Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Final stage of the war...

Injuries are reported to the LTTE's head of Intelligence Poddu Amman and head of Internal Secret Intelligence Kapil Amman in two air strikes at Puthukudirippu. Both men have received minor injuries but have been shocked by the accuracy of the attack, escaped LTTE Intelligence Wing cadres have told the Army.

Meanwhile LTTE Leader Velupillai Prabhakaran's son has also been injured in his shoulder after he joined 600 others in penetrating the 58 FDL several weeks ago. Fighting in the last stretch of the A-35 has intensified in an area covered in coconut trees and other vegetation. LTTE is firing heavy volumes of 130mm canons, a weapon thought to have been abandoned by the Tigers.

The flow of civilians to government areas has again increased with 6-7000 within a 7-day period with 2000 returning today alone.

The 55 Division, particularly the Mechanized Infantry Division, launched a devastating attack on a cluster of LTTE boats using Baktarshikan/Red Arrow missiles and 30mm canons killing over two dozen Sea Tigers off the coast of Chalai. The cluster of boats had earlier driven away a small RABS unit of the Navy which attempted to engage them at sea.

Meanwhile a popular TV personality reporting on the war for a national TV channel has been apprehended on a tip-off with a haul of electronic goods stolen from an LTTE compound by the Medawachchiya Police. An Army Liaisons Officer appointed to him is now in the Army Cell awaiting court martial. The TV personality, however, will get away with it scott free.


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patriot said...

BrigLoot.sri lanka give you helmet and you using chicken.you traitor.

Sniper said...

LTTE rejects SL govts appeal to pause in fighting...


nangige huththa said...
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BrigLoot said...

On behalf of all men everywhere, I am now looting all bras.

Peter, I need start-up capital for my venture. There is excellent ROI in the business.

Peter said...
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BrigLoot said...

Patriot, I am ashamed. But I am also shameless.

Speaking of shameles, do you know of any good sakilli or banda girls that would like a good sugarcane?

Peter said...
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patriot said...

Pathmanathan is newly appointed as the Tigers' main contact for diplomats, but is wanted by Interpol and for years ran the LTTE's main weapons smuggling network.??

BrigLoot said...

Peter, pay attention. I am looting bras, not donating them.

Further reports from the war zone: Under fire, most men seem to feel the urgent need to urinate. Only I felt the need to urinate and defecate at the same time.

patriot said...

what he smuggling?

patriot said...

BrigLoot.you crazy.you traitor.

nangige huththa said...
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patriot said...

More Terrorist!

NEW DELHI:A majority of people in Tamil Nadu want the government to support the outlawed Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in Sri Lanka, according to an opinion poll.

Asked if the government should support the LTTE in Sri Lanka, 66 percent respondents said yes, the NDTV said in a release Tuesday, revealing the findings of the opinion survey.

On the political front, the survey showed that Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi of DMK and Leader of Opposition J. Jayalalitha of AIADMK are in a neck-to-neck race to be the next chief minister, with 41 percent and 40 percent respondents backing them respectively.

The poll was part of an all-India, state-wise NDTV-GFK Mode poll to understand the key concerns of the voters.

BrigLoot said...

Very sad Peter. A golden investment opportunity lost.

The venture seemed doomed to failure anyway. Today I tried looting bras in the war zone. These girls are very uncooperative. They all slapped me. One 'girl' turned out to be an LTTE colonel. I just managed to run away in time.

I will stick to looting chickens.

BrigLoot said...

I wonder if Velupillai Prabhakaran would want to go into partnership with me, or failing which, donate his bra?

Sam Perera said...
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nangige huththa said...
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patriot said...

India want to split sri lanka!

India PM’s special envoy visits Colombo, tells Rajapaksa to go for ‘credible devolution’ quickly
Tue, 2009-03-31 11:26
By M Rama Rao, India Editor, Asian Tribune

New Delhi, 31 March, (Asiantribune.com): With an eye on the vote banks in Tamil Nadu, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh deputed his principal secretary TKA Nair as special envoy to Colombo with the message that credible devolution should be done quickly.

Nair was in the Sri Lankan capital on March 25 and 26. Besides the President Mahinda Rajapaksa he had met a host of senior government leaders. He also found some time to go to Anuradhapura to see local Buddhist temples.

Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister of India Mr.Shri T.K.A Nair received by Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapaksa in Colombo
The visit was all a hush-hush affair with both Delhi and Colombo keeping the visit a very low profile one far removed from the media gaze. In fact, officials of the Sri Lanka foreign ministry described Nair’s visit as a social visit at the invitation of Lalith Weeratunga, Secretary to the President of Sri Lanka. Some sections have even billed the visit as exchange of views on "developments in the field of public administration in the two countries."

Foreign Secretary Shiv Shankar Menon, who met reporters Monday, confirmed the visit saying "With military operation against LTTE appearing to near an end, India has asked Sri Lanka to take steps towards ‘credible devolution’ of powers to Tamil-dominated northern region".

He added that Nair in his talks with Sri Lankan officials stressed the need for taking steps which can be 'seen as the key step in meeting the needs of all minority communities, especially the Tamil community'.

India believes that political package to the minority Tamil community is the ultimate solution to the ethnic conflict, the Indian Foreign Secretary said.

PM’s emissary’s discussions also focused on ways by which India can help Sri Lanka in reconstruction and rehabilitation of the northern region, which is being freed from the control of LTTE.

Karunanidhi In The Loop

Tamil Nadu chief minister M Karunanidhi appears to have been taken into confidence before mounting the Nair mission to Colombo.

According to some sources, the visit was a carefully calibrated exercise after hurried consultations between the Congress and the DMK seniors, who are worried about the SL factor in TN politics on the eve of Lok Sabha elections. The DMK and the Congress are finding the going tough with AIADMK lining up a near formidable combination after the PMK switched its loyalties from DMK to Jayalalithaa camp.

In a significant statement, Karunanidhi tried to silence his critics over the SL issue. In a chat with reporters in Chennai, he said the DMK would welcome creation of separate state for Tamils in the Island nation.

'We will be glad if a separate Eelam (state) is created (in the Island nation) by people voting for it', he is quoted as saying.

Karunanidhi added that attempts of some opposition parties in Tamil Nadu to paint the UPA government at the Centre and the DMK government in the state as anti-Sri Lankan Tamils would 'not succeed'.

The opposition parties, he remarked, are trying to create an illusion among the public that 'my party is against Sri Lankan Tamils' but the effort will not succeed.

High Alert In Kerala Coast

Kerala police Monday sounded a high alert cross the state amidst reports that a group of suspected LTTE militants have sneaked in. Police, Navy and Coastguard have launched a joint intense search between Alappuzha and Kochi towns.

Intelligence sleuths are speaking of the possibility of a militant group landing in Thyckal Beach near Cherthala, about 30 km South of Kochi.

Security all along the busy Cherthala-Kochi highway has been beefed up. While police and armed commandos are deployed on the road side, the Navy has mounted aerial surveillance and the Coast Guard boats are searching the off-shore areas.

Kerala Home Minister Kodiyeri Balakrishnan said all possible routes through which the suspected militant group could move had been put under high vigil.

-Asian Tribune -

BrigLoot said...


I don't know about the others, but I always howl at the night sky when there is a full moon.

Perhaps you'll care to join me?

Get fresh underwear with you, I'm not sharing.

patriot said...

BrigLoot.we have uav.nothing can hide.

Ruwan said...

We should not support stealing by anybody. The fact that this incident came to being shows that thier is some law and order in this country. The reporter should be commeneded for his good deeds but if he has done wrong then he should be condemened on it also.

Unlike despora you see in this blog, we should know to tell the good from the bad. The fact is tamils didnt have the balls to say no to VP when needed, now because of that, they are normads living in other poeples contries.

Thusitha said...

patriot said...
More Terrorist!

NEW DELHI:A majority of people in Tamil Nadu want the government to support the outlawed Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in Sri Lanka, according to an opinion poll.

News flash,
Pakistan:A majority of people in Pakistan want the government to support the outlawed Kashmir Liberation Organization(KLO) in India, according to an opinion poll.

What is your point?

BrigLoot said...

Patriot, what if I were on top of the uav? Could I hide then (with my chickens, of course)

Sam Perera said...


Are we close to the full moon day or are we close to shrinking Peelam to 0 km^2? Usually the Peelam lunatics are in full swing when they are going to loose something major. This got to be good news for peace loving Sri Lankans.

Lalith Kuruwita said...

Breaking news !!!!!!!

Bomb Blast in pakistan killed Pakistan President.

Gringo said...

[Pathmanathan is newly appointed as the Tigers' main contact for diplomats, but is wanted by Interpol and for years ran the LTTE's main weapons smuggling network.??


When it comes to that T word called 'Tamil'... all bandas, suddas and pakkas et al... will have to bend rules... change course... and treat the 'Tamils' slightly above the rest.... from DEVOLUTION TO PEACE TALKS WITH TERRORISTS....

Or else....

Sniper said...

Re:Moderation..Thanks DW,

bit overdue though..any way better late than never..

Rajaratasurfer said...

Does anyone know what those Indian Med teams doing ? I know we SLA will destroy the darn ltte but, we better hang o ot our kohones fellas cuz, ltte propaganda has gone code "Red" in the west big time !

"Pause" operations Ok .....but, terrorist will always will be terrorrist boys girls ! VP & his idiots have always managed to manupilate the international Community.

But, this is the moment all bad things MUST come to an end. Pound them SLA..Pound them boys !

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

Tamil Tiger Terrorists 130mm artillery piece destroyed in Mullaittivu 31/03/2009

Want to see more fireworks here we go

Achive more 2009 copyrights Gringo

Anonymous said...

/Meanwhile a popular TV personality reporting on the war for a national TV channel has been apprehended on a tip-off with a haul of electronic goods stolen from an LTTE compound by the Medawachchiya Police. An Army Liaisons Officer appointed to him is now in the Army Cell awaiting court martial. The TV personality, however, will get away with it scott free./

Thanks DW for reporting this crime.. I can't believe a thing like this happened in our Sri Lanka. We should condemn stealing goods from LTTE like this.. Who's money is this? How can a person steal from hard earned stolen credit cards and toilet cleaning money from diASSpora..?? I hope our government take necassary actions and do the justice to LTTE.

Sniper said...

- A cab with explosives blasted

Scene from the Blast site

-Rehabilitation of former LTTE carders..

-130mm arti destroyed...

-LTTE First aid center captured...

All in one

-SLA To Expand Operations In Thevavetti

Snipers rule now

- Final bund in puthu breached...

Paath karala gahanna


hak hak hak....

Romeo said...


Could you give your source please.

Kasun Chathuranga (කසුන් චතුරංග) said...

I heard that Reporter's case only appeared at one site of NGOs.

No_MESS said...

GutiKewa- Invitation to All Sri Lankans in Melbourne to get together and protest against LTTE and it's Brutalism..... Will be held in front of Victorian Parliament on 04th of April 2009 @10.30 AM to 1.00 PM. ( from last post).
During last week’s LTTE Rally in Melbourne, Praba’s photo was openly displayed as the leader of eelam.
Why don’t we distribute his Interpol poster
at our protest, so that the good citizens of Melbourne will get to know the hidden talents of this Great Statesman.

I think we should also do the same during LTTE protests – handover Praba’s Interpol poster to Police officers on duty, and emailing it to the relevant police forces.

Good luck with the protest bro.

TropicalStorm said...

Ruwan and others

The antics all over are the last dying struggles of the beast. It is good in a way to see all that effort being expended at this point to no tangible result, which creates a very hard psychological impact that none of this is going to lead to victory.

When all is done, only the jobless hardcore will remain committed while others whose savings and contributions led to nothing will quietely disappear. There are thousands of tamils in colombo and other places who are waiting to see that happen.

A controlled burn can be the one which prevents any further forest fires from happening. THese demos also give the shivers to foreign governments who will definitely photograph and film all participants to create a date base or a terrorist watch list with that info.

silentknight said...

this blog has gone to the dogs,....

gone are the days where both sinhalese and tamils visiting this blog were considerate/moderate intelectuals.

now of the remaining bloggers, even sinhalese have become filth driven swear-mongrels

DW , i hold you responsible for not cleaning out your blog.

GutiKewa - ගුටි දෙනවා said...

Thanks DW for the update.

Sniper said...

Now then with this moderation..the peelamists would get even more frustrated...cos even the cyber space is getting restrcited for them...

I think Peter will get a real shock when he sees the 'moderation' part..

feel sad about Peter, Upul, Bhairav et al..better you peelamists find another joint to get rid of your frustration...

hak hak hak...

Moshe Dyan said...

thank you DW for,

1. the timely update
2. moderating the blog.

looks like we are into a heavy HARVESTING period. tigers are dying like nothing.

as i calculated yesterday, tigers have given up on holding back SOME SECTIONS of civilians.

it's VERY EVRY STRANGE why the so called "injured" civilians are not allowed to cross!!! there are not many reasons for that. may be MOST of the injured are not CIVILIANS!!!

just think about it???

Sniper said...

Army lk map updated....

53 div...replaced with 57 div???

why the SL flag is removed from Puthukuduirippu???

Updated map

Konappu Bandara said...

That Prabhakaran is facing a final showdown is a marked turnaround for a man who had just a few years ago owned a reputation as a ruthless tactician who killed his enemies before they became threats and commanded a fanatically loyal army.

In his annual speech in November, he said Sri Lanka`s military was `in a dreamland` if it thought it would win a war which erupted in earnest in 1983. But in quick succession, Sri Lanka`s military has penned in and destroyed most of the LTTE.

`Assuming the story is going from bad to worse and worse as seems is happening for Prabhakaran now, the only choice I see is the man dying in some form,` said M.R. Narayan Swamy, author of the Prabhakaran biography `Inside an Elusive Mind`.

Escape or surrender is out of the question for a man whose followers are willing to commit suicide for the cause and wear cyanide capsules to be taken in case of capture, Swamy said.

`His dying for the cause will help the cult, the personality, to live on for a long time. If he were to run away or withdraw, the cult would die,` Swamy said.

Bugger! The Swarmy man says fat fellows death will help the terrorist cult. May be we should make him a undead zombie.


Defence Column said...

# Sea tigers’ dy leader Maran among 26 tigers killed in battle

# President’s magnanimous gesture towards civilians in Mulathivu no fire zone

# Release all the Tamil Innocent Civilians, Lay Down Arms - Sri Lanka Government’s response to ceasefire call by the LTTE

# Sri Lanka: UNHCR endorses the IDP sites in the North are in line with the international standard

# Yogic Flyers' can keep Lanka united, says German veteran

# The lethal, the legal and the legitimate

Konappu Bandara said...

The LTTE is not a movement believing that war is the only means to achieve the aspirations of the people it represents. But, political solution needs an environment conducive to it. The IC can play a positive role by adequately pressurizing Colombo for ceasefire and by promoting negotiations between GoSL and the LTTE as equal partners with due recognition, said Selvaraja Pathmanathan, the LTTE plenipotentiary for international relations, in an interview to TamilNut on Monday.

So says a gun runner and an illegal arms dealer!

This KP fellow is full of chuckles. He should stick to his official duties of handling inter-planetary affairs for LTTE instead of doing stand up comedy. Relations between Martian LTTE fraction and Earthling LTTE fraction are not very good, I hear.


Navindran said...

Looks like Sri Lanka has collapsed. It now shows that you have been defeated. Such is the crushing and humiliating defeat. Dessertions are on the rise and all around things are collapsing. You know whats the sad part of your stupidity, this is the internet and your mahindha mama and his white van cannot touch the people here. If you do not publish my comments, it will still appear elsewhere. You all took on something that you did not understand. It will take a very long time for your country to recover. You propaganda machinery has collapsed. You know that even propaganda after some time must be helped by some facts. YOU ARE THE BAGHAD BOB OF SRI LANKA.

Sniper said...

"The conditions in the IDP sites in the North are in line with the international standard, endorses UNHCR the international lead agency for the internally displaced persons."


hak hak hak...

Sniper said...

I am confused!!!

can anyone tell me why this tank is upside down???

is it shooting at termites???

ohhh..now I see..it must be digging a well..see..the water is also coming out...

File Photo

hak hak hak...

Moshe Dyan said...

"'Yogic Flyers' can keep Lanka united, says German veteran"

complete bullshit!!

he should be asked to give us an example of a country that succeded in this BS. CERTAINLY not germany!!!!

this is called avoiding the question.

TropicalStorm said...

Remaining civillians in LTTE custody are estimated between 10,000-20,000.

The assault is on and the LTTE is out of options other than full frontal confrontation.

In the meanwhile the Tamil civillians speak of previously untold horrors, not only when escaping, but even while being held as a human shield.

TropicalStorm said...

Sri Lankan private sector and volunteer organizations need to weigh in with meaningful actions to make the north and eastern people also feel like they are a part of our nations.

Simple gestures such as the richer Sri lankan schools 'adopting' less priviledged schools in those areas to assist with their development and even perhaps student and teacher exchange programs, sports assistance etc can go a very long way in neutralizing the tensions and the sense of loss those people have endured for very long.

The best way to screw the racist bastards is to show the reasonable minded people that the sinhalese and the majority of the people in SL are not what they are being led to believe by the crazies.

The hard lesson has been established; we can outfight you.

Now it is time for the soft lesson; we can be nicer than you could ever imagine, if you want it that way.

CASC said...

Having civil servants run the camp may not be a bad idea. However, army personnel should still be around especially since some hardcore LTTE people are among the civilians.

Sri Lanka withdraws troops from IDP centers - report
Tuesday, March 31, 2009, 13:09 GMT, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

Mar 31, Colombo: Sri Lanka today said that it has withdrawn its troops from Internally Displaced Persons centers in Vavuniya, where thousands of civilians from uncleared area are housed.

According to AFP news agency Sri Lanka's Human Rights Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe said that the action has been taken in response to the pressure from the United Nations.

"We have accepted the UN recommendation and camp management has now been handed over to the Resettlement and Relief Ministry and the camps will be supervised by civil servants," Samarasinghe was quoted.

Currently there are more than 61,000 people fled from the battlefield are now residing in these camps.

Meanwhile the Human Rights Ministry today said that 300 children who were separated from their families while crossing over to cleared areas in Vavuniya have been reunited with their families.

TropicalStorm said...

THis may be a good time for SLDF to bring in US or other 'military advisors' into the war zone, so that a more credible verification becomes possible.

Also MI should focus on the possibility of the reported presence of a couple of choppers and another aircraft being used soon by the LTTE leaders to escape.

Moshe Dyan said...

tamil madu elections are due on 13 may. this means we have bit more time from india.

had it been on 16 april we would be pressed for time as congress would try to please tamil madu by putting pressure on SL NOW.

india cannot decide SL's fate but it can create alot of trouble.

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Peter said
“ Moda Banda Net-injured Podu, Kapil and Jr SunGoat again! My sister in Wanni humped Podu, Kapil and Charles yesterday and she said other than usual pre-mature ejaculation problem all 3 suffering there are no injuries to them.

And also, Jr SunGoat had phone s@x with my wife last night and I heard she saying “ So, Charles no problem w@anking?” “ no no ..I am w@anking furiously like a monkey, no injuries to my hand...oh goooood I am cuming peeelammmmm....Did u came too Peter’s wife?” “ what? Came?I even didn’t get wet yet... typical Thamiza men....pre-mature ejaculation.. cannot hold it more than 10 sec’s... just like my ponna hubby Peter Rathnadurai”

Ha ha ha good one Peter Ponnayar! Peter, any chance u up-load a picture of ur well famous whore sister’s in DW profile next time?

DW, thanks for the up-dates and keep playing the GOD with die-ass-pora clowns.

Pls keep the 21.5km remaining area as it is and keep hitting hard. DLK site should not up-date the area map and should keep 21.5km area as it is while hitting the terrorists hard!

It is called, playing the GOD! Monkeys will go ape-shit! They r all ready going ape-shit! Ha ha ha

Ali said...

DW - excellent job - I am glad you started editing the crap these idiots were posting ruining the blog . by the way your last para about the radio personality makes no sense . why is there are military man attached to a radio personality ? why cant the radio guy be punished . Even the crime committed is not clear . can you clarify a bit further

Navindran said...

Need I say more!!!

S.Lanka rupee at new low, foreign money leaves bourse
Tue Mar 31, 2009 9:41am EDT Email | Print | Share| Reprints | Single Page[-] Text [+]
(Adds comments, stocks)

* Rupee hits new life low on import dlr demand

* Cenbank still maintains flexible exchange rate-official

* Foreigners pull out of bourse to avoid devaluation risk

By Shihar Aneez

COLOMBO, March 31 (Reuters) - Sri Lanka's rupee hit a new life low on Tuesday on dollar demand from importers and investors cashing out shares to avoid an expected risk of rupee devaluation after an International Monetary Fund (IMF) loan comes through.

The bourse fell in thin trade with foreigners pulling out due to the rupee fall, brokers said.

The rupee closed at an all-time low of 115.80/116.00 a dollar, down 0.5 percent from Monday's 115.20/115.40. Its previous life low was 115.75/95 hit on Feb. 27 before the central bank intervened to keep it steady.

"This is a clear indication that the central bank has floated the rupee to fulfill a condition for the IMF loan," said a currency dealer. "Otherwise, why should it stay away now without intervention after protecting the rupee heavily since September?"

Nandalal Weerasinghe, the chief economist at the central bank, declined to comment except to say the bank has already said it is allowing greater flexibility in the exchange rate.

"The fall might be due to market demand and supply," he said.

The central bank is currently in negotiations with a team from the global lender in Colombo.

The rupee has fallen 6.81 percent since Oct. 30, after the central bank allowed depreciation to preserve dollars and enhance exporter competitiveness. It is down 2.5 percent so far in 2009.

The Colombo All-Share index .CSE edged down 0.4 percent or 6.53 points to 1638.06, driven largely by profit-taking on shares in top conglomerate John Keells Holdings JKH.CM

"Foreigners are seen selling John Keells shares and exiting the market due to rupee devaluation expectations," said Mohandas Thangarajah, a stockbroker at First Guardian Equities.

Currency dealers confirmed a foreign bank bought dollars from the market to facilitate a foreign sale of Keells.

Analysts said foreign investors might return to the bourse once the rupee settles to a market-driven level, devoid of central bank support.

Keells, which had risen 10.3 percent since March 25, closed down 2.71 percent at 62.75 rupees, calculated on a weighted average.

National Development Bank NDB.CM plummeted 8.25 percent to 89 rupees.

Turnover was 79.5 million rupees ($68,590), a fraction of last year's daily volume of 464 million rupees.

The interbank lending rate or call money rate CLIBOR closed flat at 11.220 percent from Monday's 11.222 percent.

For secondary market rates, please see ($1=115.90 Sri Lankan rupees) (Editing by Bryson Hull)

TropicalStorm said...

When all this is over, life will become so boring...

We might even miss the funky monkeys..

Maybe I should adopt one and keep it in the dog compound.

Anonymous said...

/Comment deleted

This post has been removed by a blog administrator./

HS.. This is called comments genocide.. DiASSpora will do next prtest against this blog genocide.. hikz

ReallyCold..... said...


Thanks for cleaning up the blog. Both Tamils and Sinhalese are equally responsible some of the worst you see here.

I suggest a posting freeze as a punishment and removal of users if anyone behave like a spoiled child.

People praised Asithri/Priyashantha culture for being effective against LTTE trash. There isn't much you can about suicidal bloggers unless you got lot time to go after them.

Romeo said...

It is interesting to see how SLA will proceed from present situation. On one hand terrorists are fighting hard as situation has become do or die battle for them. Many civilians are in a hopeless situation. LTTE will not release civilians because then they will be sitting ducks to SLA. Civilians cannot come out because peninsula has limited escape routes. Government cannot stop war without political suicide after all predictions and projections.

Meanwhile pressure from international community will be hard as time goes by. Is this a stalemate situation or can SLA overcome difficulties and beat the LTTE leadership to give in?

Romeo said...

The blog has become unexciting as we have to wait longer time for DW to approve our posts. This is going to kill the blog. Mark my word, soon people will loose interest on this blog.

slpower said...

Comment deleted
This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

I'd like to see more of that kinds.

My question is why are you so late to do it?

Gotymbara said...


Thundering typhoons,
Finally it came.
All these ltte mf's wanted to destroy this blog. They want some sort of satisfaction hurting SL. Now they are with the shock of ltte defeat,they have gone mad with disbelif how it happened???
They want to reduce their shock and anger with filth throwing at SL.

No wonder whole inteligent primates(Hanumans) are controlled by ineducated bank robbers/murderes/rapists/child soldier recruits/drug,arms,human traffickers.

Hang Praba said...

For those who attending to Melbourne's protest;

Here's the link to Interpol poster of prabhakaran



Romeo said...


Where are posts?

What is going on with you blog?

jack1234 said...

this is a serious question.....

why can't we get rid of all the TNA parliamentarians...

surely there is a clear case of treason against them for siding with an declared terrorist outfit?

Puran Appu said...

Both men have received minor injuries but have been shocked by the accuracy of the attack, escaped LTTE Intelligence Wing cadres have told the Army.

Let’s hope that the Secret of this accuracy will be revealed soon.

Ranil said...

This reporter fellas who stole lpte goods is a fcuking disgrace to all sri lankans...
he has spat on the great sacrifices of our brave soldiers by doing this sorta low life act...
I hope Rupavahini bigwigs will have the backbone to take disciplinary action against this faggot for what he has done since he was on official duties in those areas...
All his efforts in bringing the war coverage to SL households and beyond are now down the toilet with this sorta stupid behavior...
I feel sorry for the military guys who will now have to shoulder his sins... But in a way...they too deserve it for allowing this crook to do what he did bringing disgrace to all true patriots...

thanks for the update... hope you can keep the news flowing in a bit more often since the blog has got a whole lot quiter in the recent past...
and also thanks for sharing accurate info... I can see some shortsighted fake patriots here making statement in support to this thief of a journalist...
keep up the good work guys!

Sri Lankikaya said...

Moratu Saman

what the hell is that fourth bomb on the 130 mm arti.

Pottu Amman said...

" Lalith Kuruwita said...
Breaking news !!!!!!!
Bomb Blast in pakistan killed Pakistan President.

April Fool !!!!

DoDo said...

LTTE's technical wing chief killed - SLA

Add the injuries of CA and Pottu to the list!

Thusitha said...

Oh no,
What have you done DW. Now no one is blogging.

Gotymbara said...

Hello DW,

What's happening.Why it stopped at 243 comments for long time.

Or you want nobody to comment.Let me see MMMMMMMM or nobody to approve the comments.

Or your moderator got screwed???????

patriot said...

weapon in ship!!

Sri Lanka says British aid destined for Tamil civilians could be cover for weapons

Celebrities and politicians gather in London to publicise humanitarian voyage
Sam Jones

Campaigners who have collected 400 tonnes of food and medical aid for the 150,000 Tamil civilians trapped by the fighting between the Sri Lankan army and the Tamil Tigers have reacted angrily to claims from Colombo that the aid mission could be a cover for supplying weapons to the rebels.

A coalition of charities, celebrities and politicians gathered in central London yesterday to publicise the voyage of the Vananga Man, the ship that will set out with the humanitarian supplies early next week.

Among them were the models Jasmine Guinness and Jade Parfitt, and John Horam, MP for Orpington and a member of the all-party parliamentary group for Tamils.

Act Now, the campaign group co-ordinating the mission, says the Vananga Man will transport only medicine, baby milk, rice and chapati flour to Tamils caught in the "no fire zone" declared by the Sri Lankan government, as the army tries to wipe out the Tamil Tigers once and for all.

The government, however, says it has "serious concerns" about the ship's cargo, claiming that the Tigers have used previous aid shipments to smuggle in arms.

"We are aware of the ship and we have taken this up with the UK authorities," a spokesman for the Sri Lanka High Commission told the Guardian. "We are concerned and we have serious questions about the ship. We know what has happened in the past."

The spokesman denied reports in the Tamil media that the Sri Lankan navy would open fire on the Vananga Man as soon as the ship entered its territorial waters. He added that the government might "consider the case" of whether to allow the aid in if it received an assurance from the UK government that the ship had been checked and found to contain humanitarian supplies.

Graham Williamson, one of the directors of Act Now, rejected the accusations.

He said all the containers on the Vananga Man were being x-rayed by British authorities so its cargo could be verified. "If that third party check isn't good enough for them, what is?" he said. "I think the government is being facetious and deliberately provocative and is trying to find an excuse for not allowing the aid to land."

A spokeswoman for the foreign office said it was aware of the ship and had been contacted about it by the Sri Lankan government.

"We have passed the information that we have to the relevant UK authorities," she said.

The doctor in charge of the makeshift hospitals in the no fire zone told the Guardian last week that civilians were being "repeatedly shelled for no reason" and that his staff had only 10% of the supplies they needed.

Colombo has so far rejected calls for a ceasefire, saying the Tigers are intent on creating a civilian bloodbath to increase international pressure for a truce.

UN figures show there are more than 60 deaths a day due to army bombardment. More than 3,000 people have been killed and 7,000 more injured since the end of January.

Among the high-profile campaigners calling for action are the Tamil singer MIA and the writer Arundhati Roy.

"The [Vananga Man] will carry dry food and medicines for Tamil civilians in Vanni within the Sri Lankan government's 'safe zone'," said MIA. "Many have already perished from starvation and preventable disease. We cannot ignore these genocidal conditions, and if the aim of the Sri Lankan government is to protect the lives of civilians, then this ship will reach its destination and lives will be saved."

Roy, writing for CommentisFree, warns of a genocide and criticises the international community for standing by and doing nothing.

"It's a colossal humanitarian tragedy," she writes. "The world must step in. Now. Before it's too late."

Shirantha said...

guy's where are u all

Gringo said...

[Sri Lanka’s inflation eased to the slowest pace in more than four years, giving the central bank room to cut interest rates to boost the island’s economy.
- News Report]

Hey Navindran seeya.... no need to hold that f*rt....

Scavenger said...

Final stage of the economy...

This is a hand to mouth government. This government has no programme to confront the economic crisis. The government has come down to the level that it levies taxes to find earnings for day to day expenditure. It has levied water tax, petrol tax, telephone tax, taxes for all essential food items and sells national resources for a song for its existence said the JVP Parliamentarian Anura Kumara Dissanayake.

Speaking at a media conference held in Colombo today (31st) Mr. Dissanayake said the economic process in Sri Lanka has completely broken down. He said gem and mine industry cannot be continued under these circumstances and the situation has become so acute that garment factories are being closed down. He said 101 garment factories were closed down last year and added production of cement has come down by 40% and monetary sector has deteriorated. He said Golden Key has tumbled and so are the whole Ceylinco Group and Okanda Finance. He said all sectors are crumbling down and the present economic process does not have any programme to confront the situation.

The foreign reserves of the country are limited for three weeks only. The government has directed government institutions to stop all increments to the salaries of employees and stop any recruitment. The government has come to a stage that it cannot pay the salaries of state employees. Hence, all April allowances have been stopped and only the salary would be paid. Mr. Dissanayake said Mahinda Rajapakse government has failed in its economic manipulations.

“This is the government that has levied the most taxes. Out of the 20 days of Parliamentary sessions held this year 12 of them were held to discuss taxes. As such, the amount of taxes levied is huge. A 10% tax was levied on land phones making the amount of tax for land phones 25% from its bill. Water tariff was increased by 400% from the gazette No.1588/26 from 13th February. The government levies 68.72% tax for petrol which means the consumer pays Rs.82.47 for a liter of petrol he buys for Rs.120.00. Levying taxes for essential food items is a feature of the ‘patriotic’ Mahinda Rajapakse government said Mr. Dissanayake.

He said the government levies Rs.25/- for a kg of B-onions, Rs.25/- for a kg of potatoes, Rs.16/- for a kg of white sugar, Rs. 12/- for a kg of brown sugar, Rs.25/- for a kg of gram, Rs.40/- for a kg of dried chilies, Rs.50/- for a kg of chili powder, Rs. 40/- for a tin of tinned fish and Rs.25/- for a kg of sprats. He added that the tax for a ton of milk powder which was 9% was increased to 20% by the Rajapakse government.

He said levying more taxes would lead people to decrease their consumption and it would bring down the standard of living. He pointed out that import of milk food has come down by 28000 metric tons in 2007 compared to imports in 2006.

Speaking further Mr. Dissanayake said the government, instead of safeguarding the industries that are tottering, is levying more taxes on them. Export tea was levied a tax of 15% while tax for gas used for tile industry was increased by 30%. He said Port and Aviation tax was increased from 3% to 5% and in livestock industry it has been decided to levy a tax of Rs.7500 if any one owns more than five cows or pigs. It has been decided to levy a ‘Nation building tax’ as well.

Mr. Dissanayake said in addition to levying various taxes burdening the people Mahinda Rajapakse government is selling national resources for a tuppence to find money for its expenses. He said the mineral sand reserve at Pumoddai has been sold to an Austrian company. The oil reserve was given to India. The patriotic Mahinda Rajapakse government is selling the sand dunes at Kirinda, which savced thoe arewas from the tsunami in 2004 said Mr. Dissanayake. This is how this government is trying to find solutions for the crisis he added.

Mr. Dissanayake said the government is preparing to get a loan of US$1900 million from the IMF and it is to get this loan that the government was levying various taxes, selling national resources and pruning the government service to fulfill the conditions laid down by the IMF.

GutiKewa - ගුටි දෙනවා said...


GutiKewa- Invitation to All Sri Lankans in Melbourne to get together and protest against LTTE and it's Brutalism..... Will be held in front of Victorian Parliament on 04th of April 2009 @10.30 AM to 1.00 PM. ( from last post).
During last week’s LTTE Rally in Melbourne, Praba’s photo was openly displayed as the leader of eelam.
Why don’t we distribute his Interpol poster
at our protest, so that the good citizens of Melbourne will get to know the hidden talents of this Great Statesman.

I think we should also do the same during LTTE protests – handover Praba’s Interpol poster to Police officers on duty, and emailing it to the relevant police forces.

Good luck with the protest bro.

Thanks bro!

Guys, you wont believe the number of threatening letters we received so far from LTTE guys, we've got bombarded.

The pathetic situation is, these guys have also organized a rally on the same day in Melbourne city. They are going to do some sort of a car parade or something. This clearly tell the situation they are in right now :)

Anyway we've informed Victoria police that we don't want any trouble and don't let them come our way.

Also we are getting tremendous support from Sri Lankan brothers and sisters including Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

Look at this guys!

Norway has facilitated a meeting with Sir John Holmes and KP one of the most wanted terrorists.


We should not only register strong protest, but also should take it to the knowledge of average Norwegian people in the language of Norway. Not many people in Norway know about 'un-ethical antics' of certain section of the current Norwegian administration. They should be very very ashamed of their actions.

In addition, we should use all the other available protocols to lodge protest.

This is one of the highest acts of treason done by Norway against Sri Lanka.

Boomarang said...

Heavy loss to SLA in Puthukkudiyiruppu
Tuesday, 31 March 2009 15:39

Sri Lankan Army was trying to breach the LTTE's front line bunds in Anandapuram and Iranaippaalai in Puthukkudiyiruppu Division. The fierce fighting that continued for seven days was thwarted by LTTE inflicting heavy damage to Sri Lankan Forces. 1412 army personnel were killed and another 6123 were injured in the battle.
Meantime, heavy damage reported to Sri Lankan Army due to their artillery attacks and aerials bombing directed towards LTTE falling into Sri Lanka army units itself and exploding.

Has anyone seen above news item? Is this true?

Sniper said...

I think all peelamists are enjoying their day today...

any way dont read too much and get puzzled ok...just keep it simple to the monkey dance..

Peelamists Puzzled???

Corey said...

Now, sakkiliyas throwing goo at each other:

"It is not only the fratricidal war among Tamils in Sri Lanka that is responsible for the dream of Tamil Eelam not being achieved; it is also a similar war among those who support the cause in Tamil Nadu, Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi said. He said he had said many times that the main reason for the struggle not yielding the desired result was the war among the Tamils in the island nation. "




Corey said...

Now, sakkiliyas throwing goo at each other:

"It is not only the fratricidal war among Tamils in Sri Lanka that is responsible for the dream of Tamil Eelam not being achieved; it is also a similar war among those who support the cause in Tamil Nadu, Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi said. He said he had said many times that the main reason for the struggle not yielding the desired result was the war among the Tamils in the island nation."




Corey said...

Comment Moderation has BEen Enabled!!!

Great work DW!!

Get rid of the manic psychopathic sakkiliyas who try to mess this blog.


KillerT said...

Good move to improve the quality of the blog.This bog had been captured by dogs for a while.So this move will enable the good old bloggers to return.BTW I think you should improve the quality of your posts too.Regular updates with INFORMATION is much appreciated.Thanks

Blucher said...

Actually what the not to be named journalist did is not theft. The Terrorists had abandoned the property and anyone can take it.

Even if he did steal from LTTE who gives a fuck about the legal rights of terrorists.

Someone should bitch slap BBC Cock Sucker Anbarasan Ethirajan

Gotymbara said...


Prasangi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SLNRANA said...


yes your news item is true and correct. infact many soldres brought to gen hospital in colombo for tratment but due to lack of space now they housed in fort railway station and bus station. asap they get well,will go home. only Indian army operate from trinco.
do you like more news?
smoke super strength weed you can watch them live.

Sniper said...

Thank you peelamists....

Teak Bunkers!!!


hak hak hak...

soorapappa...සූරපප්පා said...

[ Boomarang said...
Heavy loss to SLA in Puthukkudiyiruppu
Tuesday, 31 March 2009 15:39

Sri Lankan Army was trying to breach the LTTE's front line bunds in Anandapuram and Iranaippaalai in Puthukkudiyiruppu Division. The fierce fighting that continued for seven days was thwarted by LTTE inflicting heavy damage to Sri Lankan Forces. 1412 army personnel were killed and another 6123 were injured in the battle.
Meantime, heavy damage reported to Sri Lankan Army due to their artillery attacks and aerials bombing directed towards LTTE falling into Sri Lanka army units itself and exploding.

Has anyone seen above news item? Is this true?]

Nice april fool news. Very good for diaspora.

ha ha ha

Corey said...

hey peelamists,

-Feeling a bit wobbly and scared now?: Aandavane, sin aney!!!

LTTE appeals for ceasefire
Associated Press, 01 Apr 2009. COLOMBO:Sri Lanka's Tamil Tiger rebels appealed again Tuesday for a halt to fighting in their war against the government, though they denied they were on the brink of defeat despite being backed into an ever-shrinking pocket of land.

-By the way, the way peelamists gloated with their hallucinations last year, peelam War IV should be in Colombo now!!!!! (and Nachchikuda would have been recaptured by Nov 17th, 2008).

Peelamists: Eat Shit from the goo cans you haul everyday around Colombo).




CASC said...

Looks like Nadesan has been killed too. Most of the English speaking spokespersons of the LTTE have been killed while attempting to flee (Rassiyah Iliyatharan, Siveratnam Pulendran and now probably Nadesan)

Proof is in their letter to the UN. Someone wrote the letter in Tamil and then took an English dictionary and translated word for word.

Hindustan Times
Email Author
Colombo, April 01, 2009
First Published: 20:54 IST(1/4/2009)
Last Updated: 20:59 IST(1/4/2009)

In another development, the LTTE has written to the UN for an ``immediate peasefire'' on the war with the Lankan armed forces.

``Our organisation welcomes the pall by the UN, US and UK Governments for an immediate ceasefire in Sri Lanka in order to allow humanitarian aid and relief to reach the affected people in the areas controlled by us. Our organisation wishes to reiterate our agreement to an immediate ceasefire,'' the LTTE said in the letter.

``While the world accepts our organisation to comply with International Humanitarian Law, the question arises as to whether a similar onus and responsibility rests on a supposedly democratically elected government of Sri Lanka to bring an immediate end to the shelling that is killing Tamil civilians in their thousands,'' the rebels wrote.

The statement added: ``the Sri Lankan government's constant apposition is that anything the aid agencies, or Tamil people or doctors say that is against the government propaganda view, is coerced by the LTTE .

Isn't it the same for those detained in the government run camps- will they say the truth while the wrath of the Sri Lankan government awaits them?

NOLTTE=Peace said...

Sibernews.LK the LTTE website is the originator of Special April Fools News Item for "around the year April Fool Tamil Die-Ass-pora". Earlier the news item said 14000 SLA killed :-))

Now it has come down to 1412 SLA killed.

Those are gospel to Tamil Die-Ass-pora! They may be cooking Kiribath now!

BrigLoot said...

I protest that my comments aren't showing upon this blog.

After all, cowards should be represented on this blog as well.

DW is a reporter and so am I. DW reports on what's happening, I report on what's happening to me.

As they say among us journalists, Give Pee a chance!

Pottu said...

Ha ha ha ha, take a look at this guys:


Tamil Eelam has tactically withdrawn to cyberspace, they even have a "Jaffna Yard" named after Scotland Yard. Good for a few laughs, enjoy!

Single said...

"...Associated Press, 01 Apr 2009. COLOMBO:
Sri Lanka's Tamil Tiger rebels appealed again Tuesday for a halt to fighting in their war against the government..."

Dont take it serious. It is LTTE's April 1st Fool's joke.

And dont argue with me that rest of the 364 days too April 1st for LTTE !

Only fool will ask for the same thing again and agian without understanding that they will never get it.

Now LTTE has two options;
OPTION-1 : Lay down arms and surrender

OPTION-2 : pl. refer above OPTION-1

At this rate SLA can't gurantee how many LTTE die before raising the white flag.

Ali said...

OK DW - The reporter story is clear . It was saman kumara ramawickrama . it was in the paters

Romeo said...

``While the world accepts our organisation to comply with International Humanitarian Law,

LTTE complying with international humanitarian laws!!!!

Ha ha ha ha

Bloody hilarious! I am laughing my head-off.

Single said...

"..Blogger Navindran said...

Need I say more!!!

S.Lanka rupee at new low,.."

Some other news you missed:
- Bank of England Inetrest rate at record low
- US/UK unemployment at record low
- Pound vs US$ at record low
- Ecomonic growth of EU at record low

Need i say more...!

and finally;
- Eeelam too at record low

Sniper said...

Monkeys are now hiding in coconut estates leaving T56s behind…

T56 collection

Maxa fireworks....

Final earth bund!!!


hak hak hak...

Ali said...

please when you have time go have a look at how LTTE punishes people who run away . www.ranabima.com .

These are the sakkily bastards that peter and navindran are trying to whitewash . The pics are graphic . so if you are squeamish dont watch

Thusitha said...

Please have a read of this article.


I have cut and pasted one of the comments made by some one. His comment regarding Dutch Scientist although unlikely, has some truth in it. The way we are being treated by the west right now should make us double careful of westerners.

Patriots, please keep an eye on this development. If this is true, this would be one of the greatest things that happened to Sri Lanka. Further more, it is in the South of Sri Lanka. So no fuck** Tamil claims to it.

Hem Goon said,
April 1, 2009 @ 11:33 am

This discovery is further evidence that in historic and pre-historic times, Sri Lanka had much greater standing in the world. Few scholars have bothered to study in sufficient depth and detail our island’s foreign relations in the past, which were on entirely different terms, and altogether better than the present when the west still treats us as if we were a colony. This lack of scholarly interest and evidence is not surprising given that we are only just raising our heads after full 500 years of colonial interference and subjugation (1505 - 2005) which ended only when Mahinda Rajapaksha was elected president.

I have one concern about the maritime archaeological work being carried out in Godavaya, Galle and other parts of the south: why are Dutch and Belgian scientists involved? Can we trust them not to tamper with or destroy the emerging evidence for our glorious Sinhala Buddhist civilisation? We need to be very, very careful. Granting of visas for these scholars must be carefully monitored. Although we are finally free from colonialism, the west has not stopped trying to undermine and destroy us.

Boomarang said...

[ Boomarang said...
Heavy loss to SLA in Puthukkudiyiruppu
Tuesday, 31 March 2009 15:39

in fact the above item appeared on following site. Not An April Fools' Joke


Is there some evidence for such a large number of SLA deaths?

Romeo said...


Your delay in approving our comments makes any useful conversation impossible. I suggest either you approve or delete our comments within a reasonable time or take this moderation nonsense away.

Blog needs to be cleaned up but your delay killing it faster. So, what is the big point in cleaning it?

AAA ABS CDO said...


Thanks for the update and for cleaning up mess made by moda sakiliyas. Keep posting updates ....

If we suffer close to 8,000 casualties, the punnaku sakiliyas will have a field day distributing pictures and videos. So, I doubt it is true.

It will be interesting to see what our strategy is going to be with regard to the NFZ.

AAA ABS CDO said...

From DailyMirror

"The advancing military surrounded the last LTTE held area, outside the ‘no fire zone,’ yesterday, trapped a large number of Tiger cadres within it and launched a massive onslaught on them, military sources said.

Troops of the 58 Division captured the last junction connecting the ‘no fire zone’ –Pachchapulmudai -- and the less than one square kilometre patch of jungle in Puthukkudiyiruppu East, confining the LTTE within the area.

“We believe that several hundred LTTE cadres and several senior LTTE leaders are trapped in this area without any supplies,” said a senior military officer yesterday.

With the capture of Pachchapulmudai, troops of the 58 Division and Task Force 8 linked up just south of Pachchapulmudai completely encircling the remaining LTTE held areas.

The officer said that since the previous night troops had been calling on the remaining LTTE cadres to surrender through radio communications. But there had been no response so far. During the past few days a fierce battle has been in progress in the area.

With the capture of this crucial junction, fighting between the military and the LTTE has intensified and heavy casualties have been reported by the LTTE, according to this officer.

The officer added that the military had also lost several soldiers and that a number of soldiers had been injured during this fierce battle. “It is an around the clock battle, as the Tigers are making their last attempt to escape,” the official said.

He said that LTTE cadres inside the ‘no fire zone’ were still directing fire at the troops using heavy weapons. “We cannot retaliate by firing in this direction since there are a large number of civilians in the area,” he added.

Meanwhile, during the last few days, the troops had been able to hunt down LTTE cadres who had infiltrated cleared areas earlier. Special Forces killed more than thirty such LTTE cadres during the last few days. These cadres had infiltrated the army defence line early last month, after breaching military defences, he added."

Ananda-USA said...

Thusitha said..



Could this be related to the very large land subsidence that is reported to have happened over 2000 years ago in the southwestern part of Sri Lanka?

I am referring to the story related to King Dutugamunu's mother, Vihara Maha Devi who was cast off to the sea by King Kelani Tissa to placate the Gods.

I have not read the article yet, but is there any dating information for the event that caused it?

In any case, very exciting indeed!

Defence Column said...

# 9 terrorists killed, military hardware recovered at Mullaittivu

# World Affairs Council invited to invest in post-conflict Sri Lanka

# When the creature comes for the creator ...

# Special project by Gajaba Regiment Ladies Club at Polhengoda

# Sri Lanka rebuts allegations in European Parliament

# LTTE's technical wing chief killed in confrontation - Mullaittivu

Defence Column said...

# Sri Lankans in Canada donated Rupees 3 million to Api Wenuwen Api Fund

# PANOS promotes terrorism in Sri Lanka - Defence spokesperson

# UNHCR Welcomes Govt. initiatives on IDPs

# Troops gain control over Pachchapulmuddai area - Puthukkudiyiruppu east

# War will end soon – survey

# Eastern Province to be mine free by end April

Moshe Dyan said...

"US envisioning 'post-conflict' period puzzles Tamil circles"


these "tamil circles" are dumbasses they think others think like them!!!

well done clinton. at last you have got your wires right. keep them that way.

Moshe Dyan said...


we need something in-between total censorship which takes alot of time and moderation.

otherwise the relevance of the blog will suffer and we don't want that now.

we need DW now than ever b4.

gladiator said...

[in fact the above item appeared on following site. Not An April Fools' Joke

if you consume Punnakku, feel free to have it. but dont ever think we will follow you.

Moshe Dyan said...

those responsible for the crime of STEALING must be punished.

what if someone (whoever it is, it doesn't matter) stole captured LTTE bombs!!!!

this was not an act of stealing FROM the LTTE. the goods were stolen from SLDF POSSESSION. this crime MUST be punished. otherwise next time it will be bombs and guns not laptops.

TropicalStorm said...

Charles Anthony did not get injured in fighting.

The injury may have been self-inflicted to get him out of the battle field.

Charlie didn't go to college, to die in a gun fight with a chena lad. He's got a future in Europe, living off of Peter's pension fund.

Stop kidding yourselves.


TropicalStorm said...

Someone here said Sri Lanka has collapsed. I think it is the self-appointed economist Navindran.

SL has been there for a very long time, and has been thru economic situations far worse than the one we are in. In fact the present situ is an advantageous one when considered in geo-political terms and subjected to macro-economic and analyzed for investment potential as an emerging market.

This moron either knows nothing, or thinks he's fooling someone.

Romeo said...

I have commented on reply to DBSJ in Sri Lanka Guardian today with the following.....

This is a timely response to DBSJ who is always trying to portray LTTE as an invincible force.

Tigers need to be eliminated to have long lasting peace in Sri Lanka. During last 26 years Tamils have suffered more than any other ethnic community in SL at the hands of LTTE which is carrying out orders from Prabhakaran to the letter.

Whole world is blind folded and taken for ride by LTTE and its supporting Tamil Diaspora.

International community will soon learn the truth.

Defence Column said...

# Akuressa bomber’s girl friend breaks down

# Sri Lanka Parliamentary Select Committee to probe pro – LTTE journalists- Defence spokesman

# 12 Tigers in bus and motorcycle killed in Pudukudirippu West

# The ingrained short sightedness of Tamil leaders (Part 02)

# “Arundhati doesn’t have a fig leaf to hide behind”

# A response to a Jeyaraj feature on humanitarian catastrophe

Kings said...

Prabas son's injury would be a fake one...because Praba wants to decorate him as a war hero and pass the crown....

otherwise so called second in command line will oppose to him. now with so much of dedication Praba will say Charles deserve the possition....

SLNRANA said...


your news is true and correct. infact SL army is limited to 2 SQ KM land near Negomobo sea. meanwhile LTTE refused for any cease fire requested by army to safe guard Indians living in Negombo area. :) :)

Diyasena said...


Seems like sanity has returned to the blog..But because it takes a long time for you to check the posts and publish them, people might loose interest and go elsewhere..I have already seen Romeo and some others have moved to EllalanForce..

I dont know much about the technical stuff so this question might sound stupid.. Instead of moderating each and every comment cant you stop the Peelamist's from commenting by blocking their I.P. addresses? or are they using proxies?


Konappu Bandara said...

In a single letter itself, the US Secretary of State stressed thrice on 'post-conflict' and on 'political solution'.

Bugger! Terror monkey pathetic cries of 'Hillary save us' being ignored.

Reflecting on the outlook of US Secretary of State, a Switzerland based Diaspora and Human Rights activist Shan Thavarajah told TamilNet that the implied message of the letter is that "the Tamils should forfeit their own struggle and place their trust on donor manoeuvres."

"The visions of a post-conflict scenario will sadly be a mirage, if what is planned is actually post-defeat shackles and the deliberations are only for making it look golden," commented Mr. Shan Thavarajah.

Yes, you terrorist ape, we will put you in shackles if you come back to our beloved Lanka.


Being Nobody said...


Very interesting news and a very valid argument too.

Anonymous said...


Discovered: A sunken island, an Indian Ocean Atlantis?
April 1, 2009 at 6:00 am

Banyan News World Exclusive!

Godavaya, Sri Lanka: 14 March 2009: Marine archaeologists have just discovered evidence of a large submerged landmass southeast of Sri Lanka. They believe it could be a legendary lost island closely linked to the culture and history of Sri Lankan people.

The discovery was made by a team of Dutch and Sri Lankan scientists based on satellite maps and underwater sample extractions from the deep sea. Preliminary data need to be verified by a deep sea submersible expedition during 2009 - 2010, according to a member of the research team who did not want to be identified.

The landmass is estimated to be between 450,000 and 475,000 square kilometres, which is about seven times the total land area of Sri Lanka.

“This could well be the long lost island of Irisiyawa, which is euphemistically mentioned in our chronicles and hinted at in the writings of Greek historians,” said Dr Godwin Samarawickrama, a maritime historian at the Indian Ocean Institute based in Melacca, Malaysia.

He added: “The existence of such an island has been speculated and talked in hush-hush terms among divers and archaeologists for decades. This is the Indian Ocean’s own version of Atlantis!”

Irisiyawa’s existence is first mentioned in the Sri Lankan chronicle of Culavamsa. Sinhalese Sandesa (message poem) writers in the 14th to 16th centuries often refer to the enormous psychological effect by sunken Irisiyawa on royal families, aristocracy and ordinary people. Some say the legacy of Irisiyawa has continued well into the twenty first century.

Other experts are more sceptical, and point out long-standing speculations about Kumari Kandam, a legendary sunken landmass said to have been located to the south of present-day Kanyakumari District at the southern tip of India. Some also call it Lemuria, a continent that existed in ancient times and sank beneath the ocean as a result of a geological, often cataclysmic, change. There is no scientific evidence to support these claims.

“Sri Lanka must quickly assert its historical and territorial claims over the newly discovered sunken island,” said Gajaba Vidyadheera, a senior lecturer in history at the University of Peradeniya. “If not, other countries and cultures can stake their own claims, leading to disputes and even international litigation.”

But the marine archaeology team who made the discovery advise caution. “We need much more evidence before even considering any claims, and historical and cultural speculation could only muddy the deep waters,” said a Dutch member of the team, none of who would make any statement on the record.

In recent years, much evidence has been found of maritime activity in and off the southern coast of Sri Lanka. In late 2008, an underwater search of the seas around Godavaya, Hambantota district, carried out by the Central Cultural Fund, revealed the wreck of a ship, possibly dating back to the 1st Century AD. If confirmed, this could be the oldest shipwreck in the Indian Ocean.

Sri Lanka with its 65,610 square kilometres is currently ranked at No 121 out of 231 countries and territories according to their land area. If the estimated landmass of submerged Irisiyawa is added, this would immediately boost Sri Lanka’s ranking to around 50, comparable to that of Thailand with 513,120 sq km.

The archipelago nation of Maldives, which lies to the southwest of Sri Lanka, has only 298 sq km and ranks No 201, the smallest country in Asia.

Atlantis is a legendary island mentioned by Greek philosopher Plato. While no hard evidence for its existence has yet been found, it has fascinated many historians, writers and explorers for centuries.

Boomarang said...


Good article on the Tamil issue. It will be interesting to see what kind of response the moderate Tamils have on the issues raised in this article. Extremists will always refute some. or all of the assertions the author made, with various forms of arguments.

Note that the eelamists are justifying the war. or violent struggle. or fighting force of Tamils - the ltte, on the basis that they are waging a “just war” against oppression, and discrimination, that couldn't be solved by non violent methods. Some of the arguments in the above article show that that is not a true reflection of the situation and they have not exhausted all the possibilities of non violent methods to address the problems. There are some other reasons and aspects that are put forward by scholars in waging “just wars”. Can anyone say that supporters and fighters for eelam seekers have justification that all possible aspects or reasons for going to war are satisfied? I am not convinced that they have. I might be wrong.....

Pundeyeelam said...


Any news published in eelam or tamil websites are April fools jokes valid for 365 days.

If you are out of topics dont speak about SLA deaths, leave that to 100% "true" news site Tamilnet.

If you need a topic lets speak about LTTE's best stragedy of tactical withdrawals towards the sea. I suspect there is a hiden kingdom called EELAM under the sea, just like Atlantis.

Got to go..I need more weed

onceinawhile said...

Sri LankaN Tamils on LTTE terror - Sunday telegraph reports

(By Walter Jayawardhana)

The mass circulated Sunday Telegraph of the United Kingdom in a full page article said the people who escaped from the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) controlled area had told them that the remaining people do not like the LTTE's dictatorial mono ethnic hellhole anymore and they want the Sri Lankan army to rescue them.

Quoting such a man who escaped to Kilinochchi Sunday Telegraph's Nick Meo said, "What the man had to say about the Tigers would have been unthinkable for a subject of their dictatorial mini state a few weeks ago. 'The people do not like the Tigers any more,' he said angrily. "They are trapped by them and they are scared. They want the Sri Lankan army to rescue them."

Reporting from Kilinochchi the Sunday Telegraph staffer said, people are being used as human shields by LTTE terrorists who have promised to fight to the death.

The report further said, "The haunted eyes of the grandfather who had just escaped from the Tamil Tigers at their most furious, betrayed the horror he had left behind him 'I want to live not die, and that's why I have come here with my family', he said.

"The rebels of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) who for last 26 years have claimed to be fighting to protect Sri Lanka's Tamil ethnic minority , have forbidden the refugees to leave - on pain of death.

"But the civil war grinds slowly towards its end with the Tigers apparently facing final defeat , conditions within their enclave have become so grim that in the past week alone that an estimated 5000 men women and terrified children have risked their lives to flee. Many have been shot by rebel gunmen and some of those caught have been executed.

"The elderly man wearing a grimy T shirt and sarong and clutching a single bag that contained all that remained of his possessions , had managed to get out that morning. He described how he had gathered his family and friends as quietly as possible in the dead of night before slipping past guards. They had been wading across muddy lagoon towards Sri Lankan army lines when things went wrong.

'We left at 2 a.m. today in a group of 23 but the Tigers fired at us and only 12 of us arrived here.'he said as his bewildered grand daughter aged seven looked on. 'I do not know what has happened to the rest. We became separated in the confusion.'

The Daily Telegraph staffer is the first British reporter allowed inside Kilinochchi after it fell in January and he interviewed the people at the town, which was once the Terrorists' headquarters.

The Sunday Telegraph said that some time ago Tigers ran a third of the country but much of the money collected by the Tamils all over the world were creamed off by corrupt Tiger leaders.

The article quoted Brigadier Shavendra Silva who said the civilians in the LTTE grip were forcibly taken there and now the security forces cannot bomb the terrorists because of the human shield.

For this article the Sunday Telegraph also interviewed a 25 year old female teacher who had been forcibly recruited by the LTTE. She and the others had been indoctrinated into believing of army torture on capture. So she said, two of her younger comrades, without surrendering committed suicide by blowing themselves with the help of grenades. She surrendered and faced no torture.

An 18 year old school girl who was forced to fight but later managed to escape told the Sunday Telegraph that she cried for her other friends who could not escape as they were scared of the terrorist leaders . "They are only there because of fear of the Tamil commanders. They told us so many lies. The people will hate them after this." The original article on which this news item is based appeared on March 29 2009.


GutiKewa - ගුටි දෙනවා said...

Reminder....(This Saturday at 10.30@Victoria Parliament)


Invitation to All Sri Lankans in Melbourne to get together and protest against LTTE and it's Brutalism. Will be held in front of Victorian Parliament on 04th of April 2009 @10.30 AM to 1.00 PM.

Please spread the word among community and lets step forward as a one nation. Don't forget to bring your national flags and banners.

Remember our country needs us more than ever at this special moment.

Please give you maximum publicity to this event.

More information go to facebook and search for "PROTEST LTTE - FREE D CIVILLIANS - 04-04-2009 - 10.30AM in front Parliment"

Chinthana4Lions said...


how do they take such a close up pics in NFZ? like there are pics where ltte's bunkers are, and their arty positions, looks like those take from inside?

Chinthana4Lions said...


That video has been removed from the site, do you know any other site?

Sujeewa Kokawala said...


Heavy loss to SLA in Puthukkudiyiruppu
Is there some evidence for such a large number of SLA deaths?

If there is evidence it will be found in web. So far similar claims have been constantly made but there was no evidence. All of them were proven as claims by pussycats.

Why are you asking us, equal arm chair warriors? I dont think anyone in military high ranks will be answering you here.

Also if there had been such a big death, why is it not reflected in south? Death means there should be funerals.

I think your aim is to take the baton of misinformation to another level. We had someone doing this all the time.

So pls do not ask Qs from us.If you have credible news, pls state them with source. Or get Defencewire answer you.

Defencewire, now that you are reading comments, pls make sure that your site is not used for misinformation. Many parties used it for many such agenda. Pls answer those who bring fake news ASAP.

Vigilante said...

Unconfirmed report, tiger bigshot gone..

NOLTTE=Peace said...


Your "extremely slow" moderation going to kill this blog!

Corey said...

And, now the truth will come out???

"UN envoy on invitation to Sri Lanka
Thursday, 02 April 2009
Walter Kaelin, UN Representative of the Secretary-General on the Human Rights of Internally Displaced Persons, has been invited by SL government for a brief visit. During his stay, UN Representative Kaelin will discuss future plans on IDPs with a top government delegation.

The UN envoy is expected arrive in Sri Lanka on today(02), the UN Human Rights Council announced.

During his visit, the UN envoy will also meet United Nations agencies present on the ground, civil society representatives and also the internally displaced persons, UNHRC revealed.

Walter Kaelin is a Professor of constitutional and international public law at the Faculty of Law of Bern, Switzerland. He has been the Representative of the Secretary-General on the human rights of internally displaced persons since 2004 and currently a member of the United Nations Human Rights Committee. "

Peelamists: Try screaming 'genooooocide' and beg, beg, BEG for ceasefire... your only hope....




Single said...

This is the problem:

US Embasaddor just in plain tie, while our man with full winter cloths.


Corey said...

``While the world accepts our organisation to comply with International Humanitarian Law,

LTTE complying with international humanitarian laws!!!!




These jokers have no shame.

Ali said...

Chintana - It is on your tube too . I cant look it up cus I am at work .

Defence Column said...

# 55 more Tamil civilians escape LTTE grip - Puthukkudyirippu

# Navy rescues 149 civilians fleeing from LTTE Cluthces

# MOD Welfare Unit organizes blood donation event: pays tribute to war-heroes

# Navy assists in the transportation of essential food and medicine to Mullaithivu on board MV City of Dublin

# Heavy fighting in north-east of Puthukudiyiruppu; 13 LTTE bodies found

# U.S. Government contributes additional $15 million in emergency food aid for Sri Lanka

Defence Column said...

# Interpol wanted terrorist KP seeks Norway assistance, mislead UN

# Sri LankaN Tamils on LTTE terror - Sunday telegraph reports

# Sri Lanka says rebels encircled in fierce fighting

# Sri Lanka govt says key rebel supply route closed

# LTTE can be 'finished' in 30 minutes: Sri Lankan PM

# UN envoy on invitation to Sri Lanka

Thusitha said...

The police have killed all the four suspects relating to the torture and death of the child Varsha (from Trincomalee). This is very fishy. They created all this BS about suspects trying to runaway, suicide e.t.c. There is now way four suspects can die this way. This can only mean one thing. The police is protecting a Top Level Sinhalese or Tamil guy from being dragged in to the death of this girl. Can be a top level politician or an officer. Wonder who that is?

CASC said...

I am not a Christian. However, this poem pays tribute to brave and heroic soldiers.

God bless and protect our forces.

The soldier stood and faced God,
Which must always come to pass.
He hoped his shoes were shining,
Just as brightly as his brass.

'Step forward now, you soldier,
How shall I deal with you ?
Have you always turned the other cheek ?
To My Church have you been true?'

The soldier squared his shoulders and said,
'No, Lord, I guess I ain't.
Because those of us who carry guns,
Can't always be a saint.

I've had to work most Sundays,
And at times my talk was tough.
And sometimes I've been violent,
Because the world is awfully rough.

But, I never took a penny,
That wasn't mine to keep...
Though I worked a lot of overtime,
When the bills got just too steep.

And I never passed a cry for help,
Though at times I shook with fear.
And sometimes, God, forgive me,
I've wept unmanly tears.

I know I don't deserve a place,
Among the people here..
They never wanted me around,
Except to calm their fears.

If you've a place for me here, Lord,
It needn't be so grand.
I never expected or had too much,
But if you don't, I'll understand.

There was a silence all around the throne,
Where the saints had often trod.
As the soldier waited quietly,
For the judgment of his God.

'Step forward now, you soldier,
You've borne your burdens well.
Walk peacefully on Heaven's streets,
You've done your time in Hell.'

~ Author Unknown ~

It's the Military, not the reporter who has given us the freedom of the Press..
It's the Military, not the poet, who has given us the freedom of Speech.
It's the Military, not the politicians that ensures our right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.
It's the Military who salutes The flag, who serves beneath the flag, and whose coffin is draped by The flag.

If you care to offer the smallest token of recognition and appreciation for The Military, please pass this on and pray for our men and women who have Served and are currently serving our country and pray for those who Have given the ultimate sacrifice for freedom.

Gringo said...


Thanks for posting that. A Gem.

Sniper said...

Freedom fighters or ???

3500kg chemicals!!!

Pachcha*** something captured…

PTTE going in circles

Operations Beyond FDL in Thevaveddi

Death traps to civilians


hak hak hak….

Thusitha said...

Anyone knows where this Vanangaman ship is at right now? Has it started sail already?

Moshe Dyan said...

ananda & thusitha,

the lemuria concept is an old one. apart from ms blavatzky's theory, most other theories about it do not favour SL.

however, IF rights to "former" lands are granted based on prehistoric evidence and present day proximity, SL should lay claims to it once it is established.

Moshe Dyan said...


look whose economy has collapsed.

tamil elam, singapore!!!!

evasion of OWN calamities and TRANSFERING them to others is a MENTAL disfunction. the same works the other way too. that is, thinking that what happened to another happened to oneself.

this is normal in young children BUT if it happens to adults that is a SERIOUS MENTAL disfunction leading to IDENTITY DISORDERS!!!!

Moshe Dyan said...

re: blue horizon-2 UAV

there is some OLD bullshit still floating about the blue horizon-2 UAV.

this BS is as old as early 2007.

1. the BS.....

"Controversy surrounds government moves to purchase an Israeli built Blue Horizon II UAV system at a cost of over US$ five million by the Sri Lanka Air Force based on an unsolicited offer.

The controversy stems from allegations that the system is untested and had been decided upon without calling for other offers.

An inspection tour to verify its suitability ended in tragedy when a member of the Sri Lanka Defence delegation conducting a performance test died in Israel last week.

Dr. Munindradasa a technical and UAV expert died last Tuesday (12) in a Tel Aviv hospital, following an attack of pneumonia.

The four member delegation including Professor Munidradasa were staying at the Marina Hotel in Tel Aviv when he was found ailing by other members of the delegation.

The Professor was taken in an ambulance following an examination by a doctor to the Icholov Hospital near the city centre.

Dr. Munindradasa was attached as a senior lecturer to the Department of Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering of The Moratuwa University,

He was in Israel to conduct a performance test on the Blue Horizon together with recently promoted Air Commodore PB Ratnayake, Squadron Leader KGDN Jayasinghe and the local agent for the Blue Horizon UAV system Arjuna Gunawardena.

Earlier EMIT Aviation Consult Ltd Israel carried out a presentation of the Blue Horizon II UAV system in October 2005.

The Commander of the Air Force had appointed a six member team to evaluate their system and based on the recommendations of the evaluation team, a delegation of four officers were sent to carry out an in depth evaluation including on site evaluation.

A team comprising Group Captain PB Ratnayake, Wing Commander M.D.J Wasage, Squadron Leader K.G.D.N Jayasinghe and Flt Lt WMA Warnasooriya were in Israel from March 4 - 15, 2006 to physically inspect and evaluate the BHII system.

However the team had been unable to carry out endurance altitude and range testing due to aerodrome restrictions reportedly imposed by the Israel authorities. Defence experts say these are vital parameters and some sources allege EMIT Aviation has little experience in the field.

However the TEC had recommended the purchase of the Blue Horizon system subject to a performance test of the vital parameters in Israel prior to release of the first 50% of the payment. It was to this end the team including Dr. Munindradasa had left to Israel on June 7 but due to his untimely death the vital performance test was not carried out.

Meanwhile experts question why despite awaiting the test results, a tender has already been called on June 1, 2007 to purchase a colour day observation payload for Blue horizon II UAV system. Experts asked why the Air Force had already made moves to purchase the system despite the TEC recommendations which called for a second performance test of the vital parameters such as endurance range and altitude."

2. the truth (somewhat)

3. the analysis

ALL the sources that talk about the "INAPPROPRIATENESS" (my arse) of the bh-2 are anti-SL starting from the sundry leader, tamillcanadian, tamilnet, tamillnation, tamilldaily.....


3.1. why they are trying VERY HARD to show that this HIGHLY EFFECTIVE UAV was corruption????

the same happened with the MiG-27 deal!!

it is FEAR of annihilation of the LTTE, NOTHING else.

3.2 why did the LTTE destroy PART of our surveillence capability in the ABB attack???

there was a beechking super pro and 2 blue horizon-2 UAVs. IF (i mean IF) they were sooooo bad and were bought ONLY for corruption, why on earth destroy them????

3.3 we bought 2 of them and 2 were destroyed in the AAB terror attack. so essentially the cost per unit was $5m/4 = $1.25 m to us. this is damn CHEAP for a UAV with so much capabilities.

3.4 why bring this up NOW???
bcos SLAF UAVs are CRITICAL in killing top tigers ANYDAY these days!!! this is another attempt to try and cause disputes HOPING (in vain) that it will lead to the non-functioning of these UAVs!!! LOL!

have a look at this

judge for yourself!!

Konappu Bandara said...

Dear Patriots,
Have you seen the latest Rana Bimen video reporting on the last village from Pumpkin Patch area?


Take a look at sequence starting at 3:44 on the video. The Officer chap is saying he is recommending all the brave SLA chaps who wrested the junction from terrorists for the Combat Gallantry Medal - 'Rana Wickrama Padakkama'. Recipient of the decoration will be eligible to use the post-nominal letters RWP after the name. I am very happy for these Brave SLA chaps. These are after all the descendants of much feared Attapattu guards of our heroic kings.


Romeo said...


This blog has given me thorough enjoyment for nearly 09 months to date. However, after your moderation bullshit with 10 hour gaps you have messed up it badly.

This is my last post.

Good bye for all those who conversed with me through the blog with thanks from bottom of my heart.

****** Romeo ******:-)

Moshe Dyan said...

LTTE's desperation as never seen b4!!

from toiletnet.

"We recognise that the LTTE is a terrorist organisation and that the government of Sri Lanka has a need to root out the threat from terrorism. But the over-riding need is for an immediate end to the tragic humanitarian crisis."

this was part of miliband's statement. toiletnet unashamedly reproduces it.

never mind the terrorist label, save the "civilians" seems LTTE desperate plea now.

ReallyCold..... said...


People have fought over a God much more than anything else. It is the people who carried the message of God put us in trouble today than anyone else.

Both Soldier and a Reporter do a brave job for humanity. Imagine soldiers are being used for a wrong cause, it is the brave reporter who will fight for these soldiers.

One is doing his job with the gun and the other is doing with the pen.

We have bad reporters today. Just like bad monks, they make things bad for everyone.

If you don't believe in a God, please don't paste the message of a God. If you are, then I will ask you to show me the God.

ReallyCold..... said...

Dear Moderates

The comment sections of this blog has less actions, less exciting, less blogs, and more boring.

That is exactly the way it suppose to be.

There is no reason for couch potatoes to jump up and down when brave soldiers sacrificing their lives.

The discipline and structure within the military should be taught to the blogger the hard way as well.

Kings said...

Romeo said...

This blog has given me thorough enjoyment for nearly 09 months to date. However, after your moderation bullshit with 10 hour gaps you have messed up it badly.

This is my last post.

Good bye for all those who conversed with me through the blog with thanks from bottom of my heart.

****** Romeo ******:-)
Eventhough I was not a freequent writer though I read very often, I had the same feelings like you had Romeo.... DW was just dumped us like a shit... ignored like nothing... I felt bad too.

you left the DW, means your are dead man.... is it going to happen reincarnation somewhere?

Asithri said...


[The Officer chap is saying he is recommending all the brave SLA chaps who wrested the junction from terrorists for the Combat Gallantry Medal - 'Rana Wickrama Padakkama'.]

Yeah, I noticed that too...well deserved and BRAVO!

However, mate did you listen to the reporter saying that this victory is the BEST so far in the Awasan Satana?

I was a bit puzzled by it as I know there have been many such achievements so far since this leg of our liberation war started....then it hit me like a thunderbolt...and then I called "Colombo" and was told that why this is considered special is because in this attack LTTE MFs died many times more than what MOD has admitted to (at least 5 times is what I gather) and this harvesting of the MFs were done very stealthily, with a couple of small units, sans heavy arty/mbrl or SLAF support, infiltrating the LTTE FLDs and planting claymores and springing to action when the claymores went kaboom!!!

Truly, the harvesting here has been OUTSTANDING but I am told GOSL is admitting to only about 30 MFs KIA.

OaO Asithri

Canadian said...

Just wait for the riots in the south to kick in. The economy isn't going to hold on, and now the Sri Lankan government's recklessness has been exposed to the world by the Tamil Diaspora. It's just a matter of time before it all turns around. To you Sinhala extremists continue cheering on your military on its short-term fictitious ‘military’ gains, continue to believe Colombo’s fairy tales, but realize that the birth of Tamil Eelam is just around the corner, and We Will get the last Laugh!

Ali said...


Konappu Bandara said...


Notice Control No.:- A-993-9-2003


(ii)SEX:- MALE

(iii)YEAR OF BIRTH:- 6 April 1955

(iv)PLACE OF BIRTH:- Kankensanurai, Jaffina, Sri Lanka

(v)LANGUAGE SPOKEN:- Tamil, English, French, Sinhala

(vi)NATIONALITY:- Sri Lankan (Confirmed)







OFFENCES:- Criminal Conspiracy, violation of the terrorist Act and the Indian Explosive Act.

If you have any information please contact your national or local police

Dear chaps, here is the character certificate issued to LTTE's 'Department of International Relations' head honcho, KP alias Kumaran alias Selvarajan Pathmanadan.

Bugger! I don't think he will be invited to have tea with the queen soon.


Thusitha said...


LTTE loses two battle hardened leaders Amuthab & Gobith

"Charles Antony" is known to be the elite band of the terrorist outfit The two slain LTTE leaders were known to be the most battle hardened fighters in the band. Unlike the corrupted LTTE top level leaders, they were also known to be treated with respect by the junior cadres, reveal the intelligence sources.

It is good to know that the army has healthy respect for its enemies and gives respect where it is due. Too bad there are so many young Tigers who are too scared to come to the army and surrender as they are brainwashed by their superiors.

Sananjayan kumar said...

[ Thursday, 02 April 2009, 08:44.44 AM GMT +05:30 ]
Erik Solheim, the Norwegian minister for international development and the topmost representative of the Norwegian facilitator discussed Wednesday evenng the plight of the civilians in Vanni with B. Nadesan, the head of the political wing of the Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE). Revealing the details of the phone conversation that lasted for 30 minutes, S. Puleedevan, the director of LTTE's Peace Secretariat told TamilNet that Mr. Solheim conveyed the recent developments in the International arena regarding the Tamil conflict, especially with regards to the latest briefings at the UN Security Council. Solheim was briefed on the grave humanitarian catastrophe caused by the military aggression of the Sri Lankan armed forces, Puleedevan said.
While the Norwegian minister conveyed the concerns of the International Community, LTTE's political head explained in detail how the Sri Lanka was waging a genocidal war on Tamil civilians, Mr. Puleedevan told TamilNet Thursday morning.

"Our political head categorically told Mr. Solheim that a serious responsibility rests on the International Community to put an immediate stop to the attacks on the Tamil civilians," he added.

"Mr. Nadesan pointed out that around 100 Tamil civilians, including children, pregnant mothers, and elderly are being killed or maimed every day inside a narrow strip of coastal land by the Sri Lankan armed forces. This is a grave violation of all norms of humanitarian law and the conventions of warfare."

LTTE's Political Head reiterated the Tiger position on immediate ceasefire and resumption of negotiations to achieve a lasting solution to the conflict.

"The topmost priority now is an immediate ceasefire to put a stop to the massacre being carried out by the Sri Lankan forces," Nadesan has told Solheim.

"The Tamil people do not wish to be subjugated to the genocidal Sri Lankan state. The International Community should come forward to perceive the aspirations of the Tamil nation in the context of the free will of the Tamil people themselves, and not under the conditions where they are subjected to the choice of life or death by the Sri Lankan state," Mr. Nadesan has told Solheim, according to Puleedevan

Romeo said...

RC and Moshe,

Don't waste time here on a dead blog. We are all now enjoying Ellalanforce blog. DW f***ed here. Come to Mahen's blog, it is more live and entertaining. All our regular guys are there.

Romeo said...

f88k with the blog owners approval. who cares blog owner, it is a die hard LTTE supporter from the begining.

Madhawa said...

I cant see any comments from peter Jangiya. Finally DW friends fired a RPG to jangiya.
hehe he

thambala said...

www.army.lk seems to be down...

what is going on?

Bloggy Boy said...



Chinthana4Lions said...

This blog is dead now:(........where are these all guys?

Puran appu?


Prasangi said...

www.army.lk seems to be down...

what is going on?

- They have tried to 'upgrade their website with some fancy graphics template. It looks good, but takes forever to open.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Canadian Tiger;

Just wait for the riots in the south to kick in.

What riots? You mean South India? That will bring a sure genocide to TN tamils if they start rioting there.

The economy isn't going to hold on,

As per diaspora like Navindran, there can't be any economy left in SL. It has fallen, crushed and crumbled. Whoa.

As a matter of fact, SL economy has been running i its current state for the eons that we knew it.

and now the Sri Lankan government's recklessness has been exposed to the world by the Tamil Diaspora.

I believe that, in the contrary, SL govt has exposed the ruthlessness of Tiger support base of diaspora and they are being persecuted.

It's just a matter of time before it all turns around.

The matter is that this time does not come. You guys waited for it from Mavil Aru times. And even now some of you still think that 1000 ragged terrorists, 5000 forced school kids and 75000 hungry civilians can turn around the tables from ~20 sqkm land given in the mercy of GOSL. Day dreaming is not suitable enough for you.

To you Sinhala extremists continue cheering on your military on its short-term fictitious ‘military’ gains, continue to believe Colombo’s fairy tales,

Prove what part is fictitious.

but realize that the birth of Tamil Eelam is just around the corner,

I will never come. It has always been around the corner of your incest ruthless minds. So will it be till you die. But in reality it has been eliminated from SL. Mere proceedings await.

and We Will get the last Laugh!

Yeah a never ending last laugh in a Toronto Mental Asylum.

All the best.

Ananda-USA said...


Congratulations on implementing moderation of the blog.

However, now it takes TOO LONG for the comments we submit to appear. I have submitted a few comments that took about 1 day to be posted. Clearly, moderation of comments is a FULL TIME task that a part-time administrator cannot do. I had to confront the same issue withe the SriLankaPatriots blog.

A more workable solution may be for you to stop moderating, but require sign-in for posting comments. You could implement a policy requiring bloggers to refrain from spamming and indecent language on the pain of being denied access to post to the blog, permanently. So, if bloggers wish to continue posting at the blog, they will have to comply with your policy.

Just a suggestion. You are doing a terrific job, as always! Cheers!

Konappu Bandara said...

Asithri dear chap,

this harvesting of the MFs were done very stealthily, with a couple of small units, sans heavy arty/mbrl or SLAF support, infiltrating the LTTE FLDs and planting claymores and springing to action when the claymores went kaboom!!!

Our army chaps are constantly changing tactics while the terrorist apes are stuck behind World War I type trenches nervously peering into the darkness with their beady eyes. When the attack comes from an unexpected direction it's marathon time for monkey boys.


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