Monday, October 29, 2007

Of Aircrafts and Desertions

The LTTE's Zlin light aircrafts have been detected by the existing Air Defence System (Radar) on several occasions, including the last attack on Anuradhapura Airbase. The lack of Anti Aircraft guns in each army detachment upto Anuradhapura has prevented ground forces challenging the two planes from proceeding to their target each time. They also seem to be avoiding flights over large Military Bases that are equipped with various types of AA guns (varieties cannot be revealed).

The Sri Lanka Army believe the LTTE is operating four airstrips at Iranamadu, Puthukudiiruppu, Nendunkerni and Mannar North. All four have been bombed in the past, including two hangars at Iranamadu, but the Zlin light-aircrafts had been moved from that location long before. The small aircrafts are capable of landing on hard surfaces, unlike the jet fighters of the SLAF. The Army believe the airplanes have detachable or swinging wings allowing them to be swiftly uploaded onto freight containers and transported to a safe location after each attack. They also believe the LTTE possesses two small choppers. All aircrafts operate at night, which indicates that the LTTE pilots have acquired night-flying capabilities assisted by Pilot Night Vision Systems.

Meanwhile a heartwarming account of a child soldier killed in a confrontation with the Army along the Vanni FDL has come to light. This child soldier, in a letter addressed to his mother had lamented his predicament citing the difficulties he face while in the LTTE on a daily basis. He had last remembered how his mother used to find a living for him and his younger sisters and brothers while working as a day labourer.

These and other stories from LTTE cadres along the Vanni FDL provide a contrast to the pomp and pageant in Kilinochchi following the LTTE's recent attack on the Anuradhapura Air Force base. They are in stark contrast to the images posted in pro-LTTE websites of motivated units marching to battle. In fact many new recruits posted along the FDL have started deserting the organization in the face of Army's limited bunker-busting operations along the Mannar-Vavuniya FDL and the heavy downpour brought on by the Monsoon.

Monitored radio communication indicated that senior and more seasoned cadres mixed in with the new recruits to prevent desertion and face Army onslaughts are complaining that the new recruits do not follow them into battle. As a result, LTTE units are unable to send reinforcements each time the Army attacks them and seem partially handicapped along the Vanni FDL. However, Military Intelligence sources indicated that the LTTE maybe preparing for a surprise attack as soon as the bad weather conditions ceased. With heavy downpour, the tanks, rivers and streams quickly fill up and provide natural debacles for infantry units on both sides.


NOLTTE=Peace said...

If SLDF has a plan, it would not be difficult at all to bring down the Slins.

But, everyone seems to be thinking it as someone else's job to tackle the issue heads on.

With some innovation and determination, it will not be an issue to get these down.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

This is an important picture

1. It shows that the LTTE boats are not stored anywhere near their camps or shores.

2. They may be doing the same with the Slins too. Perhaps, there would be a camouflaged canopy on to of the trailer to hide the craft.

If someone is determined, it will not be difficult destroy them.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

surveillance air craft can do major part to gun down these LTTE crafts.
as we all knw, when they take off their crafts our radar system can detect, by return post we have to cover the air with surveillance craft to detect where they land it. at the same time v can use fighter jet to attack entire area then there will b a possibility to destroy those. this is just a mission can do with in 30min but we need relevant technology for successful attack. every time v missed their crafts by fallowing them. tat not make sense by fallowing their crafts since we dunt have air to air fighters. my idea is , when they take off their birds v also need to take off by reasonable time delay to destroy when they land it back to their position. but this kind of mission need real time information.
any idea guys

GoldenEagle said...


That is a pretty good idea you have there.

Jambudipa said...
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Jambudipa said...

If the 3D radar can lock on to a flying object and give latitude, longitude as well as altitude, the origin, flight path and the landing point of the Zlins would be logged on a system somewhere. Also if there were three radars monitoring the movement, two in SL and another along the coast of TN perhaps, then there are techniques such as triangulation could pin point the location where these aircraft are located. Triangulation is used in cellular phone network to locate devices in the field.

Renegade! said...

defencewire,can i ask why you do not want to reveal what make/model of AAA/SAM that we operate? i mean,the ltte must be definitely subscribing to Jane's yearly books that have all these details & the numbers operated as well? it's open-source info,so why should these details not be divulged?

NOLTTE=Peace said...

I have the Janes Defence subscription, and it does not mention what Sri Lanka have other than what is obvious and Open Tender purchases.

Defencewire said...

rifard, nl-p,
Many of the large tenders get's noticed, but there are those that are procured outside of this tender process for special purposes. We mustn't discuss all that is there for same of ongoing work.

Renegade! said...

Understood,defencewire..lips are sealed!!,by the way,noltte=peace is your Jane's subscription the online one or the hardcopy one?also,i understand that subscriptions are pretty expensive(for me,anyway),so is there any place i could just read/borrow magazines like-defence weekly,international defence review,etc?..
I came across a past issue of a mag called Airforces monthly,& man,it's superb!!the articles/photos..

Renegade! said...

If it's possible,defencewire,could you give me the info on the AAA/SAM systems to my e-mail id,which will be solely used for my private knowledge,nothing more!!

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