Thursday, November 22, 2007

New Armaments For Army

The RM-70 122mm Rocket-pod mounted on TATRA-813 ATV
capable of destroying upto 3 hectares
in one volley of 40 high explosive
fragmentation Rockets (256kgs of explosives)

With the passing of the second reading of the new budget, the Sri Lanka Military has swung into action to procure much needed weapons, ammunition and spare parts. A delegation comprising military experts from Sri Lanka returned hours ago from a visit to a state in the former Russian Block. The delegation managed to secure a large consignment of weapons, ammunition and spare parts for the Army. The consignment includes everything from Main Battle Tanks to RM 70 122mm mobile rocket launchers. Purchases of weapons to SLAF and SLN will also be expedited in due course.

Many European Union countries, especially the United Kingdom has imposed restrictions on the sale of weapons to Sri Lanka at an unofficial level. Weapons procured from these countries get delayed due to various checks imposed by those countries. The country which has sold the weapons to Sri Lanka yesterday is to become the Chair of the European Union for a duration of six months next year. The visit by the Sri Lankan delegation is said to enhance our standing in the EU once that country becomes Chairman of the EU. This might result in greater access to weapons systems built in European Union countries.


Unknown said...

Defienwire you said
"The country which has sold the weapons to Sri Lanka yesterday is to become the Chair of the European Union for a duration of six months next year"

I just search in google "next chair of european union" and found the country. I think it is good idea not to mention or give a direct hint to the country which is going to give supplies to SL. You know pakistani ambasseder was narrowly escaped from suicide attack. And if we mention the country, other's may take actions to prevent arm supply from that country.

perein said...

These info would be common knowledge once any country sell the arms to another.
In this case Slovenia comes on top.
Hopefully we can finish the game during new financial year.
Let's hit THE BIG PIG. Hopefully could be the Checkmate soon.

asithrimodaya said...

LTTE is claimed to have released a Video of anuradapura attack

Unknown said...

Thanks DW, You guys gave it first again!

This is great news; our amour needs spares and upgrades ASAP. A lot of A class machines both track and wheeled are kept out of actions because of lack of spares.

I hope the New RM-70 will have a FC computer and GPS and better C2I with it. It would be great if we could add new better FC for all our MBRLS.

Wonder what the new MBTs will be? I guess we would go for the good ol T-55AM2 as we already use them, new type of Heavier MBT at this stage could be troublesome don’t you think? I would love to see some more BTR-80A and better BMP-3s!!

New Radios (encrypted ones) we need them a lot! Better NVGs (3rd Gen +) our boys need to own the night! A few .50Cal/.408Cal Anti metiral Sniper Rifles would be a realt treat! but we got to train our snipers better for those...

As for the Navy....MTU that’s a key word for the Navy.. we need more MTU engines and a ton of spares for the ones already in use (for FACs) hope the Bushmasters would come... ;)

I hope the AF will get Upgrades for the Mi-24/35 and a few new Mi-17-v1 too. 1 or 2 more MIG-27M would be great, and ether the F-7G/PG or an Interceptor/Multirole jet might be brought in too. UAVs and HISAR/ and MPA would be most welcome.

I guess the SLAF would try to replace what was lost @ AAB.

Buy plenty of MK83 and MK84 for xmas gifts I say!! Plus some MK77s and Thermobaric bombs from China/Russia….and please get a AD system that works well!

I hope another OPV would come in to service with the SLN, and better radar for our deep sea fleet!

quite a long wish list from me eh?
what do you think?

perein said...

How long will it take before we see these items in action?
Do we have trained officers to use this or will need additional training?

Unknown said...

nwreader, interesting video thanks for the link, there doesn't semm to be sound for alot of it. Now it looks more like the training before the attack and not the actual attack itself?

I still don't understand how they have this 'runway' fully lit up and the SLAF couldn't just go bomb it?

But I note some new stuff for example they even have holo sights on the PKLMG

Ok now the end of the video sure looks like the attack, can someone ID what might have caused that massive explossion near the end? Ammo? Fuel?

So they had a recon team filming it then for sure it seems?

Anonymous said...

you guys are good in talking military HW stuff, but so poor in understanding LTTE bolywood craps.

You csn find similar stuff in utube, where SLDF solders while enjoying wild fruits, LTTE guuuMandos cut their neck etc....

tikira said...

mmm,interesting ,more energy........but we lacks synergy mate, we should by that from tigers

tikira said...

nw reader
ive seen that,its a fake,even the most uneducated tamil aunty over here said that it cant be genuine,
eople were talking about it on the streets they know its afake

tikira said...

sorry DW,i ment to say "buy that" not "by that",btw any news about sinhala speaking tigers(not sinhala koti)

GoldenEagle said...

I think that we need a handful bigger caliber MLRS, that can take out 1 square km with one volley. Steel rain.

Anonymous said...

there are 100s of very good sinhala speeking tigers, who move to vanni from Elpitiya area in down south.
DIVITURA is a safe heven for tigers in south, because no sinhalese living among that crowd.

Carefully plan brain game is required to catch the fish.

Search and harasing people, highly discourage and can disturb peaceful balance in the area.

Anonymous said...

what I said two weeks before, is now happning in TaliMannar.
If SLDF mind set is not adequetely inform of such things(prepare battle plans), we sometimes can be in loosing end.

tangara said...

Try this link...

Renegade! said...

defencewire/guys,why do we need more RM-70's?we already have 16 of these,right & also a handful of pakistani/chinese built mobile MBRL's as well..we could have well upgraded our existin ones with a better fire-control/targeting system,but goin for new ones?hmm..i can smell the commis comin on,& the commis kaakas with their tongues out,salivating!!..

& moreover,why are we gonna buy weapons from slovenia? we purchased rhe earlier RM-70's & T-55AM2's from czech republic,why is the commis more ATTRACTIVE?!!

nemesis,your x'mas shoppin list wont be complete withot the Mig-29's.we are going for them,after all-apparently our current AF cooamnder wants to 'show-off'that we operate 4 of these pretty advanced fighters,& get an ego-boost at the expense of the country,which is reeling under one of the most terrible economic/social & political freedom?my ARSE!!won't be surprised if some nitwit in the government decides to ban 'blogsites',as they 'affect national security & have a negative impact on soldiers morale'..-more like,gettin their morale down,when their corruption & misdeeds are exposed..

and by the way,tht video on youtube is not actual footage of the tiger attack on AAB,but a movie cum training video,before the attack..

GoldenEagle said...

LOL! Renegade(Rifard)

GoldenEagle said...

I also think that we don't need more RM-70 122mm MBRLs, we need a handful higher calibre MLRS with "steel rain" and deep strike capabilities.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Renegade! said...

goldeneagle,yep its Rifard indeed! how u doin,by the way? well,goin for a few 300mm MBRL's with "steel rain",seems pretty good,but don't u think the wanni area is gonna look like a black hole & decimated..what about jaffna mangoes? gonna get spoilt,definitely.he.he

GoldenEagle said...


We won't need more than 5 or 6 300mm MLRS units. This is a small island after all. Its is said that about 6 300mm MLRS units have the firepower of a tactical nuclear bomb.

A 300mm MRLS unit is very valuable because it can launch 2350kg-2900kg of explosives in one volley. The RM-70(as stated above) can only launch 250kg of explosives in one volley.

A single 300mm rocket can carry 600submunitions in them. Each submunition will have a kill radius of 5m-7m. Now imagine 10-12 of these rockets unleashing about 6000 of these hand grenade sized submunitions over the area the size of 1 square km.

It will be like rain, but instead of rain drops you have hand grenade sized submunition bomblets coming down on you. It will all be over in about 20 sec. After that the smell of roasted flesh.

Renegade! said...

yep,goldeneagle-a rain of grenades-oh ye!..i agree,5 to 6 of these should be more than sufficient to do the,each rocket carries 6oo submunitions?.that's awesome!! however,these MBRL's will have to be selectively deployed(& heavily guarded) 3
in muhamalai sector,& 2 in wanni sector,etc..

wonder what type of MBT's we are gonna go for?..maybe upgraded versions of the T-72/T-80/T-84?,or the venerable T-55AM2'S..most probably,the latter..

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