Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Government warns to ban LTTE

LTTE will be banned if they continue to carry out attacks against civilians, Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksha has warned. Government will reimpose the ban on LTTE, which was withdrawn just before the start of peace negotiations in late 2002, if LTTE continue to target civilians as they did last month at Nugegoda junction where atleast 19 persons were killed in a parcel bomb blast, the President told reporters yesterday at "Temple Trees"-his residence.

Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam is fighting for a separate state in northern and eastern parts of the Indian island nation for more than two decades,which left more than 64000 dead.
The organization was banned in 1998 after they carried out a massive suicide attack using a explosive packed truck in front of the Holy Buddhist Temple of the Tooth Relic in the Central city of Kandy, 116 kilometers northeast of Colombo.

LTTE is designated as a foreign terrorists organization in United States of America since 1997, before that India banned the organization in 1991 after they killed one time Indian premier Rajive Ghandi, the man who involved in brokering the Indo Lanka Peace Accord to end Sri lanka's ethnic problem. European Union,Canada,Australia and United Kingdom also banned the LTTE in their countries.


The Writer said...

ban those f..kers

TropicalStorm said...

Banning the LTTE will be a propaganda mistake, since it will give ammo to the covert factions that have attempted to undermine the present govt and in particular the use of miltary engagements to eliminate the terrorist threat.

There's nothing to be gained by doing so, while there's plenty to be lost.

Allowing the TNA nattamis to howl in the parliament when no one really listens to them is a great way to prove that we are a democracy. To do otherwise would effectively make us equal to the tigers in intolerance and autocratic in the view of the lefty EU, UN and allow the NGO howlers undeserved opportunities.

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