Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Fighting in the North and Errenous Reporting

Fresh fighting broke-out ahead of Kilali, Nagarkovil and Mannar Forward Defence Lines (FDL) several days ago. The latest fighting occurred in Nagarkovil and Mannar. However, contrary to many media statements, the damages caused to either side is low. Actual facts seems to have given way to speculation and imagination as defence columnists of some credit seems to be misleading the public with stray reporting. Whether this is a deliberate ploy or simply a lack of credible sources of information from the 'usual suspects' of the Military who have now retired or are providing misleading information to serve a grudge with the present Army Commander is a question we are unable to answer. The practical realities of war, however, has traditionally escaped predictions of self-proclaimed experts.

The Sri Lanka Army has not suffered any severe casualties as these Defence Columnists have claimed. Small groups of officers and men from the 55th Division have been infiltrating the No-Man's Land ahead of the Nagarkovil FDL and into LTTE held areas and engaging LTTE lines with small arms and artillery support. Two LTTE points were destroyed in the attack. The same is happening in Mannar, Vavuniya and to a lesser extent in Weli Oya. The LTTE is yet to induct its seasoned fighters, and so too the Army. No Army unit has been ambushed or their weapons seized in Nagarkovil, as some pro-LTTE media has announced. Some of the pro-LTTE media had issued pictures of so-called captured military hardware.

Army casualties are closer to the official figures released. LTTE casualties are yet unclear. The Army is 'softening up' unseasoned cadres in the LTTE. The ground and Palmyra trees scorched in incessant artillery attacks can be seen ahead of the Nagarkovil and Kilali FDLs. This type of operation will continue if and until the LTTE changes its defensive posture.

The Army's objective is to challenge the enemy in its own territory. Many of the clashes were initiated by the Army, who is seeking a confrontation with the enemy for several reasons. They believe this will adversely affect the morale of new cadres deployed in the front. It will also enable them to kill a steady number of cadres in each confrontation, thus pushing the guerrillas into defensive mode. So far, the results have been positive for the Army.

The accuracy of the recent air raids in Vishwamadu too cannot be confirmed yet. It has been our experience, especially through observations made in Thoppigala that certain air raids have not been as accurate as we had imagined and had fallen in the general area of the target location. However, in Silavathurai we observed that a satellite station of the LTTE was hit with pin-point accuracy.


Anonymous said...

Def Wire,

any news on the LTTE LEADER who was killed by the SLAF sortie?

I heard it was pottu.


Srilankan said...

Does anyone know how many army have been injured in these incursions into LTTE held areas.

Unknown said...

Hi Def Wire,

In LNP there is fresh news saying that the target was either Pottu or Balraj. Please giv some details... Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Selective targetting and cover-denial are great tactics to continue. The SLAF needs to demolish all known, secure and comfortable domains these warthogs have built for themselves. That would push them into the open....

Easy pickins...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the very informative articles published.

Keep up the good work..

May the force be with you forever..

defenceAnalyst said...

Thank you Anonymous
dA, DW, DR & SDS

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