Friday, March 19, 2010

Political Journalism

A particularly disturbing article has been published in an online news website claiming that a former Director Military Intelligence (DMI) is going to resign after being forced to testify against General Sarath Fonseka.

General Karunasekara, as a Brigadier and DMI worked very closely with General Fonseka during the humanitarian operation. He was part of a team of talented officers working under Fonseka who saw the war to its very end. This alone is not evidence to tie the loyalties of Karunasekara with Fonseka.

It is true that a few intelligence officers were questioned after the Fonseka Fiasco by the CID. The questioning was not heavy and the CID wanted to know it these officers had been instructed by Fonseka to conduct any activities against the state. General Karunasekara was not among those questioned.

The other blatant lie in this report is that intelligence officers under General Kapila Hendevitharana as DMI/DGMI, had taken bribes from the LTTE and that General Karunasekara (then Brigadier) had been appointed DMI by Fonseka to replace Hendevitharana and rid the forces of this corruption.

General Hendevitharana is an officer with an exemplary record of service for Military Intelligence. We do not wish to go into exact details of his work during the war but many would know from published reports the services we are referring to.

This is not the first and last time that Political Journalism has attempted to defame good officers. These sites once destroyed the illustrious career of General Fonseka. Let us hope they do not do any more damage to the Sri Lanka Army.


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දේශපාලුවා said...

Blogger Parrots of Pakisland said...

I am also in a position to get a very lavish government


Look at this retarded monkey.

He spend several month here lamenting that SL governmnet is not effective enough and people like him are left out.

Then he turns and say he was offered a position in the government.

Talk about contradicting yourself.

If you are the pinnacle of ingenuity in Sri Lanka, then is the governmnet so lame as you say in identiying you as a person who could help them?

You cant have it both ways


Stop avoiding the topic, adress the challenge.

Blogger Parrots of Pakisland said...

If US fights like Sri Lanka in NE, they will 'win' the war against elements they are fighting easily.

Sam Perera said...

Parrot the Terrorist Scum Dog,

I am also in a position to get a very lavish government position than most of you emitting hot air which I am not interested at all.

Really, didn't you complain that nobody has any opportunities in Sri Lanka. Are saying that you can get a very lavish position in the government. May be it is my misunderstanding, you are in a position to get something lavish from US government?

That is why I know exactly the mission of Ananda like. Show fake patriotism, get a lavish position to retire comfortably and forget small friends like you.

Walballa, we know that you have something personally against Ananda. We can talk about that in a different agenda.

Lets get back to the impeccable HR/military record of your masters as we used to discussed yesterday instead of you jumping around like a monkey-donkey-parrot hybrid.

දේශපාලුවා said...

Sam and SK

Pakis ponnaya is lying through his teeth.

Suddenly he is coming out with innovations, government positions, when we challenged his education yesterday.

Any educated disciplined guy would know they need evidence to build an argument and when evidence turn to the contrary educated people accept their mistakes.

He is remarkably under informed about US history and politics.

Educated people follow news, and read in depth about interesting news items.

Ponnaya doesn't show any of these characteristics.


When you go to parties, you meet people from may professions.

Ponnaya probably picked up a few things some of those people said in those parties and try to pass them as being happened to him.

දේශපාලුවා said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
දේශපාලුවා said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
දේශපාලුවා said...

One more thing, he even got the English wrong, on several occasions.

I challenged him on that continuously, he never responded.

Talk about Sony and Phillips.... and what else did he mention?

දේශපාලුවා said...

On the other hand educated, informed people are confident about their ideas.

They wont chicken out when challened, like ponnaya did just now.

bawk bawk baaaawk bawk bawk

දේශපාලුවා said...

bawk bawk baaaawk bawk bawk

දේශපාලුවා said...

මාගම් පුරේ ඉදන් ආ ගාමිණි කුමරුවනේ
පෙම් කෙරුවාට බයයි දැන්නම් ම්ගේ හිතට අනේ

නුඹ බය වෙන්න එපා මලය රටේ මැනික මගේ
මගෙ නැත ආදරයක් වෙන ලදකට ඔබට වගේ

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Parrot of Pakisland;

[[Sam, this is where your Pakis Energy and modern Sinhalese Buddhist civilization come from.]]

This is just the same like saying that your American common sense originates from the likes of Hank Johnson [who thinks that islands float on ocean, yet was a magistrate in the great godland].

So be careful when you jump on mainland America, it may also capsize and your neighbor's toilet pit may empty on you.

[[[Sri Lanka is not a place for arrogant buffoons like you.]
This is the communication exactly conveyed by Deshapakaya, you and Guujeewa here.]]

No. Your absolute creativity has a role in one field. After the departure of Freddie Silva, who was a sane man who can run us insane in jokes, the position is vacant in Cinema. And we have concluded taht there are no sane ppl for the role. So an insane man like you with gifted skills to make us laugh can take it up.

Keep up the good work parrot.

[[Got $100k in HNB collecting barely 3% for me and plenty for Sri Lanka]]

Did HNB wandered around town and told everyone about your wealth ha?

[[I tried in vain to invest that in many places and apparently my Sri Lankan partners are only interested in stealing my money than earning it]]

Well that is the kinda persona you have painted in our mind. A blatant fool whom everyone likes to take advantage of.

And scumbags like you partner similar ranks. So no wonder.

Again this is surely your personal problem. Do not generalize it to SL.

[[Therefore my pain due to what is happening in sri Lanka is more than yours]]

Like to know what exactly is the reason to keep the money in SL. Be honest pls.

[[If I am selfish enough I can cheer any new developments in SL since that will make me an easy $ millionaire just by doubling the real estate values where I am from and it is bound to happen soon]]

Do not.

Many Colombian whiners measured development by the % increase of the land value of their 10perches.

What we call as development is what country as a whole benefits from.

[[I am also in a position to get a very lavish government position than most of you emitting hot air which I am not interested at all]]

Having Arseholes like you in big seats, with so much hatred against SL, are the prime reason for teh drag back of SL. Sadly today, there are a hefty lot of like minded like acting sumbags in those ranks, intentionally or unintentionally working hard to destroy SL.

You said Lavish. It just tells me atht SL is willing to pay a hefty lot bigger than the spare penny the white vedda throws t you after ball sucking. Ppl who come back to SL for more lavish opportunity are very likely to do little or no service.

Ppl like you are teh ones who worry 24x7 about which duty-free car they get, how big the office and what kinda side business they can run. If you accept it, your first action is to engage yourself with worst crimes of corruption to make things more "lavish".

And then the whining of corruption.

[[That is why I know exactly the mission of Ananda like. Show fake patriotism, get a lavish position to retire comfortably and forget small friends like you.]]

What the f**k do you know about that man. Except for the hatred and vengeance that you boil in your poisonous heart for whatever he has earned/gained in life.

We are back to SQ one. Your presence of this blog and SLD-Forum came with personal attack.

It will never end.

Anonymous said...

Respecting minority rights:

Muslim fury as Army uses 'mosques' on UK firing range

Should also see the comments. Pakis parrot mutts masters approve and justify such intolerance.

දේශපාලුවා said...


Ponnaya Chickened out

Peter said...

TNA will give unconditional backing to MR, if needed.

Sam Perera said...

TNA will give unconditional backing to MR, if needed.

OMG, Paiththiyan Peter is back after a long break or after being tired of acting. Do you think that we give a tiny rat's a-- about TNA?

kevin said...

We don't need your backing.You guys backed a loser,the guy who promised your dream land,but no thanks to you MR will give our land for all to live.Keep on dreaming in your new found land of refugees.

දේශපාලුවා said...

Where is the "electrical engineer" ?

bawk bawk baaaawk bawk bawk

දේශපාලුවා said...

Blogger Parrots of Pakisland said...

Today I just sew the commercial by Samsung on their marketing of 3D TV.

You saw this only today?

Why, aint you the expert on 3D TV market?

This was introduced and advertised about a month ago?

Or did you just hear about the ad , from some one else, at the party last night?

දේශපාලුවා said...

මූට හාට් ඇටෑක් එකක්වත් හැදුනද?

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Re: Low vote rate

I expected this in Jaffna. But in south it is a pathetic low. Why...

1. Jilmart lethargy:

The devil's conspirators had their sweat return. Those who spread nonsense about a Jilmart made their hardcore voters not only believe it but also loose faith in elections. I know so many Swan suporters who said "there is no point voting now". Hok hok ho. It is such a sweet return on the liars and conspirators.

2. The dislike on Govt:

COmpared to what ppl expected from MR he gave a very bad overall return. We still support him for two reasons.

a. development and good strong leadership

b. no other patriotic and sensible leadership in any other party.

However for ppl to really vote for you you ought to be more accountable. Nepotism and corruption shud be lesser. And MR admin showed so many times that they do not give a crap on what ppl think of such things.

So ppl are intelligent taht they do not vote for enemies of teh nation. They do not miss teh jungle for teh trees. But they do not vote.

It is a stark message to MR that there are so many watching curiously. Hope it is well read.

3. Thuggary:

Last thing you want is to get mauled while trying to vote. UPFA and JVP were going with high adrenaline this time. Notably the internal conflict in UPFA for pref votes. It is very ugly and it may disciurage the voters on last moment.

So The messgae of non-voters is far more worthy reading tahn voters. Everyone has their bit to read.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Parrot of Pakisland knew taht spices are ground with onion etc [lunu miris ambarala] to do a gala post election party with him as pork. Hiding for fear.

Feel sad for the fool.

priyashantha said...

Pakis Pulutta

Menna bole Anushka Somatilaketa daagena hukanawo. Bayagulu ponnayo mehata waroo. Paeradunaado. Owwa ohoma thamaa naakiya. Dan thoge kaale paenala. Mariyang dan ithin unahapuluwa. Anushkage huththa thamai huththa. Ekige ammage huththamai. Kisima waenasak naehe.

Unknown said...

I've been reading this blog for a while now and I've got one comment..

Oi, pakis booruwa if the US troops did fight like our troops they would've certainly won the war because THIS is certainly not the way you win the hearts and minds of the population.

දේශපාලුවා said...

James said...

I've been reading this blog for a while now and I've got one comment..

Oi, pakis booruwa if the US troops did fight like our troops they would've certainly won the war


Dont you guys understand what happened here.

Pakisas jobs was to be here and post made up baseless, outrages allegations against the government, just like the opposition, and claim himself as a "opposition supporter".

When we challenge them he was supposed to evade answering and throw personal attacks at us, just like Fonseka and the opposition, and label us as the "government agents".

Making normal people understand how bankrupt our opposition is.

I think he got that phone call yesterday and now he is on a flight to get that "very lavish government position"

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Let's summarize the day of change

Surprise big loss:
Galle lost Vajira Abeywardena
Matara lost Sagala [thol rathu gang man, no real big guy, just inflated]
NE lost Renuka

Expected big loss:
Colombo loosing Boggles, Milinda M

Seenibola public verdict:
Gampaha second Paba aka Upeksha
Matara top Sanath

Most intelligent choices:
WW, CR, Athuraliya R thero, Dinesh
We do not have one more to make Jathiye true Panchayudhaya.

Most stupid choices:
Mervin Gampaha 3rd [150k] and Muthu galle first [125k].
Ath deken vedi thiyana gang. Ppl who voted these can never complain for law and order failures.

Least worried campaigner:
Sanath Jayasuriya.
Rare man who finds other things more interesting than politics.

Star to supernova:
Geetha second best looser in Galle
Sussie best looser in Kegalle

Biggest Joke:
Monaragala ppl voting the man whom RW begged not to vote. And sending the other such man to next bestv place.

Best camouflage:
NE's UNP man Sri Ranga Jeyaratnam is none other than MBC/Shakthi's J Sri Ranga, teh presenter of Minnal, where he was persecuted for discussing matters supporting pussycats [alleged] and claims he was threatened for life.

Political Oblivion:
Anal-Sangaree, breakaway ultra eelamists of former TNA, Most corssers from UNP, Wikarabahu[for teh umpteenth time]

Result won't tell:
How little the ITAK differed from UPFA in predominantly tamil regions, yet they won many seats that UPFA there.

Upside Down:
NE result

Arrogant Fools of the election:
TMVP and DPLF both support govt but came alone to get rejected by ppl. Had they contested with govt they had chance for more seats and govt cud have won both districts.

Kekirawa, Bumiputhra getting 25%.

Sam Perera said...

Any idea what happened to Parrot the Scum Dog? I sent all e-mails to all zoos in USA to see if any parrot died a few days ago. Perhaps, his parroting contract was terminated by the masters due to dismal election performance.

Diyasena said...


Please check if there was any self immolations in the past 48 hours..R.I.P. Dole Bludger Parrot..

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Re: Late Parrot of Pakisland

DeshaP is right. He was on contract from MR to humiliate anto govt elemenst. Didn't he do teh job well.

Now that elections are over the contract expired. He was taken back to where he was. In the private zoo of Basil Rajapakse [which he created in a part of Dehiwala zoo using Mr's power]

Hok hok hoo.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Re: Late Parrot of Pakisland

DeshaP is right. He was on contract from MR to humiliate anto govt elemenst. Didn't he do teh job well.

Now that elections are over the contract expired. He was taken back to where he was. In the private zoo of Basil Rajapakse [which he created in a part of Dehiwala zoo using Mr's power]

Hok hok hoo.

Moshe Dyan said...

where is the light of defencewire - pakisland ???

has he died???

that's tragic.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

This is just fantastic., MOD is after MIA.


Rapper M.I.A. has accused the Sri Lankan government of launching a sinister campaign to oversee her movements and "ban" her from returning to her native Britain.

The Paper Planes hitmaker arrived back in her home country last month (Mar10) after 18 months living in Los Angeles, and claims she encountered numerous problems with her travel documents.

She is convinced officials in Sri Lanka deliberately sabotaged her plans to fly home by "pulling the strings" after she criticised the government and accused authorities in the country of "genocide" during the Asian nation's lengthy civil war.

The rapper - real name Maya Arulpragasam - fears she is now on a list of international terror suspects and is adamant she has been spied on and that her email and accounts have been hacked into.

She tells NME, "People used to come and park outside my house in L.A. I felt so powerless... I'm living f**king proof that politics doesn't work. Every time I breathe it's documented on my computer, and yet I'm still on some stupid list somewhere that says I'm a terrorist."

Earlier this year (10), M.I.A. told her followers on Twitter of her ongoing struggle to return to Britain, writing: "Banned from leaving the U.S., family banned from coming to U.S. to see me, baby."

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Another "Disciplined Operation" by the soldiers of most civilized country in the world.

Parrot of Pakisland, this is again over to you to ball lick and white wash the savages.


U.S. Troops Fire on Afghan Bus, Killing Civilians
April 12, 2010 02:53

KABUL, Afghanistan: American troops raked a large passenger bus with gunfire near Kandahar city on Monday morning, killing at least five civilians and wounding 18, Afghan authorities and survivors said.

The attack infuriated Kandahar leaders and could harm public opinion on the eve of the most important offensive of the war, which is intended to take control of the Kandahar region from the Taliban this summer.

Hundreds of demonstrators poured into the area around a bus station on the western outskirts of Kandaharcity, shouting anti-NATO chants and blocking the road for one hour, according to people in the area.

The bus driver and one of the passengers said that an American convoy 60 to 70 yards ahead of the bus opened fire as the bus began to pull to the side of the road to allow another military convoy traveling behind to pass.

The two convoys and the bus were on the main highway in Sanzari, about 15 miles, or 24 kilometers, west of Kandaharcity. All of the windows on one side of the bus were shot out.

Troops opened fire on the bus just after daybreak as it was taking scores of passengers to Nimroz province, said Zalmy Ayoubi, a spokesman for the Kandaharprovincial governor.

Some of the wounded were in critical condition, and the death toll could rise, local officials said.

Mr. Ayoubi said five civilians had been killed, including one woman.

The Interior Ministry in Kabul issued a statement saying four civilians had been killed and 18 wounded, blaming “NATO forces” traveling in front of the bus for the shooting.

An American military spokesperson put the casualty toll at five dead — all men — and said four others had been wounded, but added that other details would be made public later.

Mr. Ayoubi, the provincial spokesman, said, “We strongly condemn this action carried out by NATO forces, and we want a thorough investigation of the incident, to find out why they targeted the civilian bus.”

If the Afghan government’s casualty toll is correct, it would imply that troops fired scores or even hundreds of rounds. It was not immediately clear why such a large fusillade would have been directed at a passenger bus.


Sujeewa Kokawala said...


“An American convoy was ahead of us and another convoy was following us, and we were going to pull off of the road, and suddenly the Americans opened fire,” said one passenger, Nida Mohammed, who suffered a shoulder injury.

“We were not close to them, maybe 60 yards away from their convoy,” Mr. Mohammed said.

A helicopter evacuated some wounded, he said.

“This bus wasn’t like a suicide bomber, and we did not touch or come close to the convoy,” he said. “It seems they are opening fire on civilians intentionally.”

The driver of the bus, Mohammed Nabi, said, “I was going to take the bus off the road.” Then the convoy ahead opened fire.

Like Mr. Mohammed, he said the Americans were about 60 to 70 yards away.

“We were not close enough and we did not violate their signal,” he said. “It is a huge bus full of passengers, and if they think we were a suicide bomber, we are sad that the American have killed innocent people.”

“We don’t feel safe while traveling on the main highways anymore because of NATO convoys,” he said.

The incident came a week after the American-led military command in Kabul— after initial denials of culpability or a cover-up — admitted that its forces had killed three Afghan women during a bungled American Special Operations assault in February.

NATO officials are struggling to contain fallout from a series of tirades against the foreign military presence by the Afghan president, Hamid Karzai, who has also assailed the killing of civilians by Western forces.

Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal, the American and NATO commander in Afghanistan, has had some success in reducing civilian casualties through restrictions on night raids and new controls on Special Operations forces. But mishaps on Special Operations missions — which are blamed for many of the civilian deaths caused by allied forces — continue to anger Afghans.

A statement on April 4 admitted that “international forces” were responsible for the deaths of the women. Officials had earlier said that American Special Operations forces and Afghan troops were involved in the operation. The statement added that “the women were accidentally killed as a result of the joint force firing” at suspects during a house raid.

“We deeply regret the outcome of this operation, accept responsibility for our actions that night, and know that this loss will be felt forever by the families,” said Brig. Gen. Eric Tremblay, a spokesman for the NATO command in Kabul.

In a statement soon after the raid, NATO had claimed that soldiers had come upon the “bodies of three women who had been tied up, gagged and killed” and hidden in the house. Military officials also said later there were puncture and slashing wounds on the bodies, and that the women appeared to have been killed several hours before the raid. – (International Herald Tribune)

Anonymous said...

Re: Afghan shooting

I hear the telephones in Moon's office have been disconnected as he is busy assembling his panel on Sri Lanka Hikz.

In Sri Lanka if a Tamil (be they are civilian or not) is looked at the wrong way or so much as "feels upset" it is a war crime Hikz.

Moshe Dyan said...


All malicious attempts to prevent Gen. Fonseka from going to the parliament has been averted.

Many attempts were made to stop him from being elected starting with his arrest, accusing hi with false charges and last minute computer fraud.

None of those worked because of the patriotic followers.

All elected members of parliament are ranked higher than government officials such as ministry secretaries, there for now Gen. Fonseka is higher in rank than Gotabaya.

All this time Gen Fonseka had to call Gotabaya "sir" a much junior and less efficient officer. Now Gotabaya will have to call Gen. Fonseka "Sir".

Justice has been served at the end.

Asithri said...

Gonseka2016 (hahaha what a handle!)

[All malicious attempts to prevent Gen. Fonseka from going to the parliament has been averted.]


Pray tell me LTTE whorebitch, did all the court martial proceedings end and is your Gonseka today walking the soil of SL as a free man?

hak hak hak!

Listen Pundey...this was never about preventing Gonseka entering the Parliament, but it was all about:

1) Preventing Gonseka from being the CEO of our nation [as, after the war, just to come to power, he got into bed with Thamileelam-separatists and Pro-separatist gooks/kooks/ponnayas and ultimately was going to give the LTTE whores (like you, your mother, your father) your "thamileelam" one way or another!)

Result: We SL Patriots did everything possible to screw the MF and assured he will not be our CEO - and we won!

2) Punishing Gonseka for doing that 180 degree turn and being a traitor to our beloved MotherLanka (Raison d'être above)

Result: We SL Patriots did everythig to screw the MF well and truly and assured he was arrested and charged - and we won!

So LTTE whorebitch, I don't think you can call this a “success” for your camp.

Winning a seat is one thing, but if you are condemned to spend the next 10 years in prison, then I think that win means only FUCK FOR ALL FOR NOTHING!


OaO Asithri

Puffy said...

Hey Sam Perera...

nice to see you guys still active.
got a bit of a shock to see so many posts by DW. thought DW dudes had closed down...
Im actually visiting DW after many months.

I still cant get over the fact that the General went and stood along with the same people we tagged as 'TRAITORS'... :-(

He (SF) will surely try to create a scene IF he attends parliament.

keep up conversations going...

Oh and DefenceWire...
GREAT to read your articles AGAIN... please keep them coming!

Sam Perera said...


Come over to It is very active these days.

Chuti Malli said...

New kind of powerful marketing against Sri Lanka.

Nisal said...

[[Chuti Malli said...

New kind of powerful marketing against Sri Lanka.]]

Few more thing to boycott.

Boycott Israel
Boycott Singapore
Boycott Malaysia
Boycott Australia
Boycott USA
Boycott Japan
Boycott RIAA
Boycott Microsoft
Boycott Novell
Boycott McDonalds (if no fart unto death campaign)
Boycott KFC
Boycott Nike
Boycott Apple
Boycott Apple iTunes and iPod!
Boycott India
Boycott China
Boycott eBay
Boycott Facebook
Boycott Twitter
Boycott Gillette
Boycott Wal-Mart
Boycott Google
Boycott Yahoo!
Boycott Microsoft Bing
Boycott Nesle
Boycott Fox News

Boycott The New York Times
Boycott CNN
Boycott Amazon
Boycott Coca Cola

and last but not least...
Boycott Everything

Anonymous said...


Peter said...

Peter said...

TNA will give unconditional backing to MR, if needed.

April 9, 2010 1:13 AM

Arul said...

99.4 percent vote for Tamil Eelam in Australia

99.4 percent of those who cast votes in the Tamil referendum across Australia last weekend said “yes” to the formation of independent and sovereign Tamil Eelam in the contiguous north and east of the island of Sri Lanka. The results were announced Thursday at a press conference held at NSW State Parliament in front of state and national media.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...


99.4% eelamists have voted for eelam. I am not surprised.

If you go to a Church mass on R C church and ask them whether they believe of Almighty god I am pretty sure taht more than 99.4% will vote for God's presence. Does that mean that almighty god is present?

Eelam is your dream. It is your religion. We are not impressed.

In fact we are impressed of non-voters. See how little of tamil diaspora actually participated.

And also impressed of 0.6 anti-eelam voters. So some eelamists start seeing daylight? Or does this boat-borne migration take illiterate ppl there too?

Sujeewa Kokawala said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Pirates of Arabians, get ready for a bash....

10 Nation move to give Somali Pirates the punch.

SL shud try to be a part of this move, voluntarily. SLN can help in many small ways, and SL ports can support the move. Mostly the captured are SL ppl, so in ground battle SL ppl will serve greatly as informants and intelligence.

Most ppl think that huge warships and Aircraft careers will be the force, but for operation like this SLN has more experience and success than any other force.

The gains are hefty for SL in taking part here.


10-nation board okays funds to fight Somalia piracy: UN report

A 10-nation board has approved USD 2.1 million in UN funding for five projects to help Somaliaand neighbouring countries prosecute suspected pirates.

“Piracy off Somaliais a menace to the region and the world,” said UN Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs Lynn Pascoe, chair of the board overseeing a new trust fund. “Prosecuting suspected pirates is an important piece of the international strategy to combat the problem.”

An international armada of warships has patrolled an area in the north of Somalia in the Gulf of Aden for more than a year in a bid to curb piracy. But countries that have captured pirates have often struggled to bring them to justice due to legal technicalities.

Four of the projects in line for the funding are designed to support institutions in the Seychelles, which along with Kenya serves as a regional centre to prosecute pirates, as well as in Somalia’s semi-autonomous Puntland state and its breakaway region of Somaliland. They will specifically deal with mentoring prosecutors and police, building and rehabilitating prisons, reviewing domestic legislation on piracy and enhancing court capacity.

A media project will help local partners design and spread anti-piracy messages across Somalia. The trust fund was launched in January by a Contact Group on piracy off Somalia. Its supervising board includes 10 voting members: Djibouti,Egypt, France, Germany,Greece, Kenya, the Marshall Islands, Norway,Somalia and the United States. There are also three non-voting UN bodies: the International Maritime Organisation, the UN Office on Drugs and Crime and the UN country team for Somalia.

Meanwhile, the UN Security Council was expected to approve next week a Russian draft resolution urging a stronger UN mechanism to ensure effective legal action against pirates caught off Somalia’s shores. The text would direct UN chief Ban Ki-moon “within three months to prepare a report outlining various options of a stronger international legal system” to deal with the pirates.

Somaliahas had no effective central authority since former president Mohamed Siad Barre was ousted in 1991, setting off a bloody cycle of clashes between rival factions. – (AP/NDTV)

ඉයන් said...

Greetings friends

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Out of topic, but ... hang on... is this why we don't hear from te Parrot of Pakisland. See you after two weeks Parrot. Make sure taht you keeps hands in the pocket during your flight out of singapore.


Lankan jailed for groping

A Sri Lankan passenger on a flight from Singapore to Hong Kong was so enchanted by the flight attendants he couldn't resist touching their breasts and buttocks, a Singapore magistrate heard, the Standard reported.

Chief Magistrate Ernest Lin Kam- hung jailed Sri Lankan Halpita Acharige Wijith Thalis, 47, for 14 days and fined him HK$15,000 after he admitted indecently assaulting three Cathay Pacific flight attendants last week.

He pleaded guilty to three counts of indecent assault under the Aviation Security Ordinance at Tsuen Wan Magistrates' Court.

Thalis, who was on a business trip with two assistants, boarded Cathay Pacific flight CX 710 from Singapore to Kansai, Japan, via Hong Kong.

When the first victim was serving passengers in the row in front of Thalis, she felt someone touching her left buttock. She turned round and saw Thalis withdrawing his right hand.

She told him: "Don't touch me, if you want something, ask me by name, but don't touch me." She said the defendant put up his hands and replied "sorry" before making a funny face.

Shortly before landing at 2pm, he did the same to another flight attendant.

When the aircraft landed, the second victim went to the defendant to return his jacket. She also felt someone touching her buttock. She turned round and saw Thalis withdrawing his right hand. A passenger also pointed to the defendant.

A male crew member tried to talk to the defendant but was snubbed. Then as he was disembarking, Thalis nudged with his elbow the right breast of a third flight attendant who was standing on one side of the corridor to allow passengers to pass.
The attendant reacted with shock, but it did not fluster Thalis.

The three flight attendants reported the matter to their manager, who alerted the police through security staff. Thalis was arrested by airport police.

Arul said...

This Pervert seems to have an uncontrollable urge to touch stewardesses .This disgraceful behavior is not an isolated incident. It is the tradition on the Sri Lankan buses,'jack' gahanawa as it is known is widely practiced by schoolboys and dirty old men or dirty and not so old men. Women keep pins in their wallets to repel such attacks. One Sri Lankan woman complained:“I wish our laws were that strict in SL. Just imagine the amount of men who would be jailed and fined here. No need to look too far... they are everywhere, on the bus, on the road.... everywhere!!!!”

Anonymous said...

Birth is much but breeding is more. 加油! ........................................

TropicalStorm said...

IDPs are being released into the demined areas gradually. Still there is inadequate civillian services to provide everything these people need. At a recent medical camp visit to the region I witnessed large scale skin infections, malnutrition, PTSD symptoms and many with imagined illnesses which the doctors are incapable of diagnosing and treating with limited facilities.
The army on the other hand tries to do whatever they can, soldiers even giving away their MREs and going hungry often.

The individual cases of suffering is enormous and the only help comes from sinhala groups. There are no tamil groups lending assistance in anyway to their own people. The bastards who tried very hard to destroy our country are now silent; they never had any interest in the plight of the tamils living here and it shows clearly.

In Killinochchi the population is largely unfriendly, though not hostile either. MI guys tell us that there is seething venom underneath, even among the civillians whose lives we are saving with our meagre resources. They are like animals, only difference being the lack of gratitude an animal would have for kindness given. These are creatures who live in a hell and deservedly so, I thought.

The LTTE destroyed everything for them and still they seem to hate us. The toilets are horrifying and the tamils are quite at home in that abyssmal filth. This is the legacy of their 'sole saviours' - an existance of sub human standards and eternal intellectual depravity.

There are some very good private groups who voluntarily take the difficulties in their stride and work tirelessly to rebuild these areas. What you can do is to inquire from trusted sources who they are and then extend any support you can.

I watched over 300 men, women and shildren fight over empty plastic bottles (unwashed, just emptied of Sprite, Coke etc and thrown away by others in Colombo). These are luxuries to these people who now have to walk miles to get water. UN supplies drinking water to some areas and the army is cleaning the wells poisoned by the LTTE with cyanide. At this rate it will take at least another year before life can return to any sense of normalcy in most areas.

Sri Lankan patriots must visit these areas with whatever they can afford to give away and help these people. The military cannot do everything that needs to be done. The more interactions the tamils have with people from the South, it will become easier to heal the wounds of this horrific war.

We can take the bullet holes from the flesh and the walls, but it will take unassuming friendship and benevolence of Sri Lankan public to rebuild the trust.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...


Golden words. May I invite you to SLD Forum. We're not very far from the topic of yours. But your first hand information is like platinum.

I am copying your comment there.

Anonymous said...


Arul said...

I think , your comments are great !!

Moshe Dyan said...

bloody fcuking hell!!

houston we have a FCUKING problem.

didn't i say ISR = SRI and palestine = tamil elam BOTH politically and militarily.

now shitt is going to hit the ceiling. this is why the transexuals are in a MIGHTY hurry to have their crap.

appolo 13 : are we fcuked up?
houston : not yet.

just read the following and you can imagine what these transexual MFs are trying to do.

"The State of Palestine, officially simply Palestine, was unilaterally declared on 15 November 1988, in Algiers

(NOT part of "palestine")

by the Palestine Liberation Organization's (PLO) Palestinian National Council (PNC). It is a state with limited recognition.

At the time of the declaration, the PLO did not exercise any control over the territory in question.

The declaration designated Jerusalem the capital of Palestine, despite Israeli control over the city and its designation as the Israeli capital in Israeli law.

More than 100 countries recognized the state of Palestine, while other countries announced they welcomed this step without explicitly declaring recognition.

--- MOSTLY POOR countries recognized it. when it comes to TE, mostly rich countries will recognize it. ----

The United Nations General Assembly officially acknowledged the 1988 proclamation and voted to change the name of the PLO General Assembly permanent observer to "Palestine".

In the list of "non-member states and entities" Palestine is categorized under "Other entities having received a standing invitation to participate as observers in the sessions and the work of the General Assembly and are maintaining permanent offices at Headquarters".

The Palestinian National Authority (PNA or PA), established as a result of the Oslo Accords

(didn't the MFs try this in SL too?????)

which were signed between the PLO and Israel, is an interim administrative body

(how fcuking familiar??? interim self-governing authority. and now provisional transexual govt.)

that exercises some governmental functions in parts of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. The current President of Palestine is Mahmoud Abbas, serving in his capacity as Chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization."

something tells me that we will not be the only guys celebrating may 18th. from what i hear TE MFs are planning to declare their crap around may 20th.

WHEN (not if) they get OBSERVER status of the UN, we will be in deeep shitt. nothing much they can do in the UN but this will give them HUGE power internationally. put to that the support they get from rich countries against poor SL and we have a big problem.

also they will observe IN DETAIL, FIRST HAND what happenes to war crimes crap at the UN and take action accordingly.

Moshe Dyan said...

down with TE!!

Moshe Dyan said...

666 - tamil elam = satan's country.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

අමතක නොකරන්න

ගිනි ගත් බිම් කඩක
සිර වුනු හද ගැස්ම
මරණයෙ කලුවරින්
නිදහස් කර ගන්න

ජීවිත පුද දුන්න
මිනිසුන් ගේ ලෙයින්
ලියැවුනු මාසයක
උණුසුම් හෝරාව
සිහිවන දින ළඟයි

අමතක නොකරන්න
මේ හැම මොහොතක ම
සුළඟේ හමා ඒ
දිවි දුන් විරුවෙකුගෙ
අවසන් හුස්ම පොද
යළි නින්නාද දෙයි
උන්ගේ විරු කෙරුම්

අසරණ පොඩි එවුන්
වියපත් මහල්ලන්
කර මත තබාගෙන
වෙඩි වරුසා මැදින්

කීයක් මියැදුනි ද?
කීයක් එකතැන් ද?
රකිනට ගොස් අනුන්

ජරපත් අදහසින්
මැස්සන් ඉහඳ ලූ
මිනිසුන් කියාගත්
ඇතමුන් ගැරහුවත්

හෙට දින යළි පිපෙන
දහසක් මල් කැකුළු
පතුරයි දස අතේ
උන්ගෙ ජීවන සුවඳ
නමින් මනුසත් කමේ

Anonymous said...


Zarisa Strict Mistress said...

SRI LANKA: How genuine will be the proposed Commission for Reconciliation?

Already comments can be made about some of the names that have been published as possible commissioners in this latest commission. One is a former Attorney General who also has a long record in the Attorney General’s Department. His own past is connected to the exercise of denial on the part of the state. He has represented the Sri Lankan government before UN commissions with the specific purpose of denying everything and as a result there has not been an attempt to deal with the required openness of the issues of such great importance to the country. Also in the case of the killing of the Tamil prisoners in 1983 during the July riots, when the inquiries were undertaken he played a role which came under serious criticism.

What should be looked into seriously is whether in the past they have been employed for the purpose of engaging in the exercise of denial or whether they have the credentials of being able to deal with justice in the manner that is required by the norms and standards on which truth and justice is based.

Is this a genuine attempt to deal with the conflict and the wrongdoings that have taken place with the intention of learning the lessons and taking steps towards corrective actions? Or, will this be yet another exercise in denial and an attempt to suppress the search for truth and the possibilities of developing initiatives for dealing with the wounds suffered by society.

One way of looking into the question of credibility would be to go into the past experiences and apply the test of learning from these experiences. It has been pointed out almost universally by local sources as well as by international opinion that the attempts made so far by the Sri Lankan governments under the titles of ‘commissions’ did not have the genuine intention of achieving those aims. In fact, the experience is that these commissions were attempts at evasion and exercises in denial.

Bhairav said... is updated.


Arul said...

Top Sri Lankan official questions Fonseka's claim of being war hero.

COLOMBO: A top legal official in Sri Lankan has questioned the claims of former army chief Sarath Fonseka of being a war hero, saying he had accused the government of violating international laws during the last phase of the war with the LTTE.

Deputy Solicitor General Wasantha Bandara said that although Gen (retd.) Fonseka was the Chief Commanding Officer during the victorious war last year, he subsequently made statements "inimical to the State for political expediency and lost his honour", the state owned Daily News reported on Thursday.

Bandara yesterday made the allegations before Colombo Chief Magistrate Janaki Rajaratne when Fonseka was produced there, the first civil court appearance for him since his arrest in February on charges of dabbling in politics while in uniform and violation of procedures set for arms procurement.

The Deputy Solicitor General was making submissions in the court in connection with the CID enquiry.

This was regarding an alleged statement made by Fonseka to a weekly 'Sunday Leader' newspaper that Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa ordered the killing of top LTTE leaders and others who came to surrender with white flags.

Fonseka's counsel Nalin Ladduwahetti said that it was unfortunate that a war hero who escaped attempt on his life by LTTE militants thrice for the sake of the country was charged before court just days prior to commemorating war heroes for victory over the Tiger rebels.

Bandara said that according to the CID investigations, Gotabhaya had not given any such instructions or orders to shoot surrendering LTTE activists.

In his lengthy submissions, he said Fonseka had made a false statement to the media about the Defence Secretary.

The Officials of the UN also had inquired about this statement from the Sri Lanka Ambassador, he observed.

"CID investigations had revealed that General Fonseka had made that false statement to an English weekend newspaper. He will be charged under the Criminal Procedure Code and under the Emergency Regulations Sections 28 and 29," Bandara said.

mawatha silva said...

Court allows SF to be in SL Army custody for security reasons Considers accused a special person who won the war.

Colombo Chief Magistrate Champa Janaki Rajaratne yesterday allowed a defence application to hold former Army Commander General (Retd) Sarath Fonseka in Army custody till May 26.

General (retd) Fonseka was produced in Court by the CID, under tight security, in connection with an allegation of war crimes he is alleged to have made against the Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa in an interview with The Sunday Leader in the run-up to the last presidential election.

The Magistrate, making the order, observed that the suspect was a special person by virtue of having won the war and keeping him in prison would endanger his security.

Summoning Provost Marshall Brigadier Jagath Wijesiri, the Magistrate ordered that the Army provide Fonseka with adequate security with a Court undertaking because there were still several LTTE members held in custody without any charges against them.

The Magistrate said that the normal procedure was that if a person committed an non-bailable offence under the Emergency Regulations, he should be remanded. But, in the case of General Fonseka, as he was an LTTE target and therefore he should be kept in military custody.

The Magistrate expressed belief that the Attorney General s Department would give priority to filing an indictment in respect of this case.

The Magistrate also ordered a progress report on the current security condition regarding the detention of Gen. Fonseka at the Naval headquarters to be submitted.

The Deputy Solicitor General, in his opening submissions, said that General Fonseka would be indicted in the High Court for an alleged statement he made to the Sunday Leader newspaper alleging that in the final stages of the LTTE war, Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa had ordered Brigadier Shavindra Silva to shoot the LTTE cadres carrying white flags and surrendering to the security forces.

He said Gen. Fonseka s statement had made headline news in that newspaper on December 13, 2009 and it had caused an international furore.

The special UN Rapporteur Philip Alston had sent a letter to the Sri Lankan Ambassador in Geneva Shanuka Seneviratne regarding the General s statement.

The DSG said if a village cultivator had made that kind of statement it would not have caused such an uproar. In contrast, the statement made to the paper had been attributed to none other than the Commander of the Army, the DSG said.

The DSG also said the statement at issue had been made in contravention of both the Emergency Regulations and the Penal Code. Investigations revealed that the statement had been made by the suspect. Furthermore, there had been no shooting incidents contrary to that statement, he said.

At that time, tens of thousands of internally displaces persons had been in welfare camps. Amongst them were many LTTE leaders and members. In the first place, that kind of statement should not have been made as it was bound to cause a public commotion in addition to resulting in communal disharmony, the DSG said. Sri Lanka s reputation would be tarnished. If the suspect made such a statement he should be held responsible, the DSG said adding there had been instances of war heroes turning traitors.

The DSG submitted that the Court had the jurisdiction either to hand the suspect back to the army custody or to remand him.

Attorney at Law Nalin Laduwahetty, appearing for suspect General Sarath Fonseka, submitted that the Court had two options and they were either to hand over the suspect to the custody of the Army or to remand him.

Sending Gen. Fonseka to remand prison would endanger his security as there were many LTTE suspects still in custody. Ironically, the government had declared the current week the National Heroes Week, the counsel said requesting that the suspect be kept in the army custody for security reasons.

mawatha silva said...

Fonseka presented in civilian court for 'inciting unrest'

Detained former army chief Sarath Fonseka was on Wednesday presented for the first time before a civilian court accused of inciting unrest.

Fonseka, who is in military custody and faces separate court martial charges of dabbling in politics while in uniform and corrupt procurements, was produced before Colombo's Chief Magistrate Champa Janaki Rajaratne over an interview to a Sri Lankan daily.

According to the daily, Fonseka, before the January 26 presidential elections, had claimed that orders were given by the president's younger brother to kill the surrendering senior LTTE leaders during the final phase of military operations against the Tamil Tigers.

The ex-army chief had claimed in the report that the then Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa had ordered the military commanders not to spare any LTTE member surrendering, the media quoted State Counsel as telling the Chief Magistrate on Wednesday.

wijayapala said...

Dear TropicalStorm,

"I watched over 300 men, women and shildren fight over empty plastic bottles (unwashed, just emptied of Sprite, Coke etc and thrown away by others in Colombo)."

Your post on April 28th is very similar to one posted on Bhairav's blog by "Arul" only about half an hour earlier than yours:

In IDP camps there are still inadequate services to provide everything the Tamils need. At a recent Medical camp visit to the region I witnessed large scale skin infections, malnutrition, PTSD symptoms and many with illnesses which the doctors are incapable of diagnosing and treating with limited facilities. The Tamils are treated like animals-Sri Lankan soldiers thrown empty plastic bottles (unwashed, just emptied of Sprite, Coke etc and thrown away by others in Colombo) and I watched over 300 men, women and children fight over them **to the amusement of laughing Sinhalese soldiers.**

Since you appeared to be at the same place at the same time as Arul, what do you have to say about his additional comments to your version of the story?

"In Killinochchi the population is largely unfriendly, though not hostile either. MI guys tell us that there is seething venom underneath, even among the civillians whose lives we are saving with our meagre resources."

Did the MI guys ever tell you why the government gave them only meagre resources to take care of literally hundreds of thousands of civilians? It could explain this "seething venom" that you're referring to.

Anonymous said...


Sam Perera said...

Guys, we created a new site to discuss Sri Lankan politics. Visit us at:

Ananda bro, great work.

Sri Lanka Strategy page said...

Dear All,

The post above is not the real deshapaluwa. But our beloved multipolar troll.. He has recovered somewhat after his ego go bashed on April 8th..Now he's back for more..

The link given is a fake blog created by the same jobless dole bludger. The actual blog is for invites only..IF you were a regular patrioitic blogger at DW/SLDF, you would have got yours already..

The poor dole bludger, as usual upto his dirty underhanded tricks..I pity the fool..

Moshe Dyan said...


that doesn't explain why they opted to sell what they got for free.

obviously they had an excess of some free stuff given to them. otherwise they won't sell them?????

anyway, if the accounts are true, it's a shitt situ and needs change.

but if the TN story is also true, it only means some stuff were given in excess while other stuff may be lacking. it certainly doesn't mean deliberately not giving food to these ppl.

there were also instances of SLA men giving away their lunch packs to IDPs.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Having no messages today. And that declares DW as dead. DW is not in SL anymore?

Ruwan ... aka Gotabaya Ranaweera ran away from SL. And DW posts have been stolen by the same guy, having reported DW never did anything against. Does this mean it is teh same guy as DW?

Well, DW is you're alive, there are Qs posted. And note... it is a day you deserve to do honors of a great write up. Come on...

Defencewire said...

Weerakoon should've known what was coming for him!

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