Monday, October 8, 2007

Last Ship Goes Under

The Sri Lanka Navy dispatched the LTTE's last remaining 'Floating Warehouse' to Davy Jones' Locker 1280 nautical miles off Sri Lanka. The exact location of the attack was near Cocos Island, Australia. The ship was transporting three light aircraft and a large consignment of artillery shells. The 9-member crew comprising only Sea Tigers sank with the ship. Two Navy OPVs and one Fast Missile Cruiser engaged in the attack. They were supprted by two other ships. One OPV carried a team of men from the elite Special Boat Squadron who were ready to board the ship on the high seas or to recover debris. The heat of the burning vessel prevented the team from getting close to the ship and all traces of the cargo vanished in the fire. The Navy believes that this was the last LTTE ship. It had obtained its lethal cargo from North Korea and East Asia.

The Navy also sank a 25 foot LTTE attack craft off Pulmudai several days ago while engaged in a rescue mission of trapped LTTE cadres in Nayaru, Trincomalee.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update...

Anonymous said...

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