Wednesday, January 16, 2008

23 killed and 67 injured in Buttala blast followed by gunfire

At least 23 killed and more than 67 injured,when suspected LTTE cadres trigred a roadside bomb against a civillian bus followed by a gunfire and handgranade attack in Buttala,Monaragala District this morning,as ceasefire formally ends tonight.
The bus was plying towards Buttala from Okkampitiya in the morning rush hour,when the incident took place,according to Police.
Injured persons are being addamitted to Hospitals at Buttala,Wellawaya, and Monaragala.
Police belived the bomb was a claymore mine,set aside of the road and particularly targeted the packed bus to maximise the civilian casualties.
It is belived that many school childrens also among the victims but,no immediate availability of the identities of the dead and injured.


LKDOOD said...

13 out of 23 killed are women-lankaenews

Illegal.existence said...

Authorities initially said the bus was carrying schoolchildren, but a senior police official in Colombo told CNN a Claymore mine was detonated on a bus that was carrying workers at a garment factory.

If that was the case it would be mad stupid on the government's part to lie like that.

LKDOOD said...

3 army soldiers admitted to hospital- 2 are serious & going to matara-asura fm

LKDOOD said...


LKDOOD said... 24 killed and 66 wounded

Unknown said...

Guys Check this out... This is from the FBI Website... see what FBI says about LTTE

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