Wednesday, November 28, 2007

01 killed and 2 injured in Colombo blast

At least one person killed other than the female suicide bomber,at the bomb blast in front of the Social Services ministry in Isipathan Road,Colombo this morning.
Feamle suicide bomber blew her self up,when security froces perssonel tried to check her,police said.03 pepole were injured and one succembed injuries,Dr.Hector Weerasinghe,Director,Colombo National Hospital said.
It is not clear whether the minister was inside the office,but he is unhurt,according to the police.


londonistan said...

I hope this incident will remind the dissentors that the budget bill MUST pass the reading stages. There is no negotiating with those who have no value for human life.

They hope to hold all our futures in a strangle hold for another 30 years or more (tightening the grip every so often when it suits them).

We must fight with all that we have. An army of one Nation.

Anonymous said...

its time we bring this war to colombo hahaha

Unknown said...

Blast in nugegoda DW any news??

Renegade! said...

another explosion-in mount lavinia,apparently-any updates..

Renegade! said...

"Two Kfir bombers dropped 12 bombs on the buildings",from the asian tribune re:the SLAF attack on the tiger radio station.

defencewire/guys,how could the kfir have carried 12 bombs?is it 6 on each? & if so,are these 250kg each or more?the Kfir has got 6 pylons for carrying weapons,so each Kfir should have carried 4 bombs plus 2 extra fuel tanks,in case they wanted to loiter over the target area,for a closer look at enemy movements..if they din't want extra fuel for loitering,then they could have lifted off with all 6 bombs,dropped them & come back to base-does this make any sense?..hope some light can be shed on this..

Unknown said...


news says 37 dead from the blast in nugegoda. Any news?

Anonymous said...

16 dead itz confirmed 33 injured

Renegade! said...

nope.mount lavinia bomb attack sems like a rumour,however,got an sms sayin that a suspicious parcel has been found at navinna-bomb disposal unit on their way.

SL RealEstate said...

its a rumour. confirmed

quickfinish said...


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