Saturday, November 17, 2007

LTTE's Rare Infantry Weapons

The Black Tiger suicide squad that attacked the Anuradhapura Airbase was using some startlingly sophisticated weapons, some of which are almost never sold to guerilla movements. Many weapons, including Rocket propelled Grenade-Launchers had US made EOtech HOLOsight holographic Target Acquisition Systems valued around USD 500-1000. Some guns were equipped with Chinese Night Vision Monocular. The RPG-7s carried by the LTTE Black Tigers also has HOLOsight, which is unusual to a guerrilla arsenal. All weapons, except for the EOtech HOLOsight are Chinese. These include the Type 69-1 Chinese RPG-7 with EOtech, RPG Type 61, Type 85 silenced with Tokarev 7.65x25mm ammunition magazines, Type 82 SMG 9mm, and the QBZ-97 SMG. The most startling observation is the acquisition of the QBZ-97/95 by the LTTE. QBZ-95 in the hands of the LTTE would be controversial because 5.6mm ammunition used for the weapon is only used and produced in China. QBZ-95 cannot exist outside of China except in Cambodia and Burma where it is widely used. We can therefore assume that one or both of those two countries or private suppliers in those countries is a supplier of weapons to the LTTE.


Jambudipa said...

Hello DefenceWire,

Were these weapons captured from the site of the attack? Perhaps the serial numbers can be traced to a consignments sent to different countries. Specialised nature of the weapon means the channels where these weapons fall into terrorists hands can be traced easier than a widely available T-56 for example.

I have seen them using QBZ-95 for a while. The fist time I saw was at a funeral when one their tops intelligence dudes was killed in Batti almost 2 years ago. Body guards of the top leaders appear to carry them as well.

Jambudipa said...
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Unknown said...


Thanks for digging this topic mate.

as panhinda said the QBZ-97A was with the tigers for atleast the last year or two.

The New Chinese AR in LTTE hands are a big consern indeed. Cambodia and Burma must be taken to task diplomticaly about this matter. As i said before the Type-85 might have been what was used to kill late FM Kadhiragarmer.

We can track the EO HALO sights by the serial no. I dont think Chinese arms carry proper Serials which would make it harded to check where they came from.

here is a pic of Cambodian troops with the QBZ-97A less the mag but with a low magnification scope:

I have reported this fact to several people in the force(AF, Army,STF and MOD) but no one took notice. I told them two years back when the first pics came about online..but our military people wait for some thing to happen to act!

I hope they read your blog and get something out of it and act.


Defencewire said...

These weapons don't have serial numbers. The EOHolos are electronic gadgets and their serial numbers means nothing (like the serial number in a video camera- no details of who uses it).

Great work initiated on your own.

Anonymous said...

As I said in a pervious lead, I wanted to pass some plans to SLDF, but no body seems to interested.
Two years back, i was able to getting in tough with a well respected general, but he retired just after this GOVT came to power.
If the palns were executed properly, there are no LTTE leaders to fight now.
Defenswire... please tell how can I pass info to SLDF secretly.

uthum said...

Why can't we procure these kinds of weapons? Like for our special forces at least. SF guys are still using outdated t-56's; many of them don't even have advanced sights.

You have to hand it to the tigers, they are very innovative and they strive to modernize as much as they can.

jiffy said...

clearly the PRC is turning a blind eye to this problem. private middle men and corrupt military officals inside or outside china are to blame. i doubt our govt will be able to make much headway on this issue straight away (it will have to be a long term action which must be in concert with other nations in the region, including US). india in this regard would be keen to pressure china too (quite sure the naxalites have access to these same weapons)

Lahiru said...

Srilankan said...

uthum its nothing to do with innovation..the tigers have plenty of money to buy whatever they want unlike us..Considering the fact that the SF is using older models they are doing a marvellous job..

Defencewire said...

You can share your ideas by email.

uthum, srilankan,
Tigers are both innovative and remarkably well resources. Each EOtech HOLO can cost the same price as 5 AK47s. They have taken the liberty of installing them on RPG-7s.

GoldenEagle said...


I sent you an E-mail. Just letting you know.

Srilankan said...

DefenceWire...Many thanks for your comments..

Unknown said...

Just to add to this all the LTTE top rankers (VP, and other Col.) seem to have holo sights on their sidearms as well (HK USPs from what I have seen).

Jambudipa said...


This one with electronic sights.

Unknown said...


That looks like Bulgarian made 5.56/7.62mm to me...I could be wrong....

Anyway the AR has a EOtech sight, laser pointer and a forward grip with the battries...

its an AK on steroids

Unknown said...

That is interesting, why have a laser point and a red dot holo sight? Wouldn't that just be confusing as heck in combat??

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