Tuesday, December 11, 2007

No Dying for Our land. Let them Die for Theirs

The Sri Lanka Army has advanced and spread across the entire Manthai Area by yesterday. The LTTE launched five counter attacks to retake the Manthai FDL which were all repulsed by the Army. The Army's motto for these undeclared and unnamed operations is 'Don't Die for Our Land. Let Them Die for Theirs'. The motto signifies the strategic objective of not fighting for control over land and forcing the Tigers to defend their own. The strategy has yielded significant successes.

Field Commanders are being pushed to kill as many LTTE as possible and not to hold on to the territory gained. The operations, spearheaded by the Commando Regiment, also has the backing of the 58 Division stationed in Mannar. On the 9th, these units destroyed a bunker manned by the LTTE's elite Charles Anthony Regiment. Six bodies recovered from the scene are to be handed over to the ICRC today. The Army's desire to confront as many LTTE as possible has proven successful with the majority of the LTTE casualties being from Charles Anthony Regiment.

Meanwhile the Sri Lanka Air Force is to take delivery of a sophisticated unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) within the next few days. Another three are to be delivered early next year by a middle-eastern Contractor.

In another important development, the Sri Lanka Army has quietly raised its 3rd Commando Regiment for special operations in the Deep Battle-space (LRRP). The Unit is Commanded by a Colonel (recently promoted) responsible for the successful capture of Thoppigala and a Major from the VIP protection team that guarded the late Minister Lakshman Kadiragamar prior to his demise. The Colonel is currently reorganizing the unit for better success.


Unknown said...

Well done our lion hearted boys!!!

TropicalStorm said...

Those Charlies are no match for our SF men.

Sanath said...

I have a little question abt these LTTE special units. Wut has made them special separating them from the rubber slipper gang with a AK 47 brain washed under aged carders (trained to kill... just like in the movie blood diamonds ) these leopard s, black tigers imran pandiyan charles anthony and all clown clans ..... is it only the battle experiance or ...

Anonymous said...

"No Dying for Our land. Let them Die for Theirs"

WOW ! The Way To Go !
It is importent to continue on this track.

It is sad it took 25+ years for us to understand this. I beleive for the our side past high casualties the sinhalese mentality was a basic reason. i.e.

1) Dying for the land. (mawbima venuven divi pidima) This was considered as a great thing compared to withdrawing and saving own lives. Survival is importent than dying.

2) Also gaining land was considered as the highest victory among sinhala masses. (this is still true; think about the propaganda relates to sampur, vakare and thoppigala. for sinhalese masses still gaining territory is importent than keeping our casualties low and maximising enimy casualties.)

3) It may not be the SLA decesion but the political influence in the last administration that make SLA just capturing territory.

The other thing is we (atleast SLA) should ignore the time they take. We should not meassure their success based on time they take for achivements. It is again sinhalese masses and thereby politicos who wants to finish the war in a night, month, year, before new year etc. SLA should be wise enought to ignore such time demands.

It is psycologically importent how the success is meassured and rewarded in any organization. SLA should consider mainly following factors in this regard.
1) Minimum (zero) own casualties
2) Minimum (zero) civilian casualties
3) Maximum enimy casualties (both human and assests)
4) Targetting the head (piraba, poddu, ...) rather than tail(AK 47 kids).

Should ignore time taken for an operation and gaining land. Once you do well on this stratergy you gain the land uatomatically but after longer time. It can't be a problem waiting few more years in a 25 years war.

Jambudipa said...
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Srilankan said...

Way to go General Fonseka... way to go...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Srilankan said...

May the triple gem bless you and our forces General Fonseka.About time we got rid of this LTTE filth!

perein said...

Simply love this..."No Dying for Our land. Let them Die for Theirs"

Srilankan said...

Best strategy perein..till we finally have to move in..Mind you the C.Anthony brigade is invincible..Their cadres have "the ability to remove bomb fuses while the bombs are in freefall-Simon Gardner"-ie immune to bombs..Mindyou "we will loose the war anyway..because we have to meet the formidable..Mathivathani's cousin sisters father's lovers brigade-Simon Gardner"

perein said...
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perein said...

Simon Gardner or Vaz or who ever, will start to loose the support in UK (As I can see in media) unless they stop supporting Terror.
Note the tamils who are living in European countries now in to 3rd generation are not afraid to stop paying terror activities.
Also those generations are fed up with ongoing war.
Simon G. as well as Vaz is only after some votes

Srilankan said...

Perein many thanks for your comments..do you see the ridiculous nature of international media..S.Gardner is a reporter.This fellow Vaz is useless...The sadest fact is that certain communities feel "comfortable" in the presence of a white man..it also justifys this concept that the "whiteman" also accepts their sad"plight".its incredible..Mindyou i am not saying that all "white men" are bad..

Renegade! said...


Any links/sites where these sea-tiger vessels could be seen-maybe photos,drawings?..

defencewire,guys,does the SLA operate the chinese Type-85 MBT?..

Thanka a lot.keep it up!!

Renegade! said...

"No Dying for Our land. Let them Die for Theirs"..

Man,that's awesome!thats a really morale-boosting tagline!!..Seems like the "Charles anthony" brigades capabilities,,was over-hyped up?..

By the way,our own SLN elite SBS squadron,can they be used to capture tiger positions,in pooneryn & the areas of the kilaly lagoon that are not under SF control?..do the sea tigers operate any significant bases within the lagoon area?..

perein said...

It's just some of us have in our head soon as "White Skin" says something, that's going to reach rest of the world as a fact. But this is not the reality.(To date I did not see what color Simon G's skin is or not intend to do so either.)
I'm sure World is now a big place and no longer people are too much bother about the color.
Let's get them to make fool out of all those who want to do so. As I can see SL Gov (I'm not a fan of any politician) doing a great job by getting LTTE as well as charities who works for Terror ban currently.
Given the the time scale SL Gov / Forces have worked on, surely we all have gained lot of ground from all areas.

Srilankan said...

Perein....good comments mate.We can see the true colours of these fellows when we finally decide to move into the wanni..During his last speech what this British guy said was any country in the world has a right to intervene in SLanka when they "decide" that human rights are being violated.So do we intervene in the UK when they killed that innocent brazillian?.So who is deciding that human rights are being violated..the LTTE supporting tamil diasphora..

Unknown said...

i think we need to deliver this wonderfull moto
"No Dying for Our land. Let them Die for Theirs" to our grass roots.how many of them aware of this.same time itmay help to safe colombo and south and bring the high moral to our forces.
lets start it like this just send this moto and the phase to as much as people you know through mails..let every srilankan to say this next few weeks like a BODHI POOJA...lets pray for our heroes...

Rajaratasurfer said...

renegade mate....sea tigers pix are in the russian site click defnet: 3rd party SLN site!
Also,there's a pix of a dvora damaged with A BIG BUGGER of hole on it's portside mate washed up off mullaitivu ! Good luck mate !

hemantha said...

Hakeem quits government

Speculation rife that more would join opposition today

The Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) has decided to quit the government, putting Friday’s crucial budget vote in further balance.
SLMC Leader Rauff Hakeem told The Bottom Line that the decision was taken to preserve dignity and to respect the wishes of the Muslim community.
click here.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

Hakeem is a great ally of LTTE, who has been well manipulated by LTTE.

I always wonder why the Muslim people bring this traitor of Muslims to the parliament?

Only thing I heard about him was his great alliance with Muslim smugglers and racketeers who are relentless supporters and promoters of Hakeem.

Srilankan said...

noltte=peace..bro..lets not jump to conclusions as yet..at least till friday.It does not matter who..(sinhala,tamil or muslim) these smuggling rackets have to be stopped.

Jambudipa said...

Hakeem is an opportunist just as Thondaman and JVP. Then again, how do you play politics otherwise? Politicians are inherently opportunistic looking for ways to keep the electorate happy so they get elected again.

Hakeem was the chairman of PAC. PAC investigations revealed that in 2002 or so national income close to 75% of the entire GDP has gone walking to someone's pocket. The guy who was responsible is still in charge. Hakeem wanted him thrown out. The govt has not so far done anything. This is what started it all. There is no reason for blaming Hakeem only.

Those who think these things can wait until after finishing off LTTE think again. It could be one of the major reasons precisely why LTTE cannot be beaten. You need to fight on both fronts. Corruption and mismanagement as well as terrorism.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

I can not forget how Hakeem made a huge scene in the East on the advice of LTTE, blaming the hacking of 10 Muslim men on STF.

The poor Inspector in-charge of the camp also was transferred (to provide way for Hakeem's wood smugglers to have unblocked access to jungle reserves).

Hakeem behaved like a wild hog those days organising hartals to what not, even after the only surviving Muslim told that it was the LTTE who did the massacre.

Whether he is in the Government side or not, this is one who should be punished by Allah!

hemantha said...

Rayappu and samitha having fun.

click here.

Unknown said...

Sea tigers ready for massive operations

Defencewire any comments on this article? is this a possibility or are thee guys smoking something they shouldn't be :) Thanks.

Going to post to DNet too.

Anonymous said...

(out of topic)

Our military need to come up with (alternate) stratergies for possible political outcomes.

0) Under same administration
1) Within a (sudden) election period
2) Under UNP, SLFP joint government
3) Under UNP, CWC, SLMC, etc government
4) Under a ceasefire

It is said in USA it's the CIA like bodies that decides the direction rather than congress or president.

We need our military leadership to smart enough to work with stupid, oppertunistic politicos who are thier commanders, by law.

hemantha said...

SLMC quits the government. CWC may follow.
click here.

Srilankan said...

Hemantha..keep cool bro..

hemantha said...

Sri Lankan,
"Hemantha..keep cool bro.."

For what?

Srilankan said...

Hemantha..dont jump to conclusions..there is still 48 hrs to go for the budget

hemantha said...

Sri Lankan,
I am not jumping in to conclusions. Just exploring the ground situation. Of course there are many scenarios. But the things can go wrong too. I am worried. Do I have to wait another 48 hours to be worried? I am sorry Sri Lankan but I am cranky. Pinning hope on unpredictable factors to win this war budget makes me very uneasy.

If you have any good news please share with us.

Srilankan said...

Hemantha..its ok..just relax..i am cranky as well..Us being cranky wont help anyone..I want the govt to win this budget also..This budget vote will be based on last minute dicisions it seems..See I think (my personal opinion-no proof)Mr Hakeem and several others are invloved in a lot of shady dealings involving the LTTE..they knows that when the war is over the govt is going to start "investigating" various people..and put right past wrongs if possible...anyway this is only conjecture..lets keep our fingers crossed...

hemantha said...

Hakeem(s) is equivalent to a fox who is waiting for the leftovers from other carnivores (Tigers).

JVP would be equivalent to a herd of donkeys if they help to defeat this budget.

UNP has become a pack of wild dogs just aiming for the kill (ruthless but interested only in food).

tangara said...


[UNP has become a pack of wild dogs just aiming for the kill (ruthless but interested only in food).

I would say, UNP MP's are an insult to dogs..They are more like a bunch of heinous ...

Sanath said...

ok lets see wut is the future of this war, if this govt gets toppled. do we see any crappy ceasefire again under jatika saba joke?

Renegade! said...


The fact that Hakeem & co resignrd from their cabinet portfolios & crossed over to the opposition,does show some political maturity on hakeems side..of course,he can be labelled as an opportunist,as well by those who support this corrupt government(military-wise,they're good,economy-wise,shit)..

Anonymous said...

Well done Hakeem!!.
Its time to send Rajapaksha Hora Junta home.

Basil spreading fallacies to prevent crossovers – Jathika Sabha

[12-12-2007 1.58pm] UPFA parliamentarian Basil Rajapaksa stands accused of spreading fallacies in a desperate attempt to discourage government parliamentarians who have decided to crossover to the opposition.
Rajapaksa has claimed that a splitting up of the JVP cannot be avoided if its Central Committee gives into to pressure by Tilvyn Silva and Anura Kumara Dissanayake and decides to vote against the budget on December 14th, as a majority of JVP MPs vehemently oppose a toppling of the present regime.

He added that deciding to withdraw support to the government would be like committing political suicide.

Noting that it was mere mockery to talk of a split of the JVP when it is the government which is on the verge of coming apart, the JVP emphasized that their stance regarding the budget will not change, according to a spokesman for the ‘Jathika Sabha’ said.

The spokesman added that a considerable number of government MPs and ministers are expected to crossover to the opposition in the next few hours.

Our efforts to contact JVP MP Anura Kumara Dissanayake for a comment failed as he was out of Colombo.

However, a spokesperson at the JVP headquarters said, “Traitorous leaders in the past had always talked and dreamed about a split of the JVP. However, it has not yet come true. Reality will prevail once more on Dec. 14th”.

He added that the government has not responded favourably to the JVP’s overtures to change the party’s stance.

When contacted by ‘Lanka Dissent’ regarding Rajapaksa’s claim that JVP’s Nandana Gunatilake has decided to support the budget, the JVP MP said that he had given no guarantee to anyone over the matter, or taken a final decision.

Ares said...

The only reason we came to this point is because of the JVP. If after the presidential elections the JVP had re-joined the UPFA government, then the government wouldn't have felt the need to strengthen itself.

I didn't support then and I don't support now the Presidents decision to get the UNP-D group into the governments fold. Reason: MPs won't crossover without anything in return. This is common in other countries too.

UNP-D group definitely strengthen the governments hands. However, it was always going to be a short term strength.

When the JVP didn't come into the government, the President should have dissolved parliament. Called for fresh election.

Now just hope that either the JVP as a whole or a few members of the JVP to at least abstain from voting. That will be the only way to win this budget.

Anonymous said...

See what JVP says now!!

Get ready for polls, says JVP

By Sandun A Jayasekera

The JVP yesterday called on the people and the working class in particular to be prepared for a general election by next April to replace the Mahinda Rajapaksa government which he claimed was one of the most corrupt and inefficient administrations in the country`s history.

Delivering the keynote address of the 10th annual convention of the `Lanka Postal Services Union` (LPSU) at Pradeepa Hall in Maligawatte, JVP trade union leader and Parliamentarian K.D. Lalkantha charged the Rajapaksa government was using the war to cover up its inefficiency, corruption, mismanagement and oppressive policies.

Sanath said...

my worry is an emergence of another CFA under wijathika sabha govt. If the war is continued in the proper manner with the even stronger leadership, no matter the UNF or PA . But its highly unlikely that UNF will continue with the war effort.

tangara said...

If JVP vote against the government, then that will be the end of JVP...

People should never vote for the JVP..

As usual,
JVP will always learn the lesson hard way..

Ares said...

JVP can oppose the government but why topple the governmnet. Its not like they could form a government. An election will only reduce their numbers.

Renegade! said...

In my opinion.all politicians are FIRST-CLASS crooks!!..not one can be relied upon..that's why i hate politics/politicians!!

My first instance of a "political"meeting,was a meeting arranged by that 'innocently smiling,always' baby-faced crook milinda moragoda! with his crossover,etc..i realise that politicians are all out to hoodwink the population & gain wealth,only for their comforts!!

Thushanthi said...

I am no fan of Mahinda. Not at all. But however, I DO wish that the UNP will stop being so self absorbed for some time before proceeding to 'topple' (as to whether they can, remains to be seen for the reason, that most of the UNPiers other than Ranil can be seen in this side of the Parliament!) the government, since any 'sri lankan' can clearly see that we NEED to proceed with this military advancement! Please people. Let's first forget about the colours for a little while (the country hopefully will be able to withstand the corruption some time longer, After all, it has been for years and years....... So what's the big deal??) and please concentrate on the war effort and NOT whether your colour is in power or not!!!! Please..........

Thushanthi said...

Re. JVP's comment,

'Delivering the keynote address .................JVP trade union leader and Parliamentarian K.D. Lalkantha charged the Rajapaksa government was using the war to cover up its inefficiency, corruption, mismanagement and oppressive policies.'

I don't dispute this!! But then again, having at election at this point, who is going to come in to power?? And also, what is the difference in this government that it does not share with the previous ones??? Minor subtle ones. I get so frustrated with Sri Lankan politics. I don't seem to understand it. The government does not seem to have anything much to it's credit other than the war. But then again, as I said in my previous comment, Isn't that extremely important?? Do we need to have a peace settlement again so that the LTTE can proceed to strengthen themselves once again? Can anyone enlighten me?

perein said...

Loosing a budget does not mean an end of a Gov.
Gov will put a new format of the budget forward in worst case scenario.
Let's hope JVP will read some upto date books rather than Cold war days.
I really hope they would stop silly arguments.....
Who fund these guys.. Let's get them to stop first... Then party will collapse...or get them to keep the mouth shut with out opening with out a proper reason.

sohona said...

Friends as things are seen now the JVP could be expected to most likely abstain from voting. However it is highly unlikely that they will vote with the government.

Srilankan said...

No point second guessing ourselves..we need to wait and see..What is worrying most of the politicians is what the pres said by the way..He said never again will Slanka be ruled by just one party..this is really worrying some people

Srilankan said...

We have to dissociate Mr hakeem from the rest of the party.Now why did he want a post in telecommunications industry which issue various kinds of licenses?...How would an LTTE cell communicate with their masters in wanni i wonder...

TropicalStorm said...

..And where are those Bandaranaike clowns in this emerging circus?

Have to be hiding behind the scenes, pulling strings in all directions. The country does well when the family doesn't get along too well and it may be the right time to set up the fat ugly born loser against the queen of theives.

Watsala said...

but if we say "...let them die for theirs" doesn't it mean that we recognize they HAVE their own land???? So logically doesn't it justify their propaganda of a separate Tamil Eelam?? "their land"?????

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