Monday, October 15, 2007

Army Lose 3 Men, Fiber-glass Boat

LTTE Sea Tigers disguised as fishermen ambushed an Army fiber-glass boat manned by three Army personnel killing all three on Saturday (13th) morning. By the time reinforcements arrived, Sea Tigers had managed to salvage the fiber-glass boat and the remains of the three soldiers along with their weapons. The Army then directed artillery strikes on the fleeing Sea Tiger boats. Monitored communication indicated three LTTE cadres were killed in the retaliation. The Sea Tiger boats that launched the attack have come disguised as fishing boats from Pooneryn, south of Jaffna, several days in advance and mingled with fishing boats in the area and at a small fishing village in Gurunagar.

The Sri Lanka Army operates small patrol boats along the Jaffna-Kyts coast. The Army's small fiber-glass boats equipped with outboard engines can carry around three men and a small quantity of arms and ammunition. They are in no way similar to the 17-foot Inshore Patrol Craft/Vessels operated by the Navy in more deeper coastal waters.

Meanwhile several Special Task Force personnel were killed in Ampara recently in an ambush by LTTE. A small LTTE group commanded by Ampara District LTTE Leader Ram are still operating in the area. The Special Task Force is tasked with engaging this unit.

Meanwhile the LTTE's clandestine radio unit announced that the Leader of its Research Wing (a 'Lieutenant Colonel' in rank) had been killed in the recent air strike on an LTTE safe-house at Vishwamadu. The deceased was called an 'LTTE Scientist'. The building, which was targeted in the air strike had been used as a 'Research Lab' and factory to develop new Claymore Mines, Jhonny Mines etc and was frequently visited by top ranking LTTE leaders.


Sanath said...

there is a claim in the defencenet, saying that navy lost an IPC due to is attack which I felt is not accurate. pls give us more information defencewire.. thanx

Defencewire said...

This was not an IPC similar to what the Navy operates. The sea is too shallow for them. Instead the Army uses fiber-glass fishing boats with OBMs. They might sometimes be referred to as IPCs for the absence of a proper word.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

Technically speaking, even if a Fiberglass boat was utilised for inshore/nearshore patrol, it becomes an IPC. However, it does not mean that it is a traditional 'IPC' that the Navy has numbered as IPC in its Medium end Patrol craft. When it was communicated as an IPC, everyone has thought that it is a traditional Navy operated IPC. But as it has turned out, it is an Army operated Fibreglass boat IPC.

Defencewire said...

Correct. Its an Army patrol boat termed IPC given its function, patrolling and area of operation, inshore. This is NOT a SL Navy IPC. There's no Navy in these waters.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

Some years back I saw one of our local inventions at SLEME HQ. It was meant for inshore marshy area patrol.

I do not know where it went from there, as our culture is to look for import than developing something locally (I know there are few exceptions as Buffels and Anti Landmine boots).

The important thing is, we have to develop our own things to suit our own requirements.

Colombo Dockyard can churn-out many things to suit us too.

Anonymous said...

Guys AsianTribune says an attack is happening in Kataragama.

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