Tuesday, August 21, 2007

LTTE continues to lose 'Lt. Colonels'

The LTTE has lost a number of its self-styled lieutenant Colonels in direct attacks, indirect attacks and ambushes by the Security Forces. 'Lt. Colonel' Tamil Vanan was killed in an ambush deep inside LTTE area several months ago and 'Lt. Colonel' Thyagan was killed in a sea battle off Pulmodai recently. Thyagan and Cheliyan were the successors to the Sea Tiger Command following a freak accident which injured 'Colonel' Soosei. Since Thygan's demise, Cheliyan has succeeded to the post left vacant by the injured Soosei. Cheliyan is a close confidant of LTTE Intelligence Wing Head Pottu Amman.

Another self-styled 'Lt. Colonel' was killed in fighting in the Thampanai area in Vavuniya recently. Within a matter of two to three months, the LTTE has lost a number of these cadres in close succession, which indicates that the group is willing to endanger its senior cadres in leading either seasoned or fresh cadres into battle. Certainly the experience of these cadres is needed by the outfit in the months to come as fighting could erupt either during or after the forthcoming Monsoon rains in October. The casualties come in the wake of what seems to be LTTE preparations for a show of its military strength through an attack on troops in the Northern Theater. The audience, in this case would be the Tamil Diaspora and the International Community.


lanka matha said...

good job mate. sri lanka armed forces defenders of the nation

Jaliya Samarakoon


Defencewire said...

Thank you Lanka Matha.

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