Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Kebitigollewa II: Dealth-toll Rising

15 civilians were killed and 23 other injured in an LTTE claymore attack at Abimanapura, 14km off Kebitigollewa around 8.15 this evening. The death toll is expected to rise to 23. Abimanapura is situated on the Kebitigollewa-Padaviya Road. The bus was plying from Anuradhapura to Janakapura.This was the second such attack in the area and both attacks were made at 8.15 in the morning.

On 15th June 2006, 69 civilians, including 15 children, were killed and over 90 others were injured when a state-run passenger bus carrying 150 passengers was destroyed in a twin side-charger claymore mine explosion in the Anuradhapura district. The Government's spokesperson on security issues, Keheliya Rambukwella, blamed the LTTE for the attack saying, "There is no iota of doubt that it is the LTTE." The United States' department of State condemning the attack said that the attack 'bears all the hallmarks of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam'. The LTTE
denied its involvement and blamed the Government for the attack.

Three days later on
June 18, three police personnel were killed in a LTTE-triggered claymore mine explosion targeting a bowser carrying water to Dutuwewa Police station on the Vavuniya- Kebithigollewa road. In this attack, a group of LTTE cadres infiltrated government areas from a place called 'Gona Mariyawa'. This area is uninhabited.

Kebithigollewa has 103 villages and a population of 20,762 representing 5,879 families. It is traditionally a farming area but prolonged periods of drought have forced many of the men to seek employment elsewhere. The women have been forced to seek work as unskilled labourers. More than 80% of the families live on an income of less than one euro a day. There are 27 primary and secondary schools in the area. The standard of education in Kebithigollewa is comparatively low.


DefenceLine said...


TORONTO - He lives on a suburban street in Ajax in a two-storey brick house with a double garage and fruit trees in the garden.

The quiet neighbourhood east of Toronto is worlds away from the civil war Raja Kasturiarachchi left behind when he moved to Canada after retiring from the Sri Lankan National Police.

But if he came to Canada to escape the past, he hasn't. The Canada Border Services Agency says it intends to deport Mr. Kasturiarachchi because he was complicit in war crimes.

As a former Sri Lankan police chief, the CBSA says, Mr. Kasturiarachchi is to blame for "systematic" and "widespread" abuses committed by the force "on a regular ongoing basis."

The case is one of several that suggest Canada has adopted a new hardline approach against those involved in Sri Lanka's bloody civil war -- regardless of which side they were on.

While the government has long fought to prevent Tamil Tigers rebels from using Canada as a safe haven, it is now extending the same treatment to members of the state security forces.

"The CBSA strives for a fair and consistent application of the law," said Anna Pape, a CBSA spokeswoman.

"Cases where there is evidence of crimes against humanity must be pursued, no matter the perpetrator." Those war crimes continue.

Last week, a bus travelling in territory held by the Tamil Tigers was ripped apart by a mine, killing 11 school children. The Tigers blamed the Sri Lankan Army. On Wednesday, a female suicide bomber detonated her explosive-filled bra near a government minister. He survived. A second rebel bomb exploded outside a department store in the capital, Colombo, killing 16 civilians.

The violence prompted Maxime Bernier, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, to call on both sides in the conflict "to respect international human rights and humanitarian law" and protect civilians.

The civil war reverberates in Canada because of the estimated 200,000 Sri Lankans who have resettled here since the fighting broke out, most of them in Toronto.

Most are ethnic Tamils and many are at least sympathetic to the Tamil Tigers guerrillas fighting to create an independent state in Sri Lanka's north and east.

When the deputy leader of the Tigers was killed last month, Canadian Tamils (and Liberal members of Parliament) attended a large outdoor rally in Markham.

Last week, events were held around Toronto to mark Tamil Heroes' Day, which commemorates the anniversary of the first Tamil Tigers suicide bombing.

The Canadian government has been cracking down on the Tigers.

The Conservatives placed them on Canada's list of designated terrorist groups last year, and the RCMP raided their suspected fundraising fronts and arrested several Tamils accused of trying to buy weapons for the guerrillas.

But a review of cases that have come before the courts since last year shows the government has also been quietly going after members of the security forces, barring them from entering Canada, refusing to give them visitor's visas and even deporting them. Even Sri Lankan police officers are now considered war criminals.

defenceAnalyst said...

the boss,
Please mind your language. We are the only defenceblog of this kind that allows dissent. If you cannot respect that, then you will have to leave.

Defencewire said...

the boss,
I think its a little difficult to white-wash LTTE of such attacks. You can take back your own insults and charges because we do not accept any of them ourselves. As far as I gather from your response, the problem of impartiality (or high partiality) lies with your own self, not with us.The other thing is a clear lack of decency and respect for what we provide, whether you like it or not. If you don't, you can always leave.
Thank you

Defencewire said...

This article came to our attention. If officers/men are proven guilty of massacres and gross violation of the rules of engagement, they should be dealt with. Canada, like Norway, are in a different state of mind with regard to international conflicts in comparison with USA for instance. USA and even some countries in Europe could still provide refuge for perpetrators from both sides to seek shelter. Exactly how or when this stance becomes policy in Canada is also a question. There is also the question of presenting proof of such violations all the time.

GoldenEagle said...

the boss

This is not LNP.

Anonymous said...

What LTTE now wants is a ceasfire (and an interim administration later.) I guess this attacks on soft targrts (civilians) is the first step. LTTE may intensify same easily in such a way GOSL agree to a ceasefire for stopping civilian deaths by LTTE. If LTTE can do another AAB type attack that will become a bonus to them. All the factors IC, economy, political instability are set for this scene. It is hard to counter this stratergy as any steps towards that relates HR violations and it further faciltate a move to a ceasefire.

Jambudipa said...

Agree with NinjaB,

They want to revert to 2002 CFA and claw back the east before insisting on ISGA. After ISGA they are hoping for a referendum and independent Eelam.

The game has to played with utmost caution. The HR violations are the key issue they are hoping to argue for a ceasefire. If the army advance stagnates also just like JayaSikurui, the IC will insist on going to a ceasefire.

The military has to make inroads into Vanni quickly at the same time keeping HR problems as low as possible.

Anonymous said...


When DW says they are impartial it is true regarding UNP, SLFP, JVP etc. However I agree with 'the boss' and DW is not impartial regarding LTTE. If it were it should be report in passive voice or saying who is responsible yet unknown.

So if you follow this policy no one is responsible for the 50000+ deaths in Premadasa adminstration. LTTE has done only 2 crimes so far. (Rajiv Gandi killing and centrel bank bomb) At the same time we don't know who set bombs in Kilinochchi for civilians. (In fact we even don't know such a bomb happened in Kilinochchi. At least we know in Nugegoda and kabithigollawa civilians got killed by bombs.) So if some one thinks in this line and if she is a single girl I will change my mind and serously considre to marry her.

I know some tamils who are sympathic to LTTE but not part of it.Even they don't like killing innocent people like this. They know it is wrong and bad. I guess we need to understand "the boss's" 'pain' in this context besides his langauge.

I don't beleive there exist any impartial media in this world. I don't see any thing wrong DW being partial to SLDF as far as you give us truth. There are so many media partial to LTTE and so called impartials such as BBC. BBC might report 15 civilians were killed...blamed on rebels...however rebels denie... Or might quate LTTE spoksman...this is done by SLA...SLA spoksman denies...

We don't need this kind of impartial media reports. keep up the good work DW.

Anonymous said...

Adding some more to 'panhinda'-

As I can see this is the road map desired by LTTE, IC and UNP.

1) Increased civilan deaths-specially in south
2) More economic/financial problems to GOSL
3) HR vilation accusatios
4) Isolation among the IC
5) UNP administration by parliment games or election
6) Back to 2002 ceasefire- or atleast amended one. This atleast save wanni for LTTE.
7) Peace process for giving ISGA to LTTE.
8) Referendem for NE for elam (possibly with another name) which is loosly attach to republic of sri lanka.

So even SLA keep up their good work it is easy to justify going back to a ceasefire given the civilian casualties in south. Also high COL is a reason for our people to change the rule (even though COL increases all the time irrespective of administration.)

While IC and LTTE need this fully UNP might work for the first part only and drag it to retain poweer. This scenario has a high probability.

Another scenario: SLDF need to kill piraba, poddu and few more and start walking in to wanni. And we need this happen quite soon. This has less probability.


Here is some thing for those who are interested in who is responsible for terrorist attacks. Ofcourse this is not a proof for any thing. That time is over now for LTTE when they want publicity.


Letter Claim /3/78 of 7-8

A LIBERATED STATE OF THAMIL EALAM is the main objective and sacred mission of our Organization. The LIBERATION TIGERS OF THAMIL EALAM, and nothing less, Let this “Blowing up of the Aircraft” serve as a lesson for all the aggressors who are under the illusion that they can barter our ideal or arrest our struggle by doling out concessions, whatever they may be.

We are fully aware that we cannot attain an independent Thamil Ealam through “Blowing up of the Aircraft” alone. But let us declare to the World clearly through this move that the Tamil Nation has not attained freedom by the promulgation of the NEW CONSTITUTION , which is but a whimsically changeable , whitewashed, charter of slavery, for us ostensibly containing questionable concessions.

No other Individuals or Organisation other than the Liberation Tigers of Thamil Ealam has the right to claim this move.

Unknown said...

whoah...what to do we have here...the washed up scummy of the la la land...da boss :)
man what colorful language but without at iota of sense...
take DW advice and bugger off mate...
Or walk into LNP time... myself and a few patriots are providing community service for freaks like yourself there on a daily basis :)

is it true latest bombing is also a twin charge claymore like the previous one? It's a great thing that the casualty numbers are less than that of last time...

hemantha said...

Well said Ninja. Very good analysis.

Harshadewa said...

Dear the boss:

It's clear to any 100% healthy human being, that you are trying to strive the people who comment here out of the topic with Vague comments and Bullshit ideas.

Please stop posting comments like this to avoid waste of our reading and replying time and efforts.

It is just useless to post such comments as it's been seen that you are doing the same on other defense related blogs as well.

Try posting comments on FBI or Interpol web sites. Maybe they will understand what you say.

Terrorism and Selfishness is OVER. Face the reality!

Should you Post comments, please do so through snail mail stating receivers address to yourself.

Srilankan said...

Gentlemen if i were you i would communicate with known bloggers only.
Ninja Bandara i am not against tamils.I cant be because some of my family are married to them.The tamils in the family work for certain "institutions" who are pursueing the LTTE.There is a "mountain" of info you dont know here so be very careful before you make certain "assumptions".

Sanath said...

and then there is a claim in lankaenews that the people who are injured are security personnel who traveled as civilians to avoid attacks . IS THIS TRUE if so this is a serious matter.

admin said...

2 SLA soldier was amongst those killed.


Sam Perera said...

scum boss,

Please be kind to the environment. Make sure to ware a diaper always. You carry and drop too much of urine and fecal matter on your way.

defenceline said...

LTTE to handover bodies of 4 SLA killed in Mannaar

[TamilNet, Thursday, 06 December 2007, 07:01 GMT]
The Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) officials in Ki'linochchi told media Thursday that arrangements were underway to handover corpses of four Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers to the SLA through the ICRC. The soldiers were killed in a clash that erupted between the Tigers and a SLA unit that attempted to advance towards Ku'risuddaku'lam in Mannaar.

GoldenEagle said...

I think the best thing the GOSL can do now is maintain the status quo.

For the first time in this conflict we must try gain full control of the seas. For this we need a few more OPVS. If this were to happen the LTTE arms ships will be in trouble. We are blessed to be an island. The LTTE is dependant on the seas for weapons, lets deny them the access. Its easier than most people think.

To counter bombings in the south, we have to put bomb sniffing dogs at checkpoints in major cities. This will for the most part eliminate the need to painstakingly pull out all the cargo of vans, trucks and lorries by our security personnel to inspect. Plus we also need security cameras to be installed in the most important areas of the major cities. These measures won't protect the south 100%, but it will make carrying out such bombings much harder.

Unknown said...

"For the first time in this conflict we must try gain full control of the seas. For this we need a few more OPVS. If this were to happen the LTTE arms ships will be in trouble. We are blessed to be an island. "

Speaking of the seas, Defencewire why do we hear nothing going on from the Navy or sea tigers? Have they taken all their boats inland or what is happening? Thanks.

Defencewire said...

It too looks like a powerful IED.

This is a rumour. Army hasn't given any such instructions.

calm before the storm.

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