Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thissamaharama Attack?

The Tamilnet has claimed 'LTTE Commandos' have ambushed a Sri Lanka Navy bus killing six sailors. DefenceWire has heard otherwise. A bus carrying a group of naval ratings has stopped and the ratings on board had opened fire on what they had considered an enemy presence. The bus, which is a heavily armed vehicle, did not show any signs of gunshot or shrapnel damage. No presence of LTTE cadres, let alone 'Commandos' are reported in the area.


tikira said...

well, here we go,conspiracy begins to surface, create panic in the south,contribution from the southern media and anti government aliences are vital.this is the reality about it.this is the seoson were rumours starts to spread.thats why marshal is so brave to lie in the 'nut'.this is part of the roumers that started spreading yesterday,my sixth sence tells me something very bad gonna happen in the capital. tigers know that we are embarased not shaken. they are desperate to exicute the next two suprices as soon as possible in order to take the advantage of what happen on monday.

asithrimodaya said...

Thanks for the update. Still no news on local media.

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