Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Karuna's Shame

The LTTE's famous renegade commander Vinayagamoorthi Muralitharan alias 'Colonel Karuna' left Sri Lanka several days ago. The Thamil Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal or 'Karuna Group' is now under the command of Pullaian, a seasoned fighter from the East. Karuna's exit is the result of a deep rift between him and Pullaian which left several fighters like Ampara District Military Wing Cadre Sindujan dead and forced others like Intelligence Wing Cadre Vivekananthan alias 'Charan' into exile.

The rift occurred due to financial misappropriations by Karuna. Instead of targeting those that fund the LTTE for 'tax' collections, Karuna and his aide, the violent Ineya Barathi started collecting money from all Tamil businessmen they could find. During the Thoppigala Battle, large numbers of Tamil families started arriving in cleared areas, some of whom were family and relatives of Karuna Group fighters. These families required financial and other assistance and the fighters turned towards Pullaian for help. Unfortunately for Pullaian, who was the field commander, the funds available for welfare activities was grossly inadequate to meet the needs. However, the 'Tax' collection process had yielded vast sums of money for Karuna and at one point, a Bank Account in Ampara, operated from Vavuniya had over 30 million rupees in it when the Vavuniya Magistrate froze that account on charges of extortion by the group. On another occasion, a group operating under Karuna abducted a Tamil businessman holding an Australian Passport who had invested a large sum of money in the Sugarcane Industry. This abduction exposed two corrupt junior officers in the Police and an ex-officer and Airman from the Air Force.

Karuna ran amok and attempted to lure Pullaian into a trap in order to assassinate him. But Pullaian's loyal assistant, Seelan was able to escape certain death and save Pullaian's life. The TMVP split into two soon after. Many of the seasoned cadres like Jeyam and Riya-Seelan moved to Trincomalee with Pullaian, and were later responsible for the detection of a one-tonne Freezer-Truck bomb in Trincomalee. Although the differences were patched-up superficially, the two commanders of the TMVP have 'decided' that Pullaian should continue as commander in Sri Lanka and that Karuna should operate 'internationally'.

Pullaian is one of the most clever fighters the LTTE ever produced. prior to the Thoppigala capture, Pullaian was preparing for an assault on Thoppigala on his own. He even managed to capture a 122mm Howitzer in one attack against the LTTE. Unfortunately, the rift in the TMVP forced Pullaian to move to Trincomalee with his cadres while Karuna, Ineya Barathi and Mangalam Master remained in Batticaloa. With Karuna's departure, Pullaian will have to somehow coexist with Ineya Barathi and Mangalam Master. Their task will be to provide a political alternative to Tamils in the East whilst keeping the remaining LTTE units engaged. This is if the Military allows them to operate in Batticaloa and Ampara. As we have pointed out earlier, Paramilitaries can be dangerous bedfellows.


Anonymous said...


Given the state of economics or the lack of it in the areas under reference, how do these militias raise funds for their ops?
It is impractical to imagine a situation where some sort of state patronage not being available for these guys to survive. Guns and bullets cost money.

Anonymous said...


Any truth in the reports that SLA lost many soldiers yeasterday in omanthai.

Anonymous said...

DefenceWire, looks like an Ice Tiger has made a pilgrimage to the fat Tiger mutt in the Wanni.

How should SL proceed with such a matter?

I believe we should boot him out.

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the double post.

Just to add.

What the Ice monkey did is in fact a great insult to the nation.

Anonymous said...

Defence Wire please delete my previous two comments

DefenceWire, looks like an Ice Tiger has made a pilgrimage to the fat Tiger mutt in the Wanni.

How should SL proceed with such a matter?

What the Ice monkey and Nordic clowns did is in fact a great insult to the Nation.

I believe we should boot someone out, either the monkey or the head of the SLMM. Or at least issue some tough damning statements with hard hitting words

What do you think?

(P.S. Sorry for hijacking the topic i hope its alright, if not please say so and i won't repeat).

Illegal.existence said...

Guys is this the result of some kind of deliberate plan to sideline Karuna? There were all those allegations that he was getting "too much" and appeals that the government should do something to curb his activities. Maybe they did?

Defencewire said...

This is disturbing. Most countries, including India, have a procedure for admitting even Ph.D students from foreign countries for such visits, which sometimes includes a panel where the ethical standards of interviewing people etc is analyzed prior to such authority is given.Sri Lanka has been a free reign for many organizations to come and do as they please, get drunk and party in star class luxury in areas close to humanitarian crises (dambulla for example after Tsunami), travel at high speeds through poor villages in expensive jeeps, rent first class homes in Colombo, send children to international schools and get aid in the millions for doing so. The SLMM has also misplaced the trust of the Government. Now, there is nothing wrong with visiting the LTTE is the LTTe so wishes IF there's agreement by the other side, which is the government. The other problem is Sri Lankan visa is taken for granted and abused. How difficult is it to get a US or UK visa? The finger printing, documentation etc and THEN, once you enter that counter the numerous restrictions on you based on your visa category. How come same rules does not apply here? The Icelander is also an employee of a government and hence, although in the capacity of a holiday maker, he still has credentials. This is disturbing. More details will be available on this later. But the government MUST investigate this professionally.

Karuna has sidelined himself through his actions. We are not at liberty to discuss the government's decisions. What happened was for the good.

Anonymous said...

Thanks DefenceWire.

Its time we tightened the screws on all the mutts we let into the country.

And it is very true what you say about the NGOs. I wrote about the work of the NGO mafia somewhere else. Just a little extract:

NGOs have a great time in Sri Lanka, its truly a holiday in paradise for them, using their NGO money to live in 5 star hotels or beautiful Villa's sipping beer and having a real blast for free while they write their "reports" in a comfy room with their laptops. Where as in Iraq and Afghanistan they'll most likely be tortured, shot or executed, and the living conditions are horrific. On top of that the people committing the "Human Rights" violations are the ones who give the NGOs there pay checks.

Also after the Tsunami (i'm sure you're aware) how many of these do gooders brought there family over as well for a free holiday.

They earn millions in Sri Lanka. One of the many reasons they want the war to continue so they can keep submitting "projects" to get more funding. They also working in LTTE areas as there is zero accountability.

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