Monday, November 26, 2007

4 civilians killed in a boarder village as LTTE leader marks his birthday

At least four civilians were killed by a group suspected to be LTTE in Willachchiya,a boarder village in Anuradhapura district as LTTE supremo marks his 53rd birthday today.
"Bullets ridden bodies, including a female were found at around 08.45am,all were farmers according to villagers",a senior military official said.
Army has started corden and search operation in the area and hundreds of heavily armed soldiers seen in the area, residents said.
Similarly 05 civilians were killed in two different incidents in Ranminithenna,a boarder village near Yala National Park early this month.
Security forces have arrested at least 08 persons regarding those incidents and all are Sinhalese,police sources said.


Buddhi Dananjaya said...

Happy B'day...!!

You are 53 Today....

Dear this will be your last b'day celebrating with your loved caders. So enjoy max...

before last breath...

human said...

It is very sad to see this innocent people have been killed.i have question to defence wire.How many tamil ppl are killing by shelling and bombing every day. Are they not human being? please balance your comments for both ppl

Renegade! said...

earlier thread-...
yep,goldeneagle-a rain of grenades-oh ye!..i agree,5 to 6 of these should be more than sufficient to do the,each rocket carries 6oo submunitions?.that's awesome!! however,these MBRL's will have to be selectively deployed(& heavily guarded) 3
in muhamalai sector,& 2 in wanni sector,etc..

wonder what type of MBT's we are gonna go for?..maybe upgraded versions of the T-72/T-80/T-84?,or the venerable T-55AM2'S..most probably,the latter..

GoldenEagle said...


Now you are getting my vision! Also remember, each submunition has a kill radius of 5m-7m. Thats why the Iraqis called it "steel rain" back in '91.

Just outta curiousity, why did you change your handle from rifard to renegade?

Renegade! said...

Yep,goldeneagle..i think MBRL's can be (& are) a decisive factor,for the SLA to decimate the Tigers..

well,i changed my handle from rifard to renegade for no real reason-that was a previous nick-name,anyway,used by ma frnds..(coz of my serious OBSESSION with military weaponry)-he.he-plus,i like to be original,unlike some A-holes who blog this site with their filth & the way,r u livin in SL or abroad?..

Unknown said...

Attack is the best defence,

slight addition to your point on Somapura here. i don't know if you have ever been there, but the situation was that the Kallar army camp did not want its ammunition stored inside the camp, so the paddy stores in Somapura were acquired for the purpose. the LTTE shelled the ammunition dump (which the army conveniently had located in the middle of the village, and right next to the school). they missed their target, and that is how innocent schoolchildren got killed.

yes, the LTTE mf did kill innocent people, but the army does have a responsibility not to use Sinhala civilians as human shields

Renegade! said...

some MIG-27M facts:
one GSh-6-30 30mm twin-barrel cannon with 260 rounds(optimised for ground-attack);upto 4000kg of 50-500kg bombs(MK-82/84 & fab-500),tactical nuclear bombs,Kh-23/-29 laser/TV guided Air-to-surface missiles,57mm/240mm rockets,R-3S/13Air-to-air missiles,3 auxillary fuel tanks..please note that these are just a few of the weapons that could be carried aboard a 'Flogger'

Renegade! said...

defencewire/guys,do you think maybe we could obtain a few(5 or so) tactical nuclear artllery shells from ukraine or former soviet republic states,to be fired from our 152MM artillery guns-better than any MBRL,by the way..alternatively,we could deliver these 'nukes',thru our Mig-27'S? what do you think? is it beyond ethical & moral values or?..what if the tigers manage to get their hands on a few of these arti-shells in the black market & a shell is fired at,say for example Palaly AB-then what?..just hypothetical,i know-your thoughts,please..

Unknown said...


Yes mate i think we should go for the T-55AM2, simply cos we are used to them and have ammo, spares and good crews to operate them.

A new type of MBT(T-72/T-80 etc) would not yield the necessary work at this stage.

A few points :

1) They are heavy, we have to update our roads/bridges and rail network to move them around (from theater to theater, to repair)

2) Train crews to use the new MBT, mechanics to repair & maintain them!

3)intro new 125mm ammo to the system, train armories to service new 125mm guns, electronics/optics

4) we might even need a new firing range/ targets/mobility training grounds..the works.

I say we should stick to the Current MBT (T-55AM2) until we have control of all un cleared areas...Then the entire army (all three forces & MOD for that matter) needs a overhaul, standardization, networking and new (from lessons learned ) doctrine...

Personally i would like to see the BMP-3M, and T-80UD for our boys in armor!

Mate your thought if tigers get tactical nuke shells !! that is dooms day stuff dude! But they could probably acquire some Chemical/nerve agent shells from un checked stock piles in Iraq or even on the Black market in the area…

My two cents…. ;)

NOLTTE=Peace said...

Former Soviet Russian block has plenty of Chemical Weapons in their black market stocks.

Only thing that prevents LTTE not using it is the "International Nail" that would be put into their coffin, if they ever used them in this renewed war.

tikira said...

raja,brove,do us a favour,run a campaign would ya,piss off mate,this aint the site for u,try lnp,nitharsanam,sybernews,pthinam,pathivu,sankithi,ellavision nad many more,you in the wron blog spot mate

tikira said...

raja,last word,dont bloody dare to criticise the bloody army and the sinhalease,if you havnt got balls to critisize TIGERS, be a man.
critsize them first buddy,then your criticisem can be accepted as critical and paradoxical,dont show this typical atitude

Unknown said...

To those who reacted

kindly note that i am not in support of the LTTE in any way. i simply happen to know the area well and it struck me at the time that the element of the arms dump being in the village was left out of all press releases. people i spoke to in the village at the time were rather upset by being put at risk in this way.

it is nice to get fired up by propaganda, but i think it is good to be honest. sometimes things are being done that are not too good.

of course, had the shells actually hit the arms dump (less than 100 m away), the damage to the village would have been much bigger so in a sense we were lucky, because in that case someone really would have had to answer for things.

tikira said...

i didnt react but replied,theres no mean in your comment to react,you may be knoing the area very well,so do i,i know some areas very well where we use to live in that part,btw i didnt accused you being a ltte supporter,but i stil accusing you for not being man enough to critisize flipin TIGERS,mate,when ever our boys on the wrong path we promptly critisize them thats how we are,look at you mate,

tikira said...

raja i beg you please dont make this a nother LNP,

Unknown said...

Dear Tikira,

do not worry. i will not make this another lnp as there clearly is no room for serious conversation. if manliness consists of criticising the tigers and praising the armed forces irrespective of what happens, then enjoy it.

the tigers are terrorists and deserve to be beaten (now enough manliness?), but that does not mean that the armed forces should allow their own standards of ethics towards the civilians of this country to be degraded to the same level. in the end, it is for the safety of Sri Lanka's civilians that they are fighting, or not?

that was the only point i was trying to make. and now i leave you to it. don't bother responding, i have ended my involvement already.

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