Thursday, September 27, 2007


The LTTE has accused the Army's Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol of killing a Catholic Priest attached to the Jesuit Refugee Service on the Mannar-Pooneryn road. The Sri Lanka Army has denied involvement in the incident, which occurred around 45kms ahead of the Army's FDL in Mannar. DefenceWire sources reveal that the priest Nicholaspillai Pakiyaranjith had had a long-standing relationship with the rebels and had received aid from numerous countries, including Norway, for relief work in LTTE areas. During the now concluded Thoppigala battle, the Sri Lanka Army saw first-hand how such relief items can end up in the hands of the LTTE.

Meanwhile pro-LTTE media claimed that Sea Tiger Leader 'Col. Soosei' had addressed a gathering in Puthukidiiruppu to commemorate the 20th Death Anniversary of 'Lt. Col. ' Thileepan and 'Col.' Shankar yesterday. DefenceWire sources claim that Soosei has partially recovered from an accidental blast that occurred during a training operation several months ago. Soosei has limited his movements as he is still suffering from damages caused to his rib-cage. A smoldering conflict between him and Pottu Amman had arisen after the latter started inspecting Sea Tiger Bases without informing Soosei and reporting back to Pripaharan about their status.

In a separate incident on Monday, troops along the FDL in Kilali moved ahead of their positions and attacked an LTTE bunker-line killing around 20 LTTE. Troops managed to torch the bunker-line before returning to their original locations.

According to inside information, the Sri Lanka Navy has been unsettled by a revelation made by a Sunday Weekly Defence Column detailing the naval operation that destroyed three LTTE ships recently. Senior analysts have also warned the Security Forces to be humble in their victories and not to be complacent in the crucial period ahead.


Anonymous said...

I am sick of these Catholic priests running about helping the LTTE.

Anonymous said...

"According to inside information, the Sri Lanka Navy has been unsettled by a revelation made by a Sunday Weekly Defence Column"

Is this about Athas?

Because, Athas is someone who does not understand the meaning of freedom of speech and media freedom. Such freedoms do not mean you can say and do whatever you want. Being irresponsible leads to abuse.

Athas doesn't know much about military hardware, military terminology, military technology and how fighter planes work. He compares the whole process to cars and antiques.
He relies to much on his "sources".

He doesn't realise that when you pull on one thread -in the name of media freedom- to a State secret, the whole thing unravels. This happened with the safe house raid, which he dutifully reported, thus giving the confirmation the LTTE needed about the Military LRRP agents in order to hunt them down, and now his obsession with the Mig27 deal is about to expose some of the countries top military/scientific experts who are on the TEC. They'll be killed thanks to him.

Athas crying like a baby over the loss of his security and not "reporting" was very amusing. As soon as his security was lost he acts like he’s "under threat", what a way to inflate himself to an artificial level of importance.

Note how Athas in his last few "Situation Reports" over the last couple of months (before the security he nor any other reporter deserves) has said zero about the "situation" at the front, instead he was covertly and at times overtly talking about the cost of living, following another agenda.

In one situation report who whined about 800 shells being lost and need to be replaced.
He then makes a big deal out of the use of ammunition for the war in the East, again about how they too will have to be replaced again costing money.

He then goes on and on about the Mig27 deal, even after adequate explanations were given. Once more complaining about money and the cost of living.

He then makes fun of the military victories in the East, calling them meaningless, weak, failures and lies.

He even complains about Government propaganda (e.g. Kayts going out of Government control for 8 hours) yet he praises the LTTE propaganda and makes fun of the Government for its lack of propaganda, yet when the government does "correct" propaganda with regards to Kayst, he disapproves.

Athas made a reputation and got a job from Janes, because of his "great" reporting during the CFA and before. Everything he said turned out to be rubbish or an exaggeration. But the fact is he merely filled a vacuum in Sri Lanka’s military reporting field, because when he started there had been no English language reporting on the military side of the conflict.

There was a report (in Dailynews i believe) that he gets $30,000 from a Norwegian NGO. Any truth in this?

ApiwApi said...

Defencewire ,
Any details about the sea battle near pulmodai last night?

NOLTTE=Peace said...


Well said!

Daily Mirror should be providing security for Athas. Why should tax-payers carry the burden of providing security to Athas?

Anyone in the country can pay to obtain full-time security from either Registered Security Agency or from the Police, as long as they are not engaging in criminal acts.

Athas reminds me a recent NY Times journalist who dramatised and over exaggerated situations for her own demise few years back. This is a guy who digs his own 'journalist grave'.

BTW, Catholic priest has been killed by LTTE deep 45 miles into LTTE held territory.

This is another one of their foiled attempts to obtain international sympathy.

Anonymous said...


Nice to speak to you!

I've read your comments on DefenceNet and they are excellent. Some great posts, both military and political by you dude. I liked the whole economic one you made some time back, detailing a brilliant way of making Sri Lanka less of a dependant/import driven economy etc.

Brilliant post. Send that to the Government! There is a small chance it might actually get proper attention. (Who am i kidding, there is a zero chance, but wouldn't hurt to try).

The DefenceNet and DefenceWire Teams (including posters like you, Asthri, Goldeneagle, TropicalStorm to name a few) have provided a great wealth of knowledge and love for their mother country! Same applies to the people at the Kfir thread on

Glad to see people like you all are still around.

Great work guys.

Anonymous said...

And if the Media (especially the pundits) spent the same amount of time and energy defending Sri Lanka and countering LTTE propaganda as they do attacking Sri Lanka and promoting LTTE propaganda (intentionally or not) then they’d be the actual patriots they claim themselves to be (like Athas does all the time, seriously he has one big ego, see his Situation Report called "My Story Behind the Story").
Just look at the Indian media, they defend India from outsiders all the time, regardless of their personal views, politics and opinions. (Of course I’m no fan of India, 1987 onwards, we all know what happened and what they continue to do).

Of course to some of our Media clowns (like our Political clowns) earning the "respect" of the West by attacking your own people to appear "unbiased" and thus maybe get a few coins thrown at you when you dance to the music the West plays is more important than the, safety, security and survival of your nation and its people.

Defencewire said...

The reference was to the Security Column on Sunday Times. We have our respects for Athas, but that is not without limits and qualifications. Journalists can't run a country or a war. They have a specific role but no more.

We admire the quality of analysis in the responses we find in this column and your interest and knowledge in the subject. This makes us want to do better!


Defencewire said...


All catholic priests working in LTTE areas aren't bad. Most are trying to do what they can given the situation. Unfortunately, in countries with violent conflict, humanitarian assistance is not without its attractions to rebel groups. But there's a fine line between working alongside and working FOR a rebel group.

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