Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Mountainous Mole-hole

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, as part of its world-wide publicity and propaganda campaign, has released a video depicting battle-preparations by the 21 Black Tiger cadres who attacked the Katunayake airbase last Monday. The unit is shown going through its paces in mock attacks along what appears to be tarmac. It is followed by the customary scenes of public mourning over the death of the Black Tigers. This content is available on under the following link.

The Black Tiger group has since then been elevated to LTTE martyrs. The video is to be screened at several European destinations alongside religious observances and celebrations leading up to fundraisers. The Tigers, who are famous for their ability to generate theatrical masterpieces of its battle-field success are already planning to release the movie along with an accompanying soundtrack and compositions in several European cities. They currently own and operate more websites than the Sri Lanka government, with the main audience being the Tamil Diaspora. Intelligence sources believe that the success of this attack would be used to raise the funds necessary to replenish its depleted heavy weapon munitions and other stocks. The LTTE is also attempting to acquire a new fleet of deep-sea vessels either through purchase or long-term lease. Plans to rebuild its deep sea transport vessels would require vast sums of money and the success of the Anuradhapura attack and the ongoing media campaign would be beneficial to this effort.


C. Perera said...

So the need of the hour should be to stop the LTTE from having the maximum advantage of this attack.

It should be done militarily as well as diplomatically. Militarily, a massive loss should be done to LTTE. Diplomatically, others should be warned of the impending threat of terrorism to the whole world. The number of terrorists organizations is on the rise. All along terrorists have been advancing from one level to another and no one would care until it becomes a threat to themselves. The unbelievable passive response of the people has been the main cause of this trend.

GoldenEagle said...

There is an interesting article in the "ecomonic times" I came across.
LTTE manipulating Colombo stock exchange

28 Oct, 2007,

COLOMBO: The roller coaster ride of the pivotal Colombo stock exchange despite the overwhelming success of the governments $500 million sovereign bond has raised fears of a possible manipulation of the bourse by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.

In the backdrop of the Sri lankan Central Bank warning that a person failing to report a suspicious financial transaction could face a fine of up to one million Sri Lankan Rupees, a former Secretariat for Coordinating Peace Process (SCOPP) official has revealed the possible participation of the LTTE in the Colombo Stock Exchange.

The Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) is the only stock exchange licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Sri Lanka.

Shanaka Jayasekera, a researcher of the Centre for Policy, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism of Macquarie University, Australia has alleged that it was revealed by the SCOPP of the "possible participation of the LTTE in the CSE".

In his research paper, the expert said that with LTTE's main supply and procurement lines disrupted by the Sri Lankan Navy with its 10th -- floating ware house -- ship sunk south east off Dondra Head recently, the tigers were being pushed to find new avenues of raising finances to continue their arms conflict.

In this backdrop, investment in the CSE provides a good opportunity to raise funds for the rebels to fight the government, Jayasekara said, adding this allegation had come to light during British investigations on the Tamil Rehabilitation Organisation (TRO), a known LTTE supporter.

As part of moves to tighten the screws on money laundering and terrorism financing, the Sri Lankan Central Bank is considering extending the mandatory reporting requirement on financial transactions to cover banks and other financial companies including insurance corporations.

A noted terrorism expert and a former additional secretary in cabinet secretariat in the government of India, B Raman, says organised criminal mafias, terrorists and intelligence agencies seek to covertly use the stock markets for earning funds as well as causing economic instability in the target country.

"They generally use two methods for this purpose: stock market operations and stock market manipulation. Stock market operations help them to earn money and launder black money and stock market manipulation helps them to earn and launder money as well as cause economic instability," Raman told an international conference recently.

"Jayashekara during the recently concluded international Conference on combating terrorism held here demanded a probe into such transactions of the LTTE.

The LTTE could try to wreck havoc in our stock markets. After all Tamilchelvan said they would go after the Lanka economic targets to weaken us.

GoldenEagle said...

Sinking LTTE cargo ships is the equivalent of kicking them in the nuts. Keep it up I say.

These days the LTTE will find it harder to buy or lease sea going ships of the overwhelming anti-terrorism climate of the post 9/11 world.

The USA has secret CIA cells all over Asia and Europe. So any attempted big purchases by terrorist organizations could be uncovered at any time. Even if they try to purchase something using a non-suspect middleman the threat of being uncovered by intelligents agencies is still there.

Sam Perera said...

The song sounds like Anton Jones' Aasay Bayai. That paved area comparably wider than a regular road must be one of their air strips. They will, no doubt, use this to elevated the sagging morale of their supporters. I hope that our forces will stay on the course per current plans without deviating to any less meaningful goals.

Defencewire said...

I remember once the defence establishment was cautioned by the MI and foreign sources that certain fiscal agents of the LTTE had invested large sums of money in the CSA soon after the signing of the CFA. The agents were well-known Tamil expatriate businessmen with political connections. Nothing was done on this to my knowledge.

The repeatability of the recent feats of the Navy depends on commitment by its officers and the defence establishment as a whole. Already some of the officers responsible are facing severe threats. Some do not even have an opportunity to lead normal lives. further successes will depend on how these officers lives are protected and how they are treated by the establishment ('handling'). If this is properly done, it would encourage others too.

GoldenEagle said...


The stock market needs to be protected not just in the real world but also in the "non real world" if you catch my drift. We need to take similar measure the US took after 9/11 to protect their stock markets.

On naval matter, we need to buy more OPVs to hunt the LTTE cargo ships in the deep seas. Our first line of defence in always the sea, we are blessed to be an island.

All of the LTTE weapons come through the seas, its much easier to detect them there if we have the right kinds of equiment.

tangara said...

This is what the higher up in GOSL is doing for money...

Whatelse we can talk about protecting our assests..?
Disgussting show...

Defencewire said...

I think we have enough OPVs for a small island-nation (what we can afford). As with everything with war, it was not the machines that delivered, it was a handful of naval intel officers that delivered. They elicited information on shipping routes of LTTE vessels which were then intercepted by the OPVs and FMC. Without the human element, the OPVs would be as useless as a bunch of rusty buckets.

tangara said...

What if these 2 persons are black tigers?

This is what I fear..LTTE will once again walk into the KAB unchallenged and blow the whole thing up..As long as we have these crooks it won't be an easy task to protect any thing..

GOSL must sack him without any delay..

GoldenEagle said...


I agree its the human element that is the most important. But to truly gain control of our seas we need more OPVs. To guard our coasts we need more than the 3 OPVs we have now, I mean after all Lanka has a coastline all the way around it. Ofcourse all this will be useless without good intel.

But there have been instances where machines did change the direction of this conflict more than the human element. I remember the effect the newly brought MBRLs had on the LTTE offensive to capture Jaffna in 1999/2000.

Defencewire said...

OPVs are slow moving bulky ships vulnerable to suicide attacks and constantly demanding FAC close support. They were practically useless until the blue-water missions began. They also cost large sums of money to maintain and operate. The most potent weapon against Sea Tigers is the FAC Super Dvora.

Sam Perera said...


What are our chances in getting a replacement for the Beechcraft HISAR. I heard that it was the key to precision bombing. Is there any truth to the fact that US and NATO countries are not willing to sell us a replacement system for the HISAR? Do not worry to answer the questions I need not to know.

Defencewire said...

The United States will provide 'non-lethal' equipment to Sri Lanka and small arms. The Beech King Air B200 or Model 200T is a limited edition aircraft fitted with surveillance equipment by a company operating out of Boston. These can be purchased for a price with approval from US govt.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

Our stock market is full money laundering scammers. They operate un-challenged owing to mainly favorism.

It works like this.

Big sums are paid to key regulators and CB big-shots and these crooks are being protected by them.

A great example is the Gold Quest or Quest International.

After being proven that they scammed more than 3 Billion Rupees out of country through Gold Quest scam, the CSE and the Central Bank has allowed them to hold investments in the CSE.

If it was happened in the USA, their assets would have been frozen overnight.

GoldQuest has strong affiliation to LTTE.

Check these links out

GoldenEagle said...


The current fleet of 3 OPVs are working a heavy load. This is very demanding on these ships.

If we purchase a few more OPVs, then the work load would be better spread out. This is increase the life span of the ships or at least make them less prone to breakdowns and regular refits. OPVs are long term investments and the longer we can keep the fleet functioning properly the better return we get for our money.

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