Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Pillayan Back in Action

The conflict between Karuna Ammaan and his deputy Pillayan has worsened following allegations that Pillayan supporters tipped-off British Police of Ammaan's whereabouts. Pillayan returned to Batticaloa and Ampara within days after Ammaan's arrest, and has taken control of the Batticaloa Govindan Road Karuna Office which was under Thileepan. Thileepan, who returned from a Middle Eastern country in 2006 is related to Ammaan. He too is under Pillayan's custody at the moment.

Thileepan and also Krishnan, who joined Karuna Group from London, have been widely accused of engineering the split in the Karuna Group. Pillayan has a larger following numbering close to 900 cadres which includes prominent leaders like Thuyavan, Devilkanth, Markan, Jeyam, Seelan,
Sasi, Sitha Master, Pradeep Master and Ajith. Ammaan only had around 400 cadres including Mangalan Master, Riyaseelan, Bharathi, Thileepan, Veera, Ranjan, Jeeventhiran and Sinnathambi. The latter was injured in a grenade attack in Navaladi, Batticaloa recently and is recovering at the Polonnaruwa hospital.

The recent clashes stemmed from a tussle for financial control and turf-war that erupted after Pillayan facilitated safe residence for Karuna's family in the United Kingdom and handed over the reigns of the organization to Karuna in 2006. Pillayan is widely accredited for his battlefield skills and for reorganizing the Karuna Group after Ammaan's departure in 2004.


asithrimodaya said...

LTTE still roaming in Thissamaharama area.

From DailyMirror

Three civilians hacked to death in Tissa

By Sunil Jayasiri and k.d devapriya

Three civilians were found hacked to death at a village in Tissamaharama early yeterday, weeks after a similar report from an adjoining village resulted in panic and pandemonium until it was found to be a rumour.

Military Spokesman Udaya Nanayakkara said police yesterday found the bodies of three civilians with severe cut injuries in Thambaraweva and suspected they were killed the previous night.

“According to initial police inquiries, the victims had gone to the chena for cultivation the previous night, when they met with the unfortunate incident inside the jungle bordering the village,” Brig. Nanayakkara said..

He also said following the incident police had strengthened the security along the bordering villages in the area while the army launched a search operation in the jungles.When asked, whether the LTTE was believed to be responsible for the killing Brigadier Nanayakkara said it was not immediately clear and a conclusion could be made only after the police inquiry was over.

Brig. Nanayakkara said the Army had launched a massive search operation in the Yala jungle a few weeks ago, following reports of LTTE presence in the wildlife sanctuary, where six soldiers were killed by armed LTTE gunmen.

Meanwhile, another civilian was injured apparently due to a anti-personal mine explosion in the same area also on Monday night. Hambantota Hospital Director U.T. Ariyawansha told the Daily Mirror that one civilian was admitted to the hospital with injuries from an explosion and his left leg had to was to be amputated.

Following the incident, a tense situation erupted in the bordering villages with additional police and army reinforcements sent in to the area.

Last month the government ordered that the ABC Radio network be shut down after it was alleged to have broadcast a false news item of an attack in the Ranminithenna area in Tissamaharama. The network was accused of broadcasting the news without confirming the facts with the Media Center for National security.

Last month, Tissamaharama police claimed that a group of armed gang abducted three villagers, who went to the jungles near Ranminithenna to collect firewood. Police has so far not received any information regarding the three villagers.

DefenceWire any news on this if you have time?


Illegal.existence said...

Any updates on what's going on in the North? Tamilnet is reporting heavy fighting near Kilaly.

They also seem damn convinced that the Army and Navy are going to launch an offensive against Pooneryn. I know you guys said that the military operations in the area were defensive in nature, but I recall a former commander saying holding Elephant Pass was close to impossible without having Pooneryn under your control. The sort of special forces operations carried out first in the east and now in Mannar are close to impossible near the northern defense lines, and the traditional front-on offensive proved catastrophic last year, so I wouldn't be too surprised if the military tries a new approach to retake EPS.

asithrimodaya said...

Is this true?

SLA operation repulsed in Northern Front - LTTE

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 07 November 2007, 02:38 GMT]
Liberation Tigers have repulsed a Sri Lanka Army (SLA) ground operation towards Ki'laali in the Northern Forward Defence Line (FDL) in the early hours of Wednesday, Irasiah Ilanthirayan, the military spokesman of the Liberation Tigers told TamilNet. The operation, launched by the SLA with heavy artillery and Multi Barrel Rocket Fire at 5:20 a.m. was thwarted around 5:20 a.m., following two hours of intense fighting, Mr. Ilanthirayan said.

Casualty figures were yet to be reported by the SLA and the LTTE.

Illegal.existence said...

I found this interesting article by D. B. S. Jeyraj from October 6th last year,

It does not require much knowledge of military tactics to gauge how the Elephant Pass ofensive will happen. Troops are likely to be air dropped or ferried across the Jaffna lagoon to Pooneryn and then advance along ground on the mainland.Two forward movements from Eluthumadduvaal - Muhamaalai to Pallai and later Iyakkachchi. Another advance along the East coast from Nagar Kovil through Thalaiaddy - Maruthankerny to the Chundikulam region. Another air drop of a commando assault force at the decisive juncture in the Elephant Pass vicinity.

hemantha said...

"The operation, launched by the SLA with heavy artillery and Multi Barrel Rocket Fire at 5:20 a.m. was thwarted around 5:20 a.m., following two hours of intense fighting, Mr. Ilanthirayan said."

mm... interesting. started at 5.20 am and thwrted at 5.20 am.

Sandun Dasanayake said...

i heard that this Thileepan guy had died by eating cyanide when Pillayan raid TMVP office.

no verification as usual...

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