Sunday, August 31, 2008

Special Forces hammer LTTE team bound for Batti

A group of LTTE cadres that infiltrated through a gap in the Army's FDL were hunted and killed by the Special Forces in the general area Padaviya this morning. Military Intelligence had received information that a fresh batch of cadres destined for Batticaloa was on its way to Weli Oya by ground.

The group had identified a gap in the Army FDL north of the Padaviya Tank. The Army had reinforced the area and deployed additional Homeguard units. The Tigers, dressed in Army uniforms were attempting to wander through a Sinhala village called Konketiyawa last morning, 10 miles from Padaviya, 4 miles north of Bogas Handiya along the Padaviya-Pulmoddai road. The homeguards, alert to the situation, engaged the Tigers immediately killing one. One homeguard was wounded and later died.

Immediately upon detection, the group went into disarray. 12 Tigers fled to a nearby jungle and tried to getaway. A group of military Police personnel were sent to attack the unit but they were unable to do so. One Military Police Officer (CCMP Officer) was killed in the fight.

Realizing that the Tigers were hardcore, the Army gave the go-ahead for the 4 Special Forces. One team of Special Forces went into the jungle to track the team when from atop a tree, a Tiger fired an RPG at the SF unit killing one SF soldier. Angered by the attack the Special Forces wasted no time. They surrounded the area and annihilated the entire team of 12 Tigers.

The team returned to base just a while ago but search operations are being continued by another team to destroy the remaining members of the group who are still trapped in the area.

The successful Intelligence Operation and counter-strike come in the wake of changes in Weli Oya to strengthen defences at the front end. These measures were taken following credible intelligence reports of LTTE plans to launch attacks in the rear to collapse troops or redeploy offensive troops in defensive roles.


koombiya said...

Well done to the Civil defence force personel, and SFs.

Rest in peace to the fallen Heroes.

Dileepa Rathnayake said...

Thanks for the update DW

perein said...

Thank you DW.

Weldone to the SF units.
condolences to the brave SF's family.

Now, how did LTTE managed to break away from the holes we have left out. Do we have any similer holes still open? IF so we should close those soon as possible.
We cannot afford to get SF units to look after other areas. They have a job in hand always (if not most of the time) execute/d well.
So let them be busy with that and let's make sure those unwanted holes get closed soon as possible.

Sam Perera said...

This is a good utilization of SF. I strongly believe that we need to have more SF regiments to control terror threats anywhere in the country in the long haul.

Observer said...

Got hold of Sunday times today and it looks like its party time for Iqbal Athas. The moron has dedicated a full page to glorify the failed air tiger raid.

This one comes out of the rat hole when an act of terror happens and fulfils the need of the terrorists by giving the maximum glorification

Anonymous said...

Observer, it is absolutely true that this so called journalist Iqbal Atthas appeared after a couple of weeks to glorify the LTTE air attack. They have dedicated a full page but more than one third of the page filled with the title and few pictures. Wonder why he doesn't have things to write when the war is at it's high point.

Sam Perera said...

observer and thilak,

You got the point. Athas is there to glorify what LTTE is doing and belittle what SLDF are doing. To some reason Athas name was not there in the column today.

Achi said...

Well done! And we need to give commando training for other forces too.Some may able to complete the training some may not,but doesn't matter it will improve their skills, than right now they are having.

Achi said...
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IntelAttack said...

'Mallavi' about to fall!

Bhairav said...

SF carries normal assault rifles likes of T-56, so how they can be effective against the elite LTTers who have all-purpose small firearms?

Anonymous said...

So a 'hard core' (i.e.elite) LTTE cader was illed by CDF guy.

Sam Perera said...


What is your source for Mallavi?

Defencewire said...


The Special Forces team typically take with them weapons like the Milkor Multiple Grenade Launcher (MGL) capable of firing 6 40mm grenades in under 20 seconds. They carry RPG/7 HEAT, Thermobaric weapons, LMG, MPMG etc. They also carry lighter but sound dampened weapons as well. Ypu can see some of these weapons in this article.

perein said...

Sam P.

What is your source for Mallavi?

I would think, it could be based on below...

perein said...

While you are active in blog, can you please give us an update about Mallavi?

Sam Perera said...


Hardcore in LTTE means the acts highlevel LTTE members do to these cadre. Please check a few photos at the true Tamilnet.

Defencewire said...


Yes Mallavi is untenable. LTTE units have started withdrawing towards Mankulam. Wait till tomorrow.

kaatikuddupaan said...

It doesn't matter if SF has T56 rifles against LTTE with the same.

It's the tactics and skill that are important.

Even a man with a shotgun can hold down a fighting team if he is sneaky and uses good strategy.

This 12 man team ( could be more ) is probably consists of the hardcore members, you will find that most of them may be from eastern province or mullaithivu.

It was a good job to get them.

You can see a similar LTTE team moving in eastern Sinhala areas on the movie Ämma nalámma ?

perein said...

Thank you for the late night extra.
Looking foward to read tomorrow's finding.

londonistan said...

Good work guys. Condolences and deep gratitude to the dead CDF member, CCMP Officer and the SF soldier.

Unknown said...

Thanks DW for article. It was so interesting and surprisingly I missed it in the first time. Yes it does matters the fire power of the team and their specialty.

IMO in an attack LTTE is mainly using surprise and deceptiveness to their advantage. When they face a properly trained armed force without above conditions it is going to be a problem for them. In the past they had the same problem with Commando regiment and STF. Now they have cope with bit more than that.

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

SLA must use electronic fence – motion detectors and thermal imaging systems etc, to detect these type of attack ahead of time, and then hammer them

DefenseWire thanks for the update as usual.

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

Human Rights and LTTE. Wanni operation 31 st August 2008

watch ltte Human rights

Diaspora shaw money in your A55

wijayapala said...


"This 12 man team ( could be more ) is probably consists of the hardcore members, you will find that most of them may be from eastern province or mullaithivu."

In the previous thread I asked you about the eastern Tigers- how loyal are they to the LTTE? Are they discriminated against because they are easterners?

A few months ago I saw a list of over 100 killed Tigers on an LTTE website. Very few were from Mullaitivu or eastern province. Most were from Jaffna and Kilinochchi.

Moshe Dyan said...

well done SF. this comes just days after 2 tigers were detected crossing the jaffna FDL. this shows tigers are more intent on MANY SMALL TEAM attacks. the only solution is annihilation as displayed here.

we should expect many more similar tactics and be prepared to HARVEST them.

Unknown said...

wijayapala, when i meantits easier to take the navy vessel at sea, it meant using their sucide units not their zlin planes. The Jetliner are protected by helicopter gunships. LTTE will onlt take the Jetliner out when it plans to attack Jaffna.

As far as people claimining to know much about the LTTE, even karuna, the Eastern Commander and number 2 was ignorant of their air wing capabilities. Hence he was sidelined.

Nobody in SL MI or LTTE MI will be wasting time contributing or reading to the blog. Likely they might if they feel neccessary to feed information/misinformation and thats gets reported by some individuals as reliable.

All Military formations need discpline. Thats why the army enforces military drills. Why do soldiers need to march in unision. Do you think its for parades. Either then instiling discpline, it also instills a feeling of team spirit. Hence all commands need to follow hierachy.

Patton and Rommel are called Mavericks. If I was their commander, i would have a love hate relationship with them. They are eccentric and do not follow orders which is irritating but due to the sucess they are forgiven because they get their targets. However in the same light if every line commander acted like them it would be a disastor to manage any operation.

Hence the LTTE like the SLA follows similar planning and command structures. Prabha is more weary becuase he risk death if faced with insurbodination. However he mixes the miltary and political situations in the planning. Thats why he has survived so much longer then all the Sri Lankan leaders so far.

No authoratarian can last long even if his cause seems to be justified. Hence Prabha plays a mixed role. Commanders are given leeway to see how the situation evolves but they need to stick to the game plan and meet the objectives.

SLA also has always had capable commanders as the LTTE. Both the tamils and sinhalese are smart people. Hence its always been the political shortcomming on the SLA. Mahindha has given a free reign to his brother and the military but that need not win the war.

Observer said...


In my copy the name iqbal athas is mentioned in ST. But not in a prominenet place to the lower left of the paper

Bhairav said...

I hear from Wanni news that at least 20 IDP suffer from snake bites everyday in Wanni. Kilinochichi,Ramanathapuram,Vaddakkachi, and Mulai are home of snakes.

Nihara said...

Job well done!!

Moshe Dyan said...

snake bites....

20 IDPs getting bitten by snakes everyday is BS.

=20 x 365 = 7,300 per year
total IDPs in the north = 135,000
snake bite rate = 5.4%

this is higher than the highest in the world!!!,23599,23776403-2,00.html

B#1 said...

Moshe, well said. :)

Bhairav, You must help Tamils (IDPs) this time please. What you must do is, post these kind of news on Pro-LTTE websites and beg LTTE to disarm.

onceinawhile said...

Somebody should subtitle this "rana bimen 8" and "Wanni meheyuma" vedios in English and Tamil. It would make them much more effective in communicating what is intended.

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

All the best to SL forces and my thoughts are with u! Pls be rtn safe to ur comfort after u done the good deeds!

I'm back on the blog after good weekend and DN/DW thanks for up dates!

Thanks for all the Defence related feed back from fellow blogers and highly appreciates sharing it with us/me.

wijayapala: Glad to c u back! I thought u have succumbed to the pressure from "one eyed" experts!

Kaati: real or fake u r one of the most interesting characters on DN and DW!

Sharp: Dumb Ars@ Clown! Before u call others resists pls stand in front of the magic mirror and ask " mirror mirror … who is the most resists person in this world?" So, u recon "will have shit coming back"? When do u think LTTE will get the shit back? Soon???

I just let rip a massive fart (after trying to digest the crap u guys wrote about Sinhala and Tamil people for last 2 days) and trying to find out whether it smell like a "Sinhala Fart" or "Tamil Fart". Can any of u pure Sinhala or pure Tamil expert help me?

The last full blooded Aborigines died in 1860 in Australia-Tasmania. Considering Australia is massive island away from any other continent and very isolated from the rest of the world for thousands of years there is a hardly a chance some other race scr@wed them for all these years.

But as we all know, people lived on Sri Lanka and India (which has been a major player in the history of the world: knowledge, economy and religion, un like Aborigines in Australia) have been scr@wed by Greeks, Romans, Iranians, Egyptians, Mongolians, English, Dutch, Portuguese, Russians or near by who ever and also by Chinese on their way and back from Silk road for thousands of years.

So any of u clowns still think ur pure then u better tell me whether my fart is Sinhala or Tamil!

B#1 said...

On the 30th August 10 pm to 11 pm there was a good military update on Swarnawahini "Rana Bimen". Its a good job done by one of the Patriot Private Media. It will be great if anyone can upload it and give the link here. Thanks.

Colomblogs said...

Agree with Moratu Saman,
We need to set-up CCTV type outdoor cameras and motion detectors in the vulnerable areas in FDL and the back of all divisions. This will save lot of human resource and less expensive. Also easy to set-up.

Could be used same in Yala and East. A single point can monitor 100s of cameras and signal can taken upto 30km.

Lankapura said...

B#1, go to and search for rana bimen.

admin said...

All Sunday Defence columns in one place

Moshe Dyan said...


great work, mate.


Kithul said...

thanks pulutta, great contribution

B#1 said...

Lankapura, Thanks mate.

I was searching youtube but still no one has uploaded the video which Im talking about. It is one hour video.


We will have to expect different type of tactics that LTTE can use disrupt the Army entering to Kilinochchi.

01. Let the civilians to die in vain to put the blame on Army.

02. Bus bombs targeting civilians by so called Ellalan force (Tit for Tat). :)

03. Attacking East using small groups.

04. At least 200 Thalaivars will try to escape from the country.

... and guys you can add more..

Ran said...

I think the airforce should make a video of all the tamil racist MFs running for their lives in the vanni. LOL. Would make good viewing.

Mango said...

As a poster above said, the GOSL is missing a massive opportunity in getting its case across by not providing timely, subtitled news segments of "Rana Bimen 8" and "Wanni meheyuma".

These clips should be provided with Tamil, English, German and French subtitles.

Al Jazeera and the BBC have their own 'channels' on Youtube. Rupavahini should do the same, immediately.

For the moment, two Sri Lankans are doing a great job in uploading daily news segments, but unfortunately, only in original Sinhala language. For instance, the recently discovered LTTE torture chambers need to be quickly highlighted to the world's media.

The LTTE have for so long been been winning the PR war, its time GOSL & the MOD got serious about at least fighting back on the PR front. Arrange some tours for foreign correspondents to the battlefront, speak with IDPs etc.

To 'Ran': looking for karmic revenge for past sins by Tamils against Sinhalese against Muslims and vice-versa is a zero-sum game.

If you want to re-start the war, that's the best way to proceed.

Do you want peace and economic development and prosperity for all or return to war? I hope that the politicians, who'll have to make and keep the peace will be wiser than that.

Unknown said...

here it says that FNC ammunutions were recovered from the Koonketiya incidnet.

1. Doing a quick web search FNC is said to be a gas operated weapon. This means there is a pressurised gas cylinder in the gun somewhere? Or does it mean the gas expanded by the the burning of the gun powder in the bullet?

2. How did the LTTE get these weapons? Apparently they are manufactured in Belgium. How were they transported to Sri Lanka. How and where were they brought? Should we not try to trace these links to Belgium and nudge the Govt of Belgium to crack down on any LTTE elements there?

kaatikuddupaan said...

The killed list you saw are of new conscripts. You can see their ranks are Lt,major or veeravengai.

This "DPU" team will be of lt.col rank which is why they are allowed to even go this far into army held zones.

If LTTE left the new conscripts to do this they would desert after manal aaru.

Achi said...

Tnx Pulutta

Bhairav said...

[20 IDPs getting bitten by snakes everyday is BS.

=20 x 365 = 7,300 per year
total IDPs in the north = 135,000
snake bite rate = 5.4%

this is higher than the highest in the world!!!,23599,23776403-2,00]


If you compare different cities of Srilanka for the cost of living on a single person, you would see Colombo will be highest. If you take any specific country side of SL, the cost of living would be lower. So if you add Wanni snake bites with the rest of SL stats, the average would be much lower as you can see not many snake bites incidents in urban area like Colombo or Jaffna etc. The Aus statistics on snake bites are average of that country, not for any specific of its city or village. Again they are being the first world country, they have more protection in any extreme scenarios unlike Wanni people who live under trees, and those places they live are home of snakes as I mentioned earlier - Kili,Ramanathapuram,Akkrayan,Vaddakkachi,Muthaiyankkadu,Mullaitivu etc.

Stop being an arse here!

Colomblogs said...

What are you trying to tell with whole snake story?

Are you accusing Govt. using statistics to purposely set-up IDP to get killed by snakes then to in-direct ethnic cleansing!):

In this situation most logical option is to kill as many snakes possible(screw the Animal rights NGOs!) and save the innocent people.

It is the same theory SLDF use. Kill as many LTTE (screw the Human Rights NGOs) and save the innocent people.

Or LTTE can set-up dedicated Snake charming unit. And disapora can send money for Animal right protection to this new unit. Which helps to create more IDPs. More IDPs---> more funds...

Sorry, but you touched a very irrelevant area of IDP issue as IDPs have more critical things to worry including LTTE.

wijayapala said...

Dear Ran,

"I think the airforce should make a video of all the tamil racist MFs running for their lives in the vanni."

I think it would be more funny getting a video of your interview at the western embassy where you squirmed and begged for the chance to leave your motherland.

Is that why you call yourself "ran"- you "ran" away?

"That's KARMA coming back to bite those people in the ass....That is why 300 000+ Tamils have been reduced to living under trees and in the bushes."

So you must also think that the 40+ civilians injured in the Colombo terrorist attack was also "KARMA"???

shay said...


"1. Doing a quick web search FNC is said to be a gas operated weapon. This means there is a pressurised gas cylinder in the gun somewhere?"

Most modern assualt rifles are gas operated. There is no gas inside the rifle, it uses the waste gases from when a round is fired.

"2. How did the LTTE get these weapons? Apparently they are manufactured in Belgium. How were they transported to Sri Lanka. How and where were they brought?"

SLA exprimented with the G3 and FN FAL/FNC as far back as the early 1980's. You still see some in Colombo. The LTTE could have a few FN weapons captured from the SLA. FN FAL and later FNC are not uncommon. Many users in the developing world, so small quantities can probably be acquired fairly easily in Africa and places. LTTE has always had a soft spot for 5.56x45mm weapons and still use a few.

lankanews said...

Mallavi captured

wijayapala said...


"wijayapala, when i meantits easier to take the navy vessel at sea, it meant using their sucide units not their zlin planes."

Since the MV Pearl Cruiser incident, my understanding is that the SLN sails further out to sea to avoid these sorts of attacks.

"All Military formations need discpline. Thats why the army enforces military drills. Why do soldiers need to march in unision. Do you think its for parades. Either then instiling discpline, it also instills a feeling of team spirit. Hence all commands need to follow hierachy."

Actually in modern war the challenge is to balance discipline and hierarchy with decentralized "on-the-spot" decisionmaking and room for personal initiative. This is the great dilemma of command and many books have been written on this ("Command in War" by Martin van Creveld is a good primer on this topic, or "Command at Sea" by Michael Palmer for naval warfare).

Parade-ground drill is largely a relic of 19th century "closed-rank" war and has virtually no application to modern combat. It is only conducted during basic training to give recruits the concept of "team" over "individual" identity. It is not intended to teach soldiers to follow order without question.

"However in the same light if every line commander acted like them it would be a disastor to manage any operation."

Patton and Rommel are remembered because they achieved success. One of the first great innovators of decentralized command was Napoleon himself who invented the "Corps" system of dividing his military forces. Each corps commander had his own headquarters and staff and could make his own independent decisions. Napoleon did not have wireless communications to control these corps commanders- how was it possible then that he conquered almost all of Europe? In fact, one of Creveld's main arguments in the Napoleon case study is that Napoleon did not even know what was going on most of the time during battle!!!!

"Hence the LTTE like the SLA follows similar planning and command structures."

I disagree to the point of arguing that the SLA has done so much better in the last 2 years because it has decentralized its operations all the way down to the squad level. Fonseka's "genius" stems from his ability to let talented subordinates carry out his vision. This is rarely if ever found in 3rd-world militaries; the tendency is for the senior commanders to exercise full control to the detriment of junior commanders' initiative.

Kaati correctly pointed out that Thalaivar is both the LTTE's greatest strength and greatest weakness. The LTTE has benefited from unity of command, but everyone knows that when Thalaivar dies then the LTTE is more or less finished as a cohesive force. It is for this reason that the LTTE can never win, because one day the Thalaivar will die or become incapacitated.

"SLA also has always had capable commanders as the LTTE. Both the tamils and sinhalese are smart people."

Not entirely true. For a long time the SLA had poor senior leadership, largely because they were all political appointees chosen for loyalty over battlefield competence. Fonseka himself in an interview acknowledged that the politicians alone were not to blame. Anuruddha Ratwatte was promoted from drill sergeant to colonel and then later to full general solely through his relationship with the Bandaranaikes.

Reading internet blogs, it is clear that there are many Tamils and Sinhalese who are just as dumb as any other people out there.

wijayapala said...

Dear Moshe,

"20 IDPs getting bitten by snakes everyday is BS."

Not really. The Wanni is probably the most rugged, underdeveloped terrain in all of Sri Lanka. I wouldn't be surprised if 1/3 of entire LTTE structure is incapacitated from malaria, jungle rot etc.

When the wife of Balraj, the most senior LTTE military commander behind Thalaivar himself, dies from a snakebite, it is clear that Wanni jungles are not the ideal picnic spot.

Bhairav said...

Well, speaking of snakebites, fond memories of my Kilinochi life are floating around. My family originally based from Jaffna but moved to Kili since my father had business there. My father put me in a Christian school, St.Theresa Girls School, which was mixed of guys and girls until grade 5, then only girls; I studied there from grade 3 to 5. They used to have biased teaching systems, basically every grade had 2 divisions, first one was A division and other was B, A mostly consisted of children of elite families in the city, likes of children of doctor family, Lawyer, Teacher, businessmen etc while B was consisted of children of day laborers from the Indian estate Tamils who usually work in the paddy fields. In A division, the teachers will pay extra attention while they do not give any attention at all in B. Since they put me in B division, there were no limits to my fun life. As soon as I received the free government sponsored nutrient foods( oh man those biscuits were so jummy) through our prefects who were mostly O/L girls (most were hotties) around 11:30 am, I will jump the school fence and wander around the railroad before going home. These B division teachers hardly paid any attention whether these students leave the school premises or not, all they cared was taking the attendance once school started in the morning. Meantime, teachers will pay extra attention in A where any student hardly skips the class. To avoid any suspicious from my parents that I skip classes, I always wander around the railway track and throw stones to monkeys, picks mango and other fruits on the way then finally will reach home around 3 pm- my mother would think that I were coming home tired all those long hours from school, she will treat me good. In my wandering around railway track, I used to see at least 3 or 4 snakes everyday, some were really big likes of 2m long with 10+ cm in diameter. With all these skippings, I was the only student who passed the grade 5 scholarship exam in our school, and went on study at JHC – thanks to my aunty who put extra effort on my studies 3 weeks before the exam.

Athula Weerasingha said...

Thanks for the info. brought memories of my childhood also.

Man you should fight against the discrimination among the tamils man.
But in the south, in a school, all the childrens are treated in the same way, deispite the family status/cast/race etc.
What I have seen, teachers are giving more attension to poor kids and even financialy help them from their own pocket.

Still remember the biscuit, bit roast one, very very yummy mmhhh.
We used to go for "SIITTU" for biscuits and a day in a week, used to get more than 16 biscuits.

silentknight said...

unusually sentimental for Bhairav,....

Rover said...

Interesting discussion on snakes.

20 snake bites per day is a possibility if many people are wandering outside at night. But only a couple of these bites would result in death.

There are about 100 species of snakes in Sri Lanka and most of the species occur in the wetzone. But the density of highly venoumous snakes is highest in the dryzone of SL. But even then, there are many moderately and non-venomous species that won't cause death.

Medical records indicate that Anuradhapura district has been the hotspot for snake bites for a long time, and the frequency of deadly snake bites in Vavuniya/Kili is also typically quite high.

The high death rate in Sri Lanka due to snake bite is due to the absence of anti-venom that is made specifically for the Sri Lankan species and sub-species.

The structure of venom in SL and Indian species are different, but yet, we use only Indian produced anti-venom. Though it is very easy to produce local anti-venoms, various difficulties exists that has hampered this effort. There is a record of a guy in Sri Lanka getting 160 vials of Indian anti-venom for a Sri Lankan viper bite, and when you consider the numerous side effects associated with anti-venom has, this is pathetic.

There are four species of snakes that are medically important in the NE. These are Naja naja (Cobra), Bungarus caeruleus (Common Indian Krait), Daboia russelii (Viper). The sea snakes, though highly venomous are not that important for the deaths. For children, and old folks even moderately venomous snakes can cause significant problems.

I am pretty sure that there must be a dearth of these ineffective antivenoms in the hospitals of Kili and Vavuniya.

TropicalStorm said...

Sri Lanka still is ranked first for death by snake bite.

We also consume the highest amount of alcohol to per capita income, build the largest land mines and the most mine-resistant vehicle under-carriages, according to someone who sounds like he knows what he's talking about.. :(

And some of us still want to go back home to retire...

TropicalStorm said...

Sam perera;

Good observation re; Athas name not being published. It is obviously drawing so much flak particularly from abroad, the Sunday Times is now hesitating to publish his name even. Earlier it was only from the military and people in SL. But now the counter-attacks from abroad seems to have overshadowed SL reactions.

TropicalStorm said...


I was under the impression that the assent of the mainly lower caste/class LTTE into power effectively wiped out the disciminatory system that prevailed in the Tamil society, at least in LTTE dominated areas. In fact I have some 'Vellalar' friends who do not wish to return to SL for some convoluted reasons that have something to do with the caste system. [I tolerate them because I grew up with 'em, but they and their little tantrums are a pain in the ass..] Will the system ever return, since Hindusim still prevails dominant in the area, or should the caste system be banned legally/discrimination criminalized?
This is a new start for the Tamil society in the areas that are being liberated, and would be a good time to fix the age old crap that held people in bondage based on their birth...If it needs to be legally banned, then the Tamils need to take the leadership and pass the necessary laws, since the majority Sinhala-Buddhist vote would automatically work for them.

TropicalStorm said...

'assent' should be corrected as 'ascent'. sorry.

TropicalStorm said...


The LTTE cannot win, not because Velu has to die someday. It cannot win because the majority in the countru would never let them win and stay victorious. Winning the battles, they've done before. But the wars are only won when the opposition is completely defeated. LTTE could never do that, and never will be able to either.

Bhairav said...

[In fact I have some 'Vellalar' friends who do not wish to return to SL for some convoluted reasons that have something to do with the caste system.]

These are utter lies. Caste system plays big role when it comes to arranged marriages. Usually folks who consider themselves as high caste do not marry lower caste. LTTE never forces high caste people to marry lower caste or vice versa, they only wipe out discriminatory system. In some temples from Jaffna,still in practice, lower caste people are prohibited from the Temple's management team. I,myself, from vellalar caste, never threatened by LTTE's acts. What happened in the past 2 decades in Jaffna, many inter-caste marriages happened due to poverty. The successful people from lower caste people used this opportunity to marry high caste people- in other words, marriage of convenience for people who consider themselves as high caste. In fact we do not have any caste system in SL in books as it is in India where university seats are allocated according to schedule caste system. You can not change the caste/class system in overnight. Well, even UK is based on class system. As long as human exists, you can't change the caste/class system.

soorapappa...සූරපප්පා said...


Eventhough I totally disagree with your position on LTTE and other stuff, really enjoyed reading comments related to your childhood. Thanks for sharing.
But regarding caste, I have different experience with different tamil caste. According to Tamil friends I had in University, high cast guys rarely support LTTE. High cast guys don't even sit together with low cast guys, and when it comes to ragging also they have two gangs.

Bhairav said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bhairav said...

Guys, whoever moved by my childhood events, I would like to say thank you, but mind you I reserve all the rights to unleash my ballistics at anyone if the needs come.LOL!

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