Tuesday, April 21, 2009

LTTE cornered but still covers behind civilians

Following yesterday's daring operation where elite SLA units plunged into the NFZ, the government is now in charge of over 130,000 Tamil civilians held hostage by the LTTE. By the time this report is written, some 50,000 civilians have escaped in less than a 48-hour period.

The Army had previously rescued 70,000 civilians since January 2009. The best estimate is that another 25,000-30,000 civilians are being held hostage by the LTTE, which brings the grand total to 150,000 civilians. The 55 Division alone has received over 11,000 civilians by this evening.

The details of yesterday's operation are coming to light. We will share some of these details with our readers. One magnificent attack was launched by a 12-man team of the Special Forces immediately after the Puthumathalang LTTE bund was breached.

Their objective was to destroy a mortar and artillery launching pad positioned adjacent to a densely populated civilian settlement. This gun position had been a headache to the Army for quite sometime as its WLR systems could not engage the target for concerns of civilian safety.

The LTTE gun operators had detailed coordinates to the earth bund as was obvious in the first 1/2 hour of the operation. Military planners knew that the guns could destroy elite units attacking the earthbund in minutes. So the Special Forces were sent in.

The 12-man team from 1 SF infiltrated the NFZ immediately after the first attack on the bund. Carrying GPS equipment and trained to locate the position based on satellite and UAV images, the unit had no problem locating the guns.

The Tigers manning the position, totally unaware of their fate, had fired only 5 rounds when the SF stormed in. No one and no-thing was spared. The threat to the units attacking and securing the earth bund was completely neutralized.

As predicted by DefenceWire over a week ago, the military planners had in mind to dissect the NFZ, thus securing the release of around 50,000 civilians in one clean swipe and squeezing the LTTE to a narrow corner south of the NFZ. This move had proven to be highly effective and much credit has to go to the Director of Military Planning as well as all ground commanders.

LTTE is now trapped to the south of the NFZ. The 53 Division is also inside the NFZ and Task Force 8 is marching along the A-35 road towards the last remaining corner of the NFZ where the LTTE is hiding behind some 25,000 civilians. This area is called Mullaivaikkal and Vellamullaivaikkal.

TF-8 has to now cross a narrow causeway and is around 500m from this narrow patch, which is the southern edge of the NFZ separated by the Nanthikadal lagoon to the south. Below the lagoon is Mulaitivu Town occupied by the 59 Division. The bridge connecting Mulaitivu south from Mulaitivu north is booby trapped.

The area south of the current position of the 55 Division upto where the NFZ was dissected yesterday will soon be in complete Army control. The civilians who ran towards this area were the lucky ones. But the other remaining 25,000 will also be rescued. The Army expects the entire operation to end in victory by the end of the weekend.


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Thushan Sanjeewa said...
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Anonymous said...

Excellent information...

Push said...

The Army expects the entire operation to end in victory by the end of the weekend.What a glorious moment would it be.??

May fallen Hero's attain Nibbana

Thanks DW.

Anonymous said...

Thanks alot DW... lets finish this before the weekend.

Thushan Sanjeewa said...

"The Army expects the entire operation to end in victory by the end of the weekend"Harvesting month near to end!

3Sinhala said...

Thanks for the update.

ReallyCold..... said...

The Brilliance of this operation hasn't been fully appreciated by the west. The media seems jealous since they have been kicked out and therefore no own footage to distribute.

CNN's Nick Roberts was covering the Diaspora event in London.

The diaspora fanatics now have a weakened claim to make since majority of the Tamils now have been rescued.

It was a heartening performance by the 11 who sacrificed their lives to make this mission reality.

Meanwhile, Oprah has said 'no thanks' for walking LTTE maniacs from Canada to Chicago. The Chicago fire marshals has warned that they don't have enough technology to purge the stink coming out self burning Tamils.

Courage to our brave hearts!

3Sinhala said...


Unconfirmed sources state that at least 5 senior terrorist leaders have been killed yesterday and early today. Have you got any info on that?


මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...
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මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...
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Thushan Sanjeewa said...

CONGRATS! SL Army is on fire!!!!!


මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

Sinhalam All the way baby!!!

SL Army Rocks....

Well done my dear brothers and sisters....well done.

Thanks DefenceWire... the best news ever...

chamal said...

I hope the actions of the commandos and special forces in this operations will be declassified and released to the public after the war is over. This is likely be something that will rewrite special operations concepts.

Defencewire said...

3 sinhala,

I think you are referring to the news of a SF attack on Jeyam.

velluprabhakaran said...


KillerT said...


What about the SF attack on Jeyam.Ehat happened ??did we get him?

Unknown said...

Thanx DefenceWire for the Re-Cap..!!

Our Victory is very near, nothing can stop us now. Wonder what will be the fate of VP. Navy should tighten up the sea border. Nothing should be allowed to leave the 03 naval barriers.

Let us hope our forces will conquer the situation with least number of casualties.

May the Triple Gems Blessing be with our Brave Soldiers..!!

Keep it up Brothers & Sisters..!!

Good Luck..!!

Unknown said...


Do they still have arties with them????? and will we be able to meet these brave hearts one day in somewhere in SL and have a chat with them???????

You can arrange that.I will come down to SL for that.
Thundering typhoons,
Ape kollanta yoda bala yoda haiya.


They are king Rawana's people.


Gringo said...

Sri Lankans... remember not to go overboard when celebrating... Take note of your health conditions, if any. Proud Motherlanka still needs you to stand TALL next to her with PRIDE.

The silent show of our unity, pride and bravery by our VALIENT TROOPS is SO LOUD... that the vultures in the west have fallen flat on the ground, covering their ears and eyes... he he he.

Share all celebrations with the true heroes of our time... our troops and their needy families.

That's the way to show the unique, age-old Sri Lankan style.

What a fitting finale!

Miss Information said...

ReallyCold..... said...

The Brilliance of this operation hasn't been fully appreciated by the west. The media seems jealous since they have been kicked out and therefore no own footage to distribute.
Which media do you refer to? Perhaps you get a different internet than I do.

Of course, it is difficult for any reporters to bring reliable news out of the Wanni because of GoSL censorship. This is a mistake on the part of the GoSL and they should make a better effort to bring something of a balanced view forward. They should be able to handle some criticism and most folks are going to cut them some slack given their recent successes on the battlefield... why not capitalise on this while the chance is ideal?


Defencewire said...

The SF, having cleared the beachhead have been given a series of other objectives and are now operating independent of the main operational units. They have engaged a number of these objectives already. According to our information, the identities of those killed have not been verified. The SF are warriors. They are not into the whole 'establishment of identity' thing. This is the domain of the MIC. If they are killed, MIC will identify them. And once this is done, we will confirm it to you.

Gringo said...

[This is a mistake on the part of the GoSL and they should make a better effort to bring something of a balanced view forward]

Never... never... never.

In a hostage rescue / humanitarian operation... we should never trust any outsiders. These are national security issues. What positive role those dime-a-dozen reporters can play in that?

Haven't we learned ENOUGH lessons from NOGS / INGOs?

Defencewire said...


I'm afraid our plan is to fade away once this war is over. Chances are, you will not know who we are. It is best that way.

Our sincere hope is that you will drill deeper than what the media is promoting and make an effort to discover at least 1% of the real officers and soldiers who have been behind this success.

We have lost many teams over the last 3 years. Only a few of us know these people by name and rank. They do not need your money or gifts. Some recognition will go a long way.

දේශපාලුවා said...

This explains why LTTE didn't allow the people in wanni vote in 2006 elections. It would have shown that only a small number of people live in those areas , and further shown that the Tamil population in SL is very small, may be even the second minority (behind Muslims) making their demands totally invalid.

Ranaviru Fund said...

We have details of 200 children of fallen/disabled soldiers. Please show your gratitude by sponsoring their education
We have details of over 200 children of Sri Lanka armed forces members who have either laid down their lives or have suffered physical disability while defending our motherland. Please show your gratitude to these heroic men and their families by sponsoring the education of their children.

* Stipulated monthly amount is Rs.1,000 (~US$ 10). You are welcome to donate more if you wish.

* Your donation will go directly into the child’s or guardian's account.

* Recommended period of scholarship is 4 years. You have the flexibility to decide on a longer or shorter duration based on individual needs.

* You could either make a one time payment of Rs.48,000 (or more) or make monthly donations over the duration of the scholarship.

* Bank account number and the contact details of the child and the family will be provided by the SLAF Seva Vanitha upon submission of application. If you wish you can contact the family and verify the details before starting contributions.

Please visit www.ranavirufund.org/ranaviruchildren.html to download the application form and a detailed description of the procedure.

Suren said...

ReallyCold said that the brilliance of this operation has not fully appreciated by the West - well I think that is wrong assessment because it is that West DOES NOT want to appreciate & they' ll never appreciate it to give credit to our forces; because their NGOs & their Forces not involved & their so called 'Advice & instructions' not followed and infact because we achevied this success against their
military assessment.And also there are other ulterior motives such as our Forces are being looked as a Buddhist Army etc.
Well we should not look for their 'appreciation' we should grind our way forward until the final victory acheived & the credit may slowly trickle in then automatically.

weli said...

Approching the grand finale.

whatever said and done Praba will remain a hero for many people around the world.

Let me start the final hyme for Praba

Nearer my god to thee
Nearer to thee

Maskman said...


The whole thing did not get reported positively here in Australia.
Look ABC news last night.
http://www.abc.net.au/iview/#/view/361609 (fast forward to 11 minute mark for SL news)


Is it true civilian casualty figures reported? I hope not


Unknown said...

more plans...

eezam puppets of the west, gun runners, smugglers. u are next in line to face the music after dear praba.

Thusitha said...

Thusitha said...
Oh Velu, what is happening to you mate. Seems like the final nail is being hammered on to your coffin.
Comments like this coming from Priyanka, who one day would lead India, no Indian Indian Party would support you.

As I mentioned earlier Ghandhi Clan would never allow Prabhakaran to survive as this would mean they are in mortal danger themselves.

Congress president Sonia Gandhi's daughter Priyanka Gandhi Tuesday said that India cannot forgive LTTE chief Velupillai Prabhakaran for her father's assassination in 1991, but she personally does not hate him.

Referring to Nalini, who is serving life term in Vellore prison for involvement in the assassination, Priyanka Gandhi said Nalini "is also a human like us and personally I do not hate her for what she had done".

Asked if she had forgiven Nalini, she said: "I am like Nalini, a human being, and humans cannot forgive each other."

Unknown said...

Many congratz to SLA, MR, GR and all the Sri Lankans.

Thanks DW for your restless updates.

Guys, its time for us to give some cyber support to the missions.

Unknown said...


I agree with you about fading away after the war.It is good for so many ways.

But your talk about money and gift, hmmmmm....... I have no cheap intention to insult those brave hearts that way. The sacrifies they do for our mother land,.....i have done nothing to compare for them. I am not a cheap person.It hurts!!!!!!!!

Infact i said very earlier I wanted to join Army and i got a chance in intake 18. Because of my mother i couldn,t join army.Still i have some regret about that in somewhere in my mind.It is still in my blood.

Whenever i read about the war i know how i feel.

For your information i will tell you now Brigedier Nirmal Dharmarathna is my class mate.We were in same school same class. Played rugby and in school Cadet platoon. Also Major Ritigahapola many others who are in the army from my same school same were with me in the school from very little time. I am pretty sure you know both of them very well.

Anyway I am not lucky like them.I am not blaming you but.........

Ape kollanta yoda bala yoda hayya.

Thundering typhoon,Blistering barnacles,


Vezapillei makaba wewa ikmanata.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

What a great cartoon!

It tells is all!


Thusitha said...

Can't we get the U.N to revise the number of Civilians, as we have rescued half of them. All these new papers use 100,000 - 150,000 still and makes the problem look much bigger than it is.

3Sinhala said...

We do have some support from the international community. Here is an example;

China backs Sri Lankan fight against LTTE!

Nilupul said...

Your comment about having no interest in money and gifts (I’m sure Gotymbara didn’t mean that) is noble and that shows the real face of true hero and my hat off for all the brave soldiers and for you as well.

BUT, I honestly do not think, that you or SF will be able fade away soon.
Sure Prabakan will be killed and the terrorist gang will be destroyed, but the ideology of Eelam and Homeland will not be.

We all will have to start a ‘white collar’ war against these Tamil diasporas and all those who talks for Eelam.

Countries like India, Singapore and Malaysia will be envy with our rapid development soon after the end of war, and as India did before, their intelligence agencies will try to destabilize our country to stop economic prosperity.

Muslim extremists like Al-Qaeda will penetrate in to the island in the absence of Tamil terrorists.

To face all these matters we will need a strong defense force and an effective intelligence bureau. Much stronger police department and an efficient judiciary system.

Those are the government matters, but for who ever love this country and who can spend some time to defeat these wars, will need bloggers like DW to talk, discuss and share information.

So please don’t fade away!

sajhak said...

wow .. and bravoooo .. ! may triple gem and all the blessings of all the Gods be with our brave heroes for their commitments and sacrifices..

sajhak said...

I agree with you Nilupul ..

Unknown said...

We have lost many teams over the last 3 years. Only a few of us know these people by name and rank. They do not need your money or gifts. Some recognition will go a long way.This is my first and most probably be the only comment here…

It was good to read most of the articles and I thank DW for that, but it is disappointing to see the above comment.

I know that there are lot of people who donate money and gifts for self recognition and boast about their actions… but please know that there are lot of people who are giving what ever they can from their heart…

You might not need money and gifts and may also think that they don’t need money… but I’m sure that there are lot of troops and their families who would appreciate a bit of help…

Not everyone can be a hero (by joining forces) due to their own individual reasons.. I think that’s why people try to contribute in ways they can to be a tiny part of it..

As a writer of a quite popular blog, don’t you think that you should be careful and responsible when you write such things as it might put off some people who are helping/willing to help our heroes…



No doubt, our SF and all elites are the Very best amongst the best in the world. Some high flying western countries and as well as our nearest neighbor, boasted about their own military capabilities but we saw in what deep shit they've been in combating terrorism in the recent past. To name a few... 26/11, Iraq, West bank are some of them.

Our dear SL military brothers... you've made my mother lanka proud by your discipline, strategy, courage, skills and most of all...humanity. We will teach our children and their children about how you fought valiantly to save our motherland from the evil tigers to bring us a safe island to live in peace and harmony.

As most of the youth in SL may be thinking right now...I wish I was there inside the NFZ amongst a "band of brothers" of SLA at this moment fighting to eliminate LTTE without thinking about my own fate. But now it's too late for me as I've stepped up in a different path in my life.

But we will never ever forget the sacrifices our armed forces made to bring smiles of peace to our faces.

May all who made the supreme sacrifice for our future attain Nibbhana!!!

May all who sacrificed their good health for our future may get well soon!!!

My dear brothers in the battlefield...May success and victory be written in every step you take!!! OBATA SAHA APAGE MAW BIMATA...JAYA PITA JAYA WEWA!!! MAY THE NOBLE TRIPLE GEM BLESS YOU!!!

SRAF said...

WE are sri lankans, we are sinhala, we survived for 2500 years, we will remain in control for end of man kind.Sri Lanka, She WAS our motherland, She IS our motherland and She WILL be our motherland till eternetiy, all Sri Lankan brethren, RISE UP AND STAND TALL!!!

ජය වේවා! නමෝ බුද්ධාය....

SL said...

Before you fade away, that's if you are able to! I would like to say thank you!!
You and Defencenet have done a tremendous service to those of us that do not have the luxury of sitting in front of a TV, a Sinhala TV station to follow the war closely.
It was through your post that we got the insight in to what was happening on the ground.
Our work is not done, yes SLDF have kicked the LTTE to the curb, and yes LTTE supporters are dumfounded. (They never mattered anyway; hence I never bothered to respond to their little “net cries”)
I believe you can remain in the scene and help us form a united Sri Lanka, I think you and defencenet can be a vital link between the our fellow Sri Lankans in SL and those of us who live abroad.
You do need a break...I agree!!
But your skills can be used to develop post war Sri Lanka, to ensure that the victory is secured and the country steered towards prosperity.
I have seen the worlds “best” forces in combat, I have lived thorough several different combat theaters. But, I will say this, and I know the experts would agree, there is no match to our SLDF when it comes to close combat. The reason is the fearlessness of Sri Lankans, the bravery. Some in the western countries might call it risky behavior, but what ever it is that is what gets the job done. As seen in a video of our soldiers raiding a bunker, we take close combat to the next level.
Anyway, I say thanks to our president, commander, defense minister, the “not yet known” team of brilliant minds that designed this approach to finally take out the LTTE.
Me ape deshayai, me ape jathiyai……….

silentknight said...

all this with just our limited resources ,..... magnifique!!!

Ananda-USA said...

THE GREAT RESCUE! Sri Lanka Army RESCUES 55,000! EAT YOUR HEARTS OUT....Tamil Diaspora LTTE supporters! Way to go, Sri Lanka Army! WE LOVE YOU! While all of our enemies, these PUSILLANIMOUS PUNDITS, NATTTERING NABOBS OF NEGATIVITY, are criticizing and denigrating your world class accomplishments, you are quietly without fanfare ACHIEVING OUR NATIONAL GOAL of rescuing our fellow Tamil citizens, the unfortunate prisoners of the LTTE! There is NO OTHER ARMY IN THE WORLD that can match you for your PATRIOTISM, your SACRIFICE, your COURAGE, your SKILL and above all your HUMANITY towards the TAMIL CITIZENS held hostage by the LTTE. GO FORWARD and NEVER LOOK BACK, BRAVE SONS OF LANKA!

Ananda-USA said...

DIRE PREDICTIONS OF HUMANITARIAN DISASTERS, by self-serving TAMIL TIGER activists, continue to stoke the flames consuming the gullible. "KILINOCHCHI will be Sri Lanka Army's STALINGRAD" cry the LTTE propagandists, the PUSILLANIMOUS PUNDITS of yesteryear. Other NATTERING NABOBS OF NEGATIVITY conjure up images of DHARMA-ASOKA's bloody victory in KALINGA over two millinenia ago, sweeping the seminal result of that victory under the proverbial carpet: It laid the basis for the GOLDEN ASOKAN AGE of INDIA. The eradication of the LTTE by leaf, branch, trunk and root from SRI LANKA will usher in A GOLDEN RAJAPAKSIAN AGE for SRI LANKA securing to President Mahinda Rajapakasa IMMORTAL FAME. In contrast, the LTTE will be PILLORIED in human history, and hung up in the company of ADOLF HITLER and POL POT, as the most diabolical and monstrous leaders OF ALL TIME!

SL LION said...

a friend of mine is a soldier in Mannar and he just told me,that according to his sources there is heavy fighting between the 55th and the LTTE in Palamattalan. 55th and 58th one kilometer away from each other,but Palamattalan heavily fortified and booby-trapped

Unknown said...

Thank you DW,

This rescue mission is so amazing. It is a huge credit to the SLG and the SL Defence Forces. No one else would have dared to undertake such a mission. All credit should go to the Defence Secretary and the cheifs of the 3 forces.

As a Nation we must welcome these civillians and show them who the real libarator is. We have to ensure short term and long term palns are in place not only to setlle them back into their homes, but to enure that they are safe and sound in those locations.

Very Well Done SL Army! It is the time to remember the fallen heroes of the special forces who made this happen.

Ananda-USA said...

Tamil Nadu LTTE Political CIRCUS News: MENTAL ILLNESS has become a RAGING EPIDEMIC among LTTE Supporters. First Chief Minister KARUNANIDHI becomes INDISPOSED and is hospitalized, suffers from 'A Confused State of Mind' according to Pandian claiming "Prabhakaran is not a terrorist", then backtracks admitting he "Mis-spoke Himself"; then Supreme Thalaivar VELLUPILLAI PRABHAKARAN is diagnosed as suffering from a "fast deteriorating mental health condition" and is replaced by POTTU AMMAN; THOL THIRUMAVALAVAN espouses "Fasts Unto Death" pushing 12 Gullible Tamils to Immolate themselves, but yet breaks his own fast and pulls back from the BRINK OF DEATH; First Rabble Rouser VAIKO is declared INSANE by India's Congress Party which he was canvassing as an ally only yesterday! This HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS illness has the COMMON SYMPTOM that it afflicts only CARD-CARRYING LTTE supporters! Given "Leaders" such as these, I weep for the people of Tamil Nadu & Mother INDIA! MAY CONFUSION REIGN IN THE MINDS OF ENEMIES of Mother LANKA!

Unknown said...

Sinhala Blood....

You are absolutely right. SL Soldiers are the best. They dont have all the sophisticated weapons, but they are the best and bravest foot soldiers. They will go anywhere their commanders tell them to go. Luckyly we have very good ground commanders unlike previous eras.

Unknown said...

Well Said, "Ananda-USA'

SL said...

I have left a comment in your blog. (under post your new feeds...)

Ananda-USA said...

ColomboPage.com reports 62,000 civilians have now been RESCUED from the NFZ!

Ananda-USA said...


Thanks for the post at SLP blog, Brother!

Unknown said...

WOW! Great News DW...Thanx a Lot... And by the Way, What are we gonna do about the Civilians who are supporting LTTE? (The Maha Viru Families..)


Unknown said...

HAS ANYBODY SEEN PETER....? I wanna ask him How many Kms to Kilinochchi.. :D


Sam Perera said...

So lion,

We all know that you are a terrorist. Stop bs.

Unknown said...


Thank you for your efforts to keep us informed when no one else was doing it.

As you said it is the time to remember the ones who laid down their lives for 'our tomorrow'. Hope all the Sri Lankans will remember all the fallen heroes and those who are alive made it thus far.

Hope politicians and the civillians will have a long memory (Generally they don't)and remember this war from the begining to end like we remeber 'Dutugamunu & Elara' in school.

Let us all spend a day at the National Monument for the fallen soldiers.

Let us spend a day remembering and reading about the batlles of those soldiers who are living and honour them at the highest levels.

They deserve a greater honour too.

DW, This war is long from over. We have more work to do. Tamil Diaspora will not fade away after the battle of 'Mullaiwaikkal'. They will turn and twist and will take every loophole to rise again. Don't forget they started this war with 25 people getting trained in India in 1978 or so.

LTTE has much more men than left and more resources both locally and in overseas. So certainly, they will be there.

So, stay-put DW, your work is not done yet.

It is the time to name the fallen heroes so all of us can remeber them.

mottapala said...

Send an invitation to your blog bro. My e mail is binson007@aol.com.


Ananda-USA said...

Ratna Deepa Janma Bhumi
Lanka Deepa Vijaya Bhumi
Me' Ape' Udaara Wu
Mathru Bhumi-yayi
Mathru Bhumi-yayi

Repeat Chorus

Aadi Sinhale' Ae' Vira Meemuthun Layin
Saara Wu Udaara Wu
Mathru Bhumi-yayi
Mathru Bhumi-yayi

Maanikyase' Pologabee' Nidhana Vee
Aththe' Ae' Atheetha Du Puthun
Jathiye' Naamayen Sangrama Bhumiye'
Jeewithe' Puda Heluu Lay Kandai


Sindhupamana Wavu Thala Mathin Adee'
Padma Renuwen Sugandha Vee
Ran Karal Namaa Hamaa
Sith Prabhodayen Puraa
Enne' Un Helu Prana Vayuwai


Ganga Tharanga Raawa Dee Ridee Vanin
Mal Pipee Kolen Kole' Hapee
Gayana Karanne' Aakasaye' Nagee
Virayange' Ae' Yaso Geetha-yayi


Aadi Sinhale' Ae' Vira Meemuthun Layin
Saara Wu Udaara Wu
Maathru Bhumi-yayi
Maathru Bhumi-yayi

Ananda-USA said...

mottapala said...

Send an invitation to your blog bro. My e mail is binson007@aol.com.Done. Please click on the long link in the email I sent you. :)

mottapala said...

My tribute to MR, GR , SF and all the boys.

I truely appreciate longsightedness of Sarath Fonseka. He started building these 8 man teams in 2004/2005 when he was the SF cammander, Jaffna.It was the time of Ranil Wickramasinghe government and the army commander was the Joker Balagalla. I often wondered why SF started trainig 8 man teams such a long time ago for sevaral reasons.
1. With UNP in power we never thought we would start fighting again.
2. Balagalla was simply interested in staying in power licking anybodies arse and drinking untill he become kaput.
3. Fonseka's prospects of being the commander was allmost nill due to the facts,
a. Many seniors before him, good UNPers as well
b. He opposed the move to abolish the high security zones borught about by Ranil. Luckily Chandrika supported him. So the Gove thought he was a Chandrikas man.

The ususal mentality of a Genaral of that stage would have being to lick the politicians arse and do a waitng game as well as collecting loot in preparation for retirement.

The only reason he put so much effort to 8 man team concept probably was patriotism. What else?

nuclear said...


Wish SLDF is aware how Rohana Wijeweera and top JVP guys traveled during that insurrection.
Dress like a women, traveled inside honeymoon cars etc. etc. We do not want history to repeat this time.
For LTTE maniac to be over we need to get VP and at least his son to whom VP wanted to give the leadership.

Ananda-USA said...

Apata Epa Bim Angalakwath

Apata Epa Bim Angalakwath
Annunge' Deseka Maha-polowe'
Malath Nodemu Bim Angalakwath
Apa Ipaduna Me' Mau-polowe'
Apa Ipaduna Me' Mau-polowe'

Repeat Chorus

Ape' Upan Bima Api Rakagannata
Awasan Lay Binduwath Helamu
Ape' Hapankam Sathuran Abhimuwa
Kesara Leelawen Mawamu


Jathiya Nathida Ratak Kohedo
Rata Nathiwunada Dayak Kohedo
Malath Nodemu Bim Angalakwath
Apa Ipaduna Me' Lak-polowe'


Repeat Chorus

Unknown said...

Nadesankiru said...
... And by the Way, What are we gonna do about the Civilians who are supporting LTTE? (The Maha Viru Families..)

Very good question Nadesankiru. I feel that, this is more complex than it meets the eye.

LTTE laundered it's drug running money through sending Tamils to North American and Europian Countries and buying them Big and small businesses. These Tamils have to pay the LTTE their share of the profits and also have to support them politically.

This cycle has grown deep so much; these 'businesses' have supported and made politicians in most of these countries to places of importance. All these Tamils and others who have taken LTTE blood money has no option, but to support the movement, irrespective whether what is done by LTTE is right or wrong.

WE will not be able to eradicate the civilians supporting LTTE overnight, but we can certainly win over the ‘day to day’ civilians over a period of time by showing our sincere efforts to live with the Tamils in harmony.

As for these Hardcore Tamils and overseas Politicians, we have to destroy LTTE and their movement in SL completely. We have to separate LTTE from the Tamils in Sri Lanka. Then probably the overseas ‘Tamil Diaspora’ will not have anything else to talk about, may fade away to enjoy the loot given by the LTTE.

Honestly, VP will hide somewhere, and will enjoy his business empire. I personally see no reason for him to continue with his terrorist outfit.

Colomblogs said...

I posted this on the DBS.J's blog.

"...A good article. But seems you still afraid of LTTE. ):

Any logical thinking person (except blinded Dispora) can't beleive that Australian Thavabalan 's story.

I am a Sinhalese, but when I saw that Army.lk picture of a father holding his 5-year death son (killed by LTTE bullets), almost everyone of our family cried.

I can't understand this.LTTE shot the people (prrof : UAV footage), LTTE used suciders against its own people (the best example to contradict the Thavabalan's claim) and fire artilary (Proof : fleed people). Why Dispora still supporting the LTTE?

You can tell thousand lies to the world and BBC, but you know that it was LTTE that killing people, that not holding them as a shield.

Why not a single Tamil arrange a loaf of bread or spoon of milk powder to these people ? Is it because death of them will give you more PR milage?

You are trying to save the Killer but not the prey.. Shame...!

mottapala said...

Ananda USA,
Thanks Bro

BlackPanther said...

We certainly don't want to give money or gifts in the sence you mean, for none of us can repay our debts in monetary terms to our heros. The country owes much to them and their loved ones. I think its our duty to look after the fallen, injured and other heros' children and siblings. Many are from poor families. Thus we should make sure they are given the best of education in order to elevate their standing in society. One day let these children be policy makers of our country. They will have more reasons to love the country for their fathers sacrifised their lives, limbs and youth to protect it.

As for you, are you out of your mind. We have much to do in order to come out of this grave situation. We need soldiers to fight corruption, inefficiency and waste. Fighting in the north may be over in a few weeks or months. But the battle for development will remain. You are part of it. Soilders never die, nor do thay quit.

Unknown said...

DW before you fade away .

Thank you . but you should a a part of eulogizing every single hero who dies for our country . please do that because you have the voice . We need to know every one of them , and let their story be like a beacon in the history of this country .

Suwaganak said...

Better not to comment here with your real name and blog info.
I am just telling you as a friend.

Thusitha said...

Not only our defence forces are an efficient war machine, they know how to run a good PR campaign. Kudos for all the guys who are running our defence.lk website.

This is what one Indian guy had to say about their defence site.

got to say the lankan defence ministry runs its PR setup around um 1000x better than we do.
just compare defence.lk and our own Raksha Mantralaya website!


Thusitha said...

There is a lot of Tamil Propaganda going on this NYT blog.

Please write some comments in.

Zombinowski said...

Thanks for the updates, DW.

I sincerely hope you fade away. The should be no need for these types of updates. Let there be peace.

Good work by SLDF. Hope more civilians are saved and the rats meet their doom.

Moshe Dyan said...


i hope not.

bcos defence is an ongoing matter whether we like it or not.

we have to expand the forces after the war is over. modernise them for new challenges.

these measures are ACTUALLY MORE important!!

a very tricky issue: mahaveer crap.

they are civilians with a BIGGER percentage of terrorist infiltrators!!

Unknown said...

New search operation has been started by SF to catch Praba while rescue operation going on.

Unknown said...

rupavahini says some LTTE leaders have been killed...

any idea who these leaders are

Unknown said...

The biggest threat is Indian election thesedays. If India can rescue Praba then Tamilnadu is easy win to Congress. RAW must be spying very closely the latest situation, if they saved Praba this time, this war can snake for an unknown future and keep weeken SL state.

Unknown said...

[Lionheart said...

Nadesankiru said...
... And by the Way, What are we gonna do about the Civilians who are supporting LTTE? (The Maha Viru Families..)

Very good question Nadesankiru. I feel that, this is more complex than it meets the eye.]

Yes its True...The Job is Far from Done...We should Never Ever think that this issue is over, just because you crush the tiger...There is NOT A SINGLE rebellion which has Won anything after loosing the Support of the People..We should win the support of the Tamil people.

There is no wonder in Why the Tamils here don't react against LTTE... Its Because they Don't give a SHIT about the Innocent Tamils in Vanni...They are living so Luxurious Lives, they will never go back to their Eelam if it was won...They I guess are too pissed off to see their Long Term Investments been washed away (For a Separate Country) in few Years time... They DON'T CONSIDER THE TAMILS IN IDPS AS THEIR BROTHERS...They are too ashamed to call them so too....

I Know these things as I am a Tamil Canadian who has been Living in Toronto for a Long time now...Have even heard them saying these things...

Last week, the LTTE supporters asked all the Grocery Shop owners in Scarbrough (Toronto) to Boycott Sri Lankan Products...Now all Shop owners hate them as they are loosing thousands in Dollars and Customers.


Unknown said...

[Lionheart said...

Nadesankiru said...
... And by the Way, What are we gonna do about the Civilians who are supporting LTTE? (The Maha Viru Families..)

Very good question Nadesankiru. I feel that, this is more complex than it meets the eye.]

Yes its True...The Job is Far from Done...We should Never Ever think that this issue is over, just because you crush the tiger...There is NOT A SINGLE rebellion which has Won anything after loosing the Support of the People..We should win the support of the Tamil people.

@SINGLE,There is no wonder in Why the Tamils here don't react against LTTE... Its Because they Don't give a SHIT about the Innocent Tamils in Vanni...They are living so Luxurious Lives, they will never go back to their Eelam if it was won...They I guess are too pissed off to see their Long Term Investments been washed away (For a Separate Country) in few Years time... They DON'T CONSIDER THE TAMILS IN IDPS AS THEIR BROTHERS...They are too ashamed to call them so too....

I Know these things as I am a Tamil Canadian who has been Living in Toronto for a Long time now...Have even heard them saying these things...

Last week, the LTTE supporters asked all the Grocery Shop owners in Scarbrough (Toronto) to Boycott Sri Lankan Products...Now all Shop owners hate them as they are loosing thousands in Dollars and Customers.


Srilankan said...

What a fantastic day..."Theruwan saranai" to each and every one of our brave troops.Why is Hon Pres Rajapaksa "explaining" to this pakaya gordon brown?..this idiotic arse is only interested in drinking on friday nights..and the LTTE di-ass-phora thaamil vote..nothing else.

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

who is this By KRISHAN FRANCIS
Red Cross: Sri Lankans


Srilankan said...

Our idea is to enable the poor tamil folk of wanni to get jobs in "paradise" in canada/u.s.I am pleased that some of these thamil guys over there hold canada in high regard.Its o.k we dont want them back ever.Lets give it say 25 yrs and evaluate the situation then after a few credit crunches with increasing frequency.I think you are over estimating their "jubillant attitude" somewhat..you really need members of your family in paradise to really know..i am sure you know what i mean.. By the way my entire family live in the U.S/Canada..now in the 3rd generation..It is very nice to see that immigration to paradise is no longer restricted to ever so highly educated thaamils alone...no offense intended..

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

DW, Thank u sir!

“The SF are warriors”

DW, can not agree more! And we should get these heroic to the public forum as in story form and make sure our children and their children will read them with their back hair raised in proud and achievements.

“I'm afraid our plan is to fade away once this war is over. Chances are, you will not know who we are. It is best that way. Some recognition will go a long way.”

DW, I am not trying to be too smart but this is my recognition to u and ur work.

According to a very old post from u, ur from Galle/Buussa area?

Any chance u were associated with the “Black and Gold” and ur first name start with “N” who has a legendary past in ur beloved school and also later in ur “unit” ???

My predictions may be big time wrong as of those of Tamil racists/terrorists fcukers : ))

Regardless of who u r, my hats off to u for ur brilliant work and I wish u and ur team all the best!!!!

Warriors, pls save the country for one more time from racists/terrorists fcukers and we will be grateful to u to the eternity!!!

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

We have concrete evidence regarding what these floating ware-houses were carrying. These vessels were carrying over 80,000 artillery rounds, over 100,000 mortar rounds, a bullet-proof jeep probably earmarked for the LTTE leader, three aircraft in dismantled form, torpedoes and surface-to-air missiles. There were also a large number of underwater swimmer-delivery vehicles and a large quantity of diving equipment. There were radar equipment as well as outboard motors (OBMs) with higher horse power. All in all, there would have been more than 10,000 tons of war material in these floating warehouses…

No war effort can be sustained without having uninterrupted supply of logistics. The Sri Lanka Navy ensured this by destroying their floating warehouses which had over 10,000 tons of warlike material collected over a period of time, thus ensuring that the LTTE did not receive any warlike material during the last 2 ½ years.

read ...moreI think this should go in to Ananda's blog

war is not over...guys - not so fast -...next we have to educate west - how to fight tamil terrorists

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

“The SF are warriors”

of course - indeed.... I salute you all.

DefenceWire - Ruhunea Mee Kiri...guys who protect their country with their blood...no 2nd guess...

not like LTTE chicken shit.

Mawuwbima Nathinam Maranaya.

Bell said...

DW ,

You are grate , at last we had some operational information. We really want to know the roll did by our SF teams at the end, I think they have contributed in more difficult situations to army.

Unknown said...

Nilupul/Black Panther,

I agree with you 100%.


We have a great respect for you brave hearts.You did a tremendouse job doing this job under so many circumtences.WE love you guys and our motherland from bottom of our hearts.

Only one request. Don't let these brave hearts stories fade away. We need these stories to read by our children/grand children.Then only they feel how much our nation have scrified to protect our mother Lanka.
Don't do what mf JRJ did removing history from schools and tried to creat corrupted sinhala/powerless nation to this world.

My sincire feeling is our future generation should study these stories.

Thanks DW again.


Kings said...

Rajaratasurfer said...
DW, CAN SOMEONE shut up that idiot Puleddeevan ,ltte mouth organ please ! This bald moron called a reporter with this propaganda garbage abt. him been with fatass VP. This is amazing....you lie thru your teeth & expect everyone to believe ya !
man, we should not remove them. those are inefective communicators... we must keep them there. if you really want to kill, then just kill someone powerful in the organization like Pottu, Soosai etc.,
for example, during a limited overs game if you come a cross a bad batsman, do not let him out (no run out) keep him to wast balls. haha..

Saman said...

I wrote the following on April 5 2009 6:56 AM in this blog,

/Check it out brothers. SF, the grand master, has announced that plans drawn and finalized to rescued the Tamil civilians taken hostage by the LTTE.

I wish him and his comrades luck, in managing the biggest terrorist hostage taking ever. When this is done winning hearts and minds of Tamil people does not need any further assurances or going beyond 13th amendment as some pundits say./

Well can't wait until the end of the week to see a conclusion.

What a master stroke in the foreign policy and interface of diplomacy/military/governance when Mahinda invited diplomats from US, China, Russia, India and UK to witness the operation on as a reality show. Those who are currently handling this issue make our nation very proud.

Tamil brothers and sisters please watch the footage captured by the hovering SLAF UAVs on 21st April 2009 (even keep a copy). If your hearts ache as mine witnessing what LTTE did time has come to move on as one nation. In July 1983 Sinhalese witnessed few government sponsored thugs raped a value system established over thousand years in our land within three days and later Tamil people witnessed the LTTE sponsored thugs raping it over further 26 years. It is the time to shake hands and build a future together.

Do we have the potential to build a strong nation – YES WE DO.
Can we all live in that nation as equal citizens – YES WE CAN.

Defencewire said...


I think you have misinterpreted my comment. Good soldiers don't do it for gifts. They are satisfied with their job and pay (its not always enough but you know that you will never be a millionaire by joining the army even before you join). what people give and don't give is entirely upto those civilians. my point was that soldiers should not expect fame/glory/special recognitions/medals/buddies/etc etc for their work.


Very observant you are Mr! I'm afraid I'm not the person you mentioned but I am definitely from that area. One or two others involved in this blog are also from that side.

Defencewire said...

Fading away....

This is a must. As soon as the hardcore defence matters are over, we will fade away. This is good. This is how it is meant to be from the very beginning!

The fact that many of you find our work acceptable means we have done something right. Our objective was to report the truth. Truth prevails above all things. This is why we were always accurate with figures, though some didn't like it. But over the years we have demonstrated that saying the truth, however bitter it maybe, results in credibility, improvement in performance etc etc.

gavfla said...

DW, Thanks for all your prompt information and we appreciate it very much. Like you said, we Sri Lankans living in exile hoping for an end to the war has got a job to do, helping the families of those that fought for our country and have sacrificed their lives whilst we live in the comfort of our homes. I think its time for all Sri Lankans to start putting money where their keyboards did the talking and help the familes of these hero's that brought peace to our dear country.
Thank you DW, we are going to miss you.....

Moshe Dyan said...


we appreciate very much what you have done.

but it is disappointing if you fade away once hardcore military matters are over. actually hardcore military matters will NOT be over with the end of the war. putting in place a strong defencive set-up after the war is essentially a part of hardcore military matters!!

Thusitha said...

This is what the whore bitches in U.K has to say about the army hostage rescue.


Who is this women Sarasi Wijeratne who worked at Red Cross? She is saying only 4000 people crossed over on Monday. Is she blind? Can some one make some phone calls to open her eyes?


We’ve heard very conflicting reports about the numbers,” Sarasi Wijeratne, an information officer at the Red Cross office in Colombo, said. “What we can say is that we’ve confirmed that 4,000 civilians crossed into government territory over the weekend and another 4,000 crossed over on Monday.

A Tiger spokesman told The Times that the army was using cluster bombs and biological and chemical weapons. The army denies that.

Moshe Dyan said...

only the LTTE diaspora is struggling for tamil elam today!!how true???

tamil madu has given up.
in SL, tamils have given up.

LTTE diaspora - stateless fools!!!

Moshe Dyan said...

excellent news!

US position on SL has changed!!!! "By DESMOND BUTLER, Associated Press Writer Desmond Butler, Associated Press Writer – Tue Apr 21, 6:04 pm ET

WASHINGTON – The State Department released satellite imagery Tuesday of tens of thousands of Sri Lankan civilians squeezed into the last small strip of land controlled by Tamil Tiger rebels.

The State Department said that a recent image shows about 25,000 tents packed into a coastal strip about 8 square miles large. Based on the number of tents, they estimate that about 125,000 people were in the conflict zone before about 60,000 civilians escaped over the last two days.

Human rights groups say the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam are holding many people in the enclave against their will and using them as human shields. Those groups have also accused the government of indiscriminate shelling in the region. Both sides deny the allegations.

Thousands of civilians also fled in packed small boats, and they were picked up by navy patrols and transported to camps where Tamils who have escaped the war are being held. More than 2,000 people in about 100 boats were picked up Monday.

The U.N. and others have called for a negotiated truce to allow civilians to leave the rebel-held coastal strip.

But the Sri Lankan government has refused to heed those international pleas to halt the fighting, saying it is on the verge of crushing the separatists and putting an end to the 25-year-old war.

The U.S. government appears to agree with that assessment.

"We see the potential for major developments in the next 48 hours," said Michael Owen, acting deputy assistant secretary of state.

The State Department urged the Sri Lankan government to exercise restraint.

Earlier, State Department spokesman Robert Wood said Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is considering how the U.S. can help Sri Lanka rebuild and move forward once the civil conflict is settled."
nobody bets on a losing horse!!!

dogooder said...

Thanks for the information, prayers are with the families of those brave soldiers. What a price to pay...

what I don't get is how can ones heart not bleed for the suffering of these innocent lives. (I'm talking about the Tamil diaspora and the rest of the tamils in SL for a tamil sate) Poorest of poor of all mother Lanka. These people have absolutely nothing! Yet the world politicians are playing games...

poverty sucks! The ones in power should adress this issue as soon as possible. There's no need for such horrible suffering while a vast number live luxurious lives.

Just curious, is the rest of the population donating clothes and food items for these poor victims? Is the government solely depending on international aid? That shouldn't be the case because I know many, many, many families living in SL in positions to donate generously!!

Miss Information said...

Thusitha said...

This is what the whore bitches in U.K has to say about the army hostage rescue.


Who is this women Sarasi Wijeratne who worked at Red Cross? She is saying only 4000 people crossed over on Monday. Is she blind? Can some one make some phone calls to open her eyes?

Stop for a moment and think about what she said.

She can only confirm a number. She is not saying the GoSL number is incorrect only that her ability to speak accurately (something very few people here or elsewhere can honestly do in relation to situation in the Wanni) limits her to confirming a certain number.

Relax... not everyone who doesn't blindly accept the GoSL news releases is a bitch, whore or terrorist.

Can you confirm a number and if so how?

There is an information blackout and as such it is better to respect someone who only reports what they can confirm as opposed to accepting without question the word of someone who is happy to repeat rumours and propoganda as opposed to reporting what can be factually and independently verified.


Unknown said...

Hi Defencewire,

Many thanks for your information for past three years. I am reading this blog almost everday sevaral times like many other here.
You are actually done a historical contrubition by giving correct info . Your service will be remembered even after hundreds of years from now with sacrifices made by our heros.

KillerT said...


Thank you very much for your service.We salute you your team.Your credibility was there all the time.Thank you for providing us the accurate news all this time.i was a blogger who was benefited by your service to a great extent. So a big thank for that,again.Good luck with your own work.Hope youll continue this blog.

Ananda-USA said...

THREAT ALERT: New Taliban Govt. in Pakistan's Swat Valley Invites Foreign JihadistsThis may be the beginning of the disintegration of Pakistan as we know it. It is a CONSEQUENCE of Pakistani Central Govt recently ceding power to a sub-national ethnic/religious Taliban-led group in the Swat Valley District of Pakistan.

The previous GOSL's made the same mistake in Sri Lanka by acceding to a LTTE-led reagion in the North and East of the country, setting the stage for eventual PARTITION of the country. It also raised the spectre of a larger war arising from the Greater Dravidian Nation agenda of the LTTE, that is now rapidly developing in Tamil Nadu across the Palk Straits.

Only the Courageous Policies of the current GOSL forestalled in Sri Lanka the end result of what is germinating in Pakistan today.

In the near future, one of two things will happen in Pakistan:

1) The Central Govt will wake up under a courageous national leadership similar to the current GOSL and will take on the Taliban in the North West Frontier Province. A bloody conflict will ensue, and will succeed in extending the writ of the Central Government throughout Pakistan, in effect REUNIFYING the country as the GOSL has just achieved in Sri Lanka.

2) The Central Govt of Pakistan will not be able to summon the will and courage to militarily REUNIFY the country, with the result that the entire country will, in time, be taken over by Taliban-led insurgents, and Islamic Sharia Law will be imposed on Pakistan.

How would all of this affect Sri Lanka?

1. Given Pakistan's nuclear capabilities, the US may not stand by idly and allow Pakistan to be taken over by a Taliban Al-Quaida combine. Already, the US is asking India to assist Pakistan to prevent the second scenario from unfolding.

2. If Pakistan mends its fences with India, perhaps by quickly settling its differences with India on the Jammu & Kashmir issue, to deal with the insurgent threat, Sri Lanka may lose an important ally, both political and military, in Pakistan with respect to our Tamil Nadu related threats.

3. Sri Lanka may not have a reliable source of weapons in Pakistan in the future. As such, it is IMPERATIVE that Sri Lanka quickly develop an indigenous weapons production capability to meet its future needs. This should include both ammunition and other state-of-the-art weaponry for all three arms of the SLDF, IN COLLABORATION with other foreign allies. As in the past, India will be influenced by Tamil Nadu politics, and will be reluctant to provide Sri Lanka all the weapons we need, WHEN WE NEED THEM. Therefore, Sri Lanka must not depend on India for weapons, because their policies are driven by their internal politics.

4. The US will be increasingly interested in Sri Lankan bases and in collaboration with the SLDF.

5. Sri Lanka will have to think ahead on what Sri Lanka national policy should be with respect to Pakistan, if the Taliban takes over Pakistan. A very dangerous geo-political situation will develop between the countries aligned for and against the US on the two sides of the divide, and Sri Lanka's national interests will be caught squarely in the middle. India is very likely to side with the US. If Sri Lanka remains non-aligned in this coming struggle, Sri Lanka will need a strong self-sufficient SLDF and appropriate alliances outside the contenders in this conflict to cope with any and all eventualities. As these scenarios develop, the Greater Dravidian Nation proponents will try to play all sides to their benefit, exacerbate any impending conflict, and advance their agendas at the expense of both a unified India and Sri Lanka.

STAY TUNED: Events of enormous significance to the survival and security of Sri Lanka are evolving in both India and Pakistan, even as I write.

Taliban invite Bin Laden to SwatIANS, April 21, 2009

ISLAMABAD: The Taliban in Pakistan's Swat Valley say they would welcome militants from Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries who intend to settle in the region, a media report said Tuesday.

Taliban spokesman Muslim Khan said the group would welcome insurgents of Arab origin who are willing to fight the US-led troops in neighbouring Afghanistan.

"Yes, we will help them and protect them," he said.

Khan said: "Osama (Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden) can come here. Sure, like a brother they can stay anywhere they want."

Alarmed over Khan's comments, Pakistan's Information Minister Qamar Zaman Kaira said that "the country would never let him (Muslim Khan) shelter the likes of bin Laden".

"We would have to go for the military operation
. We would have to apply force again. We simply condemn this. We are fighting this war against Al Qaeda and the Taliban," the Press TV quoted the minister as saying to a daily.

Last Monday, President Asif Ali Zardari under pressure from the Taliban agreed to introduce Islamic Sharia laws in the restive Malakand division, comprising six northwestern districts including Swat valley. The group vowed to extend the Islamic Sharia across the country.

"The day is not far when Islamabad will be in the hands of the mujahideen," a Taliban commander earlier said.

Taliban militants Tuesday refused to leave the Buner district, just 100 km from Islamabad, which they forcibly occupied.

Kings said...

do not dissapear, it is so silly if you does. this is not the end of the war, I define it as begening of the real war to bulit the country. our people has good ideas, we cannot share our ideas, views wihout a place like this... don't fade away... and try to do a honest, professional work afterwards,,, if you need any contribution to be alive, we can do it... do not worry.

Ananda-USA said...

US Asks India to Help Pakistan Combat Insurgents
Is a settlement of the Jammu-Kashmir conflict in the offing as a result of such a re-alignment of Pakistan-India relations?

US asks India to help Pakistan fight terrorWASHINGTON: The US government has urged India to support Pakistan in its war against Al Qaeda and Taliban insurgents along the Afghan border, a media report said Tuesday.

"I think it will be important for India to make clear that as Pakistan takes steps to deal with extremists on its own territory, India will be supportive," the Press TV quoted Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg as saying Monday.

Steinberg said that New Delhi has a "huge stake" in making sure both Pakistan and its neighbour Afghanistan is stable.

The US has also called on India to pull back its troops that were deployed on the Pakistan border after the Mumbai terror attacks last year, the report said. Over 170 people were killed and many more injured in the attack.

Pakistan, in response, moved thousands of its soldiers from its border with Afghanistan to the Indian border.

The report citing unnamed sources said that the reason behind the recent US demand to pull back troops is that President Barack Obama is gearing up to launch a bigger military offensive in Afghanistan, during which the US will need the help of Pakistani troops along the volatile Afghan-Pakistan border.

The tribal regions along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border have become a safe haven for militants after a US-led invasion toppled the Taliban rule in Afghanistan in late 2001, and sent the insurgents to areas bordering Pakistan.

India and Afghanistan enjoy strong ties but both sides have tense relations with Pakistan. However, Afghanistan's relations with Pakistan have been improving under the current administration in Islamabad.

Washington has declared Islamabad an integral part of its fight against Al Qaeda and Taliban. The US views reducing tensions between Pakistan and India as part of its efforts to stabilise Afghanistan.

)┐ said...

Some of the great acts of the self-righteous US government - Obama administration who condemn the rescue of civilians from the war zone in Sri Lanka. Guys, check this news item at aljazeera.

Drone attacks on Pakistan’s indigenous tribes


"Since August 2008, nearly 60 drone strikes in tribal and other northern areas have massacred over 500 individuals belonging to a population that qualifies as indigenous people under international law. The majority of victims are poor and frightened men, women, and children. They have little to do with militants who are fighting the NATO occupation forces in Afghanistan.

To escape future drone massacres of their families, thousands of residents living in target areas have left their homes and businesses to seek asylum in other parts of Pakistan. Wretched stories of these internally displaced persons (IDPs) and their trail of tears have made little news in the international media.

After extending a hand of friendship to the Muslim world in his inaugural speech, President Barack Hussein Obama has personally authorized the continuance of drone attacks. In hopes of destroying the nesting places of militancy, the Obama administration is poised to expanding the drone warfare to other parts of Pakistan.

Presuming that Pakistan is secretly supporting drone strikes, the vengeful militants have begun to attack the citadel cities of Lahore and Islamabad. As drone attacks continue to kill and generate the IDPs among the indigenous population and as militants undertake retaliatory measures in major cities, nuclear-armed Pakistan is predicted to plunge into uncontrollable chaos and carnage threatening international peace and security.

Before Pakistan turns into another Iraq, the Obama administration should reconsider the wisdom and legality of drone strikes as a means of fighting the militants in Pakistan........"

Nihara said...

Hi Defencewire
Even though I rarely comment on your blog, every day I read your articles & go through all the comments.
Thank you so much for providing us with such important information on war front and our defence force activities.
We appreciate & highly value your service forever.

May triple Gem Bless you & guide you all for brighter future.


dogooder said...

who's writing these headlines? eg. Sri Lanka fighting traps civilians in NFZ.
It should read "the LTTE traps civilians in the NFZ... to be used as shields"!

Ananda-USA said...

Moratu Saman said...

read ...more I think this should go in to Ananda's blogDone. Thanks, Bro!

Thusitha said...


Naxals strike again, take passenger train hostage


Let us see what India would do now. Cease Fire, Peace Talks.

Maybe some of our SF guys might have to go there to give some help.

Ananda-USA said...

KARUNANDHI Issues an Ultimatum for a Ceasefire in Sri Lanka!MK sends yet another ultimatumULTIMATUMS to the RIGHT of him, ULTIMATUMS to the LEFT of him, ULTIMATUMS in FRONT of him, VOLLEYED & THUNDERED!

Half-a-Vote, Half-a-Vote, Half-a-Vote ONWARD!

Into the VALLEY of VOTES,
rode KARUNANIDHI's Vote Gatherers!

All SMOKE and FIRE signifying NOTHING from this mentally ill COMMUNAL VOTE GATHERER!

King Gajabha said...

Tiger fuckers have put lots of votes ..
Do you see LTTE chief V Prabhakaran as a terrorist? Vote Please


Ananda-USA said...

Thusitha said...
Naxals strike again, take passenger train hostage
Let us see what India would do now. Cease Fire, Peace Talks.
Thusitha, bro...I think they should declare a "ceasefire" and negotiate a "Political Solution" right away, upto and including allowing the Naxalbari's to secede from India, don't you?

Sri Lanka can offer its "good offices" as a "mediator." :) :)

I think this should give pause to the Indians demanding a ceasefire with the LTTE. LOL.

Sri Lanka

Jaya2008 said...

Read the following article your heartless LTTE pigs. You and your Tamil Diaspora who supported this war for almost 3 decades should suffer the rest of your life for killing your own people and show the world that you care by shedding crocodile tears.


Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...


Very observant you are Mr! I'm afraid I'm not the person you mentioned but I am definitely from that area. One or two others involved in this blog are also from that side.”

Ahhhh… U may know the person I guessed who has a WWV medal to his name (info from a third party) and now lives in US.

Anyway, Thanks and I am still glad u and some of ur team mates are from the wonderful Galle area. I still wear my”Black and Gold” strips proudly! : ))

One thing about the South, we give priority to our country and duty above the ego!


ඉයන් said...


PHANTOM-X said...



Hang Praba said...

Vote Vote Vote

Do you see LTTE chief V Prabhakaran as a terrorist?


nuclear said...


We all are inquisitive. Everybody likes and eager to hear the truth but not for the same reason. It was tough and very difficult. This was a great place. You did it. Thank you and congratulations to you and all who helped. Sure you are not going to shut down this blogspot in a day two. May be you got other priorities to attend.

Sir DW,

Prevent is better than cure.

Sri Lanka needs people like you, devices like this to fight against BCDEF Bribery, Corruption, Dishonesty, Enticement and Fraud. These were making equal damages to Sri Lanka as of LTTE maniac. I think VP would have been long gone if our leaders were like the present combination of leaders.

Sri Lanka needs people like you, devices like this to fight against future attempts of Genocide Sinhalese by “Virtual Tamil Nation” created http://www.tamilnation.org . Please read http://www.tamilnation.org/diaspora/index.htm and see the danger we face. Some one got to make them understand that 25K SQKM Sri Lanka is too small place for 70 to 80 millions.

May the Blessings of the Triple Gem always be with
all those who supported the prevention of the start of Sinhalese Genocide
the fallen brave gods of Sri Lanka and their families

B#1 said...

France seeks to launch relief operation with Britain


Unknown said...

what are you talking about?
Any references?

Colomblogs said...

Tamil Dispora is just another NATO (No Action, Talks Only!) when it comes to their own people.

They didn't sent a single bread to innocent people.

Our Embassy's worldwide can start a campaign by asking volunteer donations of material for these IDP's from Sri Lankan living aborad

I am sure all Sri Lankan's will contribute except Dispora (anyway Dispora is not Sri lankans now. They are either Candadians or British)

B#1 said...



)┐ said...



Sujeewa Kokawala said...

DW galle kollek ehenam. Apith langa paatha aya. Fit thama.

Thusitha said...

Ravana said...


Unbelievable. SLA please some photos of these guys with our SLA army guys and upload it to our defence.lk website.

This would demoralized the Diaspora as well as the rest of the Tigers.

Pandula said...

Dear DefenceWire,

Many thanks for your hard work, Sincere apologies we could not voice our appreciation before as we were busy bashing those bad ones.

Instead of fading away think about we having a finest cognac in Ali Mankadagala watching sun rise and sunset in the same place under the huge Srilankan Lion flag.

and even for the extend of having a mini pinnawala watching those elephants crossing those straits.

Everything is possible thank to our heros.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

France seeks to launch relief operation with Britain Is this a genuine effort to save Fatpig? Or is it a bog bone thrown at protesters.

In any case. Pressure like this would only speed up operation.

France may find nobody is on beaches as SLDF will soon rescue them.


which side of the isthmas is more fortified? NK Lagoon side? Or the sea side?

Colomblogs said...

Genocide :

Thusitha said...

Sujeewa Kokawala said...
France seeks to launch relief operation with Britain Is this a genuine effort to save Fatpig? Or is it a bog bone thrown at protesters.

Yeah, government should accept the offer, this way it would reduce the pressure for all of us. Make sure there is no one by the time they come.

Colomblogs said...

ඇයි මේ ඩිෆෙන්ස්.එල්.කේ සහ ආමි.එල්.කේ වෙනස් ගනන් දාන්නේ?

ඩිෆෙන්ස් එකට අනුව දැන් අනූදාහ පැනලා. ආමි එකට අනුව අසූදාහට කිට්ටුයි. මේ වෙලාවේ එකට එකතු වෙලා මේ වගේ ෆිගර්ස් දැම්මා නම් තමයි හොඳ..

Colomblogs said...

Basil Going to India for an Urgent talks


Daya Master and Geroge has been just Liberated from the slavery

Pandula said...


How about we start doing something like putting a law suit to Adel Balasingham ?

If we all put a one $,€ or a £ and start something to show our solidarity what do you think ?

she has violated all the intl rules. such as training and influencing suicide to kids, violating immigration rules etc

some idea
- we need to secure blog, perhaps ask Ananda for some part of his blog
- get some law experts
- collect some money
- forecast for a long term battle let say 10years, have one expert for each year
- go in full swing

there are many others, but i like this subject.

Pandula said...

I hope Defence will KINDLY ask Daya master to openly say something to Western people and tamil dispora jokers.

Obviously he needs some time to rehabilitate too so....

Sam Perera said...


Given the fact that Disinformation is here to spread disinformation, I volunteer to answer your question.

"Who is this women Sarasi Wijeratne who worked at Red Cross? She is saying only 4000 people crossed over on Monday. Is she blind? Can some one make some phone calls to open her eyes?"

She is niece of late Ranjan Wijeratne. She was in love with a JVP operative in Colombo Medical School. She was living in UK for while married to somebody else and then she went back to SL after getting divorced. In summary, her political views are bit similar to Wickramabahu Karunarathne's.

Saman said...

1. 122,000 Ealam tamils left SUN GOAT by shear will power and reached Sri Lanka.

2. 10,000 more are doing as I write.

3. Western politics and diplomacy have shown it's back side but no one to screw them including Obama.

4. Guys in Sri Lanka says country as a whole has reached this mood after 1996 world cup win.

5. What a couple of days. USA and alies reduced Iraq and Afganisthan to rubble yet no end can be seen.

6. Our brave hearts have achieved much more with style.

Thusitha said...

Ravana said...

Since we publicize this, the Army might want to be careful about the methods use to extract information from these guys

Bloggy Boy said...

kimada naaawe ai naaweee tarahaweee....

kawda keewey boruy keeweey mage DAYAAAAAA!!!!


SL LION said...

can you confirm,that Palamattalan,Puthumattalan and Ampalavanpokkanai have captured and that the 55th and 58th have linked up? can you confirm,that our troops are now on the outskirts of Valayanmadam? thanks

Thusitha said...

Sam Perera said...

She is niece of late Ranjan Wijeratne. She was in love with a JVP operative in Colombo Medical School. She was living in UK for while married to somebody else and then she went back to SL after getting divorced. In summary, her political views are bit similar to Wickramabahu Karunarathne's.

O.k. Thought she cannot be a real Sri Lankan. That is why I always say these JVP guys are a National Security Threat (UNP is not doing any better either). What ever said and done their purpose is to defeat the government without much care for our Country. Sri Lanka does not need a revolution, only thing it needs is a few years of peace for it to become one of the best in Asia.

Sam Perera said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sam Perera said...

SL LION the LTTE terrorist,

The only thing we can confirm is that Vihilupundey is hiding behind civilian skirts. Now go home and sc___ yourself.

Sam Perera said...


I am talking about a JVP operative from 1988.

)┐ said...

Could it be that it is over now??? The army spokesperson just now mentioned in Rupavahini that a total of over 95,000 civilians have crossed over since Monday up till now. That means about 30,000 for today only! Perhaps pirapaharan too is surrounded in a last face to face battle.....

Sujeewa Kokawala said...


Most JVPers who attended unis in Colombo turned into X-maniacs. X ppl are the last ideological madness that has been derived from Socialites. It is a mix of trotskism and sexual frustration as I see it. Most of their political opinions match with Wick-bahu.

The reasons they left JVP was because the pseudo nationalistic nature of JVP and not much acceptance for JVP in Colombo based unis. X- Team gave them political exile.

Sarasi looks to be one of them.

Most X maniacs today openly speak for pussycats, and represent in NGO, New Left Front, ViKoSa and such activites. I believe at least some of them are around here in this blog. They were actively supporting series of lectures conducted by former pussycats during PissTalks [Wasn't is Mano Ganeshan?]. And they organized the "Sinhala-Demala Kala Ulela" which was attacked. Yudha virodhee peramuna is also a place of their presence.

Lunatics like Sannasgala, Ashoka Sandagama, Anoma Jinadari, Nirmal Devasiri etc are examples. It is not a lot, around, say, 100s. If you ask one question, they will give you an answer full of two 80-page exercise books.

Moshe Dyan said...

"Two high profile LTTE leaders 'Daya Master' and George have sought refuge with 58 Division troops this afternoon (April 22) at Puthumathalan. More information will follow."

- defence.lk

these 2 jokers should be used to the maximum to tell the IC what the LTTE is doing to civilians.

straight from the horse's mouth!!

Moshe Dyan said...

yesterday vezapillai killed a popular doctor.

today he injured a popular catholic priest!!

all to get a little bit of attention. dumb ass!!

Sujeewa Kokawala said...


can you confirm,that Palamattalan,Puthumattalan and Ampalavanpokkanai have captured and that the 55th and 58th have linked up? can you confirm,that our troops are now on the outskirts of YES I CAN.

Sarath Fonseka just phoned me. Gota is little busy.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Can we register the proverb;

Masters surrender, Slaves commit suicide

)┐ said...

Situation Report at army web: TWO MORE LTTE LEADERS GUNNED DOWN


MULLAITTIVU: GROUND reports confirmed two more leading LTTE leaders, identified as KALANDAN and VIJAYAN were also among those killed in another decisive attack, mounted by the troops on two more LTTE cabs, proceeding ahead of the Army’s new Defence Line inside the PUTHUMATTALAN “No Fire Zone” Tuesday (21) late evening.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Re: Tuition Master and Post Master

From Defence LK:

"Daya Master, a former private English tutor later joined the terrorists outfit is known to be one of the most senior member of the LTTE. He was the head of the LTTE media and propaganda machinery for years until he was sacked from his position.

George, a former postmaster in the government postal department is also known to be one of the most senior LTTE cadre. He is also a language translator of the outfit and once performed as the English translator to Thamiselvam , former LTTE "political head".

Come on guys. It is a master scramble.

Daya Master is apparently not a music master but a tuition master. And George who was denied to be a master was a postmaster.

Oh baby...

Like the Jim Pappa aka Obelix says, these pussycats are crazy.

Bloggy Boy said...

STATION MASTER also surrenders..hak hak..

bbkboy said...


May God bless our country and our soldiers!

bbkboy said...


May God bless our country and soldiers!

Harsh said...

Thank you very much for updating frequently what was happening the FDL.u did well on behalf of motherland ..........great.....!

But according to ur comment

"We have lost many teams over the last 3 years. Only a few of us know these people by name and ranks "

I think this is the time to expose those warriors who made their lives on behalf of motherland .

Thanks again for frequently updating.


rebel said...



Is a Classic example of How STUPID the Tamil LTTE supporting Disapora is. Just try to VOTE for more than ONCE and you could do it without a problem. So I am pretty sure that a bunch of LTTE supporting teens are clicking the "Vote" button one after the other like the last day on earth.
I have a bit of knowledge of Software Engineering principles but it seems that those Stupid SW Engineer who created this does not have that bit of brain to validate the source of vote before allowing to Vote.

This should be the joke of the day for the Sri Lankan SW engineers I guess.

Bloggy Boy said...

India must be feeling safe & happy to have the best Army in the world in their neighborhood ;)

Colomblogs said...

Heard that SF and 2CR like playing golf in the NFZ. There is no resistance what so ever for the small teams and they are everywhere.

More and more small carders and Makkal army members "liberated".

Daya Master will start his duties as new Govt. spokesman soon and whith god's blessings, he may be the next media minister of "united SL"

it is sad that our good days at DW going to be end (very soon)

Suranimala said...

may be machan I dont have much knowledge about software .
Stupid shits want to win war in the net .
Daya master may have come to go to hospital again.any peelamist will get MI by looking at defence .lk map:))

Apino Dannachess said...

A cut/paste job....

A superb address-all facts -a no nonsense
address to those at the EU who have been brainwashed by the LTTE

Intervention by H.E. Ravinatha Aryasinha, Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to Belgium, Luxembourg and the EU, at the meeting of the European Parliament’s South Asia Delegation – 31 March 2009

“Mr. Chairman, given that 38 out of your 56 pages of the documentation for this meeting is on Sri Lanka, I trust Sri Lanka should be given reasonable time at this meeting of the South Asia Delegation, with which we have continued to engage and actively participated in. My understanding of parliamentary democracy is that you hear what everyone has to say, and I demand to be heard.

I would like to say at the very outset that we are all concerned about the situation in Sri Lanka and the people trapped in what is now a small pocket of 21 Sq KM in the Vanni. No one is more concerned about it than us Sri Lankans.

You talk about ‘catastrophe’. The catastrophe in the North of Sri Lanka, Mr. Chairman and members, is that in the uncleared areas, the LTTE is holding as human shields some 50,000 civilians. The catastrophe is that the LTTE is firing at civilians who are trying to escape from its clutches. The catastrophe is that the LTTE is firing heavy artillery out of the ‘no fire zone’. Why the European Parliament, in particular in its last resolution, shied away from directly pointing this out, baffles me.

This Parliament’s answer to the problem, is equally baffling. The EU Parliament resolution suggests that there be a ‘ceasefire’. I think it is unrealistic to expect a Government which for 30 years has fought against one of the world’s most ruthless terrorist groups and cleared 98% of the area which has been dominated by LTTE, to at this point agree to a ceasefire. It is being asked for, not to save the lives of the 50,000 people whom the LTTE is holding as human shields, but to save the lives of the LTTE leaders, which is what some apologists of the LTTE here are interested about.

Mr. Chairman, therefore the answer is not a ceasefire. The answer is that you members of this Parliament, those who have concerns about Sri Lanka in the international community, that you raise your voices to call upon the LTTE to let the people go, because that is the catastrophe. If the LTTE is to allow people to leave, they will do so. Despite much threat, people are leaving. I have the statistics for last 7 days, where altogether we have seen almost seven thousands people come out to the Vanni. Yesterday alone, 1,048 people came out of the Vanni. Now these people are voting with their feet. If they are so scared of the Government, find conditions unacceptable, they won’t be coming. And mind you, please note that 39% of the population of the city of Colombo are Tamils. 54% of the Tamils live in areas in Sri Lanka outside the Northern & Eastern provinces. These are facts Mr. Chairman, Ladies & Gentlemen which you must not lose sight of.

You say international organizations have been denied access to the uncleared areas, but you well know that the ICRC is operating in the uncleared areas. The UNHCR and WFP have been accompanying food, medicine and other supplies into the ‘no fire zone’.

It is also alleged that no outsiders are allowed access to the Temporary Accommodation Centers (TACs). That is not true. UN Under Secretary General John Holmes visited these TACs in February, Colombo based Ambassadors including those representing EU countries, the EU delegation in Colombo and your Brussels based colleagues from the European Commission have visited these camps, in recent days. 14 INGOs including Care, Caritas, Save the Children, I understand are providing meals to those in TACs in Vavuniya.

I would also like to announce to you that Dr. Walter Kalin, the UN Secretary General’s Special Representative on Human Rights for IDPs will be visiting Sri Lanka commencing tomorrow. This ladies & gentlemen, is clear testimony to the fact that Sri Lanka is carrying out its international commitments in a full and transparent manner and I can assure you that we will continue to do so.

You spoke of those who testified at the Human Rights Sub-Committee meeting yesterday speaking of “harrowing experiences” in the centres housing IDPs. This is a question of how one wants to see things – whether as a glass half full or half empty. Nobody is saying that the conditions of welfare centers in Sri Lanka are perfect. In circumstances like this, nowhere in the world will you find perfect conditions. But, Sri Lanka is doing its very best. Even if is not appreciated by the European Commission officials who visited, it has been acknowledged by many others, that the Sri Lanka Government is doing a very difficult job, creditably well, and that while there are shortcomings, that these shortcomings are being rectified.

Some members ask, what the Sri Lanka Government plans to do to evolve a political consensus now that the conflict is coming to an end. I would like to tell you that last week, President Rajapaksa for the 4th time invited the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) which has representation from the Northern & Eastern provinces to join the APRC process which is aimed at finding a lasting settlement. They have unfortunately refused to do so as a group. At the same time, we are however aware that individual MPs belonging to the TNA have at times differed.

Ladies & Gentlemen, much of what I have said does not fit your theory as to what is going on in Sri Lanka. It is well known that when the facts do not add up, it is the theory that has to be change. It is in such context, that I call upon the members of this Parliament to use whatever influence it has, particularly with Tamil diaspora communities they represent, to bring pressure on the LTTE to let the people go. If you want to help, I think it is high time that this Parliament stopped repeating mere slogans and takes a balanced view on developments in Sri Lanka. Try to help us in dealing with our problems in a pragmatic, meaningful and sensible way, rather than criticizing all efforts taken with very good intention and with considerable efficacy.

Before I conclude, I wish to make two further points.

I would like to draw your attention to a recent article from the ‘Le Monde’ which details the LTTE’s activities taking place on European soil. To use your own word “catastrophe”, Mr. Chairman, now that is indeed a catastrophe. I have just returned from Eurojust in the Hague, where we have over the past two days spent time talking about ‘LTTE front organizations’ and about the danger they pose to Europe. Its time something is done about it.

Finally, I would like to draw your attention to the recent appointment by the LTTE as head of its so-called Department of International Relations, one Mr. Selvaraja Pathmanathan. I want to remind you that this Mr. Selvaraja Pathmanathan is no other than the LTTE’s long standing main arms procurer, better known as ‘KP’, who has a red corner notice from Interpol against him, in connection with the assassination of former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. Now the appointment of KP to this position, clearly reflects the cynicism with which the LTTE treats the international community. This is the very same LTTE, Mr. Chairman, Ladies & Gentlemen, which you are trying to save by calling for a ceasefire and stopping the Sri Lankan Government from militarily defeating, when it has come so close to doing so.”

Embassy of Sri Lanka


06 April 2009

Sujeewa Kokawala said...


The end that you call as is, will be a new beginning for you.

What I really mean is, although ground war will soon be over, there will be relevant activities happening. It will take another years to cease all the terror acts on SL. Even after that, there will be a cyber/media/diplomatic war fought with international elements. It may expand [or has it already?] to other countries like a Mafia. There will be anger/revenge acts and also infighting if the Fatpig dies here. There will be fundraisers, and rabble rousers all over.

Unless you really hate us, or found a task that takes all your time out, you will surely be updating buddy. It is your forte and you did an excellent job. I doubt you being able to stay out of it, if all those predicted events takes shape.

And of course if there is no action, sure you will find no information to update. But that, is a dream, but never my prediction.

Anyway, a very well done job. You must probably be the most commented SL blogger, and the blog with most viewers in SL. Like SLDF you have also hit the records.

Keep it up mate.

Apino Dannachess said...

Bro Pandula

Ref..........and even for the extend of having a mini pinnawala watching those elephants crossing those straits..........

I wonder whether there's any Pachyderms left in that area....to cross.....I'm not joking....

Even the Green Pachyderms are fast becoming an extinct...


Apino Dannachess said...

DW Mahathayo....Good to hear that you are from Galle ....i love that city although I'm not from there.....

So...tell me ....do you know one Ajith Uduge who came from the same city....?
The War took him before his prime.


TT said...

DW, you previous post said that 11 SF soliders laid down their lives in this operation (including a captain) and in this post you mention that a unit of 12 went in to take out the motars. Were the casualties from this unit? :(

Thusitha said...

Tamil Net Reports

Nambiar reluctant to brief UN Security Council on Sri Lanka humanitarian situation


He is of Indian Background. Tamils have Navin Pillay and we got Nambiar. Thank you India.

SL LION said...


Voice Of Lanka said...


OneNation (formerly TTBO) said...

Anyone from the defence media circles,
I watched Lakshman Hulugalle, and Brig. Nanayakkara being interviewed on Al Jazeers in english and their responses were pretty sub-standard. They seem to repeat the lines, and avoiding the questions. The questions were pretty simple, and did not need to be avoided. They seemed to be repeating written down statements rather than conducting a dialogue with the journalist on the phone. Would be great if someone who has the command of the language better, and most importantly understand the science and the art of conducting interviews is appointed to talk to the international media.

vimasuma said...

Lot of people think who is defencewire? these days.

defencewire is from matara and his real name is a***la in his late twenties.His businesses are at akuressa (matara district) and believe he is doing hole sale business there.

Then how he is getting these inside info (most of the time correctly)??????????

His relative is working in "Ada Derana" and this relative is believed to be a former army officer and now become a journalist or analyser.

Defencewire doesn't have any war related experience but he done a great job. Some times our officers also amazed about those news.


prove if I'm wrong....

Chinthana4Lions said...


Please block "SL LION" AKA "CJ THE TERRORIST" we dont want these clowns here anymore....

DefenceWire...Please get rid of these pussy cats from this blog

Moshe Dyan said...

looks like the 18.2 km^2 will become zero by the end of april.

SLDFs, please don't spare vezapillai, charles anthony and pottu.

Thiru said...

matara ayya!

then who is mahen?

Kings said...

better not to Kill Praba first, kill the charles the son first, let Praba suffer for what he has done to his brethens and also to innocent sinhala 'weera puthuns'
this is the best justice we can bring,

Gringo said...

[Military spokesman Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara confirmed that both leaders surrendered to the 58 division soldiers, at Putumatalam area in Mullaitivu inside the No-Fire Zone.

According to defence sources, the two LTTE leaders along with their family members arrived at the army defence line at Putumatalam area this morning and surrendered themselves to the Army officials.


Holy Mac! Just yesterday these ‘brave' Tamil terrorists reaffirmed that they could fight, they would fight and they would win!

And now this!

I hope and pray that GOSL would get maximum propaganda mileage from these two barbaric terrorist leaders and make 'arrangements' to reserve their flights to Elaam.

They are directly responsible for killings of thousands of our dearest troops and civilians... and JUSTICE must be served.

Gringo said...

[France Wednesday proposed carrying out a joint relief operation with the U.K. to help civilians in Sri Lanka who have fled fighting between government forces and Tiger rebels. "We will try to launch an operation," Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner said, adding he would discuss the plan with his U.K. counterpart David Miliband]

Sure, Monsieur.

Take all of them to London en route to Paris. Tamil terrorist membership blocking roads and breaking laws in the West needs more members.

Un baiser, s'il vous plait.

srilankan said...

Listn to Brig Nanayakkara in this clip http://voice-of-lanka.blogspot.com/2009/04/breaking-news-update-daya-master-and.html

Clearly he doesn't know to speak fluently in English and this shows that he doesnt know fluent Sinhalese speaking either.

Who made such a person as spokesperson of the army??

Riyaz said...

Thank u defence wire,

Though I dont write here much I read all three DW, DN and long ranger updates every day. and it is nice to see matara ayya and galle malli after a such along pause.

We all appreciate your service through out the vanni ops.it has a been great work by DW, DN and long ranger all along. Thanks again for bringing us accurate and timely updates all the time possible amidst ur busy schedule.

We also should thank the great leadership given to us by MR, GR and SF and whoever behind the scenes for conducting a proper operations. And the CO's of all divisions have given the correct guidance to our brave and world's best forces.

All the divisions specially 57 and 58 have done a yeomen service, That we have to be ever grateful. I think it is the 57 and 58 that bore the brunt of load in this phase of war. true 53 and 55 put up the best ever defence we can ever see, but 57 and 58 led the offensive so intelligently. And it is fitting that 58 had the honour to breach from vellankulam to puthumathalang.
Now it is time to build a united country where all sri lankans can live peacefully.. and I wish to see an economy and development where priority is based on skills and talents rather than ethnicity. I feel that is the only way we can go forward.

Observer said...


NOLTTE=Peace said...

Matara Ayiya,

Would it matter who DW is, as long as the blog provides a platform for Patriots to air their views?

Now I am going to pull your leg too...

"hole sale business".....??? Oh my my, is he operating a brothel too?

I am just kidding!

I am a fan of your good postings. Keep them up, but do not waste your time by trying to expose patriots!

NOLTTE=Peace said...

Wow.. wow.. wow..

H.E. Ravinatha Aryasinha, Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to Belgium, Luxembourg and the EU,

My hats off to you for your speech!

Thank you! Thank you for such a speech with huge balls and facts!

Defencewire said...

Thank you all for the vote of confidence in us. This means a lot to us. It has been an unexpected success. When the humanitarian operations began some 3yrs ago, we knew the SLA will win. But we didn't know how far this blog would go. I guess we underestimated the value of this information.

When we started, defence.lk was weak and biased. Politics got mixed-in with military matters. People didn't know the SF from STF on occasions. It would say 2 soldiers killed when tamilnet showed 20 bodies. We had the right information in our hands and so decided to share. This blog gets 30000 hits a day now. sometimes more. This was unanticipated!

Having to continue means that our troubles won't be over. I don't think they are over yet. We have to reassess our role in the coming weeks. If it is necessary to keep reporting, we will do so without hesitation!

amma gahai

I think I know who you are referring to.

matara ayya,

You have some imagination buddy!

Sam Perera said...


What makes you to think that we are done here? I believe that we have 20 more years of low intensity warfare in Eelam menace alone. Anyway, your home town areas Galle, Mathara, Akuressa, Deniyaya, Tangalla, Tissa etc. are not strange places to me. You know what I mean. Please give my kind regards to Gamage ;-) You know which Gamage it is.

Unknown said...

Defencewire said...

I think you have misinterpreted my comment. Good soldiers don't do it for gifts. They are satisfied with their job and pay (its not always enough but you know that you will never be a millionaire by joining the army even before you join). what people give and don't give is entirely upto those civilians. my point was that soldiers should not expect fame/glory/special recognitions/medals/buddies/etc etc for their work.
Thank you for the clarification and sorry for misunderstanding your comments...

It was a joy to read the news updates and analysis. Would like to see DW continue the great job.... best of luck if you (and your team) are going to fade away... Thanks again.

I think our forces had the ability to defeat the LTTE but the political leadership was lacking. We are grateful to our President MR for the strong and brave political stance he took to defeat the terrorism. It was made successful by GR, SF leadership and the determination of our forces.

Feels wonderful... Thanks again...


Gringo said...

[British minister will visit Sri Lanka this week, Prime Minister Gordon Brown said on Wednesday, as he urged a ceasefire in the battle between government forces and Tamil Tiger rebels.]

Great to see that the UK is taking the Tamil terrorist membership on another wild goose chase.


Apino Dannachess said...


No answer to my question...Ai Api Kaluda?

Jokes apart....It will be really nice if you can upload a map of the NFZ, showing which SLDF elements are placed where...need not be 100% accurate....but enough to give a good idea...Big help for a guy like me who had not ventured beyond Buttala- Monaragala on the eastern side of Sri Lanka.

Thanks in advance....

vimasuma said...


Good work bro. I enjoy your posts until very recent.No offence.

Sam Perera said...


AGG had a great comment that our generations to come need to know the fallen heroes by their names together with their heroic acts. Through their sacrifices, the dignity of Sri Lanka is restored. It is absolutely essential to maintain the patriotic momentum we gained in past 3 years. Their heroism should become a beacons that guide us to a prosperous and strong future. Hopefully, their sacrifices will be the catalyst to pull us away from dependence on unsavory foreign elements.

Just laying some flowers in Mailapitiya is not sufficient at all. We also need to give opportunities to the people who wants to honor these heroes in their own ways. I beg you to document the heroic acts of our heroes for our nations sake.

Defencewire said...


I might have heard of him. but don't know him.

Defencewire said...


we will do that once this phase is over

Gringo said...

[Stocks propelled by more gains in war - News item]

We are indeed getting multiple benefits from the application of 'Kill More... Achieve More' dcotrine.

If we did that in the early eighties WITHOUT being fearful of monkeys and donkeys, this country would have been rubbing shoulder to shoulder countries such as India, Singapore, Malaysia etc.

But hey... never too late... No regrets. Now let's get back to work and Kill More (Tamil terrorists... spilling their red hot blood...) and Achieve More... (VALUE FOR MONEY... development, peace, harmony, unity and finally milk and honey)

KB said...

Defencewire, dear chap, thanks for all the great updates on heroics of our brave SLDF chaps. To paraphrase the great American General Macarthur:
Old soldiers never die they just fade away
By the way, old chap, I would say our great General Fonseka is equal to or greater than any of the generals America has produced. So keep up the good fight and give 'em hell as always.


Ananda-USA said...

Saman said...

5. What a couple of days. USA and alies reduced Iraq and Afganisthan to rubble yet no end can be seen.

6. Our brave hearts have achieved much more with style.
Saman, bro.,

What you point out is quite TRUE.

A large part of the reason goes beyond skill and ability of the SLDF.

It is this: the people doing the fighting are the INDIGENOUS PEOPLE of the land. They are fighting for their own country, within their own country...not in a far off foreign land. After the war is over, we stay in Lanka, we will live in Lanka, and we will remain watchful and keep control of hidden pussycats.

The US and UK troops in Iraq and Afghanistan ultimately have to go home. The local governments are viewed as puppets of the US and the UK, and don't have the will and determination to succeed. This is understood well by the people who are marking time until the conquerers leave. The native people know that when they are gone, the enemy will return...so they hedge their bets and do not support the local government with all of their strength.

This also underscores why in Sri Lanka the North and East must not be allowed to remain Tamil dominant areas after the war is over. Under a program of ETHNIC INTEGRATION every effort must be made to homogenize the distribution of ethnicities throughout the land. In this way, in Moshe Dayan's words, we FRUSTRATE and ELIMINATE the very basis of EELAM, so peace can reign throughout the land, FOREVER.

Then, NO SAFE REFUGE will exist for separatists to ply their trade anywhere in Sri Lanka ever again.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

Check out how this Video ends..

The man thanks Navy with his two hands..


Sam Perera said...

US State Department Monkeys,

"We urge the Government of Sri Lanka to pursue diplomacy, to advocate the release of the remaining civilians from the no-fire zone," the spokesperson said.

In response to a question, Wood said there have been a lot of discussions going on internally in the U.S. Government at senior levels including that of the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, who he said "is very concerned."

What exactly are you talking about? What kind of diplomacy are you talking about with LTTE terrorists which we have not tried in the past? This is not your country and your interventions to save the terrorists are not welcome at all. Please stop this BS and learn to respect the democratic will of Sri Lankans to finish the LTTE terror from my homeland forever.

KillerT said...

.........ORBAT updated!!!!!!!!!

gladiator said...

I wonder wats hppening now????

Gringo said...

[Kolkata (PTI): India on Wednesday made it clear that it has no sympathy for the terrorists in Sri Lanka but was concerned only over the plight of thousands of civilians who are fleeing the conflilct zone.

Can any "Sri Lanka expert" enlighten me as to why the word LTTE is missing here?

Ananda-USA said...

CIVILIAN EXODUS becomes a TSUNAMI!Prabhakaran trapped as 95,000 civilians fleeCOLOMBO: Two Tamil Tiger leaders surrendered to the Sri Lankan military as the mass of distraught Tamil civilians fleeing the war zone crossed the 100,000 figure Wednesday, the authorities said.

Stunned by the continuing human avalanche out of Puthumathalan area in Mullaitivu district, the government hurriedly sent 25,000 food packets by helicopter from Colombo to feed the hungry civilians, whose welfare has raised global concern.

State-run television showed footage of Tamil men and women, most of who fled into army-held areas with nothing more than the clothes they were in, thanking the authorities for rescuing them.

"We have suffered enough at LTTE hands," one woman said, referring to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), which is now left with a small strip of land along the coast in Mullaitivu where its leaders are said to be in hiding. "We now feel relieved," the woman said.

The continuing exodus of Tamil civilians from the conflict zone began Monday. By Wednesday evening, more than 100,000 had left the area, mocking LTTE claims that the people did not want to cross over.

Military officials said the refugees were being received by soldiers at Puthukudiyirippu, also in Mullaitivu, and then bussed to Vavuniya district in the north, an area now teeming with Tamil refugees.

The civilian suffering coincided with the dramatic surrender -- for the first time -- by two middle rung LTTE leaders to a military that has vowed to crush the insurgent group and kill its leader Velupillai Prabhakaran.

There was no word on the whereabouts of the elusive LTTE chief, who faces possible death as troops close in on him in the coastal zone.

In Colombo, President Mahinda Rajapaksa warned that Prabhakaran, 54, would have to "face consequences for his acts" against the state over the past three decades when he led the LTTE.

The president told his supporters at his official residence that Prabhakaran, who is also wanted in India for the assassination of former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi, had snubbed a possible presidential pardon by refusing to surrender by Tuesday noon.

"By not giving up arms and surrendering, he must now face the consequences," declared the president, who has rejected calls from Western countries to declare a temporary truce to let the civilians leave the small area still with the LTTE.

The two LTTE leaders who surrendered were identified as its media coordinator Velayutham Dayanithi alias Daya Master and V.K. Pancharatnam, better known as George, who was the English translator to the late LTTE political wing head S.P. Thamilselvan.

"These two surrendered to the troops at Puthumathalan as the troops were expanding their defences in that area," military spokesman Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara told IANS.

George, a retired postmaster, is fluent in Tamil, Sinhala and English languages and was part of all six rounds of peace talks Colombo held with the LTTE between 2002 and 2006 in third countries.

Daya Master, a former English teacher at a school, had been coordinating and organising interviews with LTTE political wing leaders for the local and foreign media, mainly during the 2002 Norwegian-brokered truce period.

In July 2006 Daya Master was brought to the Apollo Hospital in Colombo for treatment of his heart ailment.

The latest exodus has taken to 170,000 the total number of civilians who had quit LTTE areas. Around 3,000 of them are believed to be linked to the LTTE.

Defence spokesman Keheliya Rambukwella said: "The LTTE has only an eight-km strip or about 12-14 sq km of land area left under its control... The government strongly believes that Prabhakaran is still (there).

"The LTTE has lost all its military capabilities. They are fighting a losing battle. That is why they are using (protests in Western capitals) to put pressure on us," the minister said.

Sniper said...

DBS Jeyaraj gone bonkers...

...The shameless LTTE got just 180 million rupees from Basil.This is the price of betrayal. ....

..Read the comment #24......

ayyo..poor fella couldnt take it any more..now disclosing everything to save himself...classic example of a rat jumping out of a sinking ship...

hak hak hak...

WipeLTTE said...

Watch Live News on:
Al Jazeera (English) TV Liveand
Rupavahini TV Live

WipeLTTE said...

Al Jazeera (English) is known to put out LTTE biased news.

Gringo said...

Tamil terrorist membership... today the weather forecast is great for Toronto, London, Paris, Zurich... etc.

So join the demonstrations to break laws and shout... 'Prabakaran... Our leader...'... 'Prabakaran... Our leader...'

Because he is winning... winning... and winning... All the way to the Tamil Elaam.

he... he... he... Hang in there... hang in there ar*eholes..... Help is on its way.

Unknown said...


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