Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Thalgasmankada Detachment Attacked

Reports indicate that the Army detachment at Thalgasmankada in Yala Wildlife Sanctuary has come under LTTE attack around 5.30pm Monday. The camp was manned by around 15 men. Nine Soldiers manning the detachment have reportedly gone missing. Two are confirmed dead. The Sanctuary was to be declared open to wildlife enthusiasts today 16th. LTTE units under the command of Ampara District leader Ram is suspected to have launched the attack. Yala is situated at the southern boundary of Ampara, alongside Kumana and Lahugala wildlife sanctuaries which provide jungle coverage for a limited guerrilla operation. The Army has dispatched reinforcements from the Kondawattuwaan Camp have now secured the camp after it was briefly held by the LTTE.

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ganja_k said...

Mahaveer families:if you leave them to live,cancer will spread again through their children.MI should segregate to a undisclosed location, suck out all the info, then send in a captured suicide cadre,blast him remotely, with the mahveer families.Cancer will not spread.We make use of the suicide cadre for our benefit.These people have enjoyed enough goodies when they were in power.

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