Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Bomb Kills 18 at Nugegoda

Update 2

The death toll of the bomb explosion at NOLIMIT has risen to 18. 10 are women. The cause of the explosion is said to be a parcel kept at the entrance to the dress boutique.

Update 1

A powerful bomb laid near the Nolimit garment boutique in Nugegoda killed 17 persons (16 civilians and 1 policeman) at around 5.55pm today. 40 others were also injured. A number of motor bicycles, bicycles and three-wheelers parked nearby and also traveling along the High Level Road were destroyed in the blast. The traffic flow towards Colombo South is still held up by the blast.

In the attack against Douglas Devananda, a person identified as Stephen has been killed. His close associate, Nelson was not involved in the attack.


NOLTTE=Peace said...

Now where are those so called Human Rights groups?

Sam Perera said...


Your Piripa restarted the war by attacking Mavil Aaru, Trinco, and Jaffna. I have no doubt that killing innocent civilians satisfies you a lot since you are just another blood thirsty LTTE supporter. More is always on the way from LTTE killers since they do not know any other means of existence

Unknown said...

go tell that to yourself, cuz no one cares.

God I was afraid if VP had lost the touch :(
SLA kept killing tamils and VP did nothing.
But thank God hes BACK ON TRACK.

Finally we are on route to EELAM!

Sam Perera said...


I have no doubt that killing innocent civilians satisfies you a lot since you are just another blood thirsty LTTE supporter.

onecountry said...

[Finally we are on route to EELAM!]

According to LTTE, 1135 cadres reached EELAM since last Nov 25th. LOL.

quickfinish said...

if x number of ltte is killed then y*x number of SLA got killed where y>1

for those dumb sinhalese its just means at least 1135 sla died this year

quickfinish said...

haha admit it

my point is valid atleast 1135+ sla got killed in 2007

I am not trying to see who is ugly and who is not

I am trying to think smart

if 1135 ltte got killed, lets not forget that ltte is always out numbered, and then it becomes easier for ltte kill more SLAs

my only conclusion is atleast that many sla got killed and govt is hiding it as well

lets face it ltte never admits 1135 got killed when the fight occurs

but they do that during thier maveerar naal

but sla get away with it they never have to reveal it. some top official will know it and its secret

my point is both sides will suffer the same casualities...if you really think about it its true...

but of course being a tamil i m supporting ltte

anyways i totally think govt started the war...i also think they think ltte is weak...and they can finish them off...but this is going no where...i want to see more sinhalese civilians die...its not because i hate them...its because then only govt would realize they need to go to peace...

all i know is i make sense...and all of u fuckers try to diss each other

i also know ltte is asking for too much territory...then govt should work with them...not try to distroy them...

Unknown said...

two words..........

Unknown said...


quickfinish said...


keep dreaming?

now u start to keep dreaming that what I said is wrong (about the casualities)

but it is sad

my wish is really small it can happen any time...i want to see more sinhalese civilians can happen easily...all u need is a big parcel

and u r dumb and brain washed just like the rest of the sinhalese

defenceAnalyst said...

You said

"I want to see more sinhalese civilians die...its not because i hate them...its because then only govt would realize they need to go to peace..."

Doesn't this make the government stronger? I think LTTE has done the government a huge favor in the runup to the budget. They have also strengthened the hands of all sinhala ultra nationalists to crush LTTE and the Tamils along with it. You are doing the same thing with your comments in this forum. Making the Sinhalese hate Tamils more and more.

Neethan said...

people envy those

quickfinish said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

first of all poor kid VP,

who do you think LTTE soldiers are ?

some sort of a Commando or SF kind of infantry to achive a value of kill ratio such a high number,
(in your mathematical terms y to reach more than 1)

go and read real factual figures of your casualties. dont just try to play and dream with your imaginery mathematical equation with imaginery numbers, we are humans living in this real world not in Prabas imaginery EELAM dream world.

there is only one way for you guys to achive y>1

be a suicide bomber, now see thats what your praba uncle taught you. ultimately you have become a human bomb just to satisfy his imaginery equation with y>1

what a dumb ass

Neethan said...

people envy those who cannot be defeated. furthermore, what Sinhalese could not do for 25 years cannot be done at all. The Tamil National Army with only a few thousands fighters submitted SL Forces consisting of more than 140,000 troops into declaring a Ceasefire. Shame to all those discrediting the best leader ever. A leader who took a group of tamils and transformed them into a conventional fighting force, with a Navy and Air Force. We are running a de facto state. What has and can the SL do to prevent that?
Hyprocrites should be silenced forever.....My respects to all the innocents taken away from this world..

quickfinish said...


if anything you are brainwashed to the max


they all humans

remember whose smarter LTTE always

SLA are poor youths, and thier goal is to stay as long as they can alive, because if they die thier family wont get 18K/mth monthly instead they will get one lump sum of 150K...

i guess again you r the one that has to dream

my dream can be achieved by a big nice round parcel. not yours

why do u fucking think SL create 10K vacancies each year in defense?

my calculation 3K retiring 3K injured 2K killed 2K inflation (you increase each year)

prove me wrong...i will only believe if its actual data, otherwise i will go w/ my instincts they r almost always right

Unknown said...

Yes first time in 25 years of history , NOW...

LTTE can operate in full scale only in wanni, no more east is in the eelam map, no trinco harbour the dream capital is there with them. Any place can be bombed and no leader can rule your state with peace of mind, so you call it you have the ability to rule your land?

yes you are running some cult there in wanni for this moment in history.

please remember Hitler was the ruler of the entire Europe and some parts of africa and was about to invade Britain wanted to capture russia, the rest of the world was unable to prevent.

But at the end within a limited time not in dacades... it was all gone, even he lost his own bunker and died as a cowerd.

we have just started clearing the mess, will take some more time.
Be patience my dear, if you survive without fooling yourself to become a suicide bomber , you will realise these facts in few years time.

defenceAnalyst said...

"wtf sinhalese already hate tamils"

is this a fact or an assumption? I think its an assumption fast becoming fact due to indiscriminate bombings and suicide attacks. This type of hatred usually ends in disaster for both sides.

For the government side, the conflict will sustain hardline sinhala elements who wish to wage war on LTTE. For the south, this is politics as usual. LTTE has a danger in terms of sustaining this type of tit-for-tat attack. This danger lies within the organization; the fact that Prabhakaran is the sole leader of the group. There is no proper successor groomed to take over from him. This is why the government wants to target him.

The other problem with attacks like the one in Nugegoda and Thimbirigasyaya is the high visibility of the damages to civilians. The visibility to the international community in particular. This is a political and ideological win for the government and helps them reach moral high-ground in the conflict. It also exposes a miscalculation and a certain degree of recklessness on the part of the LTTE who have hitherto been careful to attack only military targets. I think the government is cleverly manipulating the LTTE by drawing them out to attack civilian targets once again. This and the suicide bomb at Thimbirigasyaya will help them justify the claim that LTTE is a Terrorist Group.

quickfinish said...

who targeted civilians first?

who wanted to break the ceasefire?

who thinks ltte can be wiped out?

I want you to become a Programmer Analyst at IBM or Microsoft, we are hiring

forget Defense, its not your area

and did I tell you you are brainwashed and dumb as well...why u say civilians now and u didnt care when govt bombed civilians target in wanni?...

I will send you a hype sample resume for Programmer Analyst You want one? minimum 60K US dollar/YR

defenceAnalyst said...


You don't sound that smart now do you? I see hatred is consuming you. But you must resolve your emotional issues outside of DefenceWire. OK?

quickfinish said...

i want to see more innocent sinhalese civilians die

then only govt will stop killing innocent tamil civilians

call me whatever

but my point is valid

thats it for today back to work, bi bi

defenceAnalyst said...


Governments want to win and maintain power. They cannot be influenced by civilian massacres. This is what Machiavelli observed some 500 years ago. This is the fundamental problem with your analysis and that of the LTTE.

tangara said...

People who think that GOSL started the war, wait another one year, the GOSL will end it.

Stay the cause, maintain the status quo.

LTTE's in chaos and the desperation is everywhere...

We need to target 100% millitary targets...

I really doubt GOSL will stop at anything before finally finishing off Velu...

To talk peace, we need to illiminate LTTE leadership..

tangara said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
tangara said...

I would say, ignore pricks like VP in the forum...

SLA is doing a great job...

GOSL decide when the war ends which LTTE started with the killing of then foreign minister Hon. Luxman Kadirgarmar...

These LTTE tiger sympathisers simply forgot these facts because they hear too much of Velu's speeches..

People need to be vigilent..I don't understand why they wanted to inspect a suspicious parcel before evacuating the vicinity of it.?

quickfinish said...

SL RealEstate said...

This forum must be a discusson forum not mud throughing.

I dont think you all that stupid to understand that this is the work of SL intels and not the LTTE.
They wont go into a clothing store and plant bomb and alert the sec force.
If you read the deffence books you will see one way of alerting people and security is you plant the bomb. Also this way SL can get the support of world and justify the war that started.

There is a real war and also a shaddow was. This is exaclty a part of the shadow war and not the work of Ltte.

Sam Perera said...


In what world did you live for past 30 years. Just in case you are not aware, LTTE has committed many such crimes in Sri Lanka over and over to civilians. Please take your idiotic reasoning elsewhere. Other that those LTTE buffoons, the other have at least average IQ to understand B.S.

hemantha said...

-The Island

"The Big Tiger lets the cat out of the bag

The Tiger chief has spoken. Unlike his previous speeches full of sabre-rattling, threats, warnings and vivisection, Tuesday’s one was not a roar but a whine punctuated by feeble growls here and there. Overall, it was a passionate entreaty to the international community begging for its help vis-à-vis the increasing alienation of the LTTE internationally.

The not-so-eagerly-awaited speech begins with a lament. Prabhakaran is sad that the ‘Sinhala nation’ is lagging behind other nations in Asia in this ‘Asian century’. Many countries in the region, he says, have made vast strides in various fields and are researching into the space, the moon and the atom. The reason why the Sinhala nation cannot keep pace with the others, according to him, is that it is trying to destroy the Tamil nation. Then he sheds a few tears for the island which, he says, ‘continues to soak in blood’. Not a bad start but he is being a bit too maudlin!

Then, he does a little bit of philosophising. "Buddhism," Prabhakaran tells us, "is a profound spiritual duty." Wow, he knows his Buddhism! "Its philosophy," he continues, "is life without desires, a life of love and justice." If so, then why on earth did he bomb the Dalada Maligawa, where the sacred tooth relic of the Buddha is kept, in 1998 and massacre a busload of Buddhist monks at Arantalawa in 1987? Devil quoting scriptures, one may say! He blames the Sinhalese for being ‘immersed in poison of racism’while claiming to be Buddhists. (Look who is talking!)

Thus, he cleverly tries to market his violent campaign to the non-Buddhist West, where he is getting isolated. Not a bad try! But, if it is the so-called Sinhala Buddhists who, according to him, are suppressing the Tamil nation, why has he resorted to ethnic cleansing against the poor Muslims who are no party to the conflict? In 1990, he chased all the Muslims from the North and grabbed their property, didn’t he? He has also massacred thousands of Muslims.

Prabhakaran lambastes the international community for being trapped in a chauvinistic project of the Sinhala state. "The one-sided involvements of foreign powers," he says, "are not new in our prolonged struggle." He cites the Indo-Lanka Accord as an example and views the Indian intervention as ‘part of its regional expansion’. He faults India for having tried to force ‘an ineffectual solution’ on ‘the people of Tamil Eelam’, which, he says, didn’t envisage devolution at least to the extent of what was promised in the Banda-Chelva pact. He blames the ‘Sinhala state’ for blocking India’s solution. Here, one has the ‘Sun God’ lying through his teeth! It is he who went all out to scuttle the Provincial Councils by taking on the IPKF.

He blames the international community for making the same mistake as India. "What we find most incomprehensible," he laments, "is the fact that these same nations, which labelled us terrorists, not so long ago fought in defence of their own freedom." The reason, somebody should tell Prabhakaran, is that the world doesn’t consider his war a freedom struggle. No freedom fighter destroys the people whom he claims to protect. Prabhakaran has wiped out the entire democratic Tamil political leadership save a handful; destroyed the future of a whole generation by forcibly turning children into cannon fodder; killed thousands of Tamils; exploited the people under his gun in every conceivable way by way of illegal taxes and ransom and violently suppressed political dissent. Has any freedom fighter used disabled people as suicide bombers? Prabhakaran did so yesterday by getting a disabled woman to blow herself up in Colombo! (The International Day of the Disabled People falls in a few days on Dec. 03.) A true freedom fighter cares for the people, especially children and women, whom he tries to liberate. But, Prabhakaran cares only for his family. His children are studying abroad and one is being groomed as his successor in the safety of a well fortified underground bunker, while the offspring of the ordinary people are being abducted and turned into combatants. That’s why, Prabhakaran should realise, the world doesn’t consider him a liberator. Pol Pot, Bokassa, Idi Amin, Papa Doc were not regarded liberators, were they?

Prabhakaran says ‘the Sinhala state’ used the ceasefire as a cover to prepare for war, and blames the SLMM for doing nothing about it. As far as we are aware, the UNF government made no war preparations. Instead, it totally neglected the military. So did the UPFA government until last year. What did Prabhakaran do during that time? Didn’t he smuggle in several shiploads of arms, as Karuna claimed later on? The present government, he says, ‘assembled its military might and let loose a massive war on the eastern region’. "The Rajapakse regime," he says, after unilaterally abrogating the ceasefire agreement, is ruthlessly implementing its military plan to remove the contiguity of the Tamil homeland…" (Emphasis added). Nietzsche’s assertion that the lie is a condition of life stands! Aren’t grown up men ashamed of lying? President Rajapaksa was lily-livered and weak-kneed until Prabhakaran’s boys captured the Mavil Aru anicut last year, plunging the country back into war. Within days of President Rajapaksa’s election, it may be recalled, Prabhakaran promised war in his 2005 heroes’ day speech. The Tiger chief should own up to the fact that it was his military miscalculations that made a meek President Rajapaksa fight back first and then go on the offensive.

Having lashed out at the SLMM and the international community, Prabhakaran rises to their defence. He blames the government for reprimanding and controlling the Norwegian facilitators, vehemently criticising the SLMM, branding UN officials as terrorists, instilling fear in journalists and NGO workers. See how concerned he is! But, the question is why he abducted two UN workers a few months ago. The INGOS have been keeping their local staff indoors for months in the Wanni in view of LTTE abductions.

"It was only when we proved our military prowess and only when we were militarily in a position of strength," Prabhakaran says, "that the Sinhala nation signed the ceasefire agreement." What is wrong with his memory? Is age telling on him? Can’t he remember that it was he who declared a unilateral truce in 2001 and the UNF government only reciprocated that gesture?

The Tiger chief keeps contradicting himself at a rate. Having accused the government of ‘ruthlessly implementing its military plan to remove the contiguity of the Tamil homeland (read the recapture of the East), he says, "We have strategically withdrawn from the east while launching defensive attacks." If so, why should he worry about the government’s military action? He boasts, "The Sinhala nation could have learnt the dangers of putting its feet too wide apart in our land as it did during past battles… it will soon be forced to face the serious consequences of its misguided ambitions." Hush, Hush! If the government is making a blunder, he should keep silent. It was Napoleon who said, "Never interrupt your enemy, when he is making a mistake!"

‘Operation Ellalan, the very first combined Black Tiger and Tamil Eelam Air Force attack’, he brags, has ‘disrupted the daydreams of the Sinhala nation’. True, that raid was a huge success and it dealt a devastating blow to the military. But, has it taken him anywhere near his goal? He has lost Tamilselvam and a state-of-the-art satellite communication centre worth millions of dollars in retaliatory air-strikes. It is sad that he has not mentioned those cadres who perished in seven arms smuggling vessels sunk by the Navy since his last heroes’ day speech. Unbecoming of a leader, eh?

The LTTE air wing had nothing to do with the success of the Anuradhapura attack, contrary to Prabhakaran’s claim. It was the Black Tigers who should be given the full credit for that raid posthumously. Prabhakaran’s son’s planes came after everything was over just to show off. Did he send those planes to the scene to promote the image of his son he is grooming for leadership?

Finally, the Tiger chief lets the cat out of the bag. He laments that ‘although 80 million Tamils live all around the globe, the Tamils do not have a country of their own... on this sacred day, it is the hope of our people that the international community will cease giving military and economic aid to the Sinhala regime and accept the right to self-determination and the sovereignty of the Tamil nation." He reminds the international community that it has helped East Timor and Montenegro become independent states. That is the kind of solution Prabhakaran is seeking. He is not just trying to solve a local problem but a broader international issue.

So, how can the international community or other pundits claim that he who wants to create a state for 80 million people will settle for devolution in the North and the East of tiny Sri Lanka?

"We are not terrorists, committing blind acts of violence impelled by racist or religious fanaticism," Prabhakaran says, "our struggle has a concrete, legitimate, political objective." Whom is he trying to fool? He had better go tell that to the Marines – or to Hillary Clinton!"

r89 said...

Defence Wire,

I have been hearing that the parcel was set up by the govt to garner support for the budget and it's the perfect timing the day after VP's speech. Guys please don't barbecue me, but i think both sides have committed a lot of mistakes.

hemantha said...

I know from where you heard that crap. It's from LTTE Diaspora in LNP. They are very good at cooking up such stories. So you have taken the job of distributing that crap.

r89 said...

hemantha, what is LNP?

quickfinish said...

who would deliver a parcel to the monks for me?

monks must die

r89 said...

tikira, we are just trying to have a meaningful discussion and you interrupt. I am actually neutral on this matter both sides have made mistakes the only solution to this problem is peace...

quickfinish said...

tikira must be related to a monk

r89 said...

VP stop being so harsh and encouraging the death of civilians. We will never know who was behind this parcel bombing. Some will say the LTTE were behind this others will say the forces were behind this.

hemantha said...

Thanks for your good advice mate.

quickfinish said...

VP said...

tikira must be related to a monk

rajiv said...

VP stop being so harsh

monks are that bad?

hemantha said...

We better let the two LLTErs hug and kiss as much as they want.

r89 said...

Hemantha i came here to have real discussions not to fight like 7 year olds.

tikira said...

Hemantha,you got it buddy,thats what happened to lnp,make sure you reply to well known users in this blog,besides this blog spot is for the purpose of defence analysis,not for arguments.keep your self cool,my mum call it the 'patti kadu' attitude,if you have any tamil friends ask who are patti kadu people

quickfinish said...

Buddhism is a profound spiritual duty. Its philosophy emphasizes a life without desires, a life of love and justice. The Sinhala nation, claiming that it has followed this path for more than two thousand years

Paddi Kaddu is those infantry SLA units

in thier house the income is less than 5000 rupees/mth if they dont include the money they getting for being in the infantry units

these infantry units getting paid 18000rupees/mth

the rich sinhala govt, using these youths to fight ltte

ppl like tikira or his/her relatives will never be in SLA the reason is they r not poor

all they do is they just talk about war and they encourage it, cuz they dont really see the value of life

cuz they have never lost a loved one in war

thats why I like to see more bombing more parcels more rich sinhalese civilians die

You would use paddi kadu in different situation not this one

and obviously tikira's mom is dumb just like the rest of the sinhalese

defenceAnalyst said...

The Island Editorial is a very good one. I think they got it right in many ways. Thank you for sharing that. However, why do local media give free publicity to this speech every year? Its not a policy speech, a budget speech or any other speech with significant local or international bearing. It is not from a leader of international repute, moral standing, significant ideological, political or military power etc. Its catered solely to the Tamil Diaspora. The accusations and arguments are often not heeded either by local politicians or international politicians. These are also not Prabhakaran's original thoughts.

tikira said...

See what i mean,TYPICAL PATTI CADU aal,there is a saying in tamil'a person origin will decide their behaviour', VP summa viseren madiri pesaade,kulam'm kunam'm theriyathane onake,

quickfinish said...

tikira is living in the past

i never saw ppl using that term

and VP is right sinhala govt is racist just like hw fucked up tikira is right now, trying to learn tamil

r89 said...

VP no point of posting on this board. Nobody is willing to listen on this forum. Go to another forum where your points will be read and discussed.

Sam Perera said...

vp, rajiv and other LTTE terror supporters!

Most certainly, this is not the place for your propaganda. You will fail miserably in this forum like Velu does in achieving Eelam. Please go back to LNP for you tomfoolery.

r89 said...

sam in no way was i spreading any propoganda and stop labelling anybody who doesn't support the the armed forces as a Tiger. There are people who do not support the LTTE or the government forces. What is LNP?

Sam Perera said...


Take these two cents and go to LNP you pretend not to know. That is the rightful place for LTTE buffoons like you.

Sam Perera said...


"and sam perara can u go benddown for your monks i heard they all gay"

I am really sorry that a low ranking LTTEr asked you to "benddown" and shafted you like this. There are lots clinics for people like you to get treated for both metal and venereal illnesses.

Anonymous said...

ah haaa seems 2 b LTTE c...k suckers got some multiple orgasm.

r89 said...

sam i swear to god what is the LN. Why would i lie, i'm just trying to learn something new. Stop characterizing me as an LTTE supporter when for a fact i'm just trying to learn the reasons behind each side's views. And if you conclude me as a tiger supporter God help you.

TropicalStorm said...

Ladies, please stop the cat fight..

There is an underlying deadly situation here; it is to carve out a path for the Norwegians and their ilk to waltz back in and demand a halt to military ops. The next round with the salmon eaters will be quite different; they were never our friends, but now they can definitely be expected to be on the other side. That would screw up the ball game terribly.

So this is why it is very important that those who have the itch for a fight take it where it is badly needed. Find international forums such as and others like it and take this message out there, repeatedly over the next few months. If possible, for as long as possible; that the LTTE is still a terrorist group committed to ethnic cleansing and mono-ethnic, autocratic nazism. It is a tribal organisation, racism its agenda and total annihilation of dissent its modus operandi. You can add whatever else needed, as and when needed.

Take the fight out there folks, there is a need for it right now.

Sanath said...

Hey Patriots, these dogs who are living in Canada, after their days work with studies and doing some odd jobs (cleaning toilets washing suddda ladies undergarments ..etc) come up here and see that we are really hurt because of this attack and they started making fun of it and to have some entertainment. Pls don't provide them that. These bastards who had never seen the sri lankan soil for ages are dreaming on a pathetic kolam state and surely as same as the pathtic women who exploded her self in the monring , these basterds have been brain washed and even without having seen a singhaleese for ages they hate them and poor creatures who have earned few canadian dollars by cleaning the toilets sadly spend them for cyber cafes and to sponcer the singhaleese killing effort in tis country. THESE FUCKERS ARE uneducated and that is shown by their comments. (No regular visitor has ever enjoyed the civilian deaths here no matter they were singhala or tamil and no one has insulted clergy no matter monks or swamis so this shows these babies social status ..just imagine a kolam country with these sort of baberians... will be even worse than a maria kade market)
GUYS we r here to discuss the defence related issues not to provide entertainment to a basterd after thier daily cleaning duties so lets keep that in mind.
DEFENCEWIRE, PLEASE FIND SOME SORT OF MECHANISM TO keep the integrity of this blog!!

Ariyarathna said...

Be careful Mr.payex we will do the rest. Interval is gone. If you want to EALAM you mey go to the hell with your blody fool leader Pirapaharan. We must finish deep sleep night mare EALAM. If Your leader is a hearo he must come out of the cave. Look another 24 hrs.

Upul said...

You people reap what you sow. I agree with VP, till people who are too rich to fight this war are hurt in massive number, there won't be end. LTTE should take there gloves off, forget about international gay opinion. I bet Blake, Norway and UK gave the green light for LTTE to carry this out cos your fearless leader has joined the terror state of Iran's axis of evil.

Sinhalas can NEVER win, the best they do is get another CFA on our terms.

Doggie Douglas has abdominal cramps...and in critical condition in Singapore, so long for Gota punnaku.

Srilankan said...

Gentlemen..why are you wasteing your time posting to a couple of LTTE supporters who are here to have some fun at your expense.??...Lets be very careful what we say here..or else this will become like that shoddy page 2 guys want some attention and you are providing it..pls dont.

hemantha said...

" The Island Editorial is a very good one. I think they got it right in many ways. Thank you for sharing that. “

You are welcome Defenceanalyst. If I choose ten best editorials I have ever read all of them would be written by the present The Island Editor Prabath Sahabandu. Apart from his great writing ability, his all-round knowledge about everything is amazing. I used to write to him during the ceasefire period arguing some of his points (sometimes criticizing). He was so modest answered every time explaining his position or thanking me. His only weak point is that he is greatly prejudiced against JVP and JHU.

“However, why do local media give free publicity to this speech every year?”

Well, media personnel live in a different dimensional world (I guess). Newsworthiness is their measuring stick. Bin lad en’s speeches get the same publicity in the west too. I met Hemanaleen Karunarathna (9.05) few years back. I asked him why he is helping to destroy the unique places in the country by exposing them to uncaring public. He said that he is doing his job and he is not going to stop it whoever says whatever( May be not in these exact words). I guess that explains how most media people think. (My two cents if it worth anything).

By the way I greatly admire your analysis (as so many others). Even though I disagree some times it’s heartening to see some great work. Please keep up the good work.

lion said...

Hey Payex , Upul and VP

You guys seem like really nice funny dudes. Here's some jokes for you ....
Q)What do you call 30 LTTE sea tigers at the bottom of the ocean?
a)A fucking good start!

Q)Why do Tamils have a red dot on their foreheads?
A)So the STF do not have to use laser sights.

Q)What do you do if a Tamil tries to hug you?
A) Run for your life.

Q) What do all Tamil Tiger homicide bombers have on their headstones?
A) RIP ... rest in pieces

Q) What are Tamils least favourite way of transport
A) White vans

Q)How many Tamils can fit in a white van?
A) Not as many as we would like.

What do you call an LTTE babe? A bomb!

What is an LTTE member least likely to die of? Old age

I've got more jokes for you Tamil jokers, when you've stop laughing.

Cheers ,tell fatboy Prabha if he doesn't stop eating all those vadai the SLAF will not need to bomb him just light a match and his farts kill everyone in his bunker!

Upul said...

Colombo in SOS

Liberty Plaza sealed. Corden and search operation underway. Stay at home, save your lives.

Be vigilant. Call 119 if anything suspicious.

newton said...

hey Lion- sinhalaya modaya kawun kanna yodhaya

Upul said...

Lion please clarify ?

You want to defend
"All the night clubs, gay tourism, cell phone porn, dirty sudda sex tourist destinations, Meryvin minister run Ukranian/Czechk brothels"

Do we want generations of our youth to die for these freedoms ? Let clean the immorality in our own homes before cleaning other homes.

Live and Let Live

Wicky said...

hey Upul punde....remember one thing, yo'll have been blasting bombs since 80's....did u get the Eelam? Did Sinhalese went down on their knees?

Blast another 1000 bombs...and see whether u get it. Sinhalese r tougher in mind than yo'll think.

Well u seem to talk big isn't it...wat do u do in that country? Cleaning Toilets??? :)))))

tangara said...

Ignore these LTTE pricks in the forum...


We have better things to do in our lives than responding to these pricks...

Everyones resolve in the South is now to fight the LTTE. These days LTTE caders in their FDL's are having their worst nightmares...The morale is so low, SLA decide who is going to survive in these bunkers...

Don't forget the gains of last 2 years with some hickups...

Velu's Ealam dream is over..All these tamils who support LTTE did not expect this to happen to these LTTE MAVEERS in North and East..

Remember last year this time when LTTE/NORWAY calling all the shots...

Thanks to the US government policy those days are long gone...

US government forseen the present plight of these LTTE MAVEERS and their supporters in Sri Lanka and elsewhere...

One bungle or two by the GOSL will not bring back the LTTE their ealam dream...

LTTE is fast running out of ammo and they want to buy time reorganise...

GOSL is relentlessly pursuing the LTTE pricks around as they please...

tangara said...

Remember the days of Koti Usawiya and Koti Policiya...

These LTTE MAVEERS will never learn..

tangara said...

These LTTE maveers are smarter, how come LRRP set off bombs in Killinochchi...?

SLA has penetrated the LTTE and now they know the movements of the first layer of LTTE leaders...


B#1 said...

Dont fight each other like this using filthy words.
We should understand this clearly..
[at the end of the day SLDF wont be able to capture Mr Prabaharan alive, but SLDF will manage to find out some parts of his body's spread everywhere in a bunker. At that day these fellows will insult you "Hey Hey you couldn't capture him alive:)"]

this is the reality :)

stopgenocide said...

Ya it is a bit worry for the LTTE that SLA has penetrated the LTTE territory but they can't do a big damge to LTTE and they only do to by killing innocent civilians

LTTE can Penetrated many high and tighten security all over the country e..g Katunayake,Yala,Anuradhapura,Galle and so on

It is a easy task to penerate into jungle areas but not in A City where LTTE can go deep into south and can do bigger dammage

Now you will know who the brave are?

iT IS the LTTE not like SLDF terrorist who kills innocent civilians

shay said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
shay said...

Oh dear, this blog suddenly seems to be suffering from a serious sakkili infection from the likes of payex, upul, vp, newton, kajan etc.

Are all the canadian toilet cleaners/petrol pump attendants on holiday or something? Go back to cleaning your toilets you sakkili filth.

Renegade! said...

shay,you got that right-sakkili infestation in the blog-ALERT!

fellows,just ignore ANY extremist bloggers here(on both sides,mind you,i have noticed-tamils & sinhalese)..this blog is for defence-discussion,& as i have always been saying this is not a blog for your amorous feelings to 'let go'..kindly find other outlets,to let go of your frustration..hope i've made myself clear?

tangara said...

The children were on their way to a cemetery to participate in the annual Hero's Day memorials for dead rebel fighters

Seven school girls, riding in a Hiace van engaged in rural first aid service, were killed on the spot at Iyangkea'ni on Kokkaavil - Thu'nukkaay Road in Vanni Tuesday

LOL who is correct what LTTE told AP(Hero's Day memorials) or What LTTE put in Tamilnet (first aid service)?

I am quoting someon else posting from another blog here..

Maveers are so disoriented now the SLA is claimoring their way into
Killinochchi.One day Velu will ride his final journey in one of those smart bombs...

The SLA has the capability to penetrate 100% tamil speaking areas of Sri Lanka...


tangara said...

New twist in the Aid worker killings.?

If we can put a closure on this particular incident, International community will not raise the human rights issue.

This is the most sticking point of the human rights issue in SL.

Get this one resolved..Then UN will keep its mouth shut...

All wants to know who kills them...

Renegade! said...

guys,by the way what is this LNP stuff goin around the blog-what does it stand for?

Renegade! said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Renegade! said...

defencewire,i got some sri lankan military pix taken at an exhibition-how do i contribute these?

GoldenEagle said...


Just ignore the trolls that come here to disrupt the discussions in these forums.

They will go away when you ignore them. They seek attention thats all, don't give them that.

quickfinish said...


do you fucken understand a word in sinhalese?

why the fuck u care about LNP

sinhalese must die

no offense but I saw u posting about LNP for the last few days

do u know what an LNB is? its used to receive sattelite signals. thats something I know

Anonymous said...

I kindly request you to delete useless, racist, meaningless comments. We read this blog to get reliable defence releted information. We are not here for entertaintment purposes. We don't need another LNP forum here. I hope this saves time of many people.
Thank you.

Upul said...

You all are discussing defence matter thinking you can help SLA get an advantage against the "terrorist LTTE" eh ?

140,000 troops can't fight against 800 LTTE "child soldiers" in bathroom slippers ?

Who helped pull of those attacks in Colombo, Tamils living there or corrupt SLA officers ?

SLA officers and weapons are LTTE's best friend.

Then these SLA officers gather this corrupt blood money and seek asylum in western countries owning gas stations, running as cleaning contractors.

Go buy 1.5 billion in weapons from Iran, this will become Eelam's weapon inventory in the future and earn rajapakse family some more commissions.

How sad rajapakse is taking you all for a ride. May the triple gem bless you all.

You think weapons dealers give the best weapons to two warring clans of chimps ? They give 50's crap tanks to sla buffons and the anti-tank weapons to the LTTE.

Upul said...


This blog needs to be cleaned of this modaya cockroach infestation also.

Mixer said...

Who's superior?

Since independance a democratic revolution has taken place in Sinhalese society. Social barriers such as caste, class, sex, have been marginalised and ordinary people (some say too ordinary) have taken power. In Sinhalese society, Premadasa, a 'low caste' Dhobi, gained power via democracy, by impressing with his hard work.

In Tamil society a low caste Tamil fisherman educated to grade five had to kill off all the democratic high caste Tamils in order for him to claim to be a "main representative." It is clear to the whole world that he still does not represent the majority, but a small fucked up minority. But I wouldn't be surprised if this wasn't the case though. Tamils are a backward, primitive people and savour terrorism. Just listen to their language itself, it sounds like a war.

In Sinhalese society, women have gained power via democracy. They have reached the highest offices in Government. In Tamil society, let alone reaching the top, women are used as suicide bombers and to go into battle and die like rats. Not only that, even pregnant women and disabled women are used as suicide bombers. They are not even given the opportunity to enjoy the pleasures of life.

Sex and marriage in the LTTE, is banned and leaders have been killed for this, but Velupillai the grade five fisherman is allowed to marry and enjoy the pleasures of life and have kids. Women are not shown any respect in Tamil society. That is why they are used as cannon fodder.

In Sri Lanka democracy thrives and anti democratic forces which raise their ugly heads as a result of economic reasons are crushed because democracy amongst the Sinhalese have deep roots. Too many have too much to loose. So the battered democratic state continues to function even under great stress. And the Tamils can get fucked.

quickfinish said...

btw the reason why I say

rich innocent sinhalese civilians

cuz ltte is killing enough poor sinhalese infantry troopers

no one cares about them...the family receives a metal probably...and a hug from MR...and 150,000rupees

quickfinish said...

so then monks are gay?

it is true

thanks for the clarification mixer, you indirectly answered my question

Upul said...


Got the stats from an inbred cousin who writes to wikipedia ?

Maybe its your sister f** friend at the Sri Lanka DEPt of stats, who claim Tamil are 3% of population ? Wait sister f*** is sinhala national hobby, no wonder we are so advanced in this day and age. LOL

Upul said...

Yeah they will future domestic servants (though there is nothing wrong with that) for eelam.

quickfinish said...

mixer i believe according to you

the solution is wipe out tamils

thats exactly what ur MR & brothers thinking

i was only offering solution me dont got time for ur bs

do me a favour give me a list of corrupted SLA officers

it will help to deliever parcels which can reach some monks and rich singalese

that is a real solution

not yours

Mixer. said...

Check this out:


Wherever Sri Lankan tamil fucks go they create problems. the Brits even create special taskforce to deal with Tamil crime. What a bunch of barbarians!

Worshipping stone cocks, drinking shiva cum, worshiping elephant god and monkey gods and transvestite gods, chopping of goats heads, child soldiers, pregnant suicide bombers, gang crime, drug trafficking, prostituion...

The sooner these fuckers are sent to hell the better -- both for Sri Lanka and the world.

Upul said...

Mixer you, brave keyboard lion warrior you.

Join the SLA man.

I think you frustrations are sexual in nature. Maybe go for tour in Haiti fondle some underage, instead of sister f***ing. You are all experts after all.

Become cannon fodder for your country, you will be remembered as ash.

Upul said...

Traces of poison found in Colombo water board reservoirs. Rajapakse coverup in progress.

Save you lives, dont drink rajapakase and co water

tangara said...

Upul, Mixer and VP.

Can you guys create a seperate blog and leave us alone in peace?

None of the original contributors to these blogs are blinded by the hatred or racism..

We don't want to read racists comments in these blogs...

quickfinish said...


I only gave a real feasible sol'n

I am not racist


isurujosh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
quickfinish said...

Upul said...

Mixer you, brave keyboard lion warrior you.

Join the SLA man.

haha if he were to join...they will put him on infantry...he will get killed in days

Sanath said...

DEFENCEWIRE, AM LOOSING RESPECT ABT UR BLOG FAST because of these racists .. DEFENCENET is very severe abt these racial abuses and he has moderated number of comments am wondering why u keep a blind eye about these racialists who spray shit on ur hard work and credibility

Upul said...

Defencewire your blog can become great when people of all opinion and hues are allowed to participate.

The fact is there is no military solution to this conflict. 25 years of fighting and misery has shown us that. We are all collectively wasting away our loved ones, while the rest of the world makes money out of our and your collective misery. In meantime Sri Lanka has become bankrupt morally, socially, politically, economy and security wise.

VP or the LTTE is not the problem, the problem lies in us all. Its easy to pass the blame on the other.

Disclaimer: Most of the prev postings was fact mixed with sarcasm. It is important to play the devil's advocate If people felt hurt, I apologize.

GoldenEagle said...


Please do something to clean up the filth posted here and ban everyone who uses foul language.

If you don't do this, the reputation of thsi blogs will be tarnished.

Renegade! said...

defencewire,please delete all racial,offensive comments here,coz i just logged in & seeing these comments,i wondered whether im in a defence blog or a 'NAZI'-type of blog,with a lot of the choisest expletives used,of course..

Unknown said...


I have to agree, This is a site related to Defence News.

Please make sure it stays that way.

As for the "bomb" it self.. any idea if it was detonated by a time device, motion, or remorte?

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