Friday, September 28, 2007

Pulmodai and Soosei

The Sri Lanka Navy last night foiled a Sea Tiger attempt to rescue around 150 hard-core cadres trapped in the Peraru Jungles in Trincomalee through a daring beach-landing in the general area of Pulmodai. Around 20 Sea Tiger boats that took part in the mission were all driven out by Naval Troops using Dvora FAC’s and Ground Fire. One Sea Tiger ‘Lt. Col’ and around seven other cadres were killed when two Sea Tiger boats sank in a ball of fire. A Naval Rating, engaged in the direction of fire towards the Sea Tiger flotilla from land, was killed and another injured when retreating LTTE cadres made a concentrated fire towards Naval Troops. Slippers, Medicine and Claymore mines left behind on the beach were later recovered by troops. No Dvora FAC's were lost in the attack!

More on Soosei

In his speech to a group of mourners at Puthukudiiruppu on Wednesday, Sea Tiger Leader Soosei has said that he was injured while test-driving a newly purchased Gun Boat at high speed. He had claimed that he lost control of the boat, killing his son and another cadre. Soosei had mentioned that he was treated in a newly established hospital in Vanni. The news of Soosei’s injury had dealt a severe blow to the Tamil Diaspora and Tamil pro-LTTE websites were quick to give wide publicity to Soosei’s 'recovery' and public address. Please see the following sites;



Sarinda Perera said...

One must be cautious to point out that the 'severe blow' was in fact dealt to a 'section' of the Tamil Diaspora, not the diaspora at large.... although a significant portion of funds are generated for the LTTE from within the diaspora, it is incorrect to insinuate that such support emanates from the diaspora as a whole.

Anonymous said...


Actually it is correct so say "severe blow" to the Tamil Diaspora, and no caution is needed.

The vast majority of the Tamil Diaspora fund and support the LTTE as it was because of the LTTE they managed to get into a Western country to become part of this "Diaspora".

Using the existing, yet flawed, pre conception of Sri Lanka and the Sinhalese in the West (created by Tamils in the Diaspora), the war and the violence Tamils past, present, (and future) have benefited immensely. There maybe some genuine cases of Tamils wanting to escape, but for the most part its just Tamils who want a better quality of life and freedom from economic destitution than anything else.

The Sri Lankan passport is the only passport in the world to have Tamil in it, whats ironic and extremely saddening to see are Tamils who fly off to Western countries using this passport - as it automatically guarantees refugee visa in any Western country of their choice- immediately join the anti Sinhala/pro-LTTE bandwagon upon arrival at said Western country and pump as much money as they can to their friends in the Vanni to fuel the war they are supposedly escaping from in order to kill the people that gave them the passport so they can stay in a new land where opportunities that are not provided in Sri Lanka can be found, where they can make more money in all aspects of life, including all jobs where the pay and quality of life available is a 1000x better than in Sri Lanka or the LTTE controlled Wanni, which they are funding without a second thought using this money.

Whats sad is that many Tamils who know the truth about Sri Lanka and the Sinhalese, either say nothing at all to counter the vicious anti-Sinhala propaganda emanating from the West and the Tamils in the West, or shockingly add to the propaganda almost clarifying it and turning myths lies and manipulation into cold hard facts.

There is no other reason for them to do this, other than for what I have mentioned above, and perhaps the mental satisfaction accompanied by the nationalist emotions behind the ideology of a Tamil Nation. Whats more mind boggling (and further emphasises all what I have said) is why they are willing to let their own brothers and sisters in the North and East suffer and be abused just so they can have a "one up" on Sri Lanka.

Anonymous said...

Self Quote:

money as they can to their friends in the Vanni

That should say

money as they can to their "friends" in the Vanni

Anonymous said...

Sadly only a minority of the entire Tamil Diaspora are anti-LTTE and open and vocal about that. They are true patriots, but with a overwhelming majority being pro-LTTE such schools of thought and actions by this minority are small, although there is very little threat (in terms of violent attacks to economic “sanctions”) they are made to look like fools by the rest of the Diaspora who immediately counter there opposing voices as "garbage" etc.

And of course block votes; lobbying and dirty politics also play into this. Western politicians are going to pander and favour the group that can give them more votes than the one that can give them less to none.

Defencewire said...

You are correct. I am personally aware of a number of Tamils who are opposed to LTTE's violence. It is also the representation of the atrocities against Tamils and a lack of progress in Sri Lanka politically that creates support for LTTE among the Diaspora.

Your inference to the interests of some politicians in western countries to support LTTE is valid. We see that happening in Norway, UK, France, Switzerland and Canada.


Sarinda Perera said...


You have a valid point in what you stress - I am aware of the general nature of this support. A couple of points though:

a) the pro-LTTE diaspora is well organised around an LTTE coordinating structure, where as the non-supporters are often comparatively apathetic (to politics in general) and are thus not nearly as well organised. This is particularly apparent in the offspring of original migrants - often referred to as the Generation 1.5. Due to this, the LTTE's robust propaganda has a free reign over the lack of it from those that are opposed.

b) As the LTTE are very well organised mainly in Western Europe, Canada/North America and Australia, Tamils that oppose the group are fearful of reprisals in the event they do speak out. The LTTE are known to have threatened many Tamils, especially in the UK and even killed a few overseas. In Sri Lanka, I'm sure you are aware of the endless list of Tamils who have paid with their lives for opposing the cause.

This must be considered when drawing conclusions on why a significant section of the Tamil diaspora does not oppose the LTTE. In this case, silence cannot be equated to active consent.


Yes I agree with your comments on the 'representation of the atrocities.' While the LTTE propaganda machine has worked well and overtime, the Sri Lankan state has targeted its own propaganda mostly at the Sinhala people. For the large part (there are numerous exceptions), its bona fides with regard to reaching out to Tamils, both locally and overseas (or the will to do so) has been largely lacking.

Anonymous said...

Castedeus, my apologies for going over board with my comments.

I will revise my statement to be fairer and not so harsh, i.e. cover those in the Diaspora
A)Who support the LTTE 100%,
B)Who unintentionally (through propaganda lobbying of the LTTE) support the LTTE
C)Who try to distance themselves from it all and or oppose 100% but are afraid.

Well I hope you know what i mean!

My previous comment best applies to A and B

I would correct it et all know, but I see no point, unless you wish me to do so.

Defencewire said...

Like you said, Generation 1.5 is yet to show strong signs of Tamil nationalism, although some Tamil ultra nationalist Gen 1.5ers do exist. I am aware of several of them who arrived soon after the Tsunami and volunteered for the TRO. However, this is not a phenomenon. The nationalist and religious fundamentalist fervor of the forefathers of the Gen 1.5 gets diluted overtime in most cases, although Hanif Kureishi offers a glimpse of the occasional young British Muslim who turns fundamentalist suddenly in his book 'My Son The Fanatic'. This was later substantiated in real life with the London Quartet of Suicide Bombers.

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