Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Advances, Assassinations and Beef-ups

Troops advancing ahead of the Forward Defence Line in North Mannar have captured an area of about one square kilometer north of Parappakandal. Around 10 LTTE cadres have been killed in this fight. The SLA is not keen on holding this ground and may maintain a light presence in the area. A counter attack launched by the LTTE using mortars was successfully repulsed with own artillery. Five soldiers were killed in the fight. The LTTE uses mainly mortar shells in this sector due to a shortage of ample artillery shells.

In a separate incident, Special Task Force Commados have killed an LTTE Military Wing Leader in Batticaloa at Eravur today. Police Commandos claim that the suspect, who was being trailed for sometime, had launched a grenade attack at troops lying in ambush prompting a counterfire killing the suspect on the spot. Commandos claim they recovered a Mico Pistol and a Handgrenade from his possession. The suspect was not wearing a suicide capsule or jacket at the time.

Meanwhile the Security Council which met today has decided to increase security to all MPs following the assassination of the Nation Building Minister D.M. Dassanayake yesterday. The Speaker and the Prime Minister have requested the Inspector General of Police to increase security to all MPs despite a contrary Gazette Notification issued several weeks ago. Several Tamil MPs had complained of a drastic reduction in their security, which may have resulted in the January 1st assassination of MP T. Maheswaran. However, Minister Dassanayake's assassination indicates that all MPs, regardless of their race or paygrade, have been equally affected by security lapses.


Unknown said...

No major assault is required, attrition is the key word. These ops may not be flashy or too good for propaganda but they do the job.

The SLAF needs to keep up a good air presence while...

the SLN needs to set up a good SEA BLOCKADE!!!

This is Essential!!!!!!!!!

Wear them down and then go in for the kill.

WipeLTTE said...

I cannot stress out the fact the SEA Blockade is essential. Keep bombing LTTE targets. That will keep the attrition going on. Then the final assault to capture the land.

GoldenEagle said...

ga and wipeltte

Well said!! Thats exactly what we need to to.

Unknown said...

looks like all the pro LTTE supporters has gone off to defensewire..time for all of us to talk about defense matters here, until they come back in here, then we can switch over lol

Unknown said...

i meant to say "defensenet" not, "defensewire"

GoldenEagle said...

I am glad defencewire has taken a stern decision to ban offenders.

Sanath said...

THNX for the stern action taken... and keep up the gud work


Renegade! said...

"All above statistics point to one direction; heaviest battles of the 4th Eelam War are yet to be fought"-DEFENCENET..

Sounds pretty gloomy eh,guys??

chamal said...

attack is the best defence,
good work with the logo.... we could all do with a laugh sometimes.

And good to see no ridiculous comments here from the ltte supporters.

chamal said...

But it's true isn't it? Anyway I think our people are prepared for them

Defencewire said...

"All above statistics point to one direction; heaviest battles of the 4th Eelam War are yet to be fought"-DEFENCENET..

I think if statistics alone can tell a story,this war should have ended long ago when LTTE was 'statistically' weak with a few dozen fighters.

Let's focus on a qualitative analysis and not a quantitative one. Quantitative analysis would be, how many killed, how many more to kill etc. Instead let's talk about the appropriate strategies for also reaching a settlement on where we have gone wrong militarily, politically, economically and as a society and learning from our mistakes. DefenceWire is dedicated to that and that only.

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