Tuesday, September 9, 2008


LTTE plane shot down following an attempted bombing of Vavuniya SLAF HQ. The plane has crashed into Mullaitivu.

await further details


Rover said...

Please fasten your seat belts, the descent has begun.

Unknown said...

Why is it called SF headquarters , I thought the target was the AF HQ .

TigerKiller said...


what a news ? Let's have a party

Elara® said...


LOL, but seriously speaking, is there any proof of this? Stuff like video or pics???

Bhairav said...

It will turn out to be another skud-Patriotic missile saga of Gulf war I.

Anonymous said...

Oh diaspora, please don't beleive DW. Go and look the sky. I saw those two planes are still there.

Suwaganak said...

Ninja said...

//..but their was no indication of any aircraft coming down, according to civilian sources.//

There are civilians looking the sky, sleeping under every tree in wanni. So without noting to civilians in wanni how come 1000 feet long TAF plane can come down in the mid night? Since civilians didn't see it and one didn't come back LTTE officials (Rasaiah Illantherian, Sharp, Shyam, Puli, etc) all wondering WT# happened to remaining one.

BTW, I heard there are grand parties in UK and Canada to celebrate SLAF NOT bringing down the second plane.

September 9, 2008 8:25 AM

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

soon SLDF s will turn killinochie in to Kak-kussie-pochie

Ohoma Yan... hemming yan... thawa tikie..

kumar said...

Hi Dear!

this is rumour talk on shot down of LTTE aircraft. LTTE planed to fly their flight perfectly.because of those are not land in LTTE's area,which were landed other countries.
we got that message on LTTE air craft is undamaged now from reliable saurces.

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