Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Troops Retaliate in Northern Theatre

The Sri Lanka Army's 58th Division launched an attack on an LTTE bunkerline in the general area Mullikulam on 15th morning. Troops observed seven bodies of LTTE cadres and intercepted radio communications indicated another six were also killed in the same attack. A soldier and seven others were injured in the fighting. Four more LTTE cadres were killed when they walked right into a Special Forces ambush in the area between Mullikulam and Vilattikulam. Regular infantry units confronted another group of LTTE cadres in the general area Vilattikulam, managing to kill three of them. The operation in Mullikulam and Vilattikulam general area has been continuing for several months. Reports also indicated that the Army has killed four more LTTE cadres ahead of the Muhamalai FDL in Jaffna on 15th evening. Meanwhile fighter jets from the Air Force's No. 10 Fighter Jet Squadron bombed a suspected LTTE logistics facility situated in Puthukudiiruppu, Mullaithivu this afternoon. Approximate damage caused to the LTTE in this attack is yet to be verified.


Anonymous said...


are you sure it's the 15th...or is it the 16th?

Defencewire said...

Attacks in Muhamalai, Mullikulam and Vilattikulam conducted on the 15th. air raid conducted on 16th afternoon.

Anonymous said...

thanks for clearing that up.

Anonymous said...

Stop talking crap. Sri Lankan military is forever claiming a sucessful attack after a embarassing defeat. Its the same with the tigers.

They observed 6 bodies. They got radio communications of 7 bodies.

Anonymous said...

observed 7 and radio comm said 6 additional were killed...
learn to read first :o)

hemantha said...

Nice try anonymous. But "Stop talking crap" please. Bodies of seven LTTE cadres were found by the troops. They were handed over to Vavuniya hospital and supposed to be transferred to LTTE through Red Cross.
Go to ITN website and watch 7'O clock news. You will be able to see the process.

tangara said...

Hopeless anonymous, doesn't know even know what he is talking about.

Looks like another hopeless LTTE/UNP diehard...

Defencewire said...

anonymous (who ever you are),
We are not a mouthpiece for the government or the Armed Forces. We respect and support both, without falling prey to propaganda. This is why we independently verify every attack.

You can challenge us on ANYTHING we write!

We standby the authenticity of this information.

Sanath said...

defencewire, My opinion is that you should stop anonymous posts here. These die hard LTTE supporters will not bear up the military thrust and the increase amount of casualties. Every bomb that SLAF is releasing is falling to poor fishing villages (for them)
This is a much respected place that we rely on correct information in this ongoing conflicts and we should not allow terrorists to play the fool here.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

My above War Cemeteries links are for Anonymous..

Forgot to mention.

BTW, there are another 30 -40 war cemeteries in the north and the east.

They are full of innocent brain-washed Tamil youth, who never knew that they gave their precious life to satisfy a wet dream of a mega maniac who has been trapped in barbarian times.

The Tamils in the South live peacefully co-existing with the Sinhalese. The brain-washed youth giving their precious life for a fake cause.

Unknown said...

I second that DefenceWire.
Stop anonymous posters :o)
I was the other anonymous poster who countered the first one with numbers :o)

Defencewire said...

I Agree. Stopping anonymous posts right now. I think we have the right to know who we are speaking to, even if its a fabricated name.

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