Saturday, September 15, 2007

More on "KP"

DefenceWire has received inquiries from posted comments and emails about Kumaran Pathmanathan alias "K.P." escaping from Thai Police Custody by paying $20 million. We an confirm that such a thing has not happened. A certain Sri Lankan newspaper has claimed this today (15/09/07). The story was fabricated by a site called which was then carried by and others. Since DefenceWire was the first to announce his arrest in the World Wide Web, it is only right that we make this clarification before any one else.

The truth is as follows. "K.P' is still in Thai police custody and will be released to Sri Lanka shortly. However, no-one by the name of Kumaran Pathmanatha or "K.P." exists any more. No-one by that name has entered an International Airport in the last 20 years. The person in Thai custody is a Swiss Passport-Holder called Peter Ibrahim. He was originally known as Kumaran Pathmanathan or "K.P". So the Thais can claim freely that no Sri Lankan by the name of Kumaran Pathmanathan is in their custody.

A High-level Sri Lankan team has already left for Thailand. No Official extradition arrangements will be made between the two countries since Thailand and Sri Lanka do not have an Extradition Treaty . The process will be handled in a different way, which we are not at liberty to discuss here. DefenceWire can confirm that Sri Lanka will be the sole recipient of the arrested, since both Thailand and also India have agreed that he is of worth to Sri Lankan law-enforcement agencies more so than to any other foreign law-enforcement agencies. "K.P" is valuable to Sri Lankan counter-insurgency operations due to the vast knowledge he has in money-laundering, and also in selecting and acquiring the best quality weapons at cheap international prices from Non-State sources and transferring them via floating LTTE warehouses to Sri Lanka. For the time-being the Rajiv Gandhi case can wait in the courts as it has waited for many years now.

India will not accept him officially. The reason is that India has called on the Sri Lanka government to seek a 'political solution' to the conflict, instead of a 'military solution'. If India obtains his extradition to that country, its external policies will be questionable to the outside world. India will be branded of maintaining a 'dual' policy with regard to the Sri Lankan conflict both internally, by the pro-LTTE Tamilnadu parties, and externally by others.


Anonymous said...


Earlier you in the above story said that KP was a Thai citizen..

Here you say the person arrested was a Swiss Passport holder ...

We are confussed and dumb founded...

Defencewire said...
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Defencewire said...

Yes. You are correct. We have said that. And this is why. KP holds 20 passports and citizenships under different identities in several countries. When he was arrested by the Thais he was holding a Swiss Passport. He has also obtained citizenship in Thailand under a different identity. Does this answer the confusion? I am sorry we are unable to tell you all in this site.

Defencewire said...
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Anonymous said...

Lanka told ‘No KP here’

is this true?

Defencewire said...

We are not at liberty to reveal all the details. DefenceWire will however confirm that a person formally known as Kumaran Pathmanathan, alias KP, who is the head of LTTE arms procurement is now in Thai custody. There hasn't been a 'KP' in years. That identity has since changed many-times over. The Thai government is trying to avoid a huge controversy. They officially rejected the Indians' inquiry about KP's arrest. Remember, India is the only country that has been instrumental in the issue of an international arrest warrant for KP. If Thais say they have him and that he was arrested under that warrant, they are bound by international law to turn him in. But if the Thais overlook the Indians and hand him over to the Lankans in full publicity, it would cause a huge international diplomatic crisis. We cannot say more than this for now. DefenceWire will confirm again, the person formerly known as Kumaran Pathmanathan is in Thailand, under Thai police arrest.

Defencewire said...

A word of caution. Certain newspapers might want to make the government or the military look fools by claiming that an information about KP's arrest was leaked prematurely, thereby causing this chaos. We must be careful because there is politics involved in some of these reports. DefenceWire has no political affiliations. We are merely using our experience and information sources to inform Sri Lankans about what is really happening in their motherland.

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