Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Jeyam replaces Swarnam as going gets tough

The LTTE has reshuffled its Commanders again today. LTTE's DPU/LRRP Chief Jeyam has replaced Swarnam in Nayaru/Mulaitivu today to counter the 59 Division. The main objective of this appointment, however, is to destabilize the East through attacks behind the Army's back.

Two days before his appointment Jeyam tried his tricks. An elite Tiger guerrilla unit was readied to be inducted into Nayaru from where they were to infiltrate Trincomalee. The team was to lead other small LTTE groups in a daring attack on an SLA detachment in Batticaloa. LTTE was desperately seeking a show of strength in the East.

Unfortunately for Jeyam, the Special Forces were onto this plan. Tipped-off by informants, an 8-man SF team infiltrated the Nedunkerni south area on Monday. They spotted the LTTE team at a place called Vedivaichchikallu and pounced on them killing 4 and injuring another 4 who retreated with the injuries as reinforcements were brought in.

The Special Forces have, for the first time in many years, become a true reserve force working on highly selective missions in close collaboration with the MIC. At the moment, 1, 2, and 3 Special Forces have been deployed along the Kilinochchi and Pooneryn FDLs as a reserve unit.

They have been exploiting weaknesses in LTTE defenses and are deployed in places where the SLA is comparatively weak, in addition to operations in the medium and deep battle space. Their presence in these areas has been a huge deterrence and force multiplier.


perein said...

Thank you DW.

Yoda Bala, yoda shakitya Labi Theruwan Saranin ewarakarum wadee.

අහිංසක said...

Thanks for the regular updates DW.

Tigers seems to shit in Sakkili Die-Ass-Poras pants . . . he he he

Pierre said...

Tigers have no answers to the SLA. Keep changing your commanders.

Unknown said...

Thanks DW,

I hope we have teams with DF equipment to track DPU units’ transmissions and inform rapid reaction teams to their locations.

But detecting and triangulating burst transmissions especially in HF will be hard to do.

Btw, last night some thing was crawling along baseline :) must be Christmas gifts for uncle prabha eh?? :D jolly good for him!!


OneNation (formerly TTBO) said...

Any truth in the story about 10 STF casualties on tamilnet?

mulathiev TARZEN said...

..yes do we have to go to mulathive to find out the truth?

...jaathika weerayaa!

...jaathika horaa!
jaraapaksha booruwa

anee i-thing thopi roth-thata mee thung saranee saranaai!!

...jaathika prashnaya!
how to shoot a flying object?

mulathiev TARZEN said...

..yes do we have to go to mulathive to find out the truth?

...jaathika weerayaa!

...jaathika horaa!
jaraapaksha booruwa

anee i-thing thopi roth-thata mee thung saranee saranaai!!

...jaathika prashnaya!
how to shoot a flying object?

Peter said...

All the modays were expecting him to come up with another "race on for Killinochchi" story.

But look at the only cr£p he can produce: he can give some LTTE commanders names.

Which chapter of the Mahavamsa is this dude writing?

Gringo said...

[Ex-Tamil Tiger Rebels Join Sri Lankan Security Forces, BBC Says

By Michael Heath

Nov. 5 (Bloomberg) -- A breakaway faction of the Tamil Tigers will be integrated into Sri Lanka's security forces, the first time the government has accepted a group that took up arms against the state, the British Broadcasting Corp. reported.

Man... this is a spectacular move... well worth the cost and effort.

I nearly ejaculated visualizing how proud TASSLs from the great East would kill LTTE pigs on the run... There's some special flavour their, man!

A little bird on a nearby tree keeps chirping... 'Kill more... achieve more'

kwahhhhhhhhhaaa..... kwahaaaaaaaaaa!

Gringo said...

[#171 military personnel killed in Sep.

The number would have been '371' sans the liberation for the civilians (and the real estate for all) if we just hoped that the peace would fall from the sky.

Terrorism is in our neighborhood to be fought and win... not to appease those who are engaged in it.

No surrender to the Tamil terrorists' demands.

Unknown said...

I really love reading the comments of Diaspora fellows! Really shows how far far away they are from reality (probably they are Schizophrenic), probably they think that the LTT(P)E control Wellawatta and Bandarawela too!

Shrinks can make fortune treating such guys

Unknown said...

In a way the Diaspora are nothing more than a bunch of losers, who just got a life after leaving SL as bogus refugees.

Unfortunately they are not the worst losers, the idiots who swallow low calorie cyanide are the worst.

They probably didn't notice that prior to 1983, Jaffna had the highest suicide rate in SL!

Unknown said...

Here's the best comedy,

Since Somapura (Sampoor) - the SLA has been "repulsed" and the LTTE has been making "tactical withdrawals"

Now the SLA is at the door step at Giranika (Kilinochchi) and Poonranna (Poonaryn), so they are dreaming of sending the SLA running a marathon back to Anuradapuram. Dream dream! The LTTE could not push the SLA back by 2m!

Unknown said...

Original Sinhala names of places in the north and east prior to being Tamilized during the British period.

No wonder the Tamils who claim of a homeland in the NE cannot even produce a shred of archaeological evidence. Not even a Toilet Seat of Tamil origin!

Its all because they were brought to SL by the Dutch as laborers on tobacco farms. Later more were brought to NE and estates by the British.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

This is the next opportunity I got.

Still on "Sri Lanka belongs to Sinhala" topic. I guess I didnt explain my stance here. So this will be bit long.

Let me first state that I have no issues if it is so. But my concern is it is not at all so, and I see no point in stating it as a sentiment. There is not even a sign of it happening.

Let's face the reality of SL today. Around 70% of business is run by tamil and muslim people. Colombo sinhala % is less than 50% and predicted to become a minority soon. You know that population of economic capital has a higher say and control.

In SL parliment both minority ethnic groups hold around [say] 50/225 seats. But until recent times they decided who rules the country. You know the kind of perks to be given to racist minority politicians in order to get their support. Extremely skilled MR could break this dependency, but I dont know for how long.

The statement "SL belongs to sinhala", no matter however right you are, adds an extra cost on us. It discourages our patriot brethren of other ethnic descend. And it paints a picture of racism in the eye of outsider [you can reason, but the outsider just wont ask or listen to them]. It is a worthy cost if this claim really exists. But here the claim is a void and empty "pampori" as someone stated before. And it comes with a cost too.

This is why Separatists are reaching orgasm when a popular person states this. It is exactly what they want. And I feel sad to see our patriots here, picking loose ends of rope left by the conspirator.

So what is this scream calling SL belongs to Sinhala? China belongs to chinese, but do they keep on saying it. They have made sure that we, the rest of the world feel it. No words wasted.

This is like the early days of JR. Around 1980 I remember hearing "deshabhimani gee" every morning in radio [govt controlled]. He kept on calling for Dharmishta Samajayak Nivahal Deshayak. But underneath he was selling whatever was left in SL to yankies and polluting our disciplined socio-political structure. And bringing an iron grip of dictatorship using 5/6 of parlimentary votes. So much about words.

This is why I oppose the utter of meaningless words. Make it so, we are willing to see it.

Now, most of the expats who think that it should be so, can do so much for it to happen. Bring businesses here [now dont complain of bureaucracy and lack of support, Indians had much worse situ, but expats themselves changed it]. Bring new technology, bring investments. This is how road-shitting [they still do] India is competing to be the third best economy of world.

Dear expats, we dont tell you to come back and settle down. But help SL to establish a path for economic development. And enjoy good deed where ever you are. If you do it, no matter who rules SL, [be it even Bandu and tenny,] SL will blossom. Look at Japan where economy and country has no dependency on parliment and PM.

It is a total bullshit that some ppl kept on saying that there is "Budhdhi galanaya" in 80s. "Budhdhi galanaya" is good, if those intellects who left SL can send back stuff that locals here cant obtain on our own. And that is again the secret of India.

Nevertheless, I see no issues in living in current day's system where whoever is receiving what they deserve - the system of SLans rule SL. As long as they are not biased and they mean good purpose we dont care who they are. However, it is not always so. Lads like Rauff, Thonda, Chandrasekaran etc are slowly building a ethnically biased system and sucking blood of fragile govts in kudella style. That is the ground reality.

And the statements like "SL belongs to sinhala" are currently used by lads like Mervyn Silva, who has no political backborne, but tries pavement selling of himself for the passing vote base.

I wanted to give this picture as most of you are expats and you seriously seem to miss the ground reality. Meant no harm and sure I appreciate you guys as you're patriots. We sit in one side of the rope here awaiting the cementing of the rat holes in the other side. Finally my apologies to DW for using your space again for a rather distant topic.

Cheers all.

Peter said...

Does the Mahavamsa say that the Buddha washed his a$rse at Akkarayan Kulam?

None of this sh£t would be happening today if the indigenous Tamils of the island had sunk "kallathoni" Vijaya & Co.

Infinity said...

Many LTTE supporters had expected or hoped for a massive LTTE counter-offensive once the weather turned bad like in 1999. On the contrary, the SLDF is if anything accelerating the offensive.

Obama, who will not become president for two and a half more months, will not make the US join North Korea in supporting the LTTE or reward VP with his own dictatorship. Also, India is far more important to the US than Sri Lanka so India's position will likely not be crossed.

The hope for TN forcing an Indian intervention is now fading after New Delhi crackdown and some good diplomatic work by the government.

Yet another hope might be that coming Indian election would bring a more LTTE friendly government. So this article on BJP's position is very interesting:

Corey said...


I cannot say how correct you are! Over 17,000 patients and counting, I can see how sick these ltters are, from miles away.

The biggest challenge in our profession is to make these sick people realize that they need help. Sometimes, it is next to impossible.

Miracles do happen, though: Sometimes a book, or even a song (like "Blowin' In the Wind" by Bob Dylan) can hit right on the head and shake these people into reality.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Ritigala, I was used to run a psychology clinic for diaspora. Pretty sad that we dont get long socio-political and history explanations of Bhairav, Economic predictions by Navindran, Painful cries from pee-done-biter, and the rest of stupid statements by thakathiru, shyam, echolalia, peter and co.

Seriously guys, the long posts have reduced. Smaller the land the pussycats have, lesser words they can come up. And soon we will see them reduced to the template alone. Dont be surprised to see;

"Modaya,... modaya ... surprise ... collapse ... repulse .. modaya ... mahavamsa ... redbird ... surprise ... modaya"

No words to fill the gaps of template.

And it is such a big thing we miss now. I was working on a thesis to post here one day on how a bunch of lunatics can get time-locked in a dream of creating a country purely based on the impulse angry reaction of some thuggery of 1983.

hemantha said...

Sweet sweet sweet Pooneryn! When?

click here

"After pooneryn falls we will make the line and go from West to East"
-General Sarath Fonseka

Mahendra said...


comments like the one's reproduced
below, are only to be expected
given the frustration arising in the Tiger camp due to severe lack of any positive outcome for quite a while now! This is sign that our valiant forces are on the right track whatever said and done......! << not that the Tamil people are frustrated mind you; as there are huge masses of Sri Lankan Tamil people who want good-riddance from the LTTE as well>>

Please empathize with Peter n co. but do not sympathize with them hehe :-D ur'll should understand their plight especially after all these blown up stuff of their past which was complete bullshit !!

" All the modays were expecting him to come up with another "race on for Killinochchi" story.

But look at the only cr£p he can produce: he can give some LTTE commanders names.

Which chapter of the Mahavamsa is this dude writing?"

"anee i-thing thopi roth-thata mee thung saranee saranaai!! "

Unknown said...


Vijaya & Co were only 700 ppl.

If an ENTIRE ISLAND of "TAMILS" could be subdued by 700 people, it speaks volumes as to why you people can't win a jungle war waged for 30 years!

Read the history of southern India even Tamil Nadu came into existence in 1962, before that it was Madras State (broken up along linguistic lines).

You believe your Tamil Sangam? the book that talks about sangams lasting for 1000+ years? well I think those who took part were mummified.

No wonder you ppl believe that marrying a dog will ward off curses.

Unknown said...

Peter Coolie,

This is a forum in which girls participate too. So stop using your third grade Jaffna Library educational vocabulary and try to be decent no matter how difficult that is to you.

Unknown said...


Is really sad how they have been collecting hard earned cash and swindling credit cards all in vain! (Down the "familiar" toilet)

No wonder some members of the Diaspora have realized this and come up with worthwhile investments! rather than spend it on a bunch of jungle losers.

Mahendra said...

Now they wanna and are trying very hard to provoke ethnic strife that didn't exist all these years(but which they have been talking of otherwise)! Let them have their hallucinating "FUN"!

Sujeewa Kokawala said...


I do not see a point in communicating with you. But this bit is to answer the Q you raised in the mind of other ppl.

You said "If only we could beat Vijaya and 700". Hey, stop crying for lost battles, and learn a way to live with it. If you cry this much for the battle your IMAGINE to have happened 2500yrs ago, whoa, I cant imagine how much you'd cry in near future, when the battle which you sponsor gets crushed at a heavy cost to your relatives here. This is why you should not wage war like idiots. BTW, I dont think that Vijaya war 2500yrs ago had anything to do with your forefathers OK?

Did tamils live in SL2500 years ago? Yes there must be.

Are they the forefathers of today's Northern tamils? No. In this active region a small ethnic group can not stay unmixed for 2500 years. Note that the region was the hotspot of Sinhala civilization. It is very likley that those tamils got integrated into the composite of sinhala.

Who are northern tamils? Primarily the invaders who came from TN after ~1000CE. And Ritigala, I'd love to see more details of your estate workers in N/E story.

Is Vijaya a real tale? It is a legend. And nobody can say a legend is real or not.

What happaned to Vijaya's opposition? Well 100s of 1000s cannot be killed by a mere 700. So what happened was the population of SL absorbed the 700 into them. Not even vice versa.

Why do tamils think that they're the yakka of SL? Since most pundits have foolishly stated that sinhala descend from vijaya and 700. The void of 100s of 1000s ppl of other party is cunningly utilized by peter and co.

How can Diaspora recover from the 2500yr old pain of a war which they never fought? This imaginary story and the cry has been killing diaspora so much. But you know that this has risen among you since you take a legend based history book Mahavamsa as a gospel teaching. Maybe it will help you, if you read Ramayan to balance your mind.

Annonymous said...

[Peter said...
Does the Mahavamsa say that the Buddha washed his a$rse at Akkarayan Kulam?]

Here we have the punnakku eating idiot mooing again.

Budhdha is not a super human, but a normal person. Like you and me he also must be conducting basic human activities like washing of the back.

But he was not a tamil so he wont do this in public places like the Akkarayankulam tank. It is your tradition, not Budhdha's.

hemantha said...

"Addressing the silver jubilee celebrations of the Gajaba Regiment at its Saliyapura Regimental headquarters, on Monday, a confident Fonseka said that the army was rapidly approaching the Jaffna lagoon. Appreciating the Gajaba Regiment’s contribution, he said that a land route to Jaffna would be a reality soon."
-The Island

click here

Nachikuda said...

Can someone tell me whether the 10 STF killed news on Tamilnut is True or False.....

There's no comment on this from the SLDF side.....

Also apart from and

can someone tell me where to hunt for Sri Lankan news....

Thanks heaps....

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

Yes, yes, yes if you want to belive tamilnet, go ahead belive them no one going to stop you!


whoever born to this world must die, no one going to get out this place without getting killed first...

I will assure you that...

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

ManKullam Area is errpted with heavy fighting, any news?.

Things going to get lot worst for LTTE...

Time to surrender...ltte boys

Anonymous said...

/But look at the only cr£p he can produce: he can give some LTTE commanders names./

Guys, peeter is an well educated inteligent tamihzzz. He comes here becuz he likes cr£p. His whole life is full of cr£p. Ha Ha Only good thing is his favourite book is Mahavamsa. Ha Ha Beleive me I can assure you, even your dog undertood what you say...not our diaspora.

Sujjewa, Ritigala

Well said. But you should not expect peeter to understand any thing other than 'cr£p'.

Mongala crying 1 : I agree with Mon-gala on one thing; when he said he has no children.

Mongala crying 2 : The whole purpose of crying 1 Ha Ha

Ravi K crying : (Calculations were based on Ravi K's economics advisor Dr. Navindran (FCRAP,PIMP)

Keri-alla crying : Thoppigala 2 - coming soon.

Why both LTTP and UNP crying hard? Is there crying competition?

Folks, we should expect a CHANGE now; LTTP dihards coming back to blog with obama song Ha Ha

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

LTTP diehards Diaspora (aceholls) responsible for killing all these innocent Tamil boys for a piece of Land-(property), they must answer that question in this world or next world.

So many front line fighters have nothing to eat, don't even have Bata slippers, while them living in cold countries and eating ice-cream – driving Honda Accords and Toyotas.

Diaspora living abroad think again... tamil dudes.

Peter said...

A UNP friend told me that SLFP farm boys are beyond redemption. She said: “A few decades ago they would have joined the JVP and got themselves killed; now they join the SLA and get themselves killed.”

Mahen said...

You guys have your heads up your ass that you cannot see the wood for the trees. You actually think that you can counter the defensive units at Mankulam and yet keep the momentum towards Kilichnochi. Poor sods, you haven't felt the real power yet, haven't you learnt the lesson from Jayasikuri. This is a well laid out trap, and you have walked right into, just wait a couple of days and see what happens at Mankulam. PS, you have only captured Nachichikuda township, just wait the for the action.

Gringo said...

[just wait a couple of days ]


Rana said...

Ah another new Zakkiliek, Mahen, came here to tell us about a well laid trap in Mankulam area within two days.

So they are anouncing their plans, ahh.

Wellcome, good harvesting for ST-3, that is exactly what we want.

We have seen too many fleeing LTTP troops so far and our boys are getting lazy with boring fight given to them lately.

After this trap thing Mankulam will be cleared.

These basterds were talking about counter attacks, traps and coming backs for more than 06 months now!

The truth is their number go down by 40-60 per day. Their back ward march is 1/2 km per day.

I don't know how they do it? I mean dreaming more than 30 years!!!!

Rana said...

Peter the poo, Puke Peterratnam,

Pottu wants you to carry out suicide mission in scarborrough, Toronto. Get ready with the belt, other instruction will follow.

It is time for action!

Lankapura said...

"Did tamils live in SL2500 years ago? Yes there must be."

Tamil language and culture has its origin around 300BC. There may have been DRAVIDIAN people, not Tamils. It is important to know the difference and not fall for their deliberate misrepresentations.

Sinhala language and culture predates Tamil from all available evidence.

Mahen said...

Just goes to show how deluded you are. Go and see TamilCanadian and Dailymirror, TAF aircraft flew over Vavuniya and flew back. At least now do you believe that the radars were destroyed in the joint elite strike on Vavuniya air base? What happened this time, didn't your pansy airforce with "modern" aircraft give chase? Did the pilots go home at 5pm to s*crew their wives? You have the most ineffective airforce in the whole world, killing of Brigadier TC was a fluke, a lucky strike, even the AF admitted to the strike after Tamilnet published the story, the pansies at the airforce didn't even know what target they indiscriminately bombed.

Just wait morons, you haven't felt the power yet.

Gringo said...

[Ah another new Zakkiliek, Mahen, came here to tell us about a well laid trap in Mankulam area within two days]

That as*hole was on a well-earned 5-minute break from toilet cleaning. He had to release his desperation, stress and anger and get some 'fresh air'.

Too bad the the bugger missed such time-tested bashing like 'sinhala army' 'sinhala-buddhist', 'modaya', 'sinmod' al.

Moshe Dyan said...

thanks DW for the update.

"Their presence in these areas has been a huge deterrence and force multiplier."

just love it. what more can i pray for???

i noticed that we have become slower in "LTTE"S CAPACITY BUSTING OPERATIONS" lately.

we should IMMEDIATELY get down to these b4 it is too late. SLAF has still not come to pre-october level of activity.

Moshe Dyan said...

IF (IF) there is any pressure from the new US administration for peace with barbarians which we don't want........

GOSL should push terrorists to desperation by carrying out "harassing attacks". out of desperation they will cook the goose.

Gringo said...


Increasingly there seem to be only one option LTTE is left with....

****More terrorism*****

Which always made our case very strong...good for us.

US will never get involved in this mess but there will be musings.

[The Karuna factor has stunned the whole IC... and nicely silenced them]

Whatever the way you look at this scenario... the demise of the Tamil terrorists is written on the wall...

The price for the past mistakes, however, has to be paid (in instalments) in cash and blood.

Rana said...

The day before yesterday, heavy fighting reported north to Akkarayan kulan tank bund which is trapped by SLA from both flanks. However, there is a Akkarayan oya which flows from Akkarayan tank to Jafana lagoon, left to the area.

I thought %& had cleared the area but cyber map still not showing it.

Any body found the end resultof that clash?

Unknown said...


We Sinhalese are indeed proud farm boys. All of the monuments of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa were built from the wealth created by farm boys.

Only one category of people will see farm boys as otherwise. That is people who don't eat farm produce.

Not surprisingly such people are Coprophagus. For you it may be highly convenient go get your food from your workplace. Its understandable.

Moshe Dyan said...


there is a VERY HIGH chance of a LTTE barbarian attack on MR today. he will be going to and from the parliament. this is fcuking serious. even the PM is at risk.

last time he survived thanks to the palestinian president.

bridges, crossings, waterways, rail crossings have higher risk of terror activity.

he should get the deputy finance minister to present the budget. this is insane.

1. it will be instant disapproval of the war budget.
2. also an early start for motherfcukers (mahaveer) celebrations.
3. a reminder of the killing of that cripple
4. a first step in turning the tide
5. possibly a BIG help for UNP/TNA to defeat the budget and change the govt to a ponna govt

MoD should take this seriously.

dear g~d i'm happy to be wrong, please make me wrong on this.

Jambudipa said...

LTTE may dare the Air Force with a daytime raid on the Parliament during budget speech. Who knows? Anything is possible.

Jambudipa said...

Clearly the east needs more attention with Karua/Pallian squabble and many alarming infiltrations. I don;t think STF is upto the task.

Unknown said...

I read this story and started to laugh. I guess RObert Blake thinks he is chum pal with Obama to say that there is a partisan view on Sri Lanka. My god did he remeber what Hillary and Obama said during their campaigns. Anyway he wants a job in some liason office and to exploit Sri Lanka for that. Most amasadors are in a fix when the government changes just like Sri Lanka. If they have built good relations with the present government they tend to try to exploit this by potraying themselves as such to MNC and get a lucrative appointment till the next time their party comes to power.

However if you are of lower status like an LTC, then you most lucrative appointment is getting a 7/11 franchise. By the way defencewire, did gota get influenced by Appu from the Simpsons.

Anyway as usual spin doctoring, you have not reported the loses happening in the east and suddenly report 4 getting killed.

Its like the republican trying to push the markets up before the elections and now covering their shorts and getting out. It will look like Obama caused the dow to fall.

Its sad the McCain had honour and dignity but joined the wrong side.

Rana said...

Moshe/ Panhinda,

LTTE may be longing for attack like that. It will not a TAF attack, if they try it. Easiest is suicide attack by jamming three wheelar or something like that with large weight of explosives.

MR, GR and SF knows the risk, I am sure they will take all necessary measures to avoid such an attack.

However, if attack carried out, it has to be successful also. All recent such attacks were not that successful.

If they managed to get MR somehow, it is not going to help RW or LTTE.

Public will express their sympathy and vote next UAP candidate, not Ranil. International opinion will turn against LTTE. SLA will go on with Indian support.

LTTE will be condemed by all govt heads including Obama.

Last: LTTE will not dare to attempt, hopefully.

Jambudipa said...


See below. Before he made those rosy speeches, he had no clue about the level of Tamil chauvinisms becoming a burden on the region and the entire planet. After the CIA brief him, you will get labeled with the usual tag the entire world refer to you - Tamil terrorists.

The head of the CIA said they would begin sharing classified information with Obama during a transition phase up to his inauguration.

"As we continue to serve the current administration, we are also in touch with President-elect Obama and his national security team,'' said Central Intelligence Agency director Mike Hayden in a letter to CIA employees."

Rana said...

Still Obama, this naveendran fellow is having contineous ejaculation over Obama. Why? any body has seen Obama's body or may be his wife is too exciting to Naveen.

Unknown said...

You know readin the first few comments in this blog gives me an idea why you and defencenet can post what you like and why Mahindha mama and family can loot as much as they can.

I mean how about telling the boys here the army desertions are at a record level. Likewise how about the keyboard warriors go and join the armed forces and fight.

How many of you can spend 3 days in the jungle without having the opportunity to bath and having a powder bath.

I think both sides should learn to respect the people who are fighting there. You have no balls to fight and they are doing.

During the Japanese attack on Burma, One platoon of british soldiers were on one side of the ravine and the other platoon of british soldiers were on the end. In such a weird circumstance, the group of japanese soldiers went down to bathe while one or two were on guard and vice versa. At the end it happened that both sides took turns like that for some time till they were asked to move out. Guess both sides were more than happy to just hold their position and be alive.

Even ex world war 2 veterans tend to say that the person on the other end could have been easily someone who would havegiven them a descent conversation over couple of beers.

I guess the problems were the politicians. The Japanese or Germans were not cruel people but their politicians exploited their weakness and turned them to do so.

Nadesan was a Sri Lankan policeman and ended up marrying a sinhalese fellow policewomen. Had there been no 1983, he would have by now retired and nobody would know him. Do you think his wife sticks with him because she is afraid the LTTE will kill her or because she herself saw the events of 1983. I do not think she supports why her husband kills he fellow sinhalese but she does understand.

If you understand the fundemental issues at hand you can solve the issues. Obama did not get emmotional during the campaign while Mccain did. An election campaign itself when so long drawn is a reflection of someones leadership capabilities. Many fail to realise that most great leaders tend to have extremely intelligent wives.

FDR has Elannor and Obama has michelle.

Jambudipa said...


Remmember they bombed Colombo after the World cup loss? The air force was busy watching cricket or they were busy watching "Sri Lanka Idol" I think. They then hit KIA which hit tourism that is yet to recover. These are all psyops. They fly in not to really damage infrastructure but to unsettle people's minds who have a strong resolve to crush them.

There is a good analogy in Cricket. When the batsman is on a good wicket, the bowler try to unsettle him with snide remarks. No matter how good the batsman, if he cannot control his mind, he loses.

When you can understand what they are after, you can find good solutions for it. As part of the solution, we have to educate the public why they do what they do. The other, we have to make public institutions strong and independent so that if they take out a leader, the next one who comes along is as strong and does a similar job. With the defence ministry we are almost there. Whoever comes to power I dont think they will allow the national security to deteriorate.

Saman said...


Lot of MRs political oponants and Sakkiliyas talk about "rajapaksa" samagama. To me, this is the blessing we have to have in the war - stability. Non other time in Sri Lankan history three brothers held the helmn fighting the scum. In the military, the executive and the diplomacy.

Interesting fact is, Senanayakas, Bandaranayakas, Premadasas (even Vezapulle) alike made sure "pawule kattiya" lining up for power. But no one had a problem with that. Did they? Now all are too excited about Rajapaksa samagama.

To me, if Sakkiliyas managed to take one Rajapacsa, only other two Rajapaksa's resolve would be hardenned. To me that is a blessing and a mandatory requirment in this hour.

Jambudipa said...

Is there a pattern emerging? Each time TAF hit Colombo there was something interesting on TV - Cricket World cup, Sri Lanka Idol, Nandana Vindana etc. What was on TV during the recent raid I wonder hmm..

Rana said...


Agree 120% brother!

I don't know much about Basil but it seems MR and GR are really lion hearted and smart heads on their shoulders.

Still, I don't want any thing happens to any of them including SF and all our brave military officers.

Brave Hearts (Boys) at the FDL, of course they are running high risks, still I don't any one of them to be even injured. Evry time I hear death or injury our boys, it is like my own brother having a injury.

Saman said...

Rana, yes mate, I will be very very sad and will be down for days if that ever happens. Hope it does not. I hope, they also know what it means for the country and would avoid taking any risks.

I am also keen to see what UNP/JVP/TNA scum aimig to do by defeating the budget. Last time, JVP took a bold decision not to. For that I take my hat for them. But this year I am not quite sure. But for MR, he has chartered through much terbulant water. Hop he got few tricks in his hat.

Rana said...

If Obama try to interfere with SL conflict in a manner that helps LTTE to achieve its goal, peelam.

He is definitely going to create another Osama bin laden against americans.

I don't think he is foolish, he might try to solve problem diplomatically. VP and Pottu are criminals wanted by India and Interpole. He is not going to help VP to succeed but he may try and help tamil people.

There is nothing wrong with that.

Rana said...


MR is very smart, if budget get beaten by UNP/JVP/TNA MR can resumit it with modification and some political manuering.

What opposition can do is to bring no confidence motion. Even, if that is successful MR will call for general elections and win with bigger majority.

UNP and JVP going het beaten heavily in next election. MR knows that.

So MR has nothing to loose.

CASC said...

I'd like to make a point about
commercially available GPS devices that the LTTE is using to navigate their planes to their GPS coordinates. Based on a conversation I had with a colleague of mine involved in this area, I understand that there are currently several GPS jammers available on the market (this information is in the public domain). In fact during the second Iraq war, a Russian company sold Saddam Hussein's Govt several anti-jamming devices to disrupt the expected cruise missile attacks which were launched by the American forces (this information is also in the public domain). The same Russian company sold several of these devices to the US Pentagon which studied the impact of these anti-jamming devices. My colleague indicated that a localized jamming device could be built fairly easily using current microwave technology but that one would need an array of stations to block the GPS signals on a large scale. My point is that since the LTTE is using commercially avilable GPS devices to navigate their planes, and since they have precise GPS coordinates for major strategic locations, one counter measure to disrupt these bombing runs could involve using these localized anti-jamming devices.

Anonymous said...

/Did tamils live in SL2500 years ago? Yes there must be./


I too agree with Lankapura. What we know is there were human but no evidence to say they were tamil. Some argue they might belong to dravidas.

Unknown said...


[Even ex world war 2 veterans tend to say that the person on the other end could have been easily someone who would havegiven them a descent conversation over couple of beers.]

Quite true, in Sri Lanka however, it were a few Tamils who spoiled all this (Sundaralingam, Chelvanagam etc.). The Malay People were in fact blessed not to have people like them. So today, they are an integral part of our society.

[Likewise how about the keyboard warriors go and join the armed forces and fight.]

After you my friend!

Saman said...

Good points rana on the budget issue. Yes, that makes sense and feeling bit comfortble.

I wrote yesterday on Obama's influence (in response to over excited sakkiliyas) exactly along your lines. I do not think Obama will be an issue. These are my views,

1. Obama epitamizes the hope that minority grevances can be won by peaceful means. No way he would support a criminal.
2. We have time until 20th January even if Obama is an issue. I believe by that time our boys will get rats out of their holes and break the back of this murderers' movement.
3. Most likely, Obama's foreign policy would be NOT TO INTERFERE WITH INTERNAL AFFAIRS (quite the opposite of Bush)
4. India can not afford to have a Pealam in Sri Lanka. That is the begining of the end of India as one country.
5. With economic meltdown he has otherthings to worry.

But America may influence the political setlement with dignity to both parties. As you are, I have no trouble with that.

Unknown said...

Kudos to the Malay People they speak their own language (without Malay being an "official language", without any Malay medium schools).

On the other hand are the ungrateful Tamils with Tamil as an national language and Tamil medium schools and all the priviledges, free education, but support the LTT(P)E.

Shame on you!

Hope you will at least be grateful to the countries that accepted you as bogus refugees. But then again who are the infamous credit card fraudsters? Ungratefulness again!

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

Agreed on the issue of not offending "Tamil" patriots. Also that we don't. Also about not harping on "Sinhala" country.
However, I'd like to correct a few misconceptions.
First, Sinhale was the name of the country and Sinhala the name of the dynasty, people and language of the country. It only changed to an ethnic group with the advent of the British.
Tamil as an ethnicity, if it existed at all before the British, was only mentioned by the Buddhists in the manner that words Kallathoni or Sakkili are used today.
The guys we call Tamil these days are descended from some men who settled in the country over the past 800 years for various reasons. The foreigners, whether Protuguese or Chola or Pandya, Chera did not bring their own women in their duffel bags. No, they cohabited with our aunties. These guys are our cousins who have as much right as we have. But we have a right to get bloody mad at our cousins it they try to betray the contry.
The reason they call themselves Tamil is entirely an accident of history. Think about it; how comfortable is a White American to call African American "nigers"? But African Americans will colloquially call each other that in limited circumstances. They will never dream of adopting it as a symbol. We call ourselves "modayas" in this forum as a badge of honor and irony. We will never identify ourselves as that. If the Tamils want to do that then it is an accident that we can try and respect.
But when they try and invent a non-existent "Tamil" History, it makes my blood boil. That is what I call a betrayal of our common ancestors. (why do we call each other Yaka, Yako? Why are venerable ancestral figures diefied as e.g. Kande Yaka? It is only we who make this reference, Yako!)
Tamils who never refer to themselves in this manner (yes I am talking about Casteists) have no right to claim the pride with which we hold our ancestors.

Moshe Dyan said...


"UNP and JVP going het beaten heavily in next election."

JVP - yes; UNP - no.

UNP loves a general election bcos it can DEFINITELY increase its number of MPs.

now it has about 50 MPs with it which is 22% (about 25% excluding district bonus seats) of the parliament. the minimum UNP has ever fallen is higher than this.

anyway even if UNP increases its share, it cannot form a govt now. but it can destabilise the govt by parliamentary politics.

Moshe Dyan said...

MR, stay indoors today. send the deputy to present the budget.

anything can happen.

i won't be surprised if a TNA terorist try to be a 'mahaveer'.

Rana said...


I was there in SL from early December to late Feb, I have seen and experience how the people feel. They are facing lot of hardships but most of the people like to patient until war is over and happy about the progress.

I think UNP cannot do better. Infact, I think they will loose some seats in the parliment and then Ranil will have bigger problem with his leadership.

BTW, our general election is on next Saturday (08th Nov). All signs that incumbent Labour will be beaten by Nationals. However, both parties are alike in policies and nothing much to change Though National is promising more tax cuts and be tougher on criminals which sounds good to me.

Unknown said...

Looks like Dailymirror=SLFP=the truth shows they are scared of obama.

Unknown said...

Looks like more and more Pro LTTE newspapers out there. Luckily you have defencenet and denfencewire to hide sorry i mean see the truth.

When Bangla Desh could be created with the intervention of Indian Government in the 70s, Tamil Eelam could also be created similarly, he said while speaking to journalists here on Monday.

Unknown said...

Any updates of when he will be picked up by the white van. Looks like they need the white bus or train service soon. Anyway sorry to divert your propaganda efforts to divert the people from the real issues. Heard jayam cut his hand and needs a plaster.

SRI LANKA Anglican Church Calls For End To War As Rebels Bomb Capital

Unknown said...


Ha! Ha! Ha! Just wait with widely open mouths until some country comes and gives you your (P)eelam. (as if they have nothing better to do)

For one thing, you guys deserve the world cup for Daydreaming!

I think if you go and lick a few boots of your white masters and beg on all fours (as you people always have) it may be a bit more productive. At least they will issue a few more lip services as they always have.

Rana said...


How many interventions you need to save LTTP and Peelam?

1. EC Intervention
2. UN ditto
3. T'naadu ditto
4. India ditto
5. Obama ditto.
6. Catholic church
9. K'Nidhi
10. Vaiko
List will go on but the truth is your peelam is now less than
and soon will be less than By that time LTTP strength will be around 2500 or less.

Lesser the size of peelam and lesser the tiger numbers all intervetion groups will wait to see finals then tamil diapora will have final orgasm and climax both before fall into permanent sleep.

Enough now ?

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

Damn good idea bro. In fact why not buy 500-1000 zlins, assemble them in SL, manufacture night vision and GPS equipment in SL? Then you have a ready made air surveillance system which is not a threat to India, unless they decide to invade (wink wink). Anyway, I am probably talking cr£p like Black Pete the comic hero.

Guys don't get distracted by the LTTE moles into giving their claims any credibility. Dravida only refers to a region ( the peninsular region of India). Lanka is an island. It's people have always been known as a separate entity. Some of the names given to them have included Raksha (heh heh), Yakka, Naga, Hela, Sivuhela, Simhala, Sinhala and (Sri) Lankan. At one point the Pandya empire was founded centres at Anurapura. But we were never referred to as such as a people.
Tamil (Damilla) is an epithet and Dravida is a region. Our ancestors (above) would turn in their graves if they were to here such names used to describe them. They may have had a common culture with South Indians during the early iron age (I would venture to suggest that we introduced that culture- Anurapura was the only large city south of Uijjan) but that does not mean our culture should be termed Tamil or Dravida.
By the way, Sankilli sounds a lot like Sakkili. Can Bhairav or Black Pete Nuttindram tell us if he (Sankilli) was also used as a tool by you superior Aryachakravartis? The irony is that the Dravidianist who think they are separate race hark back to a dynasty which has the Arya prefix. This alone should convince them that the Aryan-Dravidian division was bullshit created by Caldwell.
They were our ancestors. They

CASC said...

Interesting news article from Lankatruth. Not sure if true or not. Looks like the Indian soldiers at the Embassy got spooked during the LTTE air attack and started firing randomly at nearby buildings.

Indian soldiers' shooting damage buildings in Colombo

Unknown said...

Such a wierd writer, should also white van him. I thought he wrote sensibily.

It is doubtful whether in the context of Sri Lanka’s hugely partisan politics and systemic violence, anyone able to unite Sri Lanka meaningfully will ever emerge. Obama in his acceptance speech spoke of a country “not of blue states and red states, but a United States”. Who is articulating a similar sentiment in Sri Lanka today? A united Sri Lanka requires an equal measure of political imagination to envision and courage to articulate. It has never been possible under the LTTE. It is not possible under the Rajapakse regime. Sadly, most of us are still caught up in the feverish rhetoric of war as the only answer to all that vitiates our progress, development and national unity. This is a falsehood. The promise of change can never be hostage to the vicissitudes of war.

Our failure to realize this is also our failure to produce an Obama.

Corey said...

Terrorism not an answer to problem -- expert on terrorism in South Asia

Renowned author and an expert on South Asian affairs, Brigadier General (Retired) Alain Lamballe participating as the chief guest of the anti-terrorism photo exhibition held at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, said that it is natural for there to be tensions and even conflict in countries where different communities live, using violence and terrorism is not the answer or the way of resolving problems.

Lamballe, who has engaged in a study on terrorism in the region of South Asia while serving as the Security Counsellor in the French Embassy in India, commended the Sri Lankan government for its efforts to bring about lasting peace in the island.

Unknown said...

LTTE True friends of India?

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

Hope you are keeping the Pakehas informed about the reality of SL. Not that the Land of the Wrong White Crowd would make much impact on SL.

hemantha said...

"Our failure to realize this is also our failure to produce an Obama."

Obama is fortunate. If he lived in Sri Lanka born as a moderate Tamil he would have been murdered now. Not by the government but by Racist Tamils (LTTE). We had few Tamils, intellectually equal or superior to Obama but unfortunately they were moderates (Kadiragamar) who loved the country (like Obama does for his), which is a crime in LTTE terrorist’s book, so they were brutally murdered accordingly. Now we are left with the pigs likes of those who made the above comment. How unfortunate.

Anonymous said...


# Obama and other Americans speak same langauge
# Obama represents whole USA not just north and east state
# Obama does not demand any special rights/ self-determination or whatever crap for black people

# Only difference between Obama and (white) Americans is in skin color.

So USA showed now they do not care about the color of skin. That's all. In other words USA showed now they are 'normal' country such as SL or any other normal country in the world.

We Sri Lankans can never produce 'Obama' simply becuz we never had and don't have any problem with the color of skin.

BTW, I do not intend to disturb the "peelaam fantasy with Obama". Obama just announced his no:1 duty is to establish peezaam and he is looking for GPS. Happy peelzhaam dream diaspora...

Moshe Dyan said...

what's the definition of OBAMA????


TF obama = you & me.

after obama, some sinhala terms have a whole new meaning.


there is a song that goes something like......

"obama hamuwuna me ira handa yata......." by divulgane

Saman said...


Well said Bro, I totally agree with all your points.

One historical factor also remains true which shoul be added. Lot of us discuss why country was not devided on ethnic lines when British left although inner circle critical mass were Tamils at the time. Some argue Tamils missed their most probable chance, which I do not buy. Two reasons, in my view,

1. Many innercircle Tamils' business interests wer in colombo. If you look at the candidates of Tamil electorates , in early days (1936 onwards), they had nothing to do with the electorates they represented. They were well educated people, not like the modern scum who stuck in 1800s and doing politics from bunkers, had different views (although they ask 50:50)

2. British saw in 1947 what they never believed would possible. Gandhi and Nheru knew instinctively, and did their best to avoid - even Gandhi asked Nheru to step down and Jinnah to be the first PM of united India. Well. Jinnah disagreed and rest is history. So in 1948 British could not afford another blunder of that kind in Sri Lanka.

If this split happen now it could be even more horific.

As, you correctly said if this tiny island get devided there will be blood every where. But I also believe, that would also be the begining of the gloomiest chapter of a proud Sinhala race. If we can not beat them now and get them under control, what hope we have with 77 Million sakkilias spread over 40-50countries + so called Sri Lankan Tamils opening their backsides to west.

That is why I hate those gentlemen dumasses who are neither with us nor with them, telling us "bana" to show their wealth of knowledge. Time to be firm on which side you stand.

B#1 said...

"obama hamuwuna me ira handa yata......." by divulgane

:) lolz, I made lot of staff lol telling this.

Jambudipa said...

Dear Navindran,

Bring all Tamil interlocutors to the negotiations and keep them there until there is a resolution.

See if this is an unreasonable request. Its very simple request. No one will hand over political solutions on a plate like you buy fish in a market. Unless of course you want to make "special" rules for you because you think you are special.

hemantha said...

How about these two.
"Obama thurule gee gayana wele--"

"Obama samaga athinatha ganna dawasa---"

Both by Amaradewa.

Jambudipa said...

What about the first name 'Barak'

Whats that song with mosquito biting your arse after going to tiolet with a 'Kakka Barak' !

Moshe Dyan said...


fantastic, never heard of them though.

ok. all 3 songs are about happy times. the following is about obama in an unhappy situ....

this is like geethayen geethaya!

"obama peluuda nododa handuu sitha......." by milton m.

hemantha said...

""obama peluuda nododa handuu sitha......." by milton m."

That's the one 'Navindran' would be singing next year. (Obama boot eka dunnata pasuwa).

hemantha said...

And these are the ones 'Navindran' is singing now.
"Obamage neth deka wage--"

"Obamage nam--- Mama obe nam--"

"Obamage Swarnamali---"

All by Jothi.

Moshe Dyan said...

"never heard of them though"

sorry, i meanth never heard them.


yes, definietely.

but for the time being dumb tigers thinking that their saviour has come sing.....

mata waasana
obama ta waasana
obama ta mata oba waasana.....

Mahen said...

Heavy fighting in Kili and Mankulam front, suffer suffer suffer chean boys!

hemantha said...

"mata waasana
obama ta waasana
obama ta mata oba waasana....."
Cool. From Priya sooryasena.

Rana said...

Hei Moshe and hemantha,

What is the f**k going arounf singing Obama!

Don't you two have something useful to say?

Just joking, mates. Keep singing and laughing, that is the way we fight not like zakkiliyas! When we fight, score one, we dance, score another we sing, socore one more, we laugh.

carry on boys, we are giving them hell from every front!

Oba ma vitharai ithuruwa Victor Rathnayake.

Saman said...

Looks like fun. Holly Crap!!! - here are few more boys.

Oba Malak Welaa by Sampath Bandara & Sashika Nisansala
Oba Ma wetha Genaa by Three Sisters
Oba Mata Mal by Abeywardhana Balasuriya & Nanda Malini
Oba Maa Samagin by Dayaratne Ranathunga
Oba Maa Langa (Film: Obata Diwuraa Kiyannam) by H.R. Jothipala
Oba Mage Sithata by Ranjan Jayathilake
Oba Magen by Harsha Bulathsinghala, Ranil Mallawarachchi & Champa Kalhari
Wewaa Oba Ma ge (New Music) by Chandra Cabraal & A.J. Kareem
Oba Maa Wenwunu by Vinuka Vinsara
Oba Maage Daethe by Leslie Thomas
Oba Maa Athahera by Super Goldern Chimes
Oba Ma lak by Rohan Bulegoda
Oba Ma ge Nam by Punsiri Soysa
Oba Mata Ahimi by Athula Adikari
Oba Maa Wenuwen by K. Sujeewa
Oba Maa Hamuwee (Teledrama: Devi) by Rashmi Sangeetha
Oba Maa Soyaa by Sriyani Senaratne
Oba Maa Athare by Sriyani Senaratne
Oba Maage Neth by H.R. Jothipala
Swaamee Oba Mage by Yamuna Vinoodini
Oba Maage Neth (Film: Egey Aadara Kathaawa) by H.R. Jothipala & Sujatha Attanayake
Oba Maa Nam by KolithaBhanu Disanayake
Oba Maa Seka Kara by Milton Mallawarachchi
Oba Maa Sanasaala by H.R. Jothipala
Oba Magemai (Remix) by Ashanthi & Ranidu
Oba Magemai by Ashanthi & Ranidu
Oba Mage Nam by H.R. Jothipala & Sujatha Attanayake
Oba Mata Himi by Priya Suriyasena
Jesu Oba Mata by Petronella Fernando
Oba Maa Lanwee by Chandranath Wanninayake
Oba Maa Nelawuu by Shashi Vijendra
Oba Mage Sihine by Sanjeewani Weerasinghe
Oba Maa Langa by Asiri Priyantha
Oba Maa Samaga by W.D. Amaradeva
Oba Maa Weradi by Chandra De Silva
Oba Mage Swarnamali by H.R. Jothipala
Oba Maa Hera by Neal Malalasekera
Oba Mage Hada by Irine De Alwis & D. R. Winson
Oba Mage Senehasa by Indrajith Dolamulla
Oba Mata Langwa by Srimathi Thilakeratne
Oba Maa Denethe by Ariyaratne Yapa
Oba Maa Pethuwe by H. R. Jothipala
Daese Maage (Film: Sadahatama Oba Mage) by H. R. Jothipala
Oba Mage by Upendra Weerasinghe
Oba Maa by Upendra Weerasinghe
Oba Mage by Kamal Kandanarachchi
Oba Mage Sihinayai by Sedrick Fernando
Oba Maage Lowe by WijayaBandara Welithuduwa
Oba Maa Peluu by Milton Mallawarachchi
Oba Maa by Raj Wickramasinghe
Oba Magema Wu by Nirmala Ranathunga & Sewandi Ranathunga
Oba Maa by Mohan Jayakody
Amara Pem Lathaawe (Film: Sadahatama Oba Mage) by H. R. Jothipala & Anjaleen Gunatilake
Oba Mata Hamuwana by Shirley Wyjayantha
Oba Maa Hadin by Price Udaya Priyantha
Hemadaama Oba Mage by Sujatha Attanayake (Originally Dharmadasa)
Oba Maa Gewuu by Prince Udaya Priyantha
Oba Maa Upan by T. M. Jayaratne
Pera Oba Maa by Edward Jayakody
Oba Maa Bendune by Greshan Ananda
Oba Maa Thurule by W. D. Amaradeva
Sihinen Oba Mata by Clarence Wijewardena
Oba Maa Langa by Sanath Nandasiri
Oba Maa Sathu by Dalreen Arnolda
Oba Mata Kumudekmai by Nanda Malini
Oba Maa A Atheethe by Priya Suriyasena
Waasanawa Dora Arala (Film: Sadahatama Oba Mage) by M. S. Fernando & ???
Oba Maa A by Priya Suriyasena
Semadaama Oba Mage (Film: Siriyalatha) by Dharmadasa Walpola
Oba Maa Herada by Punsiri Soysa
Oba Maa Pelu by Chandrasena Hettiarachchi & Theja Amarasinghe
Oba Maa Eda by Asanka Priyamantha Peiris & Malini Bulathsinhala
Oba Mage Nam by Chandrasena Hettiarachchi
Oba Maage Lookey by Latha Walpola & Dharmadasa Walpola
Oba Maa Daya by Sanath Nandasiri
Oba Maa Athare by Shirley Wyjayantha & Hasitha Gunaratne
Sanda Oba Mage by Athula Adikari & Keerthi Pasqual
Oba Ma Pelu Da by Milton Mallawarahchi
Oba Malak by Athula Adikari
Oba Mata Tharuwaki by Lakshman Wijesekera & Nirmala Ranathunge
Vewa Oba Mage by Chandra Cabraal & ???
Oba Ma Hamuwu by Keerthi Pasquel
Oba Malak Wela by Somathilaka Jayamaha
Oba Maa by Jagath Wickramasinghe
Sihinen Oba Mata by Milton Mallawarachchi
Oba Ma Hamuwana by Karunarathna Divulgane
Ahasai Oba Mata by Deepika Priyadarshani & Sunil Edirisingha

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

Moshe and Panhinda,
Oba Ma (you and I)
Barak (a load)

Huk Huk Huk ; cool boys.

If you think there will never be "Oba ma hata Barak" in SL then maybe you should remain content with the Barak you bear in the land of the free. Sahalluwen Yanna. Can you do that in Tamil? Pandi Kundi!

Katch said...

Handuna gaththoth obama :)

Unknown said...

I read this in defencenet
"Meanwhile a rather extraordinary incident happened last week when SLA casualties were being airlifted from Wanni front line. Several soldiers were injured when the SLA made a push into LTTE held territory in Wanni and they were airlifted to Anuradhapura hospital for further treatment. To the surprise of many at the hospital, one of the transported casualties turned out to be a female tiger who had been left behind when the LTTE fled the SLA attack. Apparently she had been mistaken for an SLA casualty and was airlifted along with other SLA soldiers. However it proved to be a lucky mistake on the tiger’s part; her condition was serious and she was later transferred to Colombo National hospital for further treatment."

So Funny, how can they not diffrentiate a women from a men. I mean most or all of the armys fighting frontline troops are men. I hope its not another defencenet story for entertaintment.

Anyway my favourite genral Rommel once wondered off to an Allied Hospital in North Africa. Only after realising that the soldiers were different did he leave. In a desert getting lost can be understood. Here and all the bragging of the going gets tough when actually airlifting an enemy cadre shows how panicky and blur the Sri Lankan ground troops are. Maybe the Medics are injecting the morphine on themselves.

Defencewire tell your compatriots to think before they post stories.

Unknown said...

All this talk about special forces. After all special forces are specially trained infantry. Even an ordinance supply sergeant is as important or a medic. All soldiers desrve equal mention and glory.

It was a poisned water supply that led to the fall of elephant pass. Specially trained soldiers etc could not have done much to save the situation. However had a convoy of brave drivers run from a nearby camp with some innovative water cleansing technique logistics guys they could have kept a kind of water supply system working.

Using urine to redhydrate the food etc, is what i consider more important then even a bunker busting bomb.

Unknown said...

OK Mr. Mahen,
How long do you want to show your POWER? Powerrrrrrr???

Ok give a time line and then we will see how it turns up ok? Fair enough?

Unknown said...

Some time ago some LTTE terrorists supporters boasted that LTTE will allow SLDF to capture only locations the LTTE was willing to let go but not others when Nachchikuda was besieged.

Some of these were Tiger the intelligent, Kaavalan, Thiru and a couple of others.

Now why did the LTTE let go of Nachchikuda? Katin bayakarala yudde dinannada hadanne? Nikank nariwaadan nokiya pallam behapiyaw!

Unknown said...


regarding that female tiger

[So Funny, how can they not diffrentiate a women from a men. I mean most or all of the armys fighting frontline troops are men.]

Mate.. this can happen. But do you only see the funny side?

What about Sri Lankan government sending her to Colombo for further treatment? Doesn't it make any sense to you other than being fun?

BTW: I saw in a paper article sometime back when LTTE had control in East – something that a Sinhalese doctor who was working there had said. He had treated the injured LTTE cadres and he has shocked to see when he realized few of the seriously wounded cadres were actually females. He has only noticed that when he ripped their shirts for treatments.

Malin said...


An incident like that could happen when your socked in blood and if the cloths are similar there are chance of that happening. And medics wont go through to check if its female or male they just take the wonded to medical facility as fast as possible. Its not something that happens everyday but it is possible.

Infinity said...

Troops of the 58th division have captured two important villages. A senior military officer engaged in the operation told SLBC that the villages of Munkanpan and Uthurapuram in Kilinochchi were captured last evening. The villages situated in Pooneryn south are militarily important locations. The 58th division under brigadier Shavendra Silva consolidated the area after continuous offensives since Tuesday. The offensive has inflicted heavy damages to the terrorists. Troops have also recovered three tractors, three motorcycles and other vehicles belonging to the LTTE. The army has found three bodies of terrorists together with their firearms. The 58th division continues to advance north attacking targets in Vallaipaadu, Rakhsthuduwa and Poonerin. Troops advancing in the north-east of Kilinochchi are 7 kilometres away from the Kilali Lagoon. The advancing infantry battalions of the 57th Division also overran the Akkaranyan built-up area yesterday. Akkarayan village is considered as the closest village to Kilinochhci town in South West direction.

Peter said...

I am not surprised that there are some amongst the SLFP farm boys who have actually bought DN's story.

I don't think any of these have actually been to a battle-front or even been on a helicopter.

Injured personal are not “chucked” on to helicopters as is shown in movies. Field medical units attend to the injured, then transport them by road to a field base hospital. Here, they undergo immediate treatment. Only the seriously injured are air lifted. Even then, the injured have to be prepared by a medic for the helicopter ride.

Either DN had more arrack than usual or SLA are far more incompetent than I had initially believed.

Katch said...

Do u think its the US coast guard that evacuates the injured troops from the frontline strictly according to laid out procedure?

WAATS said...

This is my first post, here goes

Tamils please understand this I agree we being the majority committed a crime in 83’. But we learnt from it and moved forward. We never reacted after that to numerous provocations Tamils did to us, we never chased out every living Tamil soul from the south.

Things which happened prior to 83’ and of course after that happened because Tamils perceived (even now) that they are a better race than the Sinhalese and had the best chance in the whole world to establish a country. (Chances in India, Indonesia,… Malaysia slim)

Prior to 83’ Tamils held nearly 40% high government posts (Discrimination you tell me). Please don’t perceive this to be because of Tamils is of a superior race. Minorities always do well …! That is the norm.

But if you know at least a single bit about the history of Sri Lanka, Sinhalese always won!!!!!! So understand this in whatever method or means Sinhalese will triumph it may be today or it may be in 50 years from today.

No living soul in this UNIVERSE would ever agree for a PEELAM in Sri Lanka/Ceylon/Serendib…. !!!!!

“Majority always suffer in every democratic country no matter its colour, religion or race.

Look at what happened in US Os(b)ama won and 97% of the black American’s voted for him. Imagine if 97% whites voted for McCain it would have being the biggest racially motivated election ever at least on the minds of the blacks and the tabloids.”

Alas if not for ba*tard Peeba, a Tamil would have become a President in Sri Lanka by now who knows….. ! Mahindar perhaps :-)

Peter said...

It took a while for me to type this as I was in stitches. The thought of comparing Mahavamsa land to the United States: the audacity!

Katch said...

If u need any more stitches peter, tell pottu. I'm sure he'll be happy to help u out!

WAATS said...

500 years ago somebody in stitches might have curved in a rock somewhere … !
The thought of comparing United States to the Mahavamsa land: the audacity!

Times change think about it …. !

Sujeewa Kokawala said...


Just asking for my curiosity. Which part of Mahavamsa gives you the biggest pain?

Saman said...

Peet the meat must read,

USA COMMENDS SLA progress against LTTE.

Moshe Dyan said...


welcome to the blog. but i'm disturbed by your past.

"I agree we being the majority committed a crime in 83’"

i don't think 99% of the ppl here know anyone who did the '83 riot personally. at least they are not related.

only 0.01% of the sinhalese did the '83 riot and you can't blame the remaining 99.99% for a crime they NEVER committed.

all the tigers (real ones!) are 'cats' but not all 'cats' are tigers.

Malin said...

Moshe Dyan..

Even if it was 1% we are resposible as a nation. It was our leaders who made the mistake in 83 but we have to take the resposiblty.

Now we have learned from it and we on the right path.

Mahen said...


DN and DW are just inventing stories to keep the modayas happy, if they are sure of their success, they should send independent journalists to the Wanni. They can't do that since the real truth will come out and everyone in the south will shout for an end of the war due to high casualties.

All they can come up with is a battlefield re-org and a female cadre being air lifted, both are dubious.

Moshe Dyan said...


"It was our leaders who made the mistake in 83 (TRUE) but we have to take the resposiblty. (NO!)"

SLs need not take responsibility for a crime they never committed.

sadly those who did it escaped but that doesn't mean the innocents should take the responsibility. NO WAY.

BTW 1% of the sinhala population at that time was about 100,000!!!!

rioters were much much less than this.

the govt at that time MUST take FULL responsibility for not EVEN ATTEMPTING to stop it until everything was done and dusted.

more sinhala ppl were helping their tamil friends than rioting in 1983!! this is the reality.

JRJ with his fox thinking naively but firmly put the blame on the sinhalese.

Malin said...

Moshe Dyan

I was very young when this happened and I had nothing to do with incident. But I am a Sinhalese and I represent my nation, and sadly someone our people tried to hurt others just because they were Tamils.

It doesn’t matter who killed the army personal people who got killed and injured that day didn’t had anything to do with it. Just like me having nothing to do with what happened in 83.

What matters is, that mistake was done by us the majority which I belong too. So it is our mistake.

(Not My mistake but our mistake as a nation).

Malin said...

Moshe Thats how i feel, lets not argue. i guess you look at it in a different way than me. thats ok because not everyone think a like.

But we have common goal so lets work on that.

Moshe Dyan said...

malin & benja,

ok, lets agree to disagree.

we have more important things ahead than dwell in the past.


Katch said...

Benja & Malin,

Well said guys! Accepting and taking responsibility for our individual or collective mistakes, learning from them and moving on is most important. Otherwise we will be no different from some of those in the tamil diaspora who cannot move on because of the hatred.

This is not to argue with anybody, just the way I think as the best way forward.

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

Mahen and Black Pete,

So intelligent and clever. You know the reality and us Modayas here are in denial. Eagle eyes too. To notice a female through blood soaked, androgynous military attire. Must be highly trained surgeons with experience in M.A.S.H.
Or maybe you think that flicking off the bra-strap of a Freshman female, has given you the skill to stop to worry about gender, how big the boobs are, the shapely hips while evacuating casualties (I suggest repeating 4th year Med School).

Is it not better to let the Modayas continue in their denial? All the more chance for you to create havoc. On the other hand; After all how long can we continue in our denial?
Another month? Two? maybe three?

Heh Heh Heh.

I guess we will be forced to see the truth then. Eh? Cousey Bro?

Why don't we rendevous here say at Xmas? I'll be here. It's a promise. Hope to x-change pressies then.

Jambudipa said...


Benja and Malin makes good sense because its good politics. Not because we give any ratz ass. We do it becase it us that need closure.

Katch said...

Hi Panhinda,

Long time.

Yes, and closure helps us to move on as well.

Peter said...

I was starting to miss Ratwatta. Thank god he has sent MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන.

How many more months 'till you capture VP?

Jambudipa said...


All that the Tamils have been fighting for is to exercise sovereignty over themselves i.e self-determination.

Self-determination as per Voddokkodai resolution, is that correct?

Jambudipa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Infinity said...

VP's first priority has never been the tamils. It has always been himself and his own power. First priority, be a dictator. Second priority, expand dictatorship.

If having to choose between a killing a tamil opposing him and someone else opposing him, then he will choose the tamil. Even when at "peace" with the government he continued to kill other tamils daring to oppose him. Especially those also opposing the government but denying that LTTE is the "sole representative". Even now, he seem just as or even more obsessed with and spend more effort on killing TMVP member than on killing government soldiers in the eastern provinces. Of course bragging about killing these tamils afterwards on Tamilnet.

Interesting article on past abuses of "peace" by the LTTE:

mulathiev TARZEN said...

....jaathika weeraya!
u know who!

....jaathika horaa!
u know who! moodaya!
u also know whoo!

aneee i-thing thopi roth-thata mee thung saranee saranaai!

...jaaathika prashnayaa!
we all know that too!is it some thing to with shooting and flying

WAATS said...

Moshe, Malin

Agreed we will drop it and move on,….

“Black July was a post LTTE event. Even if Black July never happened, LTTE would have been around.”

Around for a couple of years, Black July is the sole reason you guys managed to fled as refugees to other countries.

“Most modayas think all that he Tamils want is "revenge" for Black July. Tamils don't believe in revenge; that kind of ideas are part of the savage mentality of the Mahavamsa people.”

You wouldn’t be “wiping white ass” if not for Black July, and you wouldn’t have anything else with substance to mourn about… !

“All that the Tamils have been fighting for is to exercise sovereignty over themselves i.e self-determination.”

On what basis, don’t tell me you had your own kingdom before 1796. Why can’t you learn to live as you did before the British arrived?

It will be most intriguing to find out where you are from and why you are calling Sinhalese Modayas.

peter ponnaya said...

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peter ponnaya said...

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Restore said...

"So Funny, how can they not diffrentiate a women from a men."

Have you seen Tamil women? They look like men.

Defencewire said...

peter, you don't even know the history of the LTTE. LTTE killed Duraiappah in 1976. The anti-tamil riots started in July 1983.

wijayapala said...

"Most modayas think all that he Tamils want is "revenge" for Black July. Tamils don't believe in revenge;"

The simple statistics of Black July disproves Pete's "national sovereignty" notion.

The total number of Tamil militants prior to Black July was 200; of that number the LTTE had 30 (including both hardcore and "helpers"). There were only 200 "militants" 6 years after the vaunted Vaddukkoddai Resolution, 1981 library burning, and DDC flop.

The evidence clearly indicates that the Tamils were not willing to get themselves killed for any half-baked notion of "sovereignty."

The number of militants jumped to the tens of thousands by early 1985. The LTTE had far more stringent recruitment standards but still expanded from 30 to 1500 by late 1984.

The key event was Black July, and the Tamils were most certainly motivated by a desire for revenge (a sentiment which is understandable, given what happened).

Rana said...

Moshe and malin,

1983, you both were young boys, it seems. I was executive engineer incharge for Ratmalana, Moratuwa, Dehiwala,maharagama, Nugegoda and kotte area. This what I have seen and experienced my self.

JRJ wanted to stop it immediately. 99.5% of sinhalese did not take part in unrest. It was not a riot. The police did not maintain the law and order. main culprits are police and low level market venders and shanty crowd from coastel line.

It is not a riot! It was forced upon us for the first time killing 13 sinhala soldiers cold bloodedly by VP himself.

Tamils and RAW agents were ready with vedio cameras to record incidents and send all over the world.

This is a setup planed and organised by the RAW, India and LTTE. Our unruly hooligans fell for it.

That is the truth and don't try to discuss it, unless you know the truth.

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