Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Tigers take wings once again,manged to escape

Two LTTE aircrafts once again able to fly back to nothern Vanni jungale after causing panic in entering over the government controlled areas early in the morning today,military officials said.
Security forces fired at two LTTE aircrafts which tried to fly towards southern part of the country forcing them to flewback,a senior official who spoke to defence wire said in condition of annonimity.
Government is trying to hide the truth amids the crucial vote on budget on next Monday saying that military had carried out a reherasal.
According to reliable information,military radars has spotted two aircrafts were flying towards south from undisclosed location from Vanni and susequently power supply to Anuradhapura and Colombo city was cut off on precausionary basis.
Soldiers were on duty in Anuradhapura also fired at the aircrafts but Tigers manage to penetrate some 26 killometers in to south of Anuradhapura,before they flew back to their Vanni hideouts.
Air Force surveilence and attack air crafts were also joined the tiger hunt.

were put on red alert and power supply has been cut off after two LTTE air crafts


NOLTTE=Peace said...

In few years time, the Western countries will realize the irreversible social harm that they have got done by ignoring LTTE activities in their soils.

The British are learning the bitter truth of sheltering LTTE by losing Millions of $ to LTTE credit card and Social Services fund scams.

In Canada, UK, and Australia, the LTTE network go from one province/borough/State to the other and collect Social Services (Dole) payments putting the same person forward in different names (these services are not linked, and the complexities in the system prevents catching the benefit fraudsters). Each year, these governments lose around $ 500M to the LTTE scams.

They run sophisticated drug, human cargo, and arms smuggling networks through out the world.

One in ten Insurance Fraud in the western world is now linked to LTTE or its agents.

LTTE bribe foreign journalists and politicians and buy them for their lobbying and propaganda work.

The LTTE networks destroy the whole social fabric in the Western world.

But many of the Western countries are sympathetic to LTTE and turn a blind eye. But they do not realize that the LTTE is making their social fabric rot underneath.

Another most worrying factor is how LTTE maintain an extra-judicial authority over Tamils who live in these countries. The LTTE does not give any damn about the local laws and the judiciary. They act as they are above all such responsibilities.

Another side-affect of all the LTTE acts is that the third-grade respect that Sri Lankan passport receives in foreign embassies and airports.

When LTTE agents get caught doing some criminal act, suddenly they become Sri Lankans and lose their Tamil and LTTE identities. It makes all the Sinhalese and other Sri Lankans also to be treated as the LTTE criminals get treated.

The inability of Western countries in curbing LTTE atrocities becoming a boomerang to them. It is time for these countries to realize the real global threat of LTTE and genuinely help the Sri Lankan government to irradicate this menace.

Illegal.existence said...

Great reporting guys, thanks for revealing the truth.

"Air Force surveilence and attack air crafts were also joined the tiger hunt."

K8s, or helicopters maybe?

Unknown said...

Thanks DW,

Any updates? We cant let them do do this again!

I hope we pounded the location that they landed at!!

Anonymous said...

it was a rehearsal as dailymirror say. they will never fly during the day time.

Unknown said...

"they will never fly during the day time.

Did this occur during daylight or night as usual? Thanks DW.

Anonymous said...

MCNS also announced tat it was a false news report abt LTTE aircraft on anuradhapura sky early this morning. as they said it was just a rehearsal done by SLAF.

Srilankan said...

noltte=peace...I completely agree with you.The sad point is that Srilankans may take the attitude that this represents the attitude of the average person in those countires to the LTTE..which is not the case.Some find it difficult to understand that these elected govts dont necessaryly reflect the attitudes of the average person in these countries.If the LTTE creates havoc abroad..then it is up to those countries to sort them out and they will. will hopefully follow the policy of shoot first and ask questions later

Sam Perera said...


I strongly believe that this flight is very likely a diversion for some other major attack LTTE is planning in the south. MOD, don't loose your sight on LTTE plans in the wake of their attempts to launch air attacks.

onecountry said...

I have a friend who live around A'pura. They have been seeing these tiger planes in the distance for years now. It is nothing new to them. It is sad that we cannot hunt them down. Our response system is not efficient. Readiness is the question. If we can scramble within 10 mins, specially in the night, we can be successful. I think, since we do our sorties during the daytime, our air readiness during the night is weak. Someone please correct me if I am wrong.

Buddhi Dananjaya said...

According to JVP those Planes are "Kurummbetti", and they fly near coconut trees. Since the low attitude SLA can't fir at them...

So I feel it is better to give SLA a training on 'How to climb to a coconut tree', same time they can earn some living once they are on holidays.

On the other hand this will solve the lack of Coconut plucker problem around Sri-Lanka. Then coconut price also come down...

Jambudipa said...

A better way probably to confront this is to send a Cessna, Piper Warrior or similar flight from Trinco where there are few based.

If the bloody Kfir cannot do it, send something that can. Its getting to the point of laughing stock when these things escape for the 7th time.

Jambudipa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jambudipa said...

The LTTE never reveal names of their dead on any of their websites. They however seem to list the names on local radio which does not reach the LTTE sympathizers and well wishers outside of Wanni.

I feel from a PsyOps point of view, the MOD website should release names of the dead just so that the Diaspora and actually connect the ground reality with their own imagined version of things at play.

Renegade! said...

gahalaya,earlier thread,was the KAB-500L dropped only by the Mig-27,or by the Kfir as well?..we have a few Durandal anti-runway guided bombs as well,which are carried by Kfir's,if i'm not mistaken..

Renegade! said...

Air Tigers are BACK!!-c'mon guys,we have to give these tiger pilots some credit,for managing to evade AAA & MANPADS,for the 7th time-my,my..wakeup,SLAF!!

These Ltte 'takaran' planes are causing widespread panic & havoc(they circled maharagama/attidiya/ratmalana) yesterday,apparently)..

Where's our so-called "3d" HY-2 radar,that cost us $5m a pop?..couldn't we atleast scramble a few Mi-24 Hinds,to go after these Zlins?or maybe a K-8 or 2?why is it that we cannot shoot down these aircraft? it must be pointed ou that these tiger pilots fly at night as well-without any night-vision sensors-maybe they wear NVG's(Night Vision Goggles),but that is just rudimentary equipmnebt..

Like i have been pointing out lately,imagine the posssibilities if the LTTE had a handful of Kfir's/Mig's..that would be utter HAVOC!!

During the Eritrean war of independence against Ethiopia,it was regular to see Eritrean Mig-29 'Fulcrums''s dogfight with Ethiopian SU-27 'Flankers'.I hope & pray that a day like THAT does not dawn upon Srilanka..

GoldenEagle said...


Do we have shoulder launched AA missiles and if so why are they not effective against the LTTE tin cans?

shay said...


We do have shoulder fired missiles (MANPAD's). It was reported that during the April attack a SLAF MANPAD operator at Kollonawa tried to lock onto the Zlin's but couldn't get a lock or the battery failed or something.

The biggest problem with using MANPAD's against the Zlin's is their mode of operations. The MANPAD is only a point defence and needs a line of sight. Flying in low to drop one bomb, the Zlin's wont be in sight for very long. The MANPAD's would need to have been alerted in advance and ready and waiting to successfully engage. Most newer generation MANPAD's should be capable of taking down a Zlin. I'm not sure about first generation "tail chasing" MANPAD's against a small aircraft like the Zlin.

There is a very good discussion on MANPAD's at the beginning of the LNP Kfir thread.

Wicky said...

Breaking News : GOSL decides to withdraw from Ceasefire & ban LTTE!!!

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