Wednesday, October 10, 2007

LTTE Passing-out Parade Hit

The Air Force and the Sri Lanka Army attacked an LTTE Passing-out Parade in the general area of Pooneryn South on the 25th of last month killing over 60 LTTE cadres. This is an account by DefenceWire of the attack reported on the 9th by Air Force Kafir and Mig 27 jets engaged the target first followed by heavy artillery and shelling by the Army. The attack was made following credible ground intelligence. The cadres were engaged in a rehearsal for the Passing-out Parade when the jets struck. Fighter jets were unable to cause maximum damage as the sonic booms heard just before the attack alerted the LTTE in advance. Pooneryn is situated in and between two districts; Kilinochchi to the South and Jaffna to the North.

Meanwhile the LTTE released images of 'Colonel' Sornam who was allegedly injured in an artillery strike in Mutur-Sampur last year. In the images released, Sornam is commemorating the 16th Anniversary of the establishment of the Imran Pandian Regiment. The regiment was first established on 2nd October 1992 to provide close protection to the LTTE Leader. Its base in Vishwamadu was later targetted by the Air Force. The unit is commanded by a veteran LTTE Military Wing Cadres known by the nom de guerre Gadabi.

DefenceWire has also reliably learnt that the rift between Karuna Group's Supreme Commander Pillaian and Karuna-loyal Mangalam Master has deepened after the latter stormed into a meeting held by Pillaian to oust Karuna. Both sides have been severely reprimanded by a third party against launching attacks against each other.


Anonymous said...

Gives new meaning to 'passing out' parade..

Anonymous said...

This is some news for some of you, some LTTEers have started re-writing the Wikipedia articles relating to Sri Lanka.

Have a look.

Looks like something out of Tamilnet

NOLTTE=Peace said...


I like your humor!

Anonymous said...

We celebrate this 'passing out' parade.

May there be many more such 'passing out' parades.

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