Thursday, September 13, 2007

SL Fighter Jets Attack LTTE Strongholds As Country Braced For a Tsunami

Sri Lankan air force jets attacked LTTE main base in Puthukudiirippu, in Mullativu district this morning while country's coastal areas were on alert after a 7.8 magnitude powerful earthquake in Indonesia, defence officials said.

Israli made Kfir interceptor jets and Russian made Mig 27 swing wing jets attacked the identified LTTE base in Puthukudiirippu at around 08.30am, a senior Air Force officer confirmed to DefenceWire.

Pilots confirmed that they have hit the target accurately, but the LTTE was not available for immediate comment.

The fighter jets attack comes amids the country's alert for a possible tsunami after a powerful earthquake in Indonesia this morning. Same warning was issued last evening after the first earthquake reported from Sumatra islands yesterday and was subsequently withdrawn after 04 hours without any incidents by the Sri Lanka Disaster Management Centre.

The Public has been asked to vacate from coastal ares in the island-nation and the President ordered to evacuate school children from the vulnerable areas even after Hawaii Tsunami Warning Centre confirmed the possibility is minimal for another tsunami.


Anonymous said...

Nice thinking.

A tsunami watch would make it impossible for anyone to think about hiding underground for fear of the water..

Wonder where the big stinky monkey was by the way..

Defencewire said...

Considerable damage caused to the site. Storage, office-buildings etc destroyed. Exact identity of persons killed cannot be verified. LTTE had cordoned-off the area following attack.

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