for these blog sites that everyday IDs are stolen here? should pay attention on this issue.

bhairav said...

yeah me too this is stupid.. somebody has taken over my id and that idiot is takeing me for ride? common defencwire please remove this trash comments by fake bhairav please.. it's affecting for the balance views.

Here's my profile Id: 16773772029563941265

DW pls do some justice!

B#1 said...

One name (Bhairav), but two IDs.
Difficult to identify what is the fake one.


Bhairav said...

DW..I did not ask your help, but this my guardian angel, the fake moron, asks help for me.


The game is on :)

Bhairav said...

[this idiot is showing typical sinhala racism by using fake ids. watchout tamils! there's no space for tamils in this blog! is this justice?]

Ado fake one,

I won't whine like this. Anyways, thanks for giving me two IDs. DW will certainly will feel the heat :)

Sun Tzu's disciple said...

So who pissed the farthest yet?
I would give first prize to Amma Gahai and consolation prize to Sam Perera. The remaining ones will have to try harder.
..and thank you for the free entertainment:))

CriMeWatCh said...

Bahirav Vs Bahirav

CriMeWatCh said...

well will organize a blog monitoring mission (BMM) for


(me again)..

bhairav said...

[Ado fake one,

I won't whine like this. Anyways, thanks for giving me two IDs. DW will certainly will feel the heat :)]

Me neither!

CriMeWatCh said...

use a picture it.. (even that can be faked)

eg Kuttu one has tank picture other one uses same with SL flag on it..

Y not u..

Moshe Dyan said...


(only for B#1, please)

they (brintha & boonthevi) were until they were gangbanged by an IPKF battalion in kodikaamam in 1988.

they told me that each of them were 'kanni' until they lost their 'katpu' IN A GRAND STYLE MBRL attack allegedly carried out by a group which also included monks of an unknown order.

brintha had a son and his uncle always shouts at him "SOM!!". to make things worse, his real name is somagumar.

boonthevi has joined the LTTE maalathi brigade.

Unknown said...

On STD, we all know where his support lies so let's move on without paying too much attention to guys like these :)
It's not worth it :)

DW team
thanks for frequent updates. seems like finally we've got ourselves some ltte hardcore fighters who are willing to put up a fight without making testicle withdrawals... :)

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...


I felt really sorry for u! Seems like ur hurt and I can c where u coming from! When SL cricket team start loosing I go nuts too! But I will never go to the level where u r at!

U r a low life!

Don't drag mothers, fathers and sisters to this! Do not go to that level; don't try to be an animal! Be human! Don't attack mothers, sisters and religious figures like ur gang does when they start to loose! Bomb a bus, shoot monks, and kill children! Try avoiding being an extremist or a terrorist and try to be a moderate! Please!

I was reading an article about " Mahadevan Sathasivam/ Sathi Coomaraswamy "? do u know who are they? May be not! Try idealising great people like them but not a manic killer or suicide bombers!

U recon I am an unfortunate kid? I recon u were misunderstood! I bet people have told u that ur a drama queen, resist, uninformative and imbeciles!

Anyway, I am not here to clog up the bolg! So, I won't be replying to unless u come up with something constructive not distractive! RIP Bhairav!

Kithul said...


.....and bit of disinformation

is what i am worried more than the blatant lies. It's very clear to evrybody when it's a blatant lie and mny counter it. But a bit of claculated and in some cases brilliant attempts to creep in misinformation and doubt is dangerous. that pisons the mind and gradually lets the guard down and most fearsome is that it can lower morale. you need to catch and stop them immediately.

amma gahai

I respect ur point of "why MBRL's took so long to get in to action?" but the way u put it to DW gives up ur intention!

spot on mate


agree 100%.
anyone should get a second chance and i'll add to say everyone has the freedom to. but i don't agree on the point that he doesn't have much knowledge, read some posts about places and discussions about manouvres you'll be surprised.the makkal padai thing was just a lame attempt to cover up his cover, dropped his sarong there more than anything else. This is where i caution,

my vote as well, but attempts such above will be dealt with.

Unknown said...

LPPE is trying really hard to get rid of General Sarath Fonseka and Defence Secratary Gotabaya Rajapaksha.

Check this news item at TamilNet "U.S not safe haven for rights violators, says Secretary Myers"

B#1 said...

Moshe, LOL :)

You seems to have lot of Tamil friends. We like to hear more stories like this which they have shared their experiences with you.


Mullaithivu Government Agent, Ms Emelda Sukumar and several others were reportedly injured following heavy shelling in Mullaithivu area last night, the LTTE Peace Secretariat claims.

Daily Mirror "Kade yanawa wage LTTE ekata".

perein said...


.... guys, i agree with you on STD, but UNFORTUNATELY he got a point that must be discussed.

1. why did it take almost a day's fighting for SLA to use MBRLs?

One possiblility could be due to deployed long rangers of SLA? Would need to make sure they all reached a safe point before MBRLs firing.

However we should look at the possibility of closing those gaps.

Lankapura said...

Guys, I suppose the delay with MBRL could have been to get the terrorists in to a concentrated position - our guys retreating and letting the terras fill a known area, to avoid civilian casualties and friendly fire.
I suppose also they need to be careful on how far the launchers go in to newly controlled areas.
Just my thoughts.

perein said...

Iran Willing to Share N. Technology with Sri Lanka


Unknown said...


If this was the case, (which could have been one of the reasons), then this shows the difficulty of using MBRL to our advantage.

Are our guys able to navigate using GPS? If so when the MBML ... sorry MBRL is ready to launch the commanding station could give the indication on the position and time in code and the all troops can see from which point they have to move away and run helter skelter.

Just my 2 cents...

perein said...

thambala -
fully aggreed mate. If that the case, I'm sure we will learn from above and move foward.

Moshe Dyan said...

what kuttu went through and what bloodyrav went through today is IDENTICAL to what ALL LTTE supporters are going through!

they are digging their own grave by damn stupid behaviour.


i've been scrweing their cousin kavitha and chiththy maithili!!! they were at "thalaivar" 16/198 ontario avenue, markaham, toronto, canada. they had a "thaanam" for "anbulla chelvam maamanithar" last year. was invited but didn't go.

it's a small world!!!

Moshe Dyan said...


agree. we should close the gaps and move forward.

at the same time SLAF's RESPONSE TIME must improve (in addition to their capabilities which is looked into).


BTW thanks for asking the RIGHT questions (about B), mate.

B#1 said...

Brother Moshe,

Didn't you know that defencenet is active from 10.30 am. Please come and drop something there too.

Thanks mate. :)

san said...

DefenceWire thanks for the latest article

Soldiers overpower stiff terror resistance in Mullaittivu; 15 terrorists killed in Welioya battles

Mohammed Zubair said...


Prophet Mohammed (Peace be Upon Him) did marry Aisha but it wasn't consumated till she attained maturity. May I remind you that this practice was common in all parts of the world at the time (including Europe where Kings were known to take 9 year old brides) and is still practiced in India today. Why do you bring religion into this blog? Last time I checked it was defence blog for true patriots (at least some of us are).

Kithul said...


can we drop it mate, don't let those stupido's deliberately get under your skin. nonetheless, this shouldn't be allowed and the more we try to explain the more they will continue.


this is a new phenomenon dragging religion which should not be allowed at all. racism is rampant and lots said to stop it. gues we can live with it but using religion as a means to insulting poeple should be banned.

Unknown said...

ST said,
"Why use it after 10 hrs of assault and not earlier?
Why use it at 8pm when enemy positions are that much more difficult to localise?"

Well DW says that they gained a little bit of ground and when they got to the positions that we knew about the MBRL's smashed them. and of course we should call our troops back when MBRL's are attacking cos they usually flatten some good area

Why didn't we get any help from SLAF during the fight??if the fight lasted for more than 6 hours we could've called for help from air.not the planes but the helicopters could've given great support?? Did they use AA guns??
Did the SLA recapture the small area that was captured or didn't LTTE capture any ground??

Mohammed Zubair said...

Just saw the pics of the SLA artillery attack on Mullaitivu on Tamilnut. There was a grislly picture of a dead girl with her head blown off to pieces (how can they publish something like that). As a father of a baby girl myself, it truly pains me to see those pictures (if indeed they are real). But the point remains, LTTE are using civilians as human shields and this needs to stop (we need to liberate faster!). They have stooped down to the lowest level by putting civilians in the line of fire in order to draw arti attacks and to get sympathy from the outside word. I bet that there were "cadres" cowering in these civilian settlements. The SLA never knowingly targets civilians. The pictures of dead children in bus bombings in the south are even more grissly, but we don't publish them.

Moshe Dyan said...

the death of a child in mulaitivu is sad.
may be its the SLA or may be not. however, operations must continue. what matters in the long term is the absence of the LTTE so that civilians of all races can live peacefully.

it is easy to miss the wood for the trees. SLDFs should guard against this. IF it was SLA, it was NEVER deliberate as they have never done deliberate attacks on civilians.

everyone knows tigers are hiding behind human shields. we knew that this barbaric and canibalistic acts of tigers was increasing as their territory shrinks.

IF as a result of this, SLA attacks stop that will set a VERY NASTY precedence. operations must continue.

there is only one way out. ANNIHILATE ALL LTTE TERRORISTS.

onecountry said...


I have some doubts about your source on this article. How come this is not mentioned even on This is not something SLA would hide if they were able to kill as many LTTErs. Do you have any update on this?

Moshe Dyan said...


pending a proper answer from DW....

generally MoD bases its casualty figures on the number of heads counted either by troops recovering LTTE cadres' bodies or based on frontline troops' testimony.

where this is not possible, casualty figures are not given.

can you remember any instance where MoD gave numbers for a MBRL attack?

SLDFs don't give casualty figures for SLAF and MBRL attacks UNLESS (VERY rarely) they have a CONFIRMED head count.

onecountry said...

[generally MoD bases its casualty figures on the number of heads counted either by troops recovering LTTE cadres' bodies or based on frontline troops' testimony.]

Not really. What about the usual "technical" sources or radio transmissions. :)

onecountry said...

When it comes to casualty numbers, I do not trust MOD as much. DW and DN has much better reliable numbers than MOD.

Defencewire said...


Your query warrants an answer I think. The fighting started in earnest at 10am. The Army and the LTTE fought it out, with the superior manpower belonging to the LTTE. By evening, Tigers had come to the verge of breaching the line. Commanders gave a signal for troops to disengage because they wanted to use the MBRLs. They didn't do this because of a potential friendly-fire scenario, which could have arisen as small SLA groups were scattered all over the place. As dust set in and a little before 8 when the Tigers made the last push, SLA units went for cover and two volleys of MBRL were fired.

Bhairav Vs Bhairav,

The joke is over. We all had our laugh.

one country

I do believe reported this on the day itself (5th). They said 37 KIA. Our sources confirmed sighting at least 30 bodies. They also confirmed many more would have died judging by the blood trails.

I am giving you details as told by the guys on the ground, and NO, they can't lie to me BECAUSE I HAVE BEEN THERE, DONE THAT!

Bhairav said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Moshe Dyan said...


DW answered it.

in the previous post, i said GENERALLY....

yes; radio transmissions is another source.

onecountry said...


Thanks for the answer.

TropicalStorm said...

This is what makes the conduct of this anti-terrorist operation so much different and successful compared to all others; ground commanders have the final say.

In earlier instances, Sri lanka failed to fight a war as a war should be faught. They were political misadventures which decimated the nation's wealth, its morale and caused a minor irritant to become a festering problem.

Today, soldiers make military decisions and politicians still don't do their job. At least the anti-terror job gets done, since that is handled by professionals.

Now all that SL needs is a new breed of politicians, who can do their job, just as these soldiers are doing theirs.

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