Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bomb Blast at Okkampitiya

A Bomb has exploded on a bus at Okkampitiya a short while ago. Casualty figures currently stand at ten civilians killed. More details will follow shortly.


TinTin said...

where is Okkampitiya?

Illegal.existence said...

Monaragala district

LKDOOD said...

23 killed 67 wounded-asura fm

LKDOOD said...

Over 67 casualties have been taken to the Monaragala hospital, the sources added. According to the Hospital sources more than 23 people have been killed in the incident. These figures can be increased, sources further added

Layan said...

Okkampitiya is Just before Moneragala off from A004 (CRWB) highway. There is a old Buddha Statue. When you travel along A004 you will meet after Wallawaya (220km), Palawattha (230km), Buttala (235km), Kumbukkana(245km) and then Moneragala (255km). Okkampitiya is off from Kumbukkana around 10km away. Moneragla or Okkampitiya are not strategically military town. But there is some terrorist threat of targeting civilian since terrorist are freely moving in Yala forest near by.

LKDOOD said...

Bus bombing kills 23 in Sri Lanka: AP

Sam Perera said...


Thanks for show casing the LTTE's desire to kill civilians. Always keep your style and language. More like you are invaluable.

Anonymous said...

listen ok the LTTE is not killing people for god sake...all we want is our land a place to call "tamil" ...we're not asking for the whole country only the north which belongs to us...but then again we are fighting too...but who are we fighting not the sinhala people but the government and the army. but now the army is also killing our people so what can we do. And tell me the truth you know it as well as I do, the army is killing TAMIL people too. so stop this once and for all please. Lets all be happy with each other thanks

Sam Perera said...


This country belongs to all Sri Lankans and no part of it will ever be given to LTTE.

Moshe Dyan said...

Kabithigollewa (34) was followed by Sencholei (68 - double) in 2006; remember?

Something SHALL follow Okkampitiya; just wait and see; this is far from over.

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