Monday, September 17, 2007

Clarifications And More

There has been a lot of 'speculation' and misinformation regarding the recent sinking of the three LTTE floating weapons-warehouses. It has been claimed that foreign intelligence sources had provided the vital information for the attack.

The important factor is the intelligence that led to the Navy identifying a possible date, location and number of LTTE arms warehouses at sea. Contrary to what was announced the attacks actually took place close to Indonesia in International Waters. The arms ships had been refueling and replenishing their depleted stocks while at sea in seas off Indonesia before embarking for Sri Lanka. The artillery shells on board were procured mainly from Cambodia.

The other important factor was Navy's ability to clearly identify the three ships. It has been speculated that the intelligence was provided by a foreign intelligence service. This is not true. This was the handiwork of Naval Intelligence and Naval Intelligence only! The Navy used only locals and local intelligence sources.

Each attack vessel had 'spotters' who identified the LTTE vessels clearly from the others. These 'spotters' were not Navy men. They were not from the Security Forces or the Police. They were also not foreigners.


Anonymous said...

Just wondering,

who first leaked this reported arrest?

Was it the SL defenece ministry or a newspaper in Thailand..

Can pleaase clarify this...

Thank you for the efforts...

defenceAnalyst said...

You are welcome. The Thai newspapers quoted the SL Defence Ministry website. It wasn't really a leak. They said there are reports of his arrest. This was carried world-wide.

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