Saturday, October 20, 2007

Unidentified Boats Off Hambantota

Two unidentified boats were observed by the Sri Lanka Army in the seas off Yala in the Hambantota District last evening. The Army fired warning shots at the boats but no retaliation was offered by the boats. The Army was also unable to verify whether they were mounted with firearms. The Sri Lanka Navy was also called in. FACs from Galle Habour were dispatched immediately. It is now believed that the boats were civilian boats, most probably from a fishing Vadi along the Hambantota coast. No Danger is assumed as of yet. Further investigations are continuing.


Illegal.existence said... says

"However, the Tiger (LTTE) terrorist aboard the two boats fled towards deep sea firing at the troops"

I'm surprised they even reported the incident. But if it was the LTTE, I guess it's really to be expected. They are desperate to remind everyone that they remain a threat away from the north and east. And the longer the conflict stretches on in the north, the higher the chances of such an attack taking place.

Defencewire said...

No Comment on report. This one you decide.

Manura Nanayakkara said...

defencewire Iam new to this blog. tamilnet says slaf bombed in wanni. is there any truth in that article.

Manura Nanayakkara said...

they said about 24 bombs dropped on a civilian settlment without causing any casualties on civilians with the help of uavs. strange isnt it.

Defencewire said...

No comment on articles especially guys. I think you know better!

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